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Fresh Out Of High School, Eva Sonneborn Is Headed To Scotland With Her Best Friends Scholarly, Sarcastic Laurence Gorgeous, Ghost Seeing Amber And Responsible, Sweet Shannon They Plan To Spend The Next Six Months In Edinburgh, Enjoying An Adventure Filled Work Abroad Journey Before Parting Ways For CollegeBut When Eva Meets Gil, A Local Bartender, She Figures A Little Innocent Flirting Won T Hurt Her Relationship With Tony, Her Ever Faithful Boyfriend Back Home But Just When Things Turn Less Innocent With Gil, The Trip Starts Throwing Curveballs At Not Only Her But Her Friends Too By The End Of The Trip, They Ve All Fallen In Love, Sometimes With The Wrong People And With Consequences That May Tear Their Friendship Apart ForeverDownload A Free Reading Group Guide With Discussion Questions And Author Interview

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    What a terrific story3

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    Well I have to say that I was very pleasantly surprised I mean, I did accept it for review, but I really got into the story I don t think I put it down once I started It had a great flow and the characters, while sometimes frustrating, were likable What an experience to have I would have loved to have gone away to explore a foreign country with a group of friends I loved that they all wrote down goals expectations for their time in Scotland That s totally something I would have done at that age I ll say that I like Eva and Laurence the most Yes, Eva made some questionable choices, but they were all very realistic I felt like she cared for her boyfriend, but there was something missing in their relationship So, while I don t like cheating, I felt like it was important for Eva to meet new people and have different experience while in Scotland The relationship that she and Laurence have was funny, snarky, and really genuine I love that they d been friends since they were little It made their connection seem deeper to me The story basically takes you through this group, focusing on Eva, and their experiences in Scotland They all get jobs, meet new people, get romantic relationships, and have their hearts broken at some point All very typical situations for people that age What made it fun to me was that I really would ve loved having that choice to go somewhere before college SeriouslyI would have loved that Heck, I d still love to live in a foreign country for a time And, some of you know that Scotland has a special place in my heart, so that also made this story special Overall, I d say it was a really good read As I said, it had a nice steady flow and I was able to identify with the characters This was my first read by author Molly Ringle and I d definitely try another.

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    Since I happen to be a Scot freak, dipping into this book was like walking through Edinburgh again I was instantly back in Scotland, surrounded by the castle, the tourist shops on High Street, the retail of Princes Street, all of it I loved how the author brought those memories to life in me.Strangely enough, I was getting homesick for America by the end of the book, just like the main character I didn t anticipate that happening, but it did I went through the emotional rollercoaster along with Eva, one chaotic love life catastrophe after another.I liked how Eve grew up over the course of the book and learned what it meant to be committed to someone else What Scotland Taught Me is a great title for the book, since it s really an intense period of growing up, of making mistakes, of learning that what you thought you wanted isn t what you wanted at all.The author also has a great sense of language, of timing, and turn of phrase She never used cliches, but found effective ways to paint the picture with vivid similes The only thing I would have changed is that I d have liked to see Eva have of an outside interest apart from whichever guy she was with She did have an interest in horticulture and I think she would have been a well rounded and interesting character if she d been able to explore that a bit during the course of the book Her world consisted mainly of the emotions tied to one guy or another, with very little left over for herself.If you have been to Scotland and want to reminisce, then delve in and enjoy

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    What Scotland Taught Me was a fast and fun read I thoroughly enjoyed the imagery of Scotlland and Ringle brought life to their trip Between the pubs, the hostel and the church scenes I felt like I was there walking the streets with them She s a very talented writer and I loved her writing style The quick chapters leading to the next scene helped keep a quick pace and the story never lagged WSTM had a few life lessons snuck in but they never took away from the fun of it I thought it was an honest look at growing up and growing out of friends you ve held onto since childhood Though there was some cheating involved I didn t feel it was malicious on Eva s part More like experiencing life and all its possibilities and following your heart which at her age she should do.The problem I had was with the characters I just never became invested in them Eva was an interesting MC for me because just when I d start to relate to her, she would say or do something and I d lose it I also wasn t drawn to any of the 3 love interests Laurence started to thaw towards the end and there were some hot scenes written between them that were worthy of a few toe curls, but I wasn t 100% won over by him And don t get me started on Gil and Tony Overall a good first read by this author and I m looking forward to checking out by her

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    This was a fun read I love how the author included the location as an important part of the story Now I want to go to Edinburgh The characters are depicted as very real North American teenagers The story has everything humour, travel, history, romance, friendship, family relations, scenery and even ghosts It is written in an easy to read, carefree style that depicts the emotions, feelings and confusion of most modern day youth This will make a great gift for the teenagers on your list You have to love it, even if it has been a long time since you were a teenager

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    A fun frolick that was especially enjoyable as a recent tourist in Edinburgh Four recent high school graduates embark on a six month adventure in Edinburgh, encountering twists in their friendships, romantic intrigue, and a few lessons learned the hard way A good escape on a rainy day.

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    My Dark Divas Review of this title Although aimed at teens, this coming of age story resonated with this reader who s old enough to have teenage children In fact, it brought me back to the same age, when I was fluttering and flailing to find my wings after launching from the familial nest At the same time, it gave me insight in what it s like to be young today something I m lacking, as I don t have children.Eva s voice, expressed in first person, is engaging from the first paragraph both in her head, as narrator, and in dialogue with her peers She s smart and sassy without being disrespectful, and her quirky observations about self, friends, and the alien world of Scotland keep the story fresh and realistic.Most engrossing are her efforts to reconcile life s paradoxes and conflicts During her six months in alien territory, she must learn the difference between love and lust and infatuation test the boundaries of friendship as her pals veer off in unexpected directions as she does, herself come to understand the value of honesty, and discover that it s not always the best policy Before the book ends, her lifelong relationships with two gals and a guy are forever altered, mainly for better but in some ways for worse.The only thing that gave me the slightest pause was how easily everybody gained employment in a foreign country So perhaps information about the work program they were involved in would have helped Other than that, I found this book an entertaining, and thoughtful read The author s prose was clean and competent, and her publisher produced it with a professionalism infrequently found in e books I recommend it to adults and teens alike.Rated 5 Delightful Divas by Aurora

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    This was a book that I looked forward to reading at the end of each day I found myself reading just a little longer past my bedtime, as the story was engaging and fun The teenage drama is realistic, and the key characters are vividly drawn I wished for a little imagery of Scotland, but that s my own bias toward travel The twists and turns of the tale intrigued, and the thoughts on cheating and relationships gave me something to chew on Is history destined to repeat itself, or is there hope for those of us who make mistakes For the sake of the main character in the book whom I felt I came to know well , I hope there s hope Forgiveness and compassion are at the heart of this story that explores the idea that all relationships whether romantic or friendships go through challenges, ebbing and flowing over time The story rang true to lessons learned at that age, just out of high school, when suddenly young adults face the realization that actions have consequences, and they are fully responsible for their own lives.

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    This was a really powerful story It really had me thinking about the lines of loyalty and trust within a group of friends Laurence, Amber, and Shannon really had me interested from the beginning As I read about their backstories I immediately connected with them because they were all looking for something different through their journey in the U.K.Even though I adored this story, I have to give this book 4 stars because of Eva I really enjoyed reading about her adventures and blunders boy, does she have a lot of them But I did not see any change in her and I feel like that s a pretty important part of any protagonist Otherwise, this is a very enjoyable read.

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    Four friends head to Edinburgh for a gap year after graduating high school When the familiar is left behind, do you find out who you really are Or does the new setting and the freedom of an unfamiliar territory lead you to impulsive behavior that leaves you wondering all the And can old relationships stand the push and pull of new feelings, new experiences and maybe most of all, new friends I really enjoyed this warm and deeply immersive story from start to finish oops, sorry didn t mean to make it sound like a bath, there, but it is worthy of a good long soak I found the main character, Eva, irresistably winsome and appealing She s a real feeling girl, with issues of impulse control, sometimes not the greatest judgment, and too much desire to please others my opinion only, there , and that sometimes leads to mildly regrettable behavior Her friends don t cut her any slack about any of it all, and I felt bad for her about that The notion that she s a cheater, is a major theme, and it made me feel really bad for her and angry on her behalf See, that s what kind of book this is, you get so into the characters that you get all riled up on their behalf So let me speak to that directly, and if you re senstive to SPOILERS you might want to skip over the next para The high school boyfriend Sheesh, I totally thought he was a mope If you re an eighteen yo guy and overwhelming physical attraction to a girl isn t part of the equation, there s either something wrong with you, or the relationship Major red flag alert, girls In Tony s case, I thought it was both, and it was silly of Eva to put up with it, and only reflective of her crappy previous boyfriend The notion that she d go off for six months to a foreign spot and limit her love life to exchanging emails with a guy whose notion of sweet talk is crappy funny pet names like haggis face, made that one up, sorry Molly, yours are infinitely funnier is just ridic Gil A fun fling, but girl, why all the angst about it Live a little, this is your time, you re eighteen on your own in Edinburgh, third base isn t the end of the world This is where her friends irritated me, too, getting all preachy, judgmental and superior after encouraging her in the first place Laurence Don t get me started I ve known guys like this, and the whole I know you re a cheater cause you cheated with me, so how do I know you won t do it to me next thing is the lowest possible blow after someone s passion for you has eclipsed their common sense to take a chance on you For such a smarty pants he could use a seminar on unconditional love He does redeem himself, ultimately, but Eva, girl, you could do better Ok, END SPOILER, relationship rant over, if you read that, you can see how easy it is to get sucked into Eva s story to me that s what this was, basically This book isn t just about the characters, though, rich as they are The city of Edinburgh is brought to life, not it a travelogue y way, but with a vivid, rich and sustained poetic evocation of the city s essence, its fragance, its personality and its people Molly also really captures the way it feels to be on your own in a strange new place, especially when things are unsettling, you re sick and feeling down, or when you re feeling elated One thing I think the author does really well, in this book and in Summer Term, the other book of hers I ve read, is create that dizzy, physically overwhelming feeling of new infatuation Let s hope Eva s lasts this time, or that if it doesn t she s not afraid to try and try again She s worthy of someone who can light that fire, and who won t mistrust her for feeling its warmth Hope this review has actually been about the book and less about my own psycho drama, but that s the beauty of it, it def calls up real and intense emotions Well done Molly Ringle, looking forward to