Paperback Þ Grey Dogs Kindle ¼

WHEN GOD TURNS HIS BACK ON THE EARTHFires blaze out of control Looters are run through with speeding lead Children scream as their flesh is torn by broken teeth Firearms insistently discharge in the night air Overtop of it all the moans of the infected crowds out any pause for silenceTHE EPIDEMIC SHOWS NO MERCYMen Women Fathers Daughters Wives Brothers All are susceptible and the viral infection is a death sentence One hundred percent communicable One hundred percent untreatable It's making people insane turning them feral Zombies No end is in sight and Carey Cardinal has run out of options ONE SHOT AT SEEING SUNRISEPast lives shadowed histories and long kept secrets will emerge making the twisted road ahead ever difficult to navigate as Carey will discover a foe far dangerous than the shattered grey dogs himself Tick Tick Tick

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