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Life is sweet for Nikki Sands She’s toasting her new job at Malveaux Estate in Napa Valley and balancing a love triangle with a neighboring winemaker and her boss vineyard owner Derek Malveaux—the catch of the county And tonight Nikki will be on the arm of Napa’s golden boy at a Sonoma mansion for the wedding of the decadeNikki’s friend Isabel agreed to cater the wedding—before she learned that the groom was her cheating lover After the ceremony Isabel asks Nikki to bring the obnoxious bride another glass of wine But Nikki finds the new wife sprawled on the floor—murdered Since the dear departed made enemies easily there’s a bushel of suspects—many of them close to Nikki Now it’s up to her to get to the bottom of what may have been a killer bottle of wine

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    This is the second book in the Wine Lover's Mysteries While attending a wedding our heroine Nikki discovers the bride's dead body And Nikki's best friend is the suspect Once again Nikki puts on her detective cap and sets out to solve the mystery and get her friend out of jailI enjoyed this book better than the first not as much background information so you were able to jump right into the story Also the addition of the Boys of Summer as her sleuthing sidekicks added a good dose of humor Marco may be my favorite character And I'm always a sucker for a good romance and this book has hints of that as well The tension between Nikki and Andres wasn't clear to me in the first book but this time it's sizzlingand then there's the attraction between Nikki and her boss Derek Who will she chose to be with?As a side note the book comes with recipes and wine pairings I made the Pork Tenderloin in Port Wine Mushroom Sauce and it is DIVINE The best dish I've ever made and in under 20 minutes If you like pork wine and mushrooms you MUST give this recipe a try I couldn't find the recommended wine but I chose a Zinfandel and it went with the meal wonderfully

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    I was right I figured it out before halfway through the book It is kind of a bummer when that happens I still enjoyed the book though I'm really not a fan of the love triangle One minute she wants one guy the next she wants the other It was maddeningi just think these characters need a bit depth to them and a bit substance in the story

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    Book two fast forwards six months from where Murder Uncorked ended Nikki's now become good friends with Andres sister Isabel and is focusing on her job at the winery rather than her sleuthing That is until Isabel ends up in jail for a murder she didn't commit Nikki knows that her friend is innocent but the police think it's a closed case So the only thing to do is to take matters into her own hands Murder by the Glass was another well written mystery This is uickly becoming one of my favorite cozy mystery series In addition to the mystery I'm enjoying the love triangle that's developing between Nikki Derek and Andres I really like all three characters and can't decide how I want this to end Another feature of this series that I like is the way she interweaves recipes with wine pairings throughout the book Most authors stick the recipes at the end I like that Scott puts the recipes at the end of the chapter in which they appeared while it is fresh in your mind

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    Second is this wonderful cosy mystery series

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    A bride that nothing suited her was laying in the bride’s room with a half filled wine glass Isabel went ahead and said yes to catering before knowing the groom was someone she had just dated The bride was not satisfied with anything Isabel thinking this job would make a name for her She was dead wrong looking as though it will be tied to murder Plenty of clues did Susan open the letter that had come for her earlier a sister was she blackmailer Susan Readers will enjoy this plot and the clues to figure out the why This was the second in this series and both have been good reading Looking forward to the next book

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    Nothing I enjoy less than the romantic triangle I don't feel it adds to a good mystery story The mystery was good but too much mystery solving in this book and not enough of the wines The wine stories is what made the 1st book a uniue series for me and got me excited to read 2nd book was a typical romantic trianglemystery and that is just not uniue or interesting to me Will give the 3rd book a try and hope to get back to the spirit of the 1st

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    I enjoyed the book though I had the murderer picked out right away Not because of any give aways by the author but because it just seemed right I never like triangles or compromising situations that lead to misunderstandings though can understand it's use in a story line These are fun reads with endearing characters a good mystery

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    When the owner of a local resturant caters the wedding of the man that she has been seeing and did not know that he was engaged to another woman The bride is murdered after the wedding and everybody wants to know who did it When the owner of the resturant is arrested for the murder her best friend has to figure out who was the real murder

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    Another easy fun read with great recipes and wine pairings

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    AwesomeLove following the characters I'm definitely wrapped up in the story line excited to read what happens next