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Siri Mitchell S Insightful, Funny Chick Lit Style Shines In This Story Of Putting Up Walls And Tearing Them Down All For LoveJackie Harrison, A Computer Administrator At The Air Force Academy, Is A Self Proclaimed Geek Who Must Share Her Cubicle Space With The New Guy, Instructor And Former Pilot Joe Gallagher She Turns To Her Online Journal To Vent And Eventually To Express Growing Feelings Toward This Office Neighbor Who Is Everything She Is Not Fun, Happy, And SocialBut When Her Blog Is Featured As A Top Pick On Primetime News, Everyone Reads It Including Joe Will He Figure Out The Words Of Adoration And Confusion Are Written About Him And Will Jackie Ever Risk Expressing Her Heart Offline Overall Love this book Love the premise, love everything about it Look, I actually had to look up to see if it was written in first or third person For me, that s huge It s first and I didn t even notice as I was reading it.What I liked I love the premise I absolutely adore her humor, and she even made being green fun rather than obnoxious I liked that everything wasn t smooth sailing AND everything wasn t one nightmare after the next She balanced that really well.What I didn t like Well, there wasn t anything that I can remember aside from a few hilarious typos that are not the fault of the author, of course There were several in a two page spread and it absolutely cracked me up even though it was annoying as well Still, I know how frustrating it is to get dinged for typos that made it through the editing process It happens I get that Notes There was nothing in it that detracted from the star rating I love the book and recommend it. All The Feels Jackie is determined not to be her mother the woman who got pregnant without being married, then lost her boyfriend to the war in Vietnam, and ran off to India immediately after giving birth, never to return So Jackie becomes everything her mother is not a computer geek, an environmentalist, and an office worker at the Air Force Academy She has no intention of ever falling in love with anyone.Nor of sharing her life or her office with, say, a very good looking and extremely effusive ex pilot named Jo.Unfortunately the powers that be her boss, the Air Force, and the little old ladies that make up her grandmother s bridge club all seem to differ The Cubicle Next Door is a light, engaging contemporary romance with a wonderfully stubborn heroine and, possibly, an evenstubborn hero Good fun and definitely worth reading, especially if you have enjoyed any of Siri Mitchell s other books. Sorry Elizabeth but I didn t really like it although I see why you did It was clean fun But the writing really got to me The author spends a lot of time giving us details and the minutia of Jackie s life that is really quite irrelevant unnecessary and frankly boring It bogged the story down and made it longer than it should of been Also inexplicably she starts writing in the past tense for paragraphs at a time when it doesn t make much sense to do that. I don t read a lot of chick lit or romance novels, but I ve read enough to know that this is pretty standard and fluffy entertainment So that is how I read it, as just fluffy beach read entertainment And I was still completely annoyed Jackie is a weak character, as I mentioned She has chosen to isolate herself from all relationships except those she develops online As Joe the guy pursues her, she whines and cringes and hems and haws and winds up acting really rude because of her neurosis For some reason, Joe is willing to hang around her for a year the passage of time got weird and put up with all of this And I was like, yeah right, I d so be out of there. There were so many things I hated about this book so I will start with the good things.1 The relationship between Jackie and Joe is not physical It develops slowly overtime Kudos to the author for that 2 The ending was sweet The slight twist was nice 3 Adding the blog posts at the end of the chapters was cute.4 I liked Oliver and the grandmother 5 The first 50 pages made me laugh out loud The book actually started really good I thought it was going to be an easy 4 starsBUT THEN1 The author got carried away with details I was bogged down in details meaningless details 2 The book goes for long, long, long stretched without any kind of plot Though it was only about 325 pgs it began to feel like the longest book I had ever read 3 The blog posts started off interesting and then they became so boring and whiny that it is unfathomable why the blog would get the media attention it did 4 Some scenes went on and on, but otherimportant scenes that could have been developed stopped abruptly It was really quite jarring 5 The writer decided to hit the reader over the head with her personal religious beliefs even elevating her particular religious persuasion Catholicism above all the other denominations.6 I just never got that close to Jackie At many points in the story I didn t care what happened to her and I thought Joe smoking hot as he was was a huge glutton for punishment It is unrealistic that a nice, psychologically well adjusted man would want a woman as completely screwed up as Jackie In real life women like Jackie end up alone for life or the victim of some psychologically unstable, abusive relationship I would give this book an almost 2 stars because it was almost ok The few bright spots were nice But I m tired of books about heroines that need rescuing and dashing, near perfect heroes that win them over with long suffering kindness All in all, The Cubicle Next Door is a forgettable read, with a few shining moments that cannot at all compensate for the tedious, lackluster ones Like what you read Visit me at my blog Reminiscent of the Weddings by Bella Series, THE CUBICLE NEXT DOOR, is every bit as hilarious and had me howling in the aisles.Jackie is a no nonsense kind of woman She hasn t gotten over 30 without knowing how to avoid relationships she wants no part of But when the administration of her building divides her cubicle and puts Joe in the opposite office, nothing will ever be the same.I am pretty picky when it comes to books with humor Usually it is nailed or it just comes off as trying too hard But this book was perfect I was laughing so hard at times that my stomach hurt.Jackie is the perfect heroine She is unique, funny and has a dry sense of humor that keeps the reader turning pages as fast as possible The chemistry between Joe and Jackie was fabulous Her pushing away and Joe determined to worm his way into her heart.The only thing I didn t like, was the issue of divorce and remarriage I didn t think that was an issue that needed to be addressed the way it was in the book and it affected how I liked the ending Though the book was still fabulous, I would have liked it better if it hadn t brought up Joe s previous marriage.If you like a rip roaring comedy, a heroine who struggles, but shows humor in every moment and a to die for hero, this book is perfect for you I loved it and wish it had never ended THE CUBICLE NEXT DOORA Fake Blog as Review THE CUBICLE MATE SPEAKS UP You ve got to be kidding meMy new office mate will not shut up about the environment I mean, I recycle I care Sure, there are ways that I can improve and do better, but for the love of Pike s Peak already She claims to be a Christian, but if so, why does she only talk about the creation and not the Creator Oh, and what s with this crazy straw conspiracy theory Straws are great especially the fun ones that bend at the neck I don t want to judge too quickly, but she is so critical that she wears me outPOSTED ON JUNE 07COMMENTSDon t let anyone hold you down with their negativity Posted by peaceloveharmony June 07 at 10 16 a.m.Some people see God best through nature Doesn t mean they don t believe Posted by BigBeliever June 07 at 10 37 a.m Okay I could not resist a little fun pretending to be the other blogger Now for the real review Obviously my number one problem with this book is that I felt absolutely hit over the head with the environmental stuff It pains me to word this so strongly, but I felt like it was being evangelized Please read this clearly There is absolutely, without question, nothing wrong with being a good steward of nature, the earth, etc There is nothing wrong with recycling, questioning the way we use resources, etcHowever hang with me here , if someone were to take out virtually every sentence in which the protagonist mentions the environment and replace it with normal dialog about families, hopes for the future, past pains, fears, etc, would the story be the better for it In my opinion, yes Here are a few reasons why 1 It would have made the protagonist seem less cold hearted, etc The reader would learnabout her and then maybe understand why she is so distant, hurt, etc 2 The protagonist may have grownin the course of the story, potentially helping the reader to feelconnected 3 It would have allowed the love interest to be fleshed out as adynamic character 4 The story would have seemed less one sided 5 It would not have affected the structure of the plot Here are some positives 1 The blog idea is great For me, it grew a bit tedious at the end, and I did NOT like the way the book ended overall, but it is still a really neat idea 2 Some of the characters were really fun and interesting, and there is some funny dialog here 3 I really enjoyed the shift in environment This may be the first time I have read a fictional chic lit story where the setting has involved military personnel in such depth and detail 4 I think there was so much potential in this story and plot and in some of the writing I enjoyed parts of the book a great deal 5 Because of some of the story s strengths, I would be very open to reading another of this author s works One final thought I do not think this couple would make it in real life, at least as they are written. This is one of my favorite books Between a cute story of learning how to love and trust and becoming secure in yourself and your faith, it takes place not only in my home state of Colorado, but in my most favorite spot in Colorado Manitou Springs.The characters of Jackie and Joe just leap off the page and sparkle with personality Even the cast of supporting characters are memorable and full of life Plus, if you re a cubicle dweller who has worked for the government there are a lot of instances in the storyline where you will be nodding your head in understanding.However If you don t live in ColoradoOr aren t a cubicle dwellerYou can still get plenty out of this book Yes, it is a contemporary Christian title but religion is never forced down your throat and it is dealt with in a very respectful manner.I ve read this book so many times that I find myself wishing there were a sequel Maybe