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No One Thinks Much Of Black Gold Because He Is So Small But Jaydee Sees Something Special In His Eyes He Knows Black Gold Would Be Great If He Was His Rider Finally, Jaydee Gets His Wish And Black Gold Grows Strong And Fast Under His Careful Hands Soon It Would Be Time For The Most Important Race In America Did They Really Have What It Takes To Win Black Gold S Inspirational Story Proves That The Power Of Love And Dedication Can Make Any Dream Come True Set Against The Thrilling And Colorful World Of Thoroughbred Horses, Black Gold Is The True Story Of This Legendary Horse And His Determined Young Jockey

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    If I were to consider Marguerite Henry s Black Gold simply as a story in and of itself, I would probably be rating it with a lower than average three star rating actually two and a half stars It is generally well enough written and engagingly recounted, but with a tragic and for me likely preventable ending that TOTALLY infuriates and frustrates me, for it is than obvious that Black Gold should NOT have been raced or even trained again as a Thoroughbred ever once he developed his serious hoof problems and with this statement I mean to imply that Black Gold might have been alright, might have been safe for less strenuous flatwork like dressage or easy going jogs on soft ground, but that racing was much too hard and straining on his already damaged hoof However, even while the author, while Marguerite Henry does indeed at times portray Black Gold s trainer Hanley Webb rather critically, there simply is not enough of this to in ANY way satisfy me For no matter how much Hanley Webb claims to have loved and appreciated his horse, it absolutely and for me stridently appears that he from the very onset both overtrained and over raced Black Gold, and to then have him come out of retirement to race again no matter for what perceived reason , considering that he still suffered from quarter crack a serious split in the hoof that can not only cause extreme lameness but lead to serious problems was simply and utterly wrong, and in my humble opinion, also seriously neglectful if not at least somewhat cruelly abusive And indeed to then have the novel end with the same Hanley Webb, while blaming himself for what happened, still insisting that he ran Black Gold in good faith, to me and for me, that basically signifies that he did not and still does not really consider his horse s recurring lameness as having been all that significant and is unable or maybe unwilling to fathom that he had willfully and wrongly ignored Black Gold s serious hoof and leg issues, and refused to listen to Jaydee the jockey until it was too late and yes, this does leave a rather nasty taste in my mouth, and tears of both sadness and anger in my eyes, especially because Marguerite Henry s own narrative and textual voice also seems to be both supportive and comisserative towards Hanley Webb, which he in my opinion certainly did not and does not really in any way deserve But I guess what finally convinced me to award only one star to Black Gold is twofold For one, considering that Black Gold while indeed regarded as a legendary steed by many was in my humble opinion basically trained to death and raced to death, I on a very personal level really have to wonder and in all ways question why Marguerite Henry chose to even write about him and then to write about Black Gold in such a way that was at least for me in no way critical enough of the entire concept of Thoroughbred racing, and the reality that Thoroughbreds are often trained and raced too young and too intensely, that so very many end up broken down or worse And for two, and for me, even importantly, I absolutely and massively chafe at all the glowing epitaphs which somehow portray the fact Black Gold did manage to complete his final race with a broken leg as somehow heroic and courageous sorry, but there is NOTHING even remotely heroic or courageous about a severely, fatally injured Thoroughbred continuing to run its race, simply because that is what these horses have been trained to do Black Gold is just too devastating and too uncritical a tale, and as someone who has always been rather against standard Thoroughbred racing as a sport out of principle, I simply cannot and will not ever recommend it.

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    Based on a true story, this book follows a boy s dream of being the jockey to ride a small, overlooked horse that he knows to be a champion.In general, Henry s books, which are typically horse related, are great for early readers.

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    All of Marguerite Henry s books are amazing, but this one has a special place in my heart This is the first tragic animal tale I ever read I cried for days I couldn t believe the hero could have a unhappy ending As an adolescent girl, it was delightful

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    Very weird and tragic children s story based on the life and death of the 1924 Kentucky Derby winner Black Gold It s surprises me how many children s books now thought of as classics had a lot of death and or violence in them One of the murkier of Henry s books where it raises questions in the reader than it answers For example, that Black Gold was infertile was only hinted at, since you could talk about death but not sperm count in kids books in 1957 when Black Gold was first published The real history of Black Gold and his impact on American thoroughbred racing and the Kentucky Derby is interesting than Henry s book.Try to get an edition with full color illustrations, as they greatly add to the story as a whole In this book, Wesley Dennis winds up telling a better story than Henry does Usually the hardback editions have the full color illustrations, but not always I believe there was a paperback with all of the color illustrations published in the late 1980s but I may be wrong.This book was NOT the basis for the Anthony Quinn film about Black Gold, since this book came out ten years after the movie Black Gold.

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    THE SIZE OF THE HEART IN THE HORSEInspired by a true story, Marguerite Henry continues her literary tradition of showcasing a love of horse and mule flesh for youngadult readers Unlike the homespun crises in MISTY OF CHINCOTEAGUEthis story takes readers into the harsh world of professional horse racing, with its stark risks and grim realities Set in Okalahoma, then in Kentucky in the 1920 s this story relates the birth and racing career of a thoroughbred whose smaller stature caused him almost to be overlooked for serious training Fortunately for horse and owner Black Gold is loved by his young jockey, Jaydee an Irish youth who recognizes the colt s potential and often argues with his adult trainer.There is inevitable conflict over the horse s training and careeramong the men who admire him a struggle of wills, knowledgeand equine insight which result in Jadyee s psychological coming of age This YA weepie provides a realistic lens on the various aspects of life around the Track culminating with a running of the historic Kentucky Derby Both horse and youth must demonstrate that it s the size of the heart in each one working as a team which ultimately matters in this highly competitive milieu Even adults are advised to keep a hanky handy as Henry s tale unfolds February 19, 2011 I welcome dialogue with teachers.

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    This is a chapter book about a horse named Black Gold The horse is seen by many as being too small to race A young rider named Jaydee thinks the horse has what it takes to win horse races The story ends with Black Gold breaking its leg during the final stretch of a race and has to be put to sleep This book was written in 1957 for eight to twelve year old children There are several small illustrations that appear to be done in pencil I did not find the story very interesting I think you would have to enjoy horse racing to have a chance at enjoying this story I think children might be bored by this book and would struggle to finish it because it doesn t hold the readers attention.

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    Black Gold is the center of two dreams The dream of Al Hoots, who risked much on a mare named U see it then lost the chance to race her and set out to breed a Kentucky Derby champion And the dream of Jaydee Mooney, a young boy destined to become a jockey and determined to ride one very special horse Black Gold is now one of my favorite Marguerite Henry books The story seems solidly based on fact than many of her other novels And the horse is truly legendary.

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    Dear reader, I advise you not to buy this book, for the reason that the horse, Black Gold, the Main character, is killed I also think that the people should not have taken him away from his mother.

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    Horse is born.Horse races.Horse dies.The end I was mad after reading this book at eleven or twelve years old See my review of San Domingo for my opinion of this author s books.