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Amanda Ross Is An Average Twelve Year Old Canadian Girl So What Is She Doing Thousands Of Kilometres From Home In The United Arab Emirates It S Her Own Fault Really, She Wished For Adventure And Travel When She Blew Out Those Candles On Her Last Birthday Cake Little Did She Know That A Whole Different World Awaited Her On The Other Side Of The Globe, One Full Of Intrigue, Mystery And Folklore A World With A Beautiful Princess, A Dangerous Desert And Wonderful Friends Join Amanda On Her First Adventure As She Discovers The Secrets Behind The Perfume Flask

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    If I was a 12 year old girl I would LOVE this series of Amanda books by Darlene Foster I have followed Darlene s blog for quite awhile and finally got copies of all four of her Amanda books What a lovely story teller she is I am thrilled to be one of her fans and can t wait to read of Amanda s adventure makes me feel like I am 12 again almost.

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    This was a sweet, fun, quick read one day for an adult, maybe a few days for a kid , which was gentle enough that I think it could appeal even to grade school kids and not just middle grades Had a fairy tale feel well, perhaps like Aladdin style tale while still being grounded in reality Taught me things I didn t previously know about United Arab Emirates, and did in fact make me want to try riding a camel A good choice for kids who go for the travel adventures

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    I really liked this story, written about a 12 year old girl visiting the UAE I can just imagine being that age again, and how exciting reading this book would be I found the story sweet and interesting, and I loved learning a little about the culture in the Emirates This story had clean adventure, friendship, and romance It was a delightful, short read, and I would be interested in reading the other books in the Amanda series.

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    Here s what my daughter and I have to say about it DAUGHTER SAYS What I liked and disliked about it I thought the story was cool and interesting I liked that there was a mystery and that you didn t know what was going to happen next For example, I was surprised when Amanda gets kidnapped and when it turns out that the shopkeeper knows the princess But I was scared for her when she was kidnapped I thought something bad was going to happen to her.I liked learning about another culture I learned that in Arabia, you use camels and jeeps for going places in the desert I also learned about broken dunes that are smooth on one side and broken on the other I liked the camels and learned that they come in different colours I also learned all kinds of other things too.I thought it was a bit scary that Amanda went to a foreign country by herself and explored the country with another girl her age But it was also cool and a fun adventure and maybe something I would like to do one day.The names of the people in Arabia were a bit awkward to pronounce and I had to ask my Mom how to say them.My bottom line I really, really, really liked this book it was fun to read I would recommend it to girls 7 years and older.MOM SAYS What I liked and disliked about it This book review marks a first for us here at Mother Daughter Book Reviews A few months ago, we learned that Darlene Foster, the author of Amanda in Arabia, was doing a book signing in a book store located in the Lower Mainland in British Columbia just 30 minutes away from where we live My daughter and I were so thrilled to be able to meet Ms Foster, purchase her book, and have her sign it, dedicated to my daughter, all in person My daughter commented that she felt she was meeting a celebrity So, thank you Ms Foster We really enjoyed meeting you.Amanda in Arabia is a fast paced adventure that has a captivating plot line filled with twists, turns, and intrigue, a likable and strong female main character, and a setting richly described within the cultural context of the United Arab Emirates I m going to discuss these three points in detail.This book contains an actual story I know that sounds like such a strange thing to say, but in comparison to other books with female main characters, such as Ivy and Bean or Clementine or Judy Moody for example, Amanda in Arabia contains a story with an interesting and intricate plot There are good guys and bad guys there is a mystery involving danger and intrigue there are clues to help solve the mystery and there is a hero There is A LOT of action packed into this little book Every morning after reading this book the night before, my daughter would love reporting back to me what had happened in the book Both she and I were hooked.Ok, I admit it I m a bit biased I liked Amanda partly because she was a Canadian girl There I said Aside from that, I loved her sense of adventure First, she traveled halfway across the world to a completely foreign land to visit with her aunt and uncle She also enthusiastically soaked in the culture in which she was immersed on that later She relied on her courage and wits to escape danger instead of being helpless, weak, and in need of rescuing I m all for middle grade literature portraying female characters as capable, intelligent, and strong.But perhaps what I enjoyed the most from this book is the attention given to describing the cultural context of Amanda s adventure It made the adventure feel authentic Arabic terms for everyday items are scattered throughout the book For example, Amanda and the reader is introduced to the souqs i.e., shopping markets where Amanda spies the khanjars i.e., ceremonial daggers and purchases the perfume flask using the local currency, dirhams In a key part of the book, Amanda visits a desert village consisting of mud brick houses, once inhabited by Bedouins, who are nomads living in the desert and the mountains The examples abound and both my daughter and I enjoyed learning about the rich culture of this Arabic world.I do have one comment about the age appropriateness of Amanda traveling by herself in Arabia On the one hand, it is realistic that a 12 year old could be put on an airplane to go to a foreign country and be picked up by her aunt and uncle when she arrives But on the other hand, there are a few occasions where Amanda, along with her equally young friend Leah, find themselves exploring the area alone without adult supervision e.g., in the deserted village where Amanda finds Princess Shamza I think it would be appropriate for a 16 year old to be going on these adventures unaccompanied I wouldn t let my 12 year old girl go off exploring by herself in a foreign land This point doesn t take away from my enjoyment of the story though.My bottom line I really, really enjoyed this book I ripped through it in one sitting because it had me captivated from start to finish I would highly recommend this book and the other Amanda books to girls in particular ages 8.

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    I received this book for review from the author I did not receive any compensation for my review, and the views expressed herein are my own.I read this book aloud to my children This is a chapter book that is recommended for ages 8 12 It is the first in a series about a 12 year old Canadian girl named Amanda, whose adventures take her around the globe.In Amanda in Arabia The Perfume Flask, Amanda travels sans parents to visit her aunt and uncle in the United Arab Emirates She meets a British girl, Leah, whose mother works with Amanda s aunt and also lives in the same building While out shopping with Leah, a merchant tells Amanda that he has something special for her and shows her a beautiful perfume flask which he says was owned by a princess Later, Amanda s uncle takes her to a camel ranch, where Amanda gets to ride a camel named Ali Baba It turns out that both Ali Baba and the perfume flask were both owned by Princess Shamza, who needed to sell her possessions because she ran away from home after her father arranged her marriage to a wealthy older gentleman Princess Shamza had already fallen in love with Mohammed, who worked for her father, and did not want to marry the man that her father had selected for her Amanda helps to reunite Ali Baba with his mistress so that she and Mohammed can leave the country to marry.I loved the cultural detail that Foster added to the story, which really drew me in The topic of arranged marriages sparked further discussions with my elder daughter who is 9 years old.As a parent, I would have rather seen the story take a different direction Instead of Amanda helping Princess Shamza to run away with Mohammed, I would have rather seen Amanda act in some way as a liaison between the Princess and her father to help repair their relationship I would have liked to have seen her father so overwhelmed in his sadness and grief at the loss of his beloved daughter that he would give anything, even call off the arranged marriage, to have his daughter back I would have loved for her father to place his daughter s happiness above all else and allow her to marry the boy she had already fallen in love with, despite the fact that he was of a lower social class I could not tell my daughter that it was alright in these circumstances for the Princess to disobey her father and to run away to be with another boy I struggled with the moral aspects of the story.Overall, I did enjoy the story but feel that could have been done with it given the seriousness of the subject matter I would rather have seen the book extended with a complex storyline that included some resolution to the familial strife My 9 year old also enjoyed the story but she, too, wanted to learn about Princess Shamza s future and was sad that the Princess felt that she had to leave her family in order to be happy.I would be remiss if I failed to point out the gorgeous cover I was immediately drawn to it when I saw it, and the photos wholly capture the cultural feel of the story.MY RATING 3 stars

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    On Amanda s birthday as she blew out the candles on her cake she wished for an adventure little did she know that she d be visiting Arabia The next week she got a plane ticket from her Aunt and Uncle to go and visit them in the United Arab Emirates Amanda visits a souvenir shop and the shop keeper sells her a perfume flask that he says used to belong to a princess named Shamza Amanda promises to take good care of the perfume flask What Amanda didn t know is that the perfume flask will lead Amanda on a great adventure when she meets Shamza and finds out she is in trouble Amanda helps Shazma by returning Shamza s trusty camel Ali Baba while trying not to let anyone find out about it I really enjoyed the story because it has tons of excitement and adventure in it I liked wait for it Ali Baba Yes, Ali Baba Who wouldn t like a really smart camel Ms Foster really described the United Arab Emirates really well I actually want to learn about Arabia because of her descriptions I d recommend Amanda in Arabia to kids 8 and early advanced readers It was a quick read for me but the story was good and I felt like the whole adventure was complete Amanda in Arabia earns a spot on my to be read again shelf

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    This book was an excellent, easy flowing adventure You meet the very inquisitive Amanda as she begins a journey to the United Arab Emirates and as she learns about this new country, so do you What I think is so excellent about this book is that it shows a different side to the Muslim culture than most people realize Unfortunate events in the US have created stereotypes that should and need to be broken I believe that this is a great book for young and old do to this It was obvious that the author did plenty of research on the area, yet it was woven skillfully into the book so that it didn t stand out as unneeded I can t wait to see and learn from of Amanda s adventures

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    Adventure on every pageWhat a great book for a young girl who enjoys adventure Darlene Foster has written a Nancy Drew like book set in UAE Amanda is ready for adventure when she goes to visit her aunt and uncle She makes a new friend, Leah But what happens when she buys a perfume flash

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    great story for older grade schoolers

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    Not just an exciting read for middle graders, this story provides many fun facts about the Arabian culture, like the types of camels living in the UAE, the diet, and just how treacherous sand dunes can be Looking forward to Amanda s adventures in other locations, especially England and, the latest, the Danube.