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Sam's girlfriend is pregnant — but Sam is keeping the baby Sam should be planning for college and trying out for the football team with his best friend Andy Instead he's up to his ears in diapers and formula caring for his baby son Max Will Sam now have to make a gut wrenching decision about Max's future — and his own? A poignant and humorous look at an old problemwith a new twist

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    Hanging on to Max is a book in which Sam has to take care of Max and go to school at the same time When BritannyMax's Mom and Sam were dating they always had a good time But then one day they went to far and had sex That Tuesday she tells Sam she's pregnant Sam doesnt know what to do He used to be this teenage boy who hung out with Andy his friend and focused is school But now all of that will be overOn the day Max is born nobody sees him come in When he goes in he sees Britanny in the bed and feeding the baby When shes done he decides to carry Max He looked so cute Green eyes and curly blonde hairDays after Max is born Sam goes to Brittanys house too check on the baby and her As soon as he walks in she tells Sam he is going to give up Max for adoptionSince he was against her all the time he decides to keep the baby and raise him himself He wouldnt want Maz to grow up without knowing who his father wasSoon he raises Max and higfhschool all by himself He take Max to the daycare and goes off to class He meets Claire a pretty girl that got pregnant and kept her little girl They decide to go on study dates and study for their SAT exams They studied everyday at school in the library or at each others house On the day of the SAT Sam drops off Max at his aunts house and drives to schoolLater that day Clairethe kids and Sam go see duks at a near by lake Sam thinks he has found the perfect girl for him They make out and go on dates They gwt along just perfect A month later Sam gets his grades and scores high on everything Sam's dad puts him down andsays that he wont be able to go to college because he is going to have to take care of Max and work to raise his son well As time passes by Sams dreams of going to college are all over One night Andy and his girlfriend invite Claier and Sam o dinner Everybody was having a good time until Max gets cut with a piece of glass Andy and Sam ruch to the hospital and Max is able to get some stiches Days later Sam decides to give up Max for adoption Claire bursts out into tears and tries to convince him not to The last chapter in the book says that years later Max shows up in the driveway and says Hi my name is MaxIn conclusion Hanging on to Max was a book that teached me that if your planning on doing something think before you act Because then you end up with a little boy and having to go to school at the same time I recomend this book to girls so that they know how it looks the leave a guy in charge of a baby and know how he is able to dea with school and a baby at the same time

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    Well this story was really good pretty good until about the last three chapters view spoilerI mean isn't this book called HANGING on to Max? Why in the world did he just give him up? Because he was too freaked about being called a little family when at the Taco Bell with Claire? I totally felt for that girl at the end I understood why she was upset with him And believe me I 100% support adoptions I really do but in this particular story I thought Max was a truly good dad for being seventeen He was doing his best and I thought he was doing really good They hinted that he had a custody battle with the mom to keep him And even after he said that he wanted to put him up for adoption I really thought he would change his mind Especially when he was standing in Max's room and picturing it without the crib and baby stuff hide spoiler

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    I found this book to be engaging and enjoyable while I was reading it but after mulling it over I felt dissatisfiedThe ending really bothered me I didn't get a sense of Sam's building tension in his role as a father In fact I thought the book was going in the opposite direction he gained support and acceptance from his own father and he was exposed to Claire's point of view that teen parents should not be ashamed of themselves so I thought the end of the book would find Sam feeling comfortable and confident as a teen dad proud of himself for all of his efforts and looking forward to building his future difficult as it may be The author did not convince me at all that Sam was slowly unravelingMaybe it's because much of the plot was focused on Sam's romance with Claire but I just didn't get a sense that he was truly failing to stay on top of everything Striving and struggling yes But failing? Enough to give up his nearly one year old son? Especially after he had gone through the effort of gaining custody? I didn't buy it

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    What I hate about this book as well as other teen parent fiction is that it suggests that teenage parents can't cope that their lives have to completely stop they can have no aspirations and that because of all this they shouldn't have their child I had high hopes for this book that Sam would face up to all of that and raise Max but from the very opening of the book he didn't seem to want him He didn't care and just complained about how hard it was that you're left wondering why he didn't let Brittany do the things she wanted to He wasn't a particularly likeable character and neither was his father or his school friend Claire was a likeable and a better role model character than the lead which is sad Though the ending was predictable from the first page it was still an interesting read and made me cry near the end but sadly I don't think I'll be recommending it

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    My expectations for this book were higher In the beginning the book held up I liked the formatting and thought I would get background story The author skimmed through the details characters are poorly developed We don't see much of sex it's mentioned but it's always just a statement with few details but we also don't see much about the birthing process and we only catch glimpses of what it's really like to have a kid The author dwelled on the negative when she did bother to get into the baby Max was only a brief distraction from a girl and school where daycare was provided How unrealistic since most parents don't get that luxury at all I also hated how the book ended the main character gave up way too easily which fits with his whiny and lazy attitude but in the end I don't like the implications this ending gives to guys We already have enough problems with men boys who give up too easily It would've been nice if the main character would have stuck with it Here was an opportunity to show a boy becoming a man which is what I expected from a book billing itself for teen fathers instead he refused all the help that surrounded him his dad an aunt and uncle in their fifties other teen parents a school for teen parents and chose to remain a boy This isn't the message I want to give to teen boys adoption isn't an easy way out and none of the emotional factors of this are given in any detail

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    I read this book in 2005 and recalled liking it a lot at the time but I couldn't recall how the story turned out so I just re read it I think that the book should be required reading for teens It would be MUCH effective than half the abstinance plus programs advocated in some schools today Sam Pettigrew is a high school senior who's trying to finish school and raise a son at the same time The child's mother reconsiders her decision to keep their baby and wants to put the baby up for adoption but Sam couldn't just let the kid go Now he's raising a son and it's a big job His widowed blue collar father and an aunt are trying to help but Sam is ultimately the one responsible Sam's trying his best but will he be up to the task? what about Sam's chances of attending college what about dating? what about even enjoying a bit of free time with the guys? Can Sam manage it all? This book is a fast easy ride and both Sam and Max are charmers You feel for the kid and it feels real This book realistically raises issues that most novels and TV shows simply gloss over Take some time and gain a new perspective At just over 200 pages it's well worth the reading time

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    I've been meaning to read this in high school so a good long time ago and after 14ishness years of waiting I am underwhelmed I was intrigued by the POV of a teen father but did not feel a connection to Sam or any other characters for that matter It was a very hollow read that started in the middle of the story Then the ending was unsatisfying as there was no build up and it just kind of stopped Poof Done It was finally getting gritty and it justsoyeahI would love to see a in depth version of this or a similar POV I would recommend this for a quick read reluctant readers or for a high level hi lo high school collection as a heavy YA reader will be disappointed

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    I find it funny that the title is Hanging On To Max when in the end he gives Max up I thought this book was in basic terms crap This books is ridiculous to me for one reason it's saying a dad can't do it by himself There are thousands of books saying moms can take care of a child by them selfs and here comes one saying that a dad can't I picked up this book thinking it's going to be an inspiration for young dad but instead it's saying they can't do it alone Well i think this writer is prejudice and a man hater

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    I'd give Hanging on to Max one and a half stars if possible The book was relatively well written but in my opinion not original as many novels about teenage pregnancy end in adoption although statistically only 1% of all teen aged parents actually make that decision I thought that Sam came across as a selfish teenager than a young father concerned about the well being of his son and the ending didn't really do much for me I didn't feel that the reactions of both Sam and his former girlfriend Brittany were really realistic at all and this bothered me

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    It wasn't a bad book but throughout the whole story I didn't really FEEL the book Like Sam's emotions or thoughts It's just a little plain The end literally killed me The fact that he actually gave up Max for adoption destroyed me How could he do that after a whole year of having him? I cried a river