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Charley Davidson, Grim Reaper Extraordinaire, Is Back In This Sexy, Suspenseful Novel Of Supernatural Shenanigans When Charley Is Rudely Awakened In The Middle Of The Night By Her Best Friend Who Tells Her To Get Dressed Quickly And Tosses Clothes Out Of The Closet At Her, She Cant Help But Wonder What Cookies Up To Leather Scrunch Boots With A Floral Miniskirt Together Seriously Cookie Explains That A Friend Of Hers Named Mimi Disappeared Five Days Earlier And That She Just Got A Text From Her Setting Up A Meet At A Coffee Shop Downtown They Show Up At The Coffee Shop, But No Mimi But Charley Finds A Message On The Bathroom Wall Mimi Left A Clue, A Womans Name Mimis Husband Explains That His Wife Had Been Acting Strange Since She Found Out An Old Friend Of Hers From High School Had Been Found Murdered A Couple Weeks Prior The Same Woman Mimi Had Named In Her Message Meanwhile, Reyes Alexander Farrow Otherwise Known As The Son Of Satan Yes Literally Has Left His Corporeal Body And Is Haunting Charley Hes Left His Body Because Hes Being Tortured By Demons Who Want To Lure Charley Closer But Reyes Cant Let That Happen Because If The Demons Get To Charley, Theyll Have A Portal To Heaven And If They Have A Portal To Heavenwell, Lets Just Say It Wouldnt Be Pretty Can Charley Handle Hot Nights With Reyes And Even Hotter Days Tracking Down A Missing Woman Will Cookie Ever Get A True Fashion Sense And Is There Enough Coffee And Chocolate In The World To Fuel Them As They Do

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    I needed a pick me up on a gloomy day in New Orleans, so I turned to the entertaining snark of Charley Davidson In this installment, which takes place a week after the events of book one, Charley is investigating a missing person She battles with faux FBI agents, hit men, and of course, some demons from hell all at the same as serving as the grim reaper Her relationship with Reyes also takes an interesting turn The last few pages left me wanting I love reading this series it s a great mindless escape filled with witty banter, fun characters, and some romance Such fun I received a copy of this book from NetGalley and St Martin s Press in exchange for an honest review.

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    I love Charley.I love Reyes.I love the twisty mystery.I love the incorporeal sexytimes.I hate waiting for the next book.That is all.

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    Second Grave on the Left by Darynda Jones is a 2011 St Martin s Press publication When a friend of Cookie s goes missing, Charley is on the case However, Charley has a lot going on in her personal life right now, as well Charley has absorbed the fact that Reyes is literally the son of Satan But, right now, he is haunting her after leaving his corporeal body, with the intention of dying, and won t tell her where his body is The mystery is great Very solid, twisty, lots of big revelations The other parts of the story are emotional and very tense I was absolutely riveted Of course, Charley s trademark snark and wit are front and center and had me laughing out loud The ending is a bit controversial, which had me feeling conflicted If that weren t bad enough, the book ends with a cliffhanger Thankfully, I have book three already queued up and ready to go Can t wait to see what happens next 4 stars

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    If at first you don t succeed, failure may be your thing T shirtDon t worry, Darynda Jones succeeded Twice The second time around our favorite grim reaper gets into all kinds of trouble She has three cases to solve and a messy love life to deal with The man of our her dreams is in danger and Charley will move heaven and earth to help him Who wouldn t Reyes is even mysterious now than he was in the first book when we knew nothing about him other than how incredibly handsome he is view spoiler Wow, that IS the understatement of the year Reyes is not handsome, he is HA Wouldn t you like to know hide spoiler

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    For the first time in my life, I was in a shoot out A real, honest to goodness shoot out with a bad guy And, apparently, we both sucked While I wasn t as floored by the first installment of the series as much as my other paranormal loving brethren, this one entertained While the first was drenched in humor some of it funny, some of it just silly this one dials it down a notch to where an actual story and personality can start shining through I laughed aloud at least once earning me a look at a diner but the humor makes a worthy companion to the compassionate but unique Charlie while she stumbled through simple, interesting mysteries.A particular charm was the relationship between Charley and her friend assistant Cookie The two girls were hilarious blends of humor, over enthusiasm, random tripping, and sidekick banter Garrett is still around and semi intriguing, but he doesn t have much of a personality or presence in this sequel Reyes is still not impressing me other than occasional growls and threats, some mild description of his hotness, but other than that I could care less The author makes sure to keep talking about how important Reyes is to Charley, but as the reader I m just not feeling it yet.I will say yikes on that ending.not a cliffhanger per se, but she s going to have to do a lot of kissing up and downright begging to make some of that right with Reyes again If she can I have a feeling she does since the series is long and the other is clearly pushing for these two and their bond.For a Grim Reaper, Charlie doesn t actually do that much There s a few ghosts to stare at and communicate with, some easy crossing over, but lots of questions Is she just one of many grim reapers Because otherwise that just doesn t make sense, does it And is the author over reaching when she reveals what Reyes actually is I mean, come on now, that s pretty big pants to put on.Still it was enjoyable, funny, hard to put down not all the magic hits the right spot, but sometimes a light paranormal is just what the heart needs.

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    2.5 stars I really, really wish that I liked this series, but I struggled so much with Second Grave on the Left.Though the audiobook was well narrated, I had to push myself to listen I hate the I know what s best for you types Issues with the plot dragging, lack of chemistry between the two supposed love interests, and just blah I don t really like Charlie, though her humor actually works at times Just not what I wanted it to be.

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    Not as good as the first book, but I love Charley, so that makes it okay She is always funny, and that may seem unrealistic to some people, but I know people like her Well, my husband I don t care what the situation, he will crack jokes We ve maybe actually had a fight in our 26 years together twice at the most Why Because we end up joking around when we get mad and then laugh It just doesn t work to fight with someone who is perpetually funny Just today, someone was sending us groups texts kill me , and I notice my husband replies with the most sarcastic hilarious comment ever and maybe a bit offensive What a man I was cracking up Charley is like this She will always find humor in the situation.When accused of lying you suck at lying I do not I m an excellent liar Ask my dentist He swears I floss regularly When bleeding internally and completely beat up I hated it when I bled internally If I was going to bleed, I wanted to see the evidence, revel in the heroics of it all While sitting in the police station after almost being killed again To her uncle, the cop So, who are the Cox cousins again He sighed It was funny The men who kidnapped you One of them just tried to kill you in a dark alley Art and William Cox Any of this ringing a bell Of course, I just wanted to make you say Cox again Haha She kind of reminds me of Harry Dresden another favorite character of mine.The thing I don t get though, is the whole Reyes thing He loves her so much that he had to come to earth and be with her in person, and yet he is kind of a jerk to her often They got in a fight and he calls her Whore What the hell I don t care who you are, Mister, you call me names and I kick your ass to the curb And, the thing where he wanted to kill his corporeal body Just let him Especially if he calls you a whore then you should not only let him, but help him He s supposedly older than the earth itself I m guessing he knows what he s talking about But, I m not going to be getting past the whore comment for well, forever actually That s a deal breaker, dude Total deal breaker.

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    I just can t any.I am a huge fan of PNR and urban fantasy, really I am But this series is ALL OVER THE PLACE Charley just always has a snappy comment I for real do not get the whole Reyes thing Like there s just this attraction between them And yet I am supposed to believe it And just like book 1 the plot was all over the place Are we investigating someone missing or focusing on Reyes Because I don t like the back and forth.Anyways it s safe to say this series isn t for me despite everyone else loving it That s why I am the wildcard reader

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    I love Darynda s writing Her characters are so awesome from the coolest grim reaper charley Davidson to best friend office girl cookie to mr son of Satan reyes Hot on another case looking for cookies friend mimi who has disappeared with out a trace The girls know theirs foul play and their on it.between confrontation s with bad guys to shootouts theirs a whole lot of action and laugh s along the way And some hot romance with are fave bad boy reyes

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    Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestI gave FIRST GRAVE ON THE RIGHT a mostly positive review in spite of myself because I did like the mystery elements and I thought the antihero love interest, Reyes, was intriguing My hope was that the author would realize that the childish sense of humor of the main character was dragging down the tone of the book and it would disappear in later books After reading SECOND GRAVE ON THE LEFT, I m no longer inclined to give the author the benefit of the doubt If anything, Charley became even childish in this book, and the mystery element of the first book the thing I liked the most was entirely overshadowed by the creepy fated to be mated insta love between Charley and Reyes Like I care.I m also not super happy with Reyes s character arc I don t understand why he likes Charley so much It s kind of weird that he abandoned all of his plans just because she glows brightly Is he a moth Also, I m all for obsessive love interests, but something about Reyes starts to seem a bit well, smarmy I don t like his I know so much than you but can t tell you anything for your own good spiel, even though in Charley s case, that s probably true.The publisher gave me all the books in this series for free in exchange for my honest opinion, but after this book, I m thinking I might call it quits at book two I ll check out the summaries and the spoiler reviews of the other books in the series to see if continuing might be worth it, but to be honest after this book I m kind of sick of Charley and her OMG So random sense of humor Naw Thanks to Netgalley the publisher for the review copy 1 star