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Ok so before reading this I hoped Alex would wake up and choose to be with Seth Now I m probably insane but that hasn t changed what so ever Now before all you Aiden fans attack me, I know Seth is a bit screwed up right now and has become an enraged murderer, a little toy for Lucian to take over the world with BUT IS THAT REALLY HIM No He s got a fucked up past and only wants to be loved Lucian s manipulating him and it makes me sick I m not giving up on him when he needs Alex and everyone now than ever I believe he can be saved So many have given up on him already it makes me so sad I want Alex to save him and fall for him in the process Now the book It is not my favourite book of the series by far I mean Seth was finally gaining some ground on the Seth and Alex romance when she turns him into a psycho No But I do like where the stories leading and the fact that the true goss have finally made an appearance.This book starts right where Pure left off and finished with Alex s awakening And my gods the cliffhanger at the end will leave you shaking and craving for the next book like a Daimon shaking and craving for their next fix of aether If your Aiden fans stop reading now.However for all you Seth fans these are Seth and Alex s best scenes in this book 1 Seth s body tensed Good gods And then I felt it akasha shifting through the cords, leaving me and entering Seth It was kind of like a daimon tag, but not painful No this was nice, heady I stopped struggling, letting the glorious tug and pull lift me away I didn t think about anything There were no concerns or fears The pain in my hand melted away, leaving only a dull ache that was spreading elsewhere There was just this and Seth My eyes drifted shut and a sigh leaked out Why had I been so afraid of this There was a flash of light that I could still see even though my eyes were closed Seth dropped my hand and it fell limply to my side The bed dipped beside my head from where he placed his hands I felt his breath on my cheek, and it felt like warm, salty air rolling off the ocean Alex Hmm You okay He placed his lips to my cheek.I smiled.Seth chuckled, and then his mouth was making its way to mine, and I opened for him The edges of his hair tickled my cheeks as the kiss deepened His fingers drifted down the front of my blouse and then they were sliding over the bare skin of my stomach I wrapped my leg around his, and we were moving together on the bed His lips were dancing all over my flushed skin as his hands slid down, fingers finding the button on my jeans.A second later, there was a knock on my door and a booming voice Alexandria Seth stilled above me, panting You have got to be freaking kidding me Leon knocked again Alexandria, I know you re in there Dazed, I blinked several times The room slowly came back into focus, as did Seth s disgruntled expression I almost laughed, except I felt off 2 I flushed as I put my hands on his chest, stopping him from overcoming that last inch or two that separated us People change, I said lamely Some people do He placed his arm beside my head, supporting himself.The cord was really starting to go crazy, demanding that I pay attention to it My toes curled Did you come here to talk about the rules I ve broken or what No I actually had a reason for coming And that is I shifted uncomfortably, trying to ignore the way my skin, especially the palms of my hands, started to tingle Thank the gods he had a shirt on Give me a second I frowned Why do Seth dipped his head, brushing his lips over mine, and being caught between wanting to clamp my mouth shut and wanting to open for him was a frustrating feeling I ached to be near him as equally as I did to be away from him That s that s why you came here I asked when he lifted his head It wasn t the main reason Then why are you His mouth cut my words off, and the kiss deepened, stealing my protests The cord tightened as his hand slipped down my arm, over my stomach and under the hem of my shirt.He smiled against my lips 3 But why do you have to go I don t know, Alex Can we talk about this later He looked down at me, eyes glowing There are other things I want to do The cord buzzed its approval But Seth kissed me again and the hand against my stomach pressed down I let go of his wrist, intending on pushing him off, but then I was gripping his shirt The air around us seemed to crackle There was something building inside me, a warning that the damn bond was up to no good.I felt the cord rushing to the surface before I actually opened my eyes Amber and blue lights cast strange shadows across the wall of my bedroom I was transfixed by them for a moment It was so bizarre that we were responsible for them That they even came from within us It freaked me out a little.But Seth s free hand was everywhere, skimming down my arm, over my leg, and our cords were spiraling together, connecting us My fingers clenched his shirt and I was pulling him down 4 He dropped his shoes and swept his arms around me You drive me crazy I know I smiled The feeling is mutual He laughed and then brushed his lips over my forehead Come on He started pulling me back to the bed.I stalled a little Not hurting his feelings did not equal me ending up with a mark on the back of my neck.Seth dropped down, tugging me forward To sleep, Alex Nothing unless His gaze dropped to my tank top You know, you should wear that often It leaves very little to the imagination, which is something I like Flushing to the roots of my hair, I quickly climbed over him and pulled the covers up to my chin Seth laughed as he lay down He threw an arm around my waist, snuggling close His breathing was steady Nothing like mine, which seemed to be racing my heartbeat And he was smiling easily, as if we hadn t just argued You re such a perv, I said for the hundredth time You ve called me worse And I had a feeling I probably would in the future, too And finally 5 The First my whole purpose for existing Mine My other half He was here, waiting Already inside me, seeing what I was seeing, whispering to me, promising me that he was coming Seth Mine All 5 are excerpts from Armentrout, Jennifer L Deity Covenant Spencer Hill Press. waiting waiting History Is On Repeat, And Things Didn T Go So Well The Last TimeAlexandria Isn T Sure She S Going To Make It To Her Eighteenth Birthday To Her Awakening A Long Forgotten, Fanatical Order Is Out To Kill Her, And If The Council Ever Discovers What She Did In The Catskills, She S A Goner And So Is AidenIf That S Not Freaky Enough, Whenever Alex And Seth Spend Time Training Which Really Is Just Seth S Code Word For Some Up Close And Personal One On One Time She Ends Up With Another Mark Of The Apollyon, Which Brings Her One Step Closer To Awakening Ahead Of Schedule Awesome But As Her Birthday Draws Near, Her Entire World Shatters With A Startling Revelation And She S Caught Between Love And Fate One Will Do Anything To Protect Her One Has Been Lying To Her Since The Beginning Once The Gods Have Revealed Themselves, Unleashing Their Wrath, Lives Will Be Irrevocably Changed And DestroyedThose Left Standing Will Discover If Love Is Truly Greater Than Fate WELLThere were things that sucked daimon butt,there were things that kicked daimon butt.Everything I was dreading would happen,happened but the romance aside,Deity was awesome.There s the same humor, action, sexiness in Deitythat we re accustomed to in all Jenn s booksAlways entertaining hard to put down.Even when things are happeningthat just rip you apart view spoiler Alex chose Aiden I knew it would happen so I made this gif I m not sure if Alex will ever feel THAT way with him but I hope she does forget how good he can be We all knew it would happen I can t say I was shocked I expected it to happen just like it happened Something drastic had to happen to Alex her death for him to break free of the rules and admit his feelings and finally be with her Totally predicted that I can t say that I hate him SHOCKER I found respect for him in Deity He stopped with the pushing and pulling and all the games and just manned up That s all I was waiting for His love for Alex is obvious and genuine I always thought he was boring but seeing how he lightened up with Alex, I actually liked that, that he could be funny I know the perfect song for them Treacherous Taylor Swift So, I m not mad that she s with him, I m just disappointed in the path Seth s character has taken His character always lightened up situations and that s what I loved about him He wasHe was the fun in all the drama that was Alex s life and now the positions are reversed and he s the drama WHAT THE HELL Turns out he had nefarious plans, lies, and betrayal burning up his whole relationship with Alex I actually kind of like the evil bad boy thing as long as his feelings are genuine when it comes to the girl but with Seth, it s kind of hard to tell He s so cocky and egotistical with all this extra energy flowing through him and changing him He takes everything someone says and does as a challenge This wasn t the Seth we were introduced to and I feel betrayed every bit as much as Alex does I had hope just like she did I mean, he has to care for her, that all couldn t have been faked Could it I saw his care for her behind his actions I know that s just gotta be the Apollyon power and his pain of what he went through in life and probably the fact that he isn t a star of Alex s affections, not him the real him Gods, I have so much hope for him still I hope he doesn t trash that I hope he doesn t push Alex to do awful things I hope he pulls through, out of the insanity I hope he doesn t die I hope he can at least be a friend to Alex in the end I just wish that Alex would figure out how to take power from him already She s done it before when she blew up that rock She knows she can do it and Artemis mentioned it I just want to give her a big DUH She should have figured that out a long time ago and maybe prevented things from happening She never even tried to really use her powers though Ugh So frustrating Anyway, I like the whole dying and going to the Underworld part It was closure with Caleb She needed that I was hoping she would get to see her mom Where the heck is her dad though He up and disappeared without a trace Just wondering when we ll get to meet him The clerk in the store cracked me up, along with Apollo He likes to freak them out by poofing in and out with his godly eyes He s so awesome Deacon and Luke, so sweet LOL As always there are plenty sarcastic and funny remarks to keep you rolling Oh goodness, I cant even think any I m just so drained from all this Missing my Sethy Bear from Pure hide spoiler Wow I think The Covenant series just keeps getting better and better Deity is my favorite so far Alex is back home and training but repercussions from the events at the council are not going away With the attack by the Daemons, the Furies showing up, and all the death and destruction that followed, their world is in upheaval Plus, Alex is worried it will come out that she was responsible for the death of a Pure, and that Aiden covered it up It won t matter that is was in self defense Plus, Prime Minister Telly is hot on Alex s tail, paying a special visit just to see her Alex has also been spending a lot of time with Seth but she can t shake the idea that theirs is a physical attraction only, and is she really willing to settle on that Also, Alex is counting down the days to her Awakening She s afraid of what she might become and how much of herself she ll lose once she Awakens I have to say in Pure, I was growing tired of Alex s rash and reckless actions She was playing right into the hands of the very ones that wanted to enslave her This was really starting to annoy me I m happy to report that in Deity, we see some major character growth and she seemed to smarten up and mature considerably I m so pleased with the turn of events Alex is also starting to question the ways of her society, and no longer just taking things as she s told I don t think I ve ever loved Aiden than in this book Oh my heart He s by Alex s side and is her fierce protector, unwavering throughout I am SO Team Aiden Seth is sexy, for sure, but his motives are always under suspicion, in my opinion even so as we have some revelations Okay, I have to give you a steamy quote but I won t tell you the parties involved, so it s not spoilery My fingers sifted through his hair as I held him to me His kisses were doing crazy, strange, and wonderful things to me I whispered his name over and over again like some kind of mad prayer Then I was moving against him, being guided by some primal instinct that told me what to doIn Pure I was left with so many questions, I found it a bit frustrating But in Deity we have answers I was shocked by one in particular We finally get to find out why they don t want Pures and Half Bloods together Deity reveals many things, and I have a much clearer picture now However, the ending killed me Oh no you didn t Jennifer I think some quality time on the naughty rug might be in order Jennifer L Armentrout has a talent for sucking you into a story so you can t put it down, it s just impossible The Covenant Series is highly addictive I can t wait until Apollyon April can t come soon enough You can find this review and at The Readers Den Thank you to Spencer Hill Press for allowing me to read this Quote taken from an uncorrected proof and my change in the final copy Below you will see my original thoughts I had after reading this OH NO YOU DIDN T, JENNIFER You did NOT just end it there I think you need a time out on the naughty rug With that said, DEITY is my favorite of the Covenant series Oh Aiden Apollyon can t come soon enough.Proper review to come closer to the release date A huge thank you to Alexa for lending me her precious copy I got to read this before Spencer Hill sent out their copy to me thanks to her. are there teams anyway all the way..go away aiden..and i do hope this time, that story goes in unconventional way..and the girl ends up with the guy who i actually like..because unfortunately..most stories seems to go in opposite way and i end up disappointed..really disappointed..i usually ship for poor guy..who ends up dead or some other fate i usually know i am shipping for wrong guy..thats the part of who i am but this time i am equally perplexed about who is good and who is not so good please seth be good and dont be the One has been lying to her since the beginning guy..please okay so i officially suck at writing.. I would do anything for Seth Don t judge. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTholy gods time for book 4 OMG 50 gazillion million trillion stars This book was AMAZING I have never read a book that has kept me excited as this Yes, this cat sums up ALL of my emotions while reading this book This will be a quick an short review since this is an ARC I will try not to give too much spoilers I PROMISE I don t want any death threats in my email lol.The story start where we left off in book 2 Alex is taken back to the covenant as you all know and well, after everything that has happened Alex, is basically on LOCK DOWN until her eighteenth birthday in which she does not want to come In the begenning Alex finds out some shocking news about her father that you are just going to have to read to find out Book three is full of so many twist, turns and surprises that is going to have you saying OH MY GOD S throughout the whole book Alex Is still her kick smart ass self and just can t seem to catch a break in this book Alex is put through the ultimate test when it comes to her fate and what she feels is right Alex has to make a life changing decision that can put the people she loves in a life threatening situation I really loved Alex and felt like I connected with her on an emotional level Yes, Alex can Irrational and crazy at times but in this book I actually got to see a softer side of Alex that I really liked, and I can say she is still the same crazy Alex that us fans love but she is also maturing and growing and I love the new Alex Aiden You all probaly already heard me say this butI AM NOW TEAMAIDEN I was originally Team Seth because he was hotter and funny than the boring Aiden but Aiden has stepped up his GAME this time around I LOVE HIM I WANT TO MARRY HIM HAVE SENTINAL BABIES WITH HIM.Anyways, Aiden finally has a chance to show us the real him and I am LOVING ALL OF IT He is soooooo sweet, loving and caring when it comes to Alex, you can t help but love him All my TeamSeth girls look out because Aiden is going to steal your heart Seth Oh, Seth..HmmmmmmmmI suggest you guys should read the book when it comes out to see why I have no words for him I still love you Seth, but you need to get it together I will have to say about him Nov 6th so look out Leon I know you guys are wondering why I am mentioning Leon in my review because he is a nobody but I think everyone will notice his role in book three and come to LOVE HIM Minister Telly I HATE YOU AND WISH YOU WOULD DIE Lucian I just DON T LIKE YOU Romance LOTS OF IT I loved this book for the steamy parts that popped in and out of this book, all of them will leave you with an AWWWWWWW feeling 3Action OMGGGGG There is so much action in this book you will not be able to put it down So many surprises that you can t even guess what is going to happen next and that is my kind of book Plot Was so AWESOME You guys are not going to believe which of the Gods make an appearance in this book an oh, the Furies are back Overall This book was EPIC And I can t wait to discuss Deity with you all I will be adding to my review once it comes out because I am DYING to get it all out Rating GR for GOOD READ Until next time Thanks for listening Alice 3 After reading it Ok, I swear if someone try to Team Seth me after reading this book I M GOING TO KILL THEM image error