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The Horse Susan Richards Chose For Rescue Wouldn T Be Corralled Into Her Waiting Trailer Instead Lay Me Down, A Former Racehorse With A Foal Close On Her Heels, Walked Right Up That Ramp And Into Susan S Life This Gentle Creature Malnourished, Plagued By Pneumonia And An Eye Infection Had Endured A Rough Road, But Somehow Her Heart Was Still Open And Generous It Seemed Fated That She Would Come Into Susan S Paddock And Teach Her How To Embrace The Joys Of Life Despite The Dangers Of Living An Elegant And Often Heartbreaking Tale Filled With Animal Characters As Complicated And Lively As Their Human Counterparts, This Is An Inspiring Story Of Courage And Hope And The Ways In Which All Love Even An Animal S Has The Power To Heal

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    I cried Not going to lie, if my mom hadn t been in the same room as me, I probably would have been bawling with a baby Now I want to say why it could have been happy crying, it could have been sad crying, it could have been both so, you are officially warned that there are probably going to be spoilers contained in this review Chosen by a Horse is an amazing novel whether or not you re a horse or animal lover It may touch those of us who have loved and owned animals a little , but don t let that stop you non animal people Richards unique, witty and warm writing style immediately draws you in and makes you feel like you re a close friend and she s telling you a quick anecdote from her own life In reality it s a long story, but it will suck you in and before you know it, your at the last page hoping Susan isn t done.I was raised around horses, and my aunt, mother, and father all are horse lovers as well so this book really hit home for me If you check my writing section there s a indepth story about my experience with horses if you want to check that out and maybe share your own experiences.Richards s as a smart way of writing that doesn t try and show off any clever literary turns that some writer s try and do It makes you like her even and draws you into her story even She never asks you to pity her, nor does she ever want you to like her By all means there are things she talks about doing that should make you hate her or just plain not really care about her In the end though you re crying for her loss of Lay Me Down, but smiling at the fact Lay Me Down has brought her something she never thought she would ever had.Through her beautiful words Richards s story flows smoothly and if you re as drawn in as I was you ll finish it within hours if not a day This is a great and worthwhile book, horse lover, animal lover or not It s a story about love and learning I d love to know what you think

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    This book reminded me a lot of Nickel and Dimed it s a great premise that the author ruins with her incessent whining about her own life This isn t a book about a horse or even a book about how a broken horse fixed a broken heart The author had already battled her alcoholism and left her abusive husband well before Lay Me Down came into her life The horse part of this book is pretty thin Richards gets Lay Me Down, Lay Me Down hangs out in a field for a while, gets cancer, and then dies There s really no story there In betweeen, we are subjected to snippets from the author s life, the most annoying of which is how she goes on a blind date with a guy, is really turned off by the guy, BUT KEEPS SEEING HIM DESPITE NOT BEING INTERESTED to the point the guy asks her to move in with him which she doesn t answer because she s so ambivalent about him and then goes BALLASTIC when she finds out he starts dating someone else She doesn t even want him but marches right over to his place to demand an explanation of how he could treat her this way That is a special brand of crazy.

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    Is it just me, or are Friesians now the only horses who are allowed in movies or to grace book covers The titular horse in Chosen by a Horse is a Standardbred The horse on the cover, though lovely with its long mane and forelock, is a Friesian Or maybe a very dark Andalusian, it s hard to tell I guess Standardbreds aren t showy enough for book covers.Susan Richards s writing is engaging and her descriptions of all things horsey, is dead on But this memoir, nevertheless, falls short.First, although this is supposed to be a kind of transformational story woman finds her lost humanity and the capacity to love via one extraordinary horse there is little character development One might expect, for instance, that Richards s decision to adopt Lay Me Down, an elderly broodmare with a foal at her side, would be fraught with reluctance Instead, Richards jumps right in, doing everything she can to nurse her abused charge back to life Richards, by the way, is a victim of abuse herself, and I guess the reader is supposed to see author s situation mirrored by the horse s Or something To her credit, Richards is clearly an animal lover and takes good care of Lay Me Down and all her horses I ve seen some reviewers complain that Richards is too self involved and that the story is too much about her angst I d argue the opposite Richards never really tells the reader how she was abused She parcels out a few details, but is otherwise almost dismissive of the abuse Her almost flippant attitude lessens this reader s sympathy.About midway through the story, Richards starts to date a man, her first relationship in years But readers expecting any kind of growth via this relationship will be disappointed Hank is a self involved twit and Richards know this She keeps dating him because she likes the attention Also, because when she tells her friends that Hank isn t right for her, they dismiss her concerns and tell her to give him another chance Some friends The relationship ends, not through any effort on Richards s part, but rather when Hank cheats on her.Basically, Richards starts and ends the memoir pretty much the same person.The real flaw, however, is that she chose the wrong equine protagonist Lay Me Down is sweet And sweet has its allure, especially when dealing with a 1200 pound animal who has the equivalent of hammers on the ends of its feet But one might argue that her nature is the result of old age she s an animal who has seen it all and just doesn t have the energy to give a shit Because of her tractable nature, Lay Me Down never really challenges Richards.I d argue that the real equine hero should have been Richards s obstinate, headstrong Morgan mare, Georgia It was with Georgia that Richards, years before, battled her darkest demon, alcoholism This should have been the story of Richards and Georgia.

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    Chosen by a HorseSusan RichardsThis book is one of my favorite forms of literature a memoir A well written memoir is better than any novel, and I say that as a writer of novels From the back cover Lay Me Down, a former racehorse with a foal close on her heels walked right up that ramp of the waiting trailer and into Susan s life The author has three other horses and they are so individualistic and personable that they are real characters in this true drama without descending into Disney cuteness They don t dance and sing They are short tempered, possessive, jealous, sweet, loving, and just about everything else But Lay Me Down in the focus.Lay Me Down had been abused and starved, and had every reason to be violent and hate people Instead Susan, a woman who had been as damaged by life and some of the people in it, found a fellow creature with a gentle nature and an open heart.This is the story of a magical summer, a few all too brief months of pure love between a damaged human and a damaged horse It ends as magical summers far too often do in real life, with tears and loss I was sobbing, with tears falling onto the pages as I finished the book I don t think I will ever forget this simple, incredibly moving story and I wish I could thank Ms Richards for writing it I think it would make a wonderful film, the kind they just don t make any.Recommended to anyone with a heart.

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    I m in animal lover with special passion for canines, but must admit, never understood the horse love Richards has schooled me Now I know horses have rich and varied personalities and can develop deep bonds with each other and their people Richards shares her horrid childhood and personal defects with frank openness She adopts an abused horse and its grace and forgiveness are an inspiration to her and to us I loved this story and feel like I ve lost touch with a friend I want to know what happens next Read when you re in the mood to be touched Keep a tissue box handy.

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    This book is about survival.Surviving child abuse.Surviving addiction.Surviving loss.About finding validation in another s eyes.For an abused horse, who finally finds safety and for an adult woman, who finally finds value in herself.It is a book about love.

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    I laughed with the author and cried for her pain and loss.

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    Richards owned three horses when she responded to a request by her local SPCA to foster an abandoned, abused mare The abused mare had arthritis in her front legs and rear hocks She had been half starved and had many health problems But, surprisingly, the mare had an affable temperament The horse was named Lay Me Down She got along with Richards other horses.The memoir is well written and takes the reader on an emotional trip The author had a lot of personal baggage, but it is the relationship with the mare that makes this a special story If you love horses, you should read this book.Just one note of disappointment This note is aimed at the publisher or whoever was responsible for the cover of the book The horse in the story is an American Standardbred, but the horse on the cover appears to be a Friesian The people that will be interested in reading this type of book will know horse breeds For us horse lovers, this is an annoying type of error.Lorna Raver does an excellent job narrating the book Raver is an actress and multi award winning audiobook narrator.