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Originally posted at is nineteen going on ninety At the human age of nineteen her fianc makes her into a vampire and she didn t even know about his passion for drinking human blood.Sixty years later Lily is lonely and bored and begins to travel Luck is on her side as she finds a vampire family who want her to join them Their warmth and caring envelop her giving her the love she didn t even know she lacked Lily decides to take an archaeology course and meets Christian and falls instantly in love Two problems here Christian is human, and human vampire relationships are frowned on Another problem is the daughter of her family who brings home her new vampire boyfriend This is none other than Ian, Lily s maker Sparks begin to fly when Ian decides if he can t have Lily, no one will.I found the beginning of this book to be very slow Although the author had to give the background to Lily and introduce a few characters who reappeared later in the book, I felt as if I was being told what was happening rather than experiencing it However when Lily left her home behind her and set out for new horizons the story began to increase its pace.By the time she admitted to herself she loved Christian, I was hooked Lily and Christian plus Lily s family entered my mind quite easily, I could see them, hear them and watch them act out their lives Unfortunately Ian didn t come across the same way A shame really, as one of his helpers really dazzled me.For lovers of vampire stories this is a definite yes It gives an insight into vampire lives, the way they earn their living and how they feed The ethics of the latter are very interesting yes vampires do have ethics when it comes to who they feed from All you vampire lovers out there this is one you should read, and it s the first of a series so there s to come. Lily Is A Tragic And Lonely Vampire, Unwittingly Brought Into Her Existence By Ian, A Selfish But Beautiful Maker Who Has Captured Her Heart For Decades, Even Though He Left Her With No Compass On How To Navigate Her Strange New World When She Meets A Coven Of Vampires That Takes Her In And Treats Her Like Family, All She Thought She Knew Is Brought Into Question Things Are Further Complicated When She Finally Finds Love Christian, A Human Man Just When She S Finally Found Happiness, Ian Reappears, Threatening To Destroy Everything Lily Holds Dear When He Once Again Removes All Her Choices, Lily Is Thrown Into A World Where Ian S Ongoing Sins Are Unstoppable And Her Family And Newfound Love Seem Lost Forever You love a good vampire story, right Well, this one will certainly capture your attention Lily has been alone for a long time She is always on the move to keep attention away from her Her maker, Ian, left her as a newborn and she was completely lost She lost her first love, and was left to figure out how to survive as a vampire She has lived in her apartment for two years, the longest she has ever stayed in one place She was forced to leave during the night, when a neighbor asks her out on a date and starts to fall for her She decides to try to find others like her Kalia finds Lily on the beach, and brings her home Kalia, Adam and Maia become a family Lily decides to go to college to defeat her boredom She meets, Christian, a human, and falls madly in love She knows its wrong in so many ways, but she cannot help being drawn to him Ian shows up and turns Lily s happy life upside down She has to make a difficult decision to protect those who have become so important to her Lily is an exciting vampire adventure that will make you fall in love with paranormal genre all over again It shows the powerful bond between the maker and the newborn The forbidden love makes you hope that they can overcome their obstacles The family unity in the coven is overpowering I enjoyed watching Lily grow and become confident in herself I completely enjoyed this story You should give it a try Read Received through Goodreads First Reads LM DeWalt s Lily is about a relatively young vampire, Lily, as she finally seems to find a place where she belongs and then has the whole thing thrown into upheaval.There was something about the story that constantly had me reading, but I m still not quite sure what it was that made me stay with the story The writing wasn t particularly good the dialogue was sometimes jarring and sometimes quite corny, and sometimes I found myself having to reread a section because I couldn t figure out how the story had jumped to a certain point Plot points were also set up way in advance and in such a simple way that it was easy to see what would happen next before it was close enough for it to actually happen.I did like the character of Lily I liked reading about her struggle to find a place for herself and dealing with the constant emotional pain she feels On the other hand, I didn t like her reactions with Christian Or even how quickly she developed attachments to others It just wasn t believable.Would I read this again Probably not But I think I would continue to read the rest of the series, just so I could see if anything improves or just to see how Ms DeWalt wraps up the series.Would I recommend it Only if someone was looking for an easy read that doesn t take much time to get through.In short, DEFINITELY not the best thing I ve ever read But it is better than Twilight. Me tomo mucho tiempo terminar de leer esta novela, algunos dos meses ya que no me terminaba de envolver Aunque me pareci muy buena, en principio estaba confundida y creo entender por que ahora que la termine Mi primer idioma es el espa ol y algunas palabras mas bien parec an traducidas, del ingle mi segundo idioma, el que usualmente leo Notando esto perd a yo el tiempo y el hilo de la historia por momentos Mi segundo error fue no informarme y comprar el libro sin saber que es el primero de una serie Al no saber eso me enoje bastante en el final, apenas me reconcilio con el libro y la verdad que si estoy contenta de saber que la historia continua, claro que el pr ximo sera en ingles por supuesto..Lily merece su final Feliz Loved this book read it in one go From the very beginning of the story, the title character intrigued me Lily is a vampire I don t like vampire stories I think they are either silly or overblown But this vampire is different she s lonely and disenchanted with the undead life No, not in any comedic sense, as is all too often the case No, she is really unhappy, works hard at keeping herself isolated, but has a deep seated but suppressed yearning for warmth and family and relationship Abandoned by Ian, the powerful, manipulative vampire who made her almost eighty years ago, she has no real knowledge of her own kind and powers She lives by killing, yes, but I ll leave you to discover how she justifies that, while remaining true to her own moral code Then Lily is taken in by a group of vamps that have set up a refuge, a home for vampires who need others around them, an artificial family Despite all the difficulties, she meets and falls in love with a mortal She doesn t believe the relationship can ever be, and tries to break it off, but the mutual attraction is too great Then Ian insinuates himself back into her life, threatening her new family and killing the mortals she cares about.Lily must find her talents and strengths and must have the courage to use them to protect the ones she loves against Ian, the vampire she is bound to follow and obey.Oh, yeah, I liked this. Finished my first Spanish novel This was a good one to start with Not sure how or why I did this but it was pretty interesting I do like Spanish prose, the feel of it I decided to download a Book in Spanish Not sure if I will make it through, but I m on chapter two and its going a little faster I figured this book would be a fun page turner considering the whole not knowing the language thing would cause me problems Vampiros muy peligrosos Estoy aprendiendo muchas palabras y frases como piel palida, agua la boca, y pero no soy un ser humana Raphael Nadal es muy hermoso Quiero tocar su cara con mi mano. Great Halloween season reading can t go wrong with vampires L.M DeWalt creates a somehow realistic feel for a vampire lifestyle than the ones you might have read before The everyday difficulties of life for Lily, a vampire trying to pass as human, come through in a haunting and lonely tone She s like a less dramatic female Louis from Interview with the Vampire , and now that I think of it, her nasty maker Ian does have some very Lestat like moments A potentially sad ending does come with a ray of hope, or so my optimistic mind suspects Will see if the sequel proves me right I ve read the review and love itat that moment I wanted to start reading this book And then I heard about this giveaway and said to myself this the chance to win a copySo I hurry up and enter this wonderful giveaway D I hope I winOne awesome book review.