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Two very different sisters have two very different encounters with the fairy Ethelinda Rosella is kind and helpful Her reward Jewels and gems tumble out of her mouth whenever she speaks Myrtle is rude and spiteful Her punishment Bugs and vipers slither out of her mouth The fairy Ethelinda feels she's meted out justice just right until she discovers Rosella has been locked up by a greedy prince and Myrtle is having the time of her life

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    Do you like retelling of fairytales? Gail Carson Levine is the author for you She is witty and pokes fun at fairytales all the while making you love the story even “ Once upon a time in the village of Snettering on Snoakes in the kingdom of Biddle Rosella fetched water from the well for the four thousand and eighty eighth time” – The Fairy’s Mistake by Gail Carson LevineJust by the first paragraph you can grasp the humor Levine puts in her words In The Fairy’s Mistake a retelling of a French fairy tale called Toads and Diamonds by Charles Perrault titled “Les Fées” or “The Fairies” two twin sisters are cursed or gifted? with two completely different things Let’s rephrase that one sister is bestowed a curse and the other a gift though which is which is yet to be determinedOh a prince Being so humble and pleasant as he is realizes his love for a lady he just met Oh and she happens to have something he wants Coincidence I am sureOne sister uses what the fairy gave her for helping others and the other uses it to gain control over people Will the sister with the curse live happily ever after? Will the other sister with the gift live happily ever after? Will the fairy ever learn that things don’t always happen the way she wants them to? I have a soft spot for fairy tales and that is exactly up Levine’s alley She is a spectacular writer and story teller She will make you laugh out loud with her classic retelling I recommend this book and the rest of her books to anyone that loves a good fairytale

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    Rosella is sent to get some water and when she gets to the well she finds an old woman there The woman asks her for a drink and Rosella the kind person she is gives her a drink of waterThis old woman however was really a fairy in disguise and she rewards Rosella for her kindnessWhen Rosella speaks gems fall from her mouth And when her mother finds out she sends Rosella's twin Myrtle to the well to give the old woman water but instead she finds a knight and refuses to give him a drinkAgain this was the fairy in disguise and she decides to punish Myrtle to teach her a lesson Bugs and sneaks come out of Myrtle's mouth when she speaksBut when a greedy prince wants to be with Rosella for her ability to speak and gems come out and Myrtle uses her punishment to get what she wants the fairy wonders if she's made a mistakeThis story I read not long ago in a collection of folktales but it was a bit different and shorter I liked it then and I like Levine's retelling of it as wellRosella was very kind and she wanted to make everyone happy even if she wasn't happy herself Her twin was completely different however And the prince was very greedy which was annoying but I suppose he wasn't too bad especially towards the endOverall it was a enjoyable book I really liked it and would read it again

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    I bought this book thinking it would be just as incredible as Ella Enchanted but it isn't In the author's defense it does say ages 7 12 so that explains a whole lot It read as a children's book because it was intended as one I like the retelling of Mother Hulda or as the Dutch know it 'Vrouw Holle because it doesn't end after the reward and the punishment The fairy realises she has made a mistake cough cough title cough cough and has to find a way to fix itI think I would have loved this book when I was about seven if I'd read it in Dutch because my knowledge of the English language back then wasn't much than 'yes no and please' and I'd definetly recommend it to any fairytale fans of that age but I don't recommend it to eightteen yearolds cause then it will definetly be incredibly boring Although there was a plottwist that I did not see coming I literally finished the book in 15 minutes so it's nice to read if you need some extra books for your goodreads reading challenge but that's it

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    I enjoyed how a reward and punishment could be turned on their heads As short as this was there was a fair amount of character development

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    The Fairy's Mistake is a play on Toads and Diamonds a story from Perrault about gifts given by a witch to two sisters one kind and the other unkind Ethelinda is horrified to discover that her fairy blessing on the kind Rosella that jewels fall from her mouth when she speaks is being exploited by her greedy new husband Prince Harold Her curse on Rosella's sister Myrtle who drops slimy and creepy things from her mouth when she speaks is also going awry; Myrtle uses this to get whatever she wants from people I liked the way the plot was twisted so that the good character gets a punishment and the bad character gets a reward and then everything works out I didn't like the way Rosella never stood up for herself she just let herself be bossed around she didn't seem to have much of a brain until the end and then all of a sudden she starts standing up for herself I didn't get how that transformation had occurredBook Details Title The Fairy's Mistake Princess TalesAuthor Gail Carson Levine Reviewed By Purplycookie

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    This was a cute story a good read aloud for my girls ages three and five I'm still pretty grossed out by things coming out of their mouths when they talked especially bugs and snakes and ick It's just not at all practical and I imagine since none of this is real I know that it gets old pretty fast And I wish there was some explanation even if it made no sense at all of why Ethelinda didn't just take the gift and curse away Even just saying it was against fairy rules would have been enough Or is there an expectation that we'll remember all about magic from Ella Enchanted and so we'll know why she can't?I definitely recommend this book which is why I gave it four stars It's a cute uick read and great for little girls

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    This is another in GCL's delightful anthology of fairy tales about the Kingdom of Biddle This time two sisters twins on the outside but with temperaments different as night day are rewarded by the fairy Ethelinda for their characteristic choices But Ethelinda's spells backfire and the rewarded sister is miserable while the cursed sister is triumphant Will the fairy be able to right the wrongs before it's too late?Plot BWriting AVocabulary BLevel EasyWorldview Moral Therapeutic Deism Golden RuleRating G a wicked girl gets cursed with nasty animals coming out of her mouth every time she talks

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    The illustrations are sublime Some plot points are problematic view spoilerthe prince stealing from the princess even after they are happily together? hide spoiler

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    The life lesson I learned from this is always give water to strangers at the well

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    This book is part of a series titled The Princess Tales Each book is a retelling of a fairy tale This is a short sweet book with an interesting twist Rosella and her twin sister Myrtle are bespelled by a fairy Each time they talk something comes out of their mouths for Rosella it's jewels and for Myrtle it's creepy crawlies What happens is an interesting journey for all three parties the fairy included All of the books in the series are just as interesting I expect them to replace the fairytales of our youthWith that said I highly recommend Gail Carson Levine her books are well written and entertaining She has even written a book for teens on becoming writers themselves and that was an amazing book