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This is a very clever book indeed Quite different from the rest of Austen s oeuvre, it is not the sort of book that you can imagine a teenager might be able to write To conceive the character of a woman of 35ish and her use of sexual attraction and seduction for a 19 year old, as Jane was when she finished this, shows remarkable powers of observation and deduction How much harder in the sheltered world of the 18thC than the tell all media driven world of now Unlike all Austen s other books, this is in no way a comedy of manners, this is a single minded depiction of the manipulative and rapacious Lady Susan.Lady Susan is a beautiful and very charming widow whose greatest delight in life is to trump it over all other women, to lure their men, their husbands and suitors, no matter what age into her sphere As a widow she needn t stop at flirtation and promises of future, married delight and she doesn t The book talks of a married man staying the night with her She is a scandal wherever she invites herself, but the men cannot resist her.She has two main aims, one is to get her milk and water daughter whom she has no feelings for married to as wealthy a man as possible in as short a time as can be managed Her other aim is to marry money herself This plot is quite secondary to the absolutely brilliant drawing out of her character via letters Jane s marvellous technique of an epistolary novel each letter detailing the writer s perception and judgement of Lady Susan is among the best writing of any of her novels The moral issues she brings out are tailored to the character of the letter writer some admire and encourage her, some do so falsely because she brings interest to their boring country lives and some thoroughly disapprove of her and try to protect the daughter who cannot stand up to her cold and dismissively cruel mother.But where it is let down and probably why it wasn t submitted for publication until than 50 years after Jane Austen s death is that the ending is abrupt and quite badly written It is as though Jane knew that she had to punish Lady Susan for her adultery but could not quite find the right device in which to bring it to that conclusion, so the end is a summary of what happens and is very, very disappointing.This was, like most of Austen s books, a solid 5 star read, but for the ending So 4 stars. Jane Austen s novel about a femme fatale, the lovely and devious Lady Susan.This early epistolary Austen novel follows the young ish , attractive and recently widowed Lady Susan Vernon as she schemes her way around England, leaving emotional wreckage in her wake Lady Susan is a unique main character for Austen, two faced, meanspirited and amoral yet witty and intelligent Lady Susan is trying to marry off her young daughter Frederica, whom she despises as stupid and insipid well, she is pretty insipid, actually to Sir James, a rich young man, while trying to marry someone even richer herself When she s banished from one home she was visiting for seducing the husband, Lord Mainwaring , lacking better options, Lady Susan invites herself and her daughter Frederica for an extended stay with her dead husband s brother and his wife The wife, Catherine Vernon, is one of the few people that sees through Susan s fa ade Catherine s handsome young brother and the family heir, Reginald De Courcy, soon arrives for a stay as well He s initially laughingly suspicious of Lady Susan, whose reputation has preceded her.But Lady Susan, all sweetness and distressed loveliness, is gradually able to convince Reginald that she s been unfairly maligned Meanwhile she s writing letters to her friend, Alicia, confiding all her devious plans Half the fun in this book is reading Susan s explanations to Alicia of how completely she s tricking everyone around her Even when I was getting anxious for her latest victim, Reginald, to wake up and smell the coffee, I was getting a kick out of how gleefully deceitful and amoral Susan is.The plot thickens when Susan s shy daughter Frederica, desperately trying to avoid being married off to the oblivious Sir James, starts to fall for Reginald and begs him to help her evade her mother s plans for her Susan s got all she can do to juggle all her lies and schemes, keeping Reginald on the hook while also continuing her relationship with Lord Mainwaring, who s still hanging around her Lady Susan isn t a particularly deep or layered story it was early days yet for Jane Austen But it s a fun read with many witty lines and an intriguing and unusual main character, and it s interesting to see Austen developing her style and craft. I read the book then watch the movie for BookTubeAThon 2018 and I have to say they have some differences and the movie might be a bit better It s so silly and funny and can t recommend it enough Lady Susan Vernon 35, but looks much younger is exceedingly pretty , gentle with great manners , well spoken, intelligent the perfect woman until you know her newly widowed from a kind man Mr.Vernon, no first name is given he had foolishly let her spend all his money a daughter 16, Frederica almost as beautiful as she, who the Lady ignores , hates and torments, a bothersome thing The notorious flirt, has chased men both married and single throughout England, her late husband looked the other way, to avoid scandal and continues a few months after his death, angering jealous wives, Lady Manwaring the latest, the gullible victim Mr Manwaring , set around the turn of the 19th century With little money Lady Susan accepts Charles Vernon s, her late husband s brother, invitation to stay a while in his home with the family, wife Catherine and children the Vernon s are noted for their generosity Lady Susan turns on the charm which no man can resist, but it s different with women they can see through the outrageous lies, Catherine Vernon grows to dislike her intensely and feels sorry for her distressed niece, Frederica, the daughter has been deposited in a cheap boarding school Susan is always plotting in this epistolary novella, everyone s writing letters to their confidants, friend or relative, revealing their true feelings in a polite society it is the only way Catherine to her mother Lady De Courcy, still signing them Cath Vernon, propriety must be kept Her brother Reginald, needs to see the coquette it would be fun he thinks but at 23, he is out of his league, the visit is disastrous, falling in love with the older attractive woman, that his family doesn t approve and the sister is powerless to stop, Catherine knows no brother would listen to a sister s warning, in regards to romance The unexpected arrival of Sir James Martin, uninvited to the Vernon s house is quite a bit awkward, the silly , immature, unintelligent young man wants to marry either Susan or the shy daughter Frederica but he has plenty of money Lady Susan has written close friend Mrs Alicia Johnson, the desire to marry off the daughter to this tiresome gentleman, her machinations must succeed or at last resort, the rather unthinkable marry him herself, she desperately needs the cash Colossal Trouble with a capital T, follows Susan, she goes to London to get Frederica the nervous daughter so distraught, she flees her school but was caught, not desiring to be forced to marry Sir James the undesirable, later both left Charles Vernon s mansion, soon afterwards to live in a small apartment in London, Susan is waiting to elope with Reginald who at this time is visiting his concerned parents, and the terrified Frederica, James Then the lovesick Mr Manwaring appears and the utterly heartbroken, anxious Lady Manwaring , alsothe always unperturbed, beautiful, resilient Lady Susan will need all her enormous talents to persevereThe much too short novella, has one of the best female villains in the history of literature A final thought, this is my last Jane Austen novel she only wrote seven, if you count Lady Susan and I read , each captivating one a very talented lady and I can t think of another appropriate word for her, thank you for the entertainment but even further, the enchantment. I haven t read an Austen novel that I disliked.I mean, she s good enough to turn what should be an epistolary slog through social s into a delightful and spiteful and nearly tragic romp Who else can do that The voices of each character in each letter evokes such verve and personality and a great sense of persistent presence that I m frankly quite shocked The plot was rather simple It s about making good matches and getting involved in other s love lives shock no say it isn t so But even so, it s done with such reserve and sometimes with such plain nasty cattiness that I can t help but swing this way and that throughout the novel, just trying to get a handle on what the truth is What is Lady Susan really hiding What did her daughter do What the hell with Mrs Vernon Jeeze For such a short novel, made entirely of letters, it really managed to get under my skin and keep me on my toes Amazing I ve noticed over the years that a lot of Austen fans the ones who tend to want to confine Jane Austen to a tiny box of preciousness, or who only value her as a romance writer, or who have only seen the films seem oblivious to this tight, short, ninety percent finished epistolary novel Or they pretend it doesn t exist, because it is not very romantic.I understand there s to be a movie version, which gives me deep misgivings If it s played seriously, with a Dangerous Liaisons overlay of postmodern immorality, I will be pretending it doesn t exist.But the actual novel Austen wrote, probably when she was in her late teens or early twenties That I reread every few years, half hearing how much fun it must have been for the home theater loving Austen family to read out loud It has two drawbacks the male characters are all pastiches from eighteenth century novels, and it wasn t finished.But it has two pluses it is really a battle of the Titans, between the female characters, whose personalities come alive delightfully, especially Lady Susan, who is as she is introduced right at the outset a complete coquette And two it wasn t finished, which permitted Austen to end it with an early version of the deliciously witty narrative voice that stands out so brilliantly in her subsequent work.In it we also see certain themes presumably Lady Susan has the highest rank of any of the characters, for to be called Lady Firstname meant you were daughter of an earl or higher And the higher ranks do not do well in any of Austen s novels a distinction from, for example, Georgette Heyer, who invented an alternate England in which birth will always tell.We also see that what women thought matters What women did mattered Austen s work is all female gaze.It was never published in her lifetime I can imagine that she thought it a fun experiment worth reading aloud in the family circle to laugh over but it didn t have enough heft to turn into a novel as she did with the other two she wrote in the 1790s, the epistolary novels that became PP and SS Her proper heroine, Frederica, is as boring as she is trite, and ditto Reginald de Courcy, the hero The subsidiary characters take over the story, especially Lady Susan and her cheerfully awful friend Mrs Johnson, with some great comic cameo roles, like Sir James. Amazing EPub, Lady Susan Author Jane Austen This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Lady Susan, Essay By Jane Austen Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You This is a clever and delightful novella from Jane Austen that wasn t published until decades after her death I was excited to read it after Whit Stillman adapted it into the movie Love Friendship The story is told in a series of letters, with the main character being the beautiful, selfish and manipulative Lady Susan Vernon Lady Susan is skilled at making men fall in love with her, and is used to getting her way In the story, she is trying to catch a husband for her daughter, but she s also distracted after getting involved with a married man, and she s busy trying to find relatives who will support her A widow who doesn t like spending her own money, she would prefer to take advantage of the hospitality of friends and family.Lady Susan is a very different heroine than we re used to seeing from Jane Austen She is witty and clever, to be sure, but she does not seem ashamed of her immorality or schemes, whereas less scrupulous characters in other Austen novels always get punished for their bad behavior Instead, Lady Susan finds a way to triumph, despite the many lessons of literature that say she should end up a ruined woman I didn t know what to expect from this novella, and I came away impressed Written when Austen was about 20, this is an early work that really shines Highly recommended for Austen fans.Favorite Quotes I was so much indulged in my infant years that I was never obliged to attend to anything, and consequently am without those accomplishments which are necessary to finish a pretty woman Not that I am an advocate for the prevailing fashion of acquiring a perfect knowledge in all the languages arts and sciences it is throwing time away to be mistress of French, Italian, German, music, singing, drawing etc., will gain a woman some applause, but will not add one lover to her list Grace and manner after all are of the greatest importance There is exquisite pleasure in subduing an insolent spirit, in making a person pre determined to dislike, acknowledge one s superiority. Most people don t even know that Jane Austen ever wrote this book Yes, it is a book indeed Only 80 pages long, which is next to nothing when compared to the other 6 novels, but, in only 80 pages Jane Austen manages to build a great stage for yet another funny, witty, sarcastic and engaging tale through a series of letters back and forth between several people The situation is that the titular Lady Susan, a widow, is a terrible flirt and apparently a master match maker We discover her flirtiness, her not really good relationship with her daughter, as well as how she manages to alternately wrap certain people even when they were prejudiced against her around her fingers Lady Susan would be an unlikely heroine in any story but the existance of this character is even surprising when remembering how old this story is Oh, how much I would have loved to see Regency England react to her DI usually don t like people of such a character as Lady Susan s she s unkind towards her daughter, she is manipulative, she is cold and dismissive and happily sleeping around finding it quite alright so long as she is discreet , but in this case it was simply funny as hell and most of the people involved in this novel definitely deserved being played After all, it s the usual Regency setting where looks are most important and where pretentiousness and superficiality rule.Though short and obscure due to when it was penned, this is again a masterful work of a fantastic female author.A short time ago I watched the BBC production of this story and was quite disappointed which I had not expected so I started this with a bit of reservation, but the book although quite short and different from the bigger novels was wonderful. review in English below Gostei mesmo desta minha primeira experi ncia com a escrita de Jane Austen que foi tamb m a sua primeira obra.Retrospectivamente, acho que podia haver alguma caracteriza o f sica dos personagens e dos ambientes Mas, na verdade, durante a leitura n o lhes senti a falta.A hist ria nos transmitida apenas atrav s de cartas, trocadas entre alguns dos personagens, com excep o do final que me desapontou um pouco por causa disso mesmo mas a autora conseguiu manter uma excelente din mica, conjugada com uma escrita irrepreens vel.Fiquei, obviamente, com vontade de ler mais obras de Austen, e gostava de o fazer por ordem cronol gica.Recomendo especialmente a quem goste de romances de poca, de uma boa escrita e do formato epistolar I really enjoyed this first experience with Jane Austen s writing which was also her first work.In retrospective, I think it would ve been nice to have some physical characterization of the characters and of the settings But, truth be told, I didn t miss it while reading the book.The story is conveyed only through letters that are exchanged between some of the characters, with the exception of the ending on which I was disappointed for that same reason but the author managed to maintain a great dynamic, combined with impeccable writing.I obviously want to read from Austen and I d like to do it in chronological order.I recommend it, of course, specially to those who like epoch romance , good writing and epistolary novels.