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This may sound harsh but I honestly wish I could erase ever reading this book and could have spent that time doing something even marginally better like watching clothes dry I really can t bring myself to write a review Apart from the fact that the writing was terrible and the infodumps were endless, it looks the author just tried to slip in as many sex scenes as she could with the most clich descriptions.So with that, I ll just put a few random passages and let you decide for yourself I wouldn recommend this book Beau was leaning against the left side of the door frame when I opened the door I grinned in appreciation at him His shiny black hair hung straight down to his shoulders framing his face, drawing attention to his sapphire blue eyes Those eyes swept over me like I was his next meal and he hadn t eaten all day Even though I felt myself blush from such a predatory gaze, I still felt a shiver of excitement race through me He let out a low whistle Damn girl Are you ready to go Looking over his shoulder at me I gave him an innocent smile He asked me, Do you like what you see I let my gaze linger over his lips before drifting lower I took a deep breath, letting it out with a quiet, Yeah, I do He hummed low in his throat, turning back to the table He sank the next one as well Are you enjoying yourself with your little innocent teasing He growled I went back to my room and threw on a pair of jeans I didn t even bother with a t shirt or shoes I needed to talk to her I needed to do it before anything could get worse I knew Sylvia She was probably just as scared and worried about what happened between us as I was I would bet anything that she was internalizing it and finding everything wrong with it. This was not the kind of story where girl and boy skate around their attraction and then they get together and BOOM end of story NM Facile introduces us to the main characters, Sylvia and Quinn, and lets on that each one has had their life turned upside down by the one that got away With a great cast of supporting characters, it was hard not to like this story Quinn and Sylvia were high school sweethearts until after graduation Quinn breaks up with her out of the blue and breaks Sylvia s heart Even though we learn later there was behind it, both never fully recover from the breakup, and now here they are accidentally neighbors when Quinn moves in acrros the hall from Sylvia After becoming quick friends with her circle of friends, also fellow neighbors, the plot thickens as we realize that Quinn is still madly in love with Sylvia and is hoping to reunite with his one true love, only to find out that Sylvia has just begun a relationship with Beau, a sexy bad boy bounty hunter The plot thickens as Sylvia and Beau s relationship deepens, Quinn and Sylvia keep crossingg paths, and one night of hot steamy sex brings up a lot of unsolved problems and unrequited emotions I love how this story takes it s time to progress, giving the reader time to relate to the characters and get a feel for what is actually happening You actually start to feel the raw emotion from Quinn and Sylvia and find yourself not being able to put the book down as you curse one of them out for acting stupid or saying the wrong thing It s like they were friends of mine I especially enjoyed the descriptive love scenes in the book, I felt they were very tasteful, not just sex but sensual and descriptive that actually left me breathless a few times Thoroughly enjoyed this book I ve read numerous reviews in which the reviewer has said I really wanted to like this I never fully comprehended what that meant until I read Across the Hall so here it goes I so WANTED to like this book, unfortunately in the end it just didn t spin my wheel What I wanted to like about it I love second chance romances It is without a doubt my most favorite theme In Across the Hall we have Sylvia who is a grad student and lives in a small apartment building Four years ago her boyfriend Quinn, who she was utterly in love with and devoted to broke up with her immediately after graduation Since then she s been a miserable shell of a girl who all though sleeps with pretty much every guy she goes out with, cannot find a boy who even comes close to Quinn Quinn a med student, moves into a new apartment building shortly before discovering his across the hall neighbor is none other than his former girlfriend Sylvia This premise is what drew me in, it sounds so sweet, and the characters, Sylvia and Quinn were very well fleshed out wonderful characters I liked them, I cared about them and I wanted so much for them to end up back together and in love The main, well the only problem I had with Across the Hall was the delivery of Sylvia and Quinn s story I am a show me don t tell me kind of reader I felt that I was constantly being told, told, told what was going on in the character s heads There were actual chapters that would go by when the characters didn t really do anything but we were simply told the internal monologue going on in their heads I have a really hard time maintaining focus when nothing of action or significance is happening This particular novel simply didn t appeal to my reading style but I would gladly give NM Facile another chance I enjoyed her character and plot development a lot Overall I felt this was a excellent development from an indie author. 50% through and loving this story Takes me back to those early 20s when we think we know who we are and where we are going but later learn, we weren t quite there Or, that we knew than we gave ourselves credit for.Great Chick Lit book with a small love triangle Sylvia O Mara has spent the last four years trying to get over her high school sweetheart, who after breaking off their relationship left town without any reasons With the help of her friends she has moved on and started dating a mysterious bad boy She isn t happy, but she s content until she meets the new neighbor.Quinn Lobato has recently moved to Minneapolis to finish college close to his parents His mother found the perfect apartment for him close to campus and assured him it has everything he needs Quinn has had his own hurtful past and is looking forward to starting med school and a new life.Little do they know that what they each need is waiting just across the hall.When books start off with I m so plain, my best friends are beautiful, me..not so much I want to effing puke..Grow some damn confidence..jeez, bishes these days A tale of ex boyfriends, never ending innuendo, crime mixed in with college romance, plus a dash of friendships, picnics, bowling and somehow teenage pregnancy I can t explain it The plot just didn t click none of the pieces matched up to me, as the plot flittered from one path to another First it s about undying love, then about lust, then about hey I still love you , then it s about deciding who to love, then it s hey my not so boyfriend boyfriend was actually a criminal , then the show down, then there s kissing, then there s we re having a baby , then there s the whole NOW WE WILL FEATURE A EPILOGUE SKIPPING 40 SOMETHING YEARS INTO THE FUTURE WHEN WE RE ALL OLD Yeahit didn t work for me.It didn t have that magic that, for e.g., Stephanie Perkins and Miranda Keneally books had I expected this book to me so much better than it was. re readI really liked this book Quinn was perfect and swoon worthy, I loved Quinn and Sylvia together and rooted for them from the beginning This book made laugh, cry, and made me full of joy All the supporting characters were great and I loved them just as much as Quinn and Sylvia I also realy liked that everyone s story got wrapped up perfectly This book is definite worth it and excellent read 4 StarsThis was a good book Pretty predictable, but a nice read It was a bit long in certain parts but I didn t skim at all It pulled me along through to the end.This was again, a story about the strength of love and how when you are young, do you really understand that the depth of some feelings doesn t just happen Being so young and new to relationships and the accompanying emotions and a love so strong Is it easy to assume this will happen again repeatedly The two main characters in this book learned the lesson love that makes your heart sing, your skin tingle, makes you sick at your stomach, and gives you such a deep sense of peace only happens if your lucky and may not happen for some It is the love we all search for, and when found, you should hold tight and not let it just go some spoilers When gone, do you always then search for it again Do you give up and just go through the motions Or, do you say to yourself, once I finish this phase in my life, I ll go back and pick it up again Well, this is exactly what Quinn did He broke things off with Sylvia for what he thought good reasons being rather selfless he thought He thought he could go back at some point, but in order to break it with Sylvia, and to preserve himself, it was cold turkey Sylvia didn t even see the huge truck hit her one day she had Quinn and the whole rest of her wonderful life ahead, and then BAAM Quinn broke things off, with absolutely no contact She had no idea why, and what she did wrong She spent the next few years trying to get past it you can only imagine.Then, they meet again Now what They are really very different people, but not What now Sylvia s anger was phenomenal and the scene where she expressed it leaves you with a huge YES She said things just like we would have said for her She held nothing back and I was proud of her This is the premise of this book It was a real journey and the author did a pretty good job I like her style of writing For me, how an author writes intimate portions of the story is very telling What phrasing do they use do they describe things clinically, a bit trashy, or do they create a environment of sensual intimacy This author does a very nice job This book should not be considered YA, unless late teen college age YA This was her first effort, so can expect she will evolve and look forward to reading of her work.Happy Reading I m very disappointed in this book I thought I ll like it or at least enjoy it to some point, but, honestly, it too cheesy and amoral.What I didn t like the change in POV s was really shitty, I didn t need to see through a whole day twice The author should learn from Simone Elkeles the idea nothing new there TMI in descriptions, I got bored quite fast I even started reading diognally at 18th chapter, so I d fucking finish it already when Sylvia and Quinn finally got back together every chapter feautured how they have supposedly steamy sex My eye started to twich at one point it s predictable if Sylvia lost her mother to a breast cancer and later had her heart broken by Quinn, why was she acting so ordinary Nothing hinted that she even misses her mother She didn t even name her kids after her, just after her father, Kelly She seemed really two dimensional Sylvia is SO naive, so fricking stupid She infuriates me, so trusty, so easy to manipulate with, broken over a break up 4 YEARS AGO, unprotected and fucking stubborn at the same time That s just fucking bullshit, kids Still can t wrap my mind around the fast that she believed and trusted Beau I d have gotten someone to fucking whip his ass if I couldn t do it myself the GR synopsis was a bit wrong, but that wasn t the book s faultWhat I liked it was seriously funny, even at the places not meant to be humorous Cussing, I just love bad words the scene where Quinn beats Beau s ass Reed, that dude is frickin hilariousBut I m kind of sorry I didn t like it, though, because I had my expectations high, too high I m sorry I spent two nights trying to read it. Sylvia O Mara Has Spent The Last Four Years Trying To Get Over Her High School Sweetheart, Who After Breaking Off Their Relationship Left Town Without Any Reasons With The Help Of Her Friends She Has Moved On And Started Dating A Mysterious Bad Boy She Isn T Happy, But She S Content Until She Meets The New NeighborQuinn Lobato Has Recently Moved To Minneapolis To Finish College Close To His Parents His Mother Found The Perfect Apartment For Him Close To Campus And Assured Him It Has Everything He Needs Quinn Has Had His Own Hurtful Past And Is Looking Forward To Starting Med School And A New LifeLittle Do They Know That What They Each Need Is Waiting Just Across The Hall