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MY REVIEW My enjoyment of Francine Rivers writing began just over a year ago and I have since read a number of her books This one being the most recent Francine not only knows how to craft a riveting story, but one full of spiritual depth and challenge, too The Last Sin Eater sounds like a strange book but it only takes a few moments to get drawn into the old tale set in the heart of the mountains among a handful of families who settled there only 2 generations ago It s a story of fear, fascination, forgiveness, and faithfulness It s an easy read, or in this case, easy listen, with it s simple story line and deep characters I especially enjoyed the way that this novel gained depth as I read starting out simple and unfolding over and over again until all the secrets were revealed in the end Yet doing so without being confusing.In this audio edition the story is read by Anita Lustrea who does an amazing job of bringing the story to life The characters are no longer people on pages but breathing beings in your imagination as Anita flawlessly shares this tale.No matter how you enjoy this book in print or in audio format you will be swept away in time to once again witness the redemption of God.BOOK OVERVIEW All that matters for Cadi Forbes is finding the one man who can set her free from the sin that plagues her But Cadi doesn t know that the sin eater is seeking as well A captivating tale of suffering, seeking and redemption This review copy was courtesy of Oasis Audio. This book can actually be read superficially and simply viewed as good historical fiction, but it also has a much deeper level that will truly amaze you if you give it enough thought The old custom of a sin eater is a fascinating one, and the parallels to Jesus Christ are obvious, especially as clearly depicted here by Francine Rivers What a unique and unusual way to present the meaning of the Gospel Cadi and Fagan are especially endearing characters Set in the 1800 s, the Appalachian mountain people we meet and get to know during the course of this narrative seem genuine, naive, sheltered, and downtrodden, but yet with some joy and spirit underneath it all Some are gentle with an almost angelic bent, and others seem harsh, hardhearted, and evil Their reactions to hearing truth spoken range from joyful acceptance to hardhearted opposition and defiance, as is true with us today I understood the need for many scripture references when the Man of God was talking, but that is the one element I thought could have been a little shorter and still made the same point Guilt, misunderstanding, deception, forgiveness, courage, inquisitiveness, true love, and Salvation are all present as elements of this plot The story starts out in a very unusual manner, but be sure not to miss any part of this wonderful saga Gold Medallion Award Winner A Repackage Of Francine Rivers S Beloved Novel, Now With Stunning Movie Stills From The Motion Picture Releasing In JanuaryAnd Bonus Discussion Questions All That Matters For Cadi Forbes Is Finding The One Man Who Can Set Her Free From The Sin That Plagues Her, The Sin That Has Stolen Her Mother S Love From Her And Made Her Wish She Could Flee Life And Its Terrible Injustice But Cadi Doesn T Know That The Sin Eater Is Seeking As Well Before Their Journeys Are Over, Cadi And The Sin Eater Must Face Themselves, Each Other, And The One Who Will Demand Everything From Them In Exchange For The Answers They Seek A Captivating Tale Of Suffering, Seeking, And Redemption This is one of my all time favorites A great story set in the isolation of the Appalachian Mountains I loved the generational relationships between the older women in the community and the children Also, just the unpredictablity of the storyline A great read Francine Rivers is absolutely my favorite Christian fiction author because she delves deeper than the usual romantic fare Her most well known book is Redeeming Love, which is also great, but my favorite book written by her is The Last Sin Eater The story is told through the eyes of a young girl who is struggling with issues far too heavy for her age grief, neglect, guilt, eternal destiny, sin and loneliness Thanks to the help of her invisible friend an angel and an itinerant preacher, she finds the answer to all her troubles and draws her community, still enslaved to the Shamanism of their ancient Scottish culture, to spiritual freedom that is only found in Jesus Christ. I loved this book Kinda weird, but I really liked the message about grace Again, good redemption theme runs throughout Lilybet cracked me up Let me begin by saying that this book starts out so captivating that I wanted to weep at times The story is set in the 1850s West Virginia Appalachians and is about young ten year old Katy who considers herself the propagator of her younger sister s death and suffers from major league depression therefrom Because of her pain, she decides to, and is encouraged by an enigmatic, imaginary friend seek out the village s Sin Eater, a man who is chosen by lot to be the one who takes the sin of the recently deceased upon himself so that the dead man or woman may be saved, though as a result the Sin Eater is condemned to hell, or so the belief goes.Meanwhile a Man of God arrives in the valley and begins to proclaim the Word of God and the village Kai forgive me if the spelling is wrong, I listened to this book I did not read it , who is the village leader and also the son of the man who revived the Sin Eater practice from old Scottish Welsh traditions forbids the village from listening to him Katy, however, is as stubborn as she is depressed and finally, after asking the Sin Eater to take her sin away and though he agrees, he fails to do so , she goes to the Man of God and has a conversion experience, which finally releases her from her pain This is about halfway through the book, so though I have just provided you with a small spoiler, the best is yet to come and of that I will not say much.Here the book runs into trouble, however, and I became less and less able to suspend disbelief as I listened First of all Katy begins bringing The Word to people who need to hear it That s okay, and for my Orthodox Christian background, I had no problem with it However, the young girl and later her best friend a young boy only four years older than her begin quoting Moses, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and some of the minor prophets from the Old Testament perfectly only a few hours after their conversion She also throws around such lingo as the Spirit moved me and I was inspired by the Holy Spirit to say and other such colloquialisms Now I ve no doubt that God could grab hold of a child s mouth and make her spout perfect King James Biblical verse mere hours after her conversion, and use her through the Holy Spirit, but this perfect King James quoting, not to mention the lingo, was just way to much for me to accept Even the most celebrated conversion on the New Testament, the Roadside conversion of the Apostle Paul did not prepare him immediately for his massive and most important work, which started a few years later.In the end, as the dust jacket says, a hideous truth is revealed and the village Kai is brought low The Village isor less redeemed and Katy s family is bound back together The Sin Eater finds happiness and surcease from his loneliness None of this should be much of a spoiler one guesses fairly soon in the timeline that such will be the fate of the major characters Besides, as with most predictable novels, it s the journey that counts This book was satisfying to listen to, I admit The characters were well defined and the imagery vivid and the prose a delight to listen to in its own right Francine Rivers did a really good job of researching how an 1850 back country Appalachian village might look and feel and speak, and all of that research goes into the story There is a particularly memorable scene of an old woman receiving a back woods remedy for what I assumed was arthritis, and that, all by itself, made the book memorable But for the reasons I cited earlier in this review, all I could manage to give it is three stars.If you are a fundamentalist Christian, this book will seem rich and worthy of great praise If you are a mere orthodox Christian like myself, this book will start out like gang busters and then turn slightly sour, though in the end the story will be memorable, and the doctrine right on If you are someone who does not hold to the Christian Faith, this book will be one you put down about half way through, unless of course The Spirit falls upon you and you are converted by the story, but that is the only way non believers will be able to get through this story, in my humble opinion.In closing, this book was written to entertain believers That s a shame, because there are a lot of people who could use the good and powerful message contained in it. Ehhhhh.this book wasok It is a good read Don t get me wrong Francine Rivers writes some pretty awesome books, but this one was kind of bland compared to all of her other books.If you ever feel like an outcast from time to time, then this book will encourage you to dare to be different The Last Sin Eater is an allegory of Jesus Chirst set in the Appalacian Mountains in the 1830 s It follows the story of a 10 year old girl, Cadi Forbes, her family and her clan Yes, I said clan Everyone in the story are Scottish immigrants with a thick Scottish accent, which was hard to get used to reading at first During that time people of Scottish decent believed that in order to get rid of their sins, they have to wait until they die, have a ritual performed on them, and them cast their sins on to what ws called a Sin Eater which is a person who is an outcast and bears the sins of hundereds of people.This book does have some sad parts to it For instance I felt sorry for Cadi She s only ten, and she is sort of outcasted from her family because she committed a horrible sin on her younger sister She s only ten Her parents should give her a break I also felt sorry for the Sin Eater He is JUST a person Unfortunately he is forced to carry the weight of everyone s sins, which is sending him on a path straight to Hell The number one thing that I did love about this book is that it is told in the eyes of Cadi, the little ten year old girl How genius is that Having Cadi as the narrator definitely makes you feelemotional because she displays an innocent view on things Plus her parents disown her because she believes in Jesus Chirst..which just makes you go Awwwwwwwww The one thing that I did not like about the book was the ending It was too predictable And when Cadi and her friend are trying to explain to the whole clan about Jesus, it just seemed like Francine Rivers copied and pasted the Bible Cadi should explain Jesus the way a ten year old would not how Paul the Apolsle would Oh well..All in all it was ok And even though the book won the Gold Medallion Book Award, it does not show Francine Rivers full talent She writes incredible books. My bookish blogging friends challenged my disdain for Francine Rivers which I picked up from my fav college lit professor, who called Rivers Christian crap o rama Maybe I was being too harsh Maybe there was a depth to Rivers that is often missing in popular Christian fiction Well if Francine Rivers has a greater depth than most, it wasn t evident in The Last Sin Eater I didn t like it I mean, I actually really liked the concept, but about half way through the novel the concept started unraveling into a simplistic evangelical salvation presentation I don t have a problem with Christian art and literature or with the Christian presentation of salvation, but I do have a problem with bad Christian art and literature and overly simplistic, misleading mini sermons See, the idea of a sin eater is apparently from old Scotland and Wales, where communities would a assign one member the duty of eating the sin of community members that passed away This insured that only one member of the community had to carry the guilt of sin and everyone else would be purified at their death Obviously, that is a very, very cool metaphor that parallels with the gospel very clearly Thing is, while it started as a metaphor set in a superstitious mountain community, it was turned into a modern gospel pitch, and it just didn t fit culturally so it wasn t believable It might have worked as a kids story but I kept thinking, You can t make the jump from not knowing anything about Christianity to suddenly talking like a 70 year old pastor That s cultural lingo it s not imparted by praying the prayer Anyways I didn t like The Last Sin Eater. I picked this book up based on the description before I realized it was by Francine Rivers This book suffered from the same flaws that have frustrated me with other Francine Rivers books In my view, she does a good job of creating a believable world for her characters to inhabit, but then she over simplifies the spiritual aspects of her plot and characters so that I am unable to relate to their spiritual journeys in any way that feels connected to the real world or real people Here, as in other novels, she develops characters that are too good, in my opinion who seem completely untroubled by being martyrs and characters who are so evil for no discernable reason that they are one dimensional For instance, a preacher comes to share the gospel with an Appalachian group in this novel Even though he has only recently embraced Christianity, he already has the entire Bible memorized The children who hear him speak instantly remember every biblical passage themselves, which struck me as preposterous The man of God doesn t exhibit any self doubt or personal concern or angst as he recognizes his own impending death On the other hand, his killer is a man who personifies evil Yes, there are human monsters, but Francine Rivers s novels too often contain a character like this one, who seems to personify the devil just because Here, that means he abuses his wife and his children, murders indiscriminately, and wields enormous power derived from thin air.More importantly from a plot standpoint, the conversion stories in this book left me rolling my eyes It seems inconceivable that people would develop an unshakeable faith in Christianity after hearing a few sermons from a complete stranger, consisting of mostly quotations from the Bible given in unfamiliar language In my view, faith grows out of relationships the relationship between an individual and God and the relationships among people of faith There was no time for the Appalachian people to develop a relationship with the preacher in this novel And they spent no time developing a relationship with Jesus after they heard the Word They just instantly believed and were prepared to sacrifice their own lives for their faith It came acrosslike Christianity imposed by magic wand than a realistic portrayal of a person seeking a lifelong relationship with Christlike people were beamed up to the kingdom of heaven instead of beginning a spiriual journey As with other Francine Rivers books, I was left feeling that it had potential, but could have been so much .