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This short story collection is the work of a gifted young writer who has yet to find her voice In Preparing for Life'' Levy imitates Latin American magic realists to tell of Mamita a dying woman whose sneeze causes her soul in the form of a white mouse to pop out of her mouth The title story and many of the other flat disconnected tales are told like dreams Flush'' is college humor There's a little Zen parody a few interspersed news bulletins Throughout the message is grim Society undervalues art and artists oppresses women is intent on destroying the human race uses money to crush esthetics; yet underneath irony as thick as armor there seems to beat a heart which Levy may in the future set free In the meantime there is a vogue for writing that satirizes contemporary life without engaging or threatening anyone's emotions and Levy's spare parodies have attracted a cult following in England

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    After awhile he asks how the plot is developing in the play she is currently writing for a theatre in London'I'm not interested in plot''How many characters will there be?'I'm not interested in characters'He is not sure how serious she is 'Narrative?''I'm not interested in narrative'He picks at a splinter in his finger 'Are you cross with me?' 'Heresies' p 72So that about sums up this collection of early short stories from Levy They seem exercises in finding her authorial voice than some of her later accomplished work Some are conventionaltraditional than her recent output some in line with the avant garde theatre work she did in the 80's Still worth reading but not as much to my taste

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    An interesting collection metaphysical cerebral and playful A book for actual grown ups Fancy that

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    455 A brilliant essay collection by a brilliant writer In this early essay collection by Deborah Levy from the 80s one can already trace the themes which pervade her later works with themes such as scientific rationalism when compared to raw feeling; the influence of capitalism within a post war pre new millennium world; crises of religious and ideological faith and the layered complexities of family relationships all executed with the usual blend of seriousness wit humour and sensibility Levy does not shy away from portraying the human at its highest and lowest points illuminating the reader to the precariousness of human nature at the turn of the new millennium; where she strives to find a language which encapsulates this new modernity a modernity which is captured through the ambivalent shifting between traditional and experimental writing styles

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    Some of these I completely loved and others were too experimental for my taste There's no uestion that Deborah Levy is an incredible writer

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    This very slim edition of short stories is too out there for me I think it may be among her earlier works I enjoy her current writing much better

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    A 1989 time capsule; should've stayed there