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Amy S Life Has Drastically Changed She S Found Herself Taking On The Huge Responsibility Of Running Heartland, The Horse Refuge That Was Her Mother S Life Work The One Constant For Amy Has Been Her Friendship With Ty, Heartland S Year Old Stable Hand But The Arrival Of A New Hand, Ben, Throws Everything Off Balance By The Time Amy Realizes She S Taken Ty For Granted, It Could Be Too LateBook Details Format Paperback Publication Date Pages Reading Level Age And Up

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    This novel is about a horse farm in Virginia, Heartland It s a place where the scars of the past can be healed, a place where frightened and abused horses learn to trust again In this novel it tests Amy and Ty s friendship when a new stable hand Ben arrives Having a secret she can t tell, Amy realises she s pushed Ty away, and he may have decided to leave Heartland forever But it s not a love triangle even though it does sound like it is.I would recommend this read to readers that like horses Or maybe in their childhood have watched the Saddle Club.Honestly, I was hesitant to read this novel at first because it was number 4 in the series But it was still a pretty good read and I m thinking of writing stories like this short, some drama, a conclusion at the end and other stuff.The story is told in third POV in the eyes of Amy For me that was something different, because lately I have been reading lots of first POV novels But I found this point of view to be effective and I felt a connection towards Amy any ways.At the beginning of the novel, I loved the description of riding a horse because it felt so real, like I was the one riding the horse I guess it helped that Lauren Brooke had a pony in her life.In addition there s a sense of drama from the past, the hidden feelings and emotions, which I feel make the characters here feel real.I loved the wise wisdom related to life in the novel, as well as the information about the horses It s interesting learning how a horse s personality can be gathered from their face I m not sure if it s factual, but it feels like it But one thing is for sure, Amy is definitely an expert about horses.Of course it s not all informative, it is also pretty funny For example a conversation between Amy and her best friend, Soraya who notices the new stable hand Soraya Poor guy I guess he s not going to know anyone around here I l just have offer to give him a tour Amy Don t go out of your way, Soraya Overall I m giving this novel a 5 stars because it s definitely a book I ll read again and makes me want to hunt for the rest of the series.

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    Heartland is a book and Netflix series about horses The main character Amy grew up around horses and owns a family business at the barn Ty, one of the stable hands, is best friends with Amy and helps feed the horses and clean out theirs stalls When this boy Ben,who is going to be another stable hand, shows up things at the barn start to change I liked how the author, Lauren Brooke, used sensory details With every sentence, I could picture hat was going on I would recommend these books for any type of reader because it was really easy to understand and the author didn t use big and complicated words Reading this series taught me a lot about horses and what its like living on a farm I can relate most to Amy, the main character, because I have a horse an she has to take care of all of her horses and make sure she rides them and keep them healthy I thought that the book always keep me guessing if what was going to happen next The characters in the book seemed real to me because they had the same personalities as some people I know My favorite part of the book was when Ben learned his lesson This series has kept me entertained and happy when I am reading these books.

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    I LOVE THIS SERIES I mean, I read it at school but still I LOVE THESE BOOKS

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    Amy and Ty are really close to each other, but all that changes when the new stable hand, Ben, arrives Ben seems to have no interest in what Heartland all that he seems to care about is riding his horse, Red.I found Ben s treatment of Red throughout the book to be really abusive No matter how many times both Amy and Ty tell him not to work Red too hard, he doesn t listen.We also have Claire, a young girl with a spirited horse named Flint Claire s mom thinks that Flint should be sold, but, with Amy s help, Claire is able to keep him.I liked the end with Ben deciding to learn about Heartland That was a good ending

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    Lecture faite en 2004 au format papier Suite des tome 1 2.Il es fortement conseill de lire les tomes pr c dents de cette s rie pour adolescent afin de bien comprendre l histoire.On suit les aventures de Laura Heartland ou elle va d couvrir que vivre dans un ranch ne se r sume pas monter son cheval pendant des heures et que malgr toute sa bonne volont les animaux peuvent tomber malade.Comme d habitude je vous conseille cette s rie

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    can I admit to being annoyed at how cliche the characters are I was annoyed with the fake dilemma of do I keep the secret or side against a friend to be honest, Ty is like an adult and Amy is an annoying tween not a fan of the animal abuse by Ben, nor how they cover for it.

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    Bra bok Handlar lite mer om k rlek nu

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    Another great book

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