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An Autobiography That Begins With One S Birth Begins Too LateSo Begins Mary Lee Settle S Stunning Memoir, Which Interweaves Her Own Life With Those Of Her Grandmother And Other Family Members To Create A Colorful Quilt Of West Virginia Life That Spans Than A Century One Of The Most Respected Southern Writers Of Our Age, Mary Lee Settle Offers Us A Glimpse Of American History Through The Eyes Of One Fascinating Family

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    Let me start by saying I have not read anything in quite a while that, when I reached the last page, was compelled to start all over and read it again To explain the significance of ADDIE A Memoir by Mary Lee Settle, I submit the followingThis book literally spoke to me of the time and location along the Kanawha Valley in which my great great grandfather, James T Martin once lived He was born in Virginia in 1827, arriving in Scioto County in the early 1850 s All I know beyond that is that his Civil War records said he was born in Kanawha Virginia Family lore mentions the salt mines along the valleymy only other clue.Ms Settle provides some much needed fill to ponder for the lives of my ancestors She offers fascinating looks into the lives of the very poor through that period and place.Imagine my glee and giddiness when Settle explains that the she knows very little about Addie s family, other than her mother s last name was.Martin Probably because her Martins were as poor and unremarkable as my Martins which makes factual research extremely difficult.ADDIE affords me with the opportunity to live vicariously through the tales Settle spins about live in the Kanawha Valley in the early to mid 1800 s.

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    This book has been on my to read shelf for years and I picked it up this weekend on a whim When I opened it up to read, I almost gave up before I even got to page 50 Mary Lee Settle needed to create the place where her story takes place and I was anxious to get to the story.I am glad I stuck with it Although this claims to be the story of Addie, Settle s grandmother, it is the tale of her whole family and importantly Settle s own memoir.Family is complicated for everyone, but Ms Settle s family had some major problems Being associated with the coal industry and dealing with the Depression are only two of the outside forces exerted on this clan Add their own odd habits and you have a Southern Gothic family at its finest.This book is not for everyone I am not sure I would have been interested if I wasn t living in the South Settle is an excellent writer and she tells her family s story well, but I am not sure what the appeal would be if you weren t interested in Southern history.Settle has whetted my appetite for information about her and her family I may have to try one of her novels that are part of the Beulah series which are based on her family.

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    Mary Lee Settle s ADDIE dares its reader to live, not merely to review the powerful influence of the author s grandmother and family heritage, but literally dares one to live the life you seek, not merely the one of which you dream Addie is a memory of life, of events, courage, perseverance and a gift to anyone who reads it If you fail to be drawn into the extraordinary life of a common woman who made her life a force of nature then you have my condolences I proselytize with ADDIE I hand out copies of her work like a Gideon at a fair Like all the words of life, whether found in the Bible, a volume of Faulkner, Shakespeare or Donne, some fall upon fertile ground and take root and flourish, others are blown away, having landed upon barren ground But I take heart for the seed will land somewhere, and with her resilience, ADDIE will flourish somewhere feeding the empty soul, shading the spirit bereft, and nourishing a life worth living.

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    I read another review that called this a self indulgent memoir I can t think of a better description As Settle states beginning one s life story at birth only tells half the story Understanding one s past helps tell our story, but this memoir takes it to a whole other level A lot of historical background and a lot of family history made this book difficult for me to follow I really wished there were stories of Addie She was depicted as a complex, interesting woman and I wanted I was a bit dissapointed with this book and the expectations I had after reading the annotation I can appreciate the work involved in writing such a book, but this was really just not what I had expected History buffs might enjoy it than I did.

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    An interesting book that gives a colorful view of southern life and covers the history of a few generations of Mary Lee Settle s family It s a sad story, this family sure had their problems Honestly I didn t think the writing was very good but the author does show off her big vocabulary, it s obvious she was very intelligent It s also a little hard to follow the way that the story jumps around To me it seemed like the ramblings of an older lady who was reminiscing the old times or just putting sporadic journal entries together to make a book I don t think this book is for everyone I gave it two stars mostly because I was fascinated by how dysfunctional the family was maybe this is my sociology background coming out and there were some funny parts that I liked too.

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    A bit tedious but interesting,esp for fans of Mary Lee Settle s work She rambles a bit, but then again she wrote this memoir at age 79 Definitely get a sense of the tragedy in the family s life on her mother s side also a better understanding of the ambivalence on the part of Settle about her upbringing, relationship to her parents, WV roots, etc All these come through in fiction For instance, she references Melinda, the heroine of Choices, to her own choices and intimates that Melinda s bravery in life was much than hers not sure I agree with that, however Mary Lee was quite a woman.

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    I enjoyed the historical memoir of life growing up in rural West Virginia during the turn of the century The author paints a realistic picture of the economics, geography and political landscape of the area, interlaced with personal family dynamics and history There are no rose colored glasses in this memoirwhich is refreshing for a period piece At times the book was hard to follow the story line as she would drift off on a tangent of other ideology not related to the topic and I had to concentrate to follow Overall interesting read.

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    I have read this twice I think it enhanced my reading to hear Mary Lee Settle on NPR she had a very melodic rich voice so I heard her voice as I was reading I read the Beulah Quintet that was considered her Masterpiece in writing but I loved Addie because it was personal and less preachy I plan on reading her memoir Learning to Fly that she wrote two years before her death I know the beginning of an amazing life and I would like the rest of the story Like another reviewer the book was a slow starter for me but I m glad I persevered and read on.

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    I couldn t get into this one The author was jumping all over the place in a way that I had a hard time following I wasn t convinced in the first part that I read that Addie was worth spending the time to get to know Most people in my book group didn t make it through the whole book The one girl that did said she enjoyed the book didn t love it, but did enjoy it So there you go

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    The author is one of the founders of the PEN Faulkner book prize Overall a decent memoir but far from my favorite Best part was her second hand description of Mother Jones organizing minors in the early part of the 20th century Memoir important for those who have lived in WV and or a coal minor family.