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In This Compilation Of The Five Books In The Best Selling Lineage Of Grace Series By Francine Rivers, We Meet The Five Women Whom God Chose Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba, And Mary Each Was Faced With Extraordinary Even Scandalous Challenges Each Took Great Personal Risk To Fulfill Her Calling Each Was Destined To Play A Key Role In The Lineage Of Jesus Christ, The Savior Of The World Beautifully written and easy to comprehend, this book gives the stories of five prominent women of the bible and their struggles Rivers does an excellent job of putting biblical allegory in laymen s terms and even includes studies at the end of each story I highly recommend this book The only reason it didn t receive 5 stars is because the study questions were not as thought provoking as they could have been I suppose I was looking for a study that was a littleatypical, however, the questions still cover the topics adequately. I am a big fan of historical fiction, and historical fiction that stirs my affection for the Lord is even better I really enjoyed these five stories In each book I was struck by how awesome God is that he would use such broken, unremarkable people in such amazing ways A prostitute, a foreigner, an adulteress, a peasant all used by God, ultimately leading to the birth of the son of the God of the Universe.The stories themselves are also enjoyable and quick reading I am familiar with each woman as they are written about in scripture, but have never been able to relate to them as actual people as much as I have through Rivers stories They were real women who experienced grief, uncertainty, significant times of waiting and suffering Women who experienced deep shame and deep love, and who were beautifully redeemed by God s grace again and again.A good read. A magnificent book Francine Rivers has told the story of five biblical women Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba and Mary Rivers has fleshed out of their stories to guessimate their feelings, hopes, fears and eventual understanding of Jesus Christ, the King of Kings Unputdownable. Overall, this book was a terrific read, and it was difficult for me to put it down, because it was easy, intriguing and engaging I appreciated the addition of the Bible study incorporated at the end of each novella, even though I did not engage myself in them I wasinterested in reading the book rather than lengthen the time by engaging in the Bible study at this time.Particularly, I am looking for leadership principles and this gave five women, each of historic and Biblical validity and focused on their circumstance, how they responded, and what they learned The greatest learning I received in general from all five women was that while their circumstances we extenuating, they always did the RIGHT thing no matter the cost or outcome It was easy for me to give them the answer as I read, but that was because I knew the outcome however, if I were to put myself in their position would I have responded similarly without confidence of a happy ending Walking away from the book, I feel encouraged, strengthened and challenged myself to consider my life and how I am using in accordance with God s plan and purpose for my life Am I seeking after Him Do I really trust Him and His purpose Have I really given my life to Him, and abandoned all others Great book good read Looking forward toof Francine Rivers.