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West Virginia doesn t always get its due, where history is concerned The State and her people have been called many discouraging things The motto of Mountaineers Are Always Free wasn t always true The story of Blair Mountain tells of a time when the coal conglomerates owned the miner The unions fought for the rights of the miners and the rights of man The Federal Government and the State of WV bombed the miners when they marched and for me to try and do this story justice through a review is thinking large If you are a West Virginian, a history buff or someone interested in what those before you fought for so that we may have what we have today, you should read this book.My husband and I listened to the audio edition of this book and I think it made the story all the interesting. Interesting description of union and labor struggles in the coal mines from the perspective of a union man. Okay it took me a while to actually get serious and finish this book For a book about history it was very well written and was capable of producing emotion in me while I was reading I felt anger and tears.For being a coal miner s daughter I know what our men fought for and what is being taken away from them now I wish people who are so against the coal, that lifted our country from darkness, would read this book We are a proud people and just like when we fought for better conditions and wages now we must fight for the right to even work in our industry. A biased history of the UMW early trials and tribulations in West Virginia culminating in the Battle of Blair Mountain Good oral history At times tedious but since my Grandfather was a participant at Blair Mountain, it was worth reading. Nice piece of labor history. Chronicling The West Virginia Mine Wars Of The S, This First Hand Account Of The Coal Miners Uprisings Offers A New Perspective On Labor Unrest During This Time Period Complete With Previously Unpublished Family Photographs And Documents, This Retelling Shares The Experiences Of Bill Blizzard, The Author S Father Who Was The Leader Of The Red Neck Army The Tensions Between The Union And The Coal Companies That Led Up To The Famous Battle Of Blair Mountain, The Largest Open And Armed Rebellion In United States History, Are Described In Detail, As Are Its Aftermath And Legacy Addressing Labor Issues In Contemporary Times, This Historical Narrative Makes Clear The Human Costs Of Extracting Coal For Electricity