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In His Commentaries On Five Parables From The Leih Tzu, Osho Brings A Fresh And Contemporary Interpretation To The Ancient Wisdom Of Tao Leih Tzu Was A Well Known Taoist Master In The Fourth Century BC And His Sly Critiques Of A Confucius Provide Abundant Opportunities For The Reader To Explore The Contrasts Between The Rational And Irrational, The Male And Female, The Structured And The Spontaneous Who Is Really Happy Uses The Discovery Of A Human Skull On The Roadside To Probe Into The Question Of Immortality And How Misery Arises Out Of The Existence Of The Ego A Man Who Knows How To Console Himself Looks Beneath The Apparent Cheerfulness Of A Wandering Monk And Asks If There Is Really A Happiness That Endures Through Life S Ups And Downs No Regrets Is A Parable About The Difference Between The Knowledge That Is Gathered From The Outside And The Knowing That Arises From Within No Rest For The Living Uses A Dialogue Between A Despondent Seeker And His Master To Reveal The Limits Of Philosophy And The Crippling Consequences Of Living For The Sake Of Some Future Goal Best Be Still, Best Be Empty Discusses The Difference Between The Path Of The Will, The Via Affirmitiva Of Christianity, Judaism, And Islam, Versus The Path Of The Mystic, The Via Negativa Of Buddha And Lao TzuA QA Section Addresses How Taoist Understanding Applies To Everyday Life In Concrete, Practical Terms WHO AM I IF YOU GO ON MEDITATING ON THIS SIMPLE MANTRA SOONER OR LATER YOU WILL REALISE THAT YOU ARE NOBODY.Tao is the pathless path.Tao believes in the philosophy of let go.The journey itself is the goal.A parable is open ended it says and yet is leaves much to be said, it only hints.Lieh Tzu, Chuang Tzu and Lao Tzu are the 3 Taoist masters.Christianity and Hinduism and resuper highways you need not risk anything, you simply follow the crowd With Tao you have to go alone, you have to be alone.Freedom is dangerous as there is no security in it.Truth cannot be found unless you have inquired on your own.Tao is very much against knowledge.Out of misery one has to invent the tomorrow and something to cling to self soothing.Thinking cannot deliver truth Truth is an experience and the expereince happens only when thinking is no longer there.Whenever you are close to reality thinking is not needed eg looking at trees.Thinking is dreaming with words, dreaming is thinking with pictures.You are in me, I am in you The trees are in you, you are in the trees It is an interconnected whole.Tao means an egoless existence Nobody is separate so ego is absurd.Become alert, aware Become a flame of consciousness The body is dying, the ego is dying but I am not dying as I am the witness That witness is the very core of existence That witness is god or tao the knower, the knowing element, consciousness, awareness, alertness.Do whatsoever you are doing, but do it as if you are a witness to it watch it silently, go on observing it In the light of awareness, the darkness of ego disappears.With ego disappearing, your separation from existence has disappeared.When the joy is truly there, it is so mysteriou, it is so primal, that you cannot find any reason for it.Remove the obstacle, or the negative, and joy or happiness flows.I am somebody This cannot lead to real happiness because deep down there is comparison If you are feeling superior even over animals, trees etc at any moment you can feel inferior.A real person, an authentic person, is neither superior or inferior He simply is unique.The East seem to be happier than the West due to the Karma belief, which is a consolation buffer.Life has to be faced It is tough there is much pain but the pain has to be faced There is misery it has to be encountered it has to be passed through without any explanations and without any consolations IF you can live life without any theorisation about it directly, immediately moment to moment one day you will come to that source of joy, which is not a consolation which is contentment Contentment is a positive state of being, consolation is just negative.Contentment comes only when you are not comparing, when you are simply within yourself centred, rooted.Consolation is a rationalisation, contentment is realisation.Life comes through being, not through having.Being neither having nor not having.Comparsion is the root cause of misery.Tao is against discipline and for spontaneity.Tao masters live a very ordinary life.Happiness cannot be conditional on an outer cause It is always there.Happiness needs only understanding, no other cause And understanding is also not a cause of it understanding simply unveils it its inside you.Curiosity is not inquiry Inquiry means you are ready to put your life at stake.An ambitious man will always regret Ambition by its very nature is unfulfillable The real, authentic happiness is here now These are not 2 moments together thats why its uncaused Because for cause and effect to exist at least 2 moments will be needed 1 to cause it, another to effect it But only this moment total, alone, single, is avaiable.Whatsover you can find to be miserable about you simply jump upon, and whatever you can be happy about, you simply forget, you dont take any notice of it.A real seeker is agnostic He is open, never closed.Selfishness is natural You take care of your happiness, your rest, your life, and you will be simply surpirsed that when you are happy, you help others to be happy becuase you understand by and by that if others are happy you will be happy.The gentleman is an unauthentic person.Growth comes from being true.Trust in nature is Tao.Act, do, but be a non doer deep inside, Talk, speak, but remain silent deep within.Let there be harmony in the contradictions within you.Meaning comes through silence.Whenever there is a possibility for the new, go into the new And go fast because the old will hold you back it is very heavy.Buddhism and Taoism met and gave birth to Zen.If nobody is able to use you, you will ahve a beautiful life of your own independent, free and joyful.There is a value, an ultimate value in being nobody, in being empty, in being of no use When you are of no use to humanity, you become of tremendous use to existence Then existence starts flowing through you, then you become a vehicle because you are so empty it can flow through you.When all desires are negated, suddenly you are still Nowhere to go, nowhere to move.Thoughts cannot be stopped directly because thoughts are nothing but the servants of desires or seeds as Marcello calls them When desire is there, you cannot stop thoughts.Whenever you are alone, still, quiet, suddenly you will be centred, grounded You will feel the tremendous joy of non being But the moment you relate to somebody it will be lost you lose your inner space Dont be afraid of relating Its right to be afraid, but if retreating becomes a habit its dangerous become recluse One day you will relate and remain alone together master.The highest peak is attained only when nobody can disturb your inner peace nobody, no situation can disturb it.Intellect is part of Tao, not the whole.If an outer discipline is imposed on you it will kill your love qualities IT will kill your love sensibilities, it will make you dull stephen sedgman.With the inner discipline, love arises.To be lazy and aware taoist It doesnt mean you become inactive It simply means you have become capable of not doing too.Its none of your business what others are doing Opinions are interfering.Remain a learner, never become a knower. Such an awesome book Great work, for an Osho reader or 1st Osho book Interesting take on the Tao te Ching Tao The Pathless Path is an extraordinary book by Osho in which he offers his interpretations of five parables taken from the Taoist classic the Lieh Tzu His explorations and discussions of these short tales shed light on Taoist thought and create wonderful lessons in which to explore the nature of the Tao. Brilliant Listened to both volumes audio versionExcerpts,you cant seek truth you have to wait be patient be receptive not doing anything, but pulsating with energy, being alive, throbbing then Truth happens.Tao is sublime laziness No need to do anything, all your doing is ego s effort trip, just be no mind and let Nature God do through you then you experience God.Ashtavakra and Tao s Lao Tzu say the same, Lao Tzu Wu wei Non doing, just be Ashtavakra Alasi Shiromani Be Emperor of Laziness You are already that No need to become, just be and celebrate your nature All divisions are ego created There is only one whole, form or formless. Beautiful lessons from one of the greatest teacher in the world Without wings we die this remarkable book is a significant key to freedom Savor its spirit.Let it shake you up and transform you as you encounter an ancient tradition promoting a higher consciousness and a universal love. No Words its just superb i cant express in words read twice.. A good book some new slants offered on timeless philosophies But it is a bit wordy and repetitive at times.