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This is a reread though I was in third grade the first time 77 now It has been a few years Walter Farley dedicated the book to every kid who wanted a horse, but couldn t have one I like that man The Island Stallion is an offshoot of his famous Black Stallion books This stallion lives on a remote Caribbean Island not visited since the time of the Spanish explorers Steve is there to see the rag tag horses on the island s beaches while his friend Pitch is into the Spanish artifacts that might be found Steve finds his forever horse in the interior of the island in the form of the magnificent red stallion, Flame It is a children s book, but Farley never talks down to a child s level so the book still holds the thrall felt since the third grade. My dad told me once he was always looking for the best adventure story This book, I think, qualifies Not only does it have a lost world, buried treasure, suspense and secrecy, but it s a great horse story What could a 13 year old girl want LOL Rereading it as an adult, I notice the only plot idea it doesn t have is romance, but the adventure aspects still hold up well. When Steve Duncan Is Asked To Go On An Archeological Search On A Remote Caribbean Island, He Never Imagines The Stallion He Will Find There But The Giant Horse Is Unapproachable, Showing Nothing But Fear And Fury Towards People When The Stallion Gets Caught In Quicksand, Can Steve Get Close Enough To Save The Wild Horse This has its boring parts The lead in to finally finding the valley and therefore Flame seems to take forever realistically so, but it s still tough to get through.The rest of it is pretty good Steve and Pike are likable, and the horses and their valley sound beautiful I m not convinced of Farley s idea of the genetics of the island, but since it was written way back when, the fact that he even hand waved it by having the Piebald represent the genetic weaknesses created by inbreeding is pretty impressive in a non sci fi book. This was SUCH a good horse lovers book It s full of adventure, glamour, and, of course, a gorgeous wild stallion So fun I absolutely loved it When ever anyone says The Black Stallion THIS is the book I think of I remember so many random little things about this story the chalk arrows drawings in the caves, lamenting the flashlight parts they DIDN T bring, how they worried over the fight with the Piebald and the future mating issues I m sure it s been 30 year since I read it, but I still love this book. This was my favourite book when I was 10 years old I think I must have read it a dozen times Not in the past 18 years or so though I didn t have access to very many books when I was younger, so checking off the to do to Reread your favorite book from your childhood was a bit of a stumper I don t know how old I was when I first read this, but I clearly recalled some parts It turns out, I recalled them wrong I found bits in this book that fascinated me and I retold them through imagination until I didn t remember the original any Coincidentally, I was reading about Readers Advisory and the article spoke to me in describing the reader as poacher, readers seize upon whatever speaks directly to their immediate lives, they forget or simply skip over the parts they don t find meaningful, and they sometimes rewrite unsatisfying endings That s pretty much me.I can see why I liked this the writing, particularly the dialogue, is clunky, but the emotion comes through strongly Ross, C S 2009 Reader on top Public libraries, pleasure reading, and models of reading Library Trends, 57 4 , 632 656 Retrieved from This has been one of my favorite books, and though it s hard to call it, I might just like Flame better than I like the Black.Well, after all, this has a whole lost island, a lost civilization as well That s what makes me love this story the combination of history and horses I love how Steve grows up in the course of this book, becoming a man capable of making the hard decisions I m not sure I d have the strength to do the things he does The bond he shares with Flame is something I ve longed for my entire life and still feel when I re read this book for probably the 20th time While this series DOES go a bit crazy science fiction down the road, it s never stopped me from loving this book This story, the story of how Steve finds Flame is beautiful and brilliant all by itself. This was a very strange addition to the Black Stallion series It s really not related not that I recall anyway , but I remember being able to tell the order of the series by these numbers on the spine F 1, F 2 this was F 4 Once again there s a kid who finds a wild horse on an island and then these aliens come along From what I remember, there were two men who were really aliens who get involved in the horse racing business Maybe I m making this up, but I remember the aliens very clearly, they had weird eyes, and one of them described horse racing as it had been in the 1880s, even though he couldn t have possibly seen them, it being 1950 or whatever Yeah, so horse racing and aliens.