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NEVER A VIKING S CAPTIVELovely And Dauntless, Abducted By Invaders From Across An Icy Sea, Lady Brenna Vowed Vengeance Swearing No Viking Brute Would Be Her Masterno Barbarian Would Enslave Her Noble Celtic HeartREVER A VIKING S LOVEYet Garrick Haardrad, The Proud And Powerful Son Of A Ruthless Viking Chieftan, Claims Her With A Primitive Abandon That Leaves Her Breathless, Igniting Fires Of Passion That Blaze Through The Cold Nordic Nights And Forge The Unbreakable Bonds Of A Fiery, Eternal Love

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    Once upon a time, there was a warrior maiden of reluctant femininity who fell in love with the slightly emo but always badass second son of a noble family.But this is not their story This is FIRES OF WINTER, a bucket of dead tree barf that was cobbled into really cheap toilet paper, the sort of thing Eowyn Faramir would use to wipe their dogs feet on a slushy winter morning Truly, this is one of the worst books I ve ever read It s not even bad in a funny way it s just Really, Really Annoying To draw even the vaguest comparisons between Eowyn Faramir Brenna Garrick is to insult one of my favorite pairings in the literary universe and so I ve found appropriate imagery to support my low opinion of these illiterate, uncommunicative knuckleheads Sure, it took an exhausting search through thousands of images in Google but after much consideration I ve settled upon the following representations Please forgive me for overreaching the boundaries of traditional romance Instead I ve drawn upon a genre completely unrelated to Vikings, horses, firelight beyond the scope of The 13th Warrior, Tolkien, Celtic myth, Norse lore, the surface of our little blue planet.I urge you to forget the image presented in that very pretty vintage cover by Bob McGinnis Instead, you shall behold the well deserved faces of our hero heroine.GARRICK Ok, sure Garrick s not green But his ineptitude as a warrior is matched only by Greedo s ineptitude as a bounty hunter Actually, I m inclined to give Greedo the upper hand in this little arm wrestling match, since Garrick spends the entire book mooning over mugs of milky mead bemoaning his poor broken heart What few times he attempts usefulness, he s kicked in the nuts by hillbilly rapist vikings, from there he crawls back to be flogged senseless by Brenna s shrill feminista screeches Even Greedo had enough sense to stay on the other side of the table Speaking of tables or rather, the brainz of one BRENNA Jar Jar Binks aka the most reviled creature in the Lucas pantheon He sa da cause of all da evil in da galaxy Intellect wise, he Brenna are on par with the thickest lump of wood that was ever chopped from a pine Even worse, both Jar Jar Brenna are the sorriest excuses for anything that s noble in heroic stories There s no wry humor they can t ruin, no moment of personal growth they can t kill, no pain they can t inflict with their lack of foresight, no outrageously over blown skill they can t claim before getting kicked in the face by inept soldiers of fortune in rubber suits or leather breeches And if you squint real hard, those floppy bits on Jar Jar s head look like flowing tresses So see, I m not as crazy as you thought At this point, I could write a summary of what plot there is rant about it until everyone hated me as much as I hated Brenna but no That s letting Brenna Garrick down too easy Without further ado, I present FIRES OF WINTER A PARODY IN SCREENPLAY now with extra drama, colorful metaphors, picspam BRENNA I m so totally a warrior My mommy died my daddy raised me like a son when I was little I killed a boar when I was 9 I will never be ruled by a man You hear me, world I m 17 I m unmarried I shall never be subjected to unfair patriarchal rulership I will never be tamed BRENNA S DAD Actually, no You ll marry the first available Viking chieftan we can find You ll do the noble thing somehow avert bloodshed crisis, because if you re married to a Northman they ll leave us alone.BRENNA I refuse I will never be tamed DAD You will.BRENNA I won t.DAD Go away so I can die in peace, dammit.BREN This sucks so much What can I do to avoid being subverted by horrible males the rest of my life DELLA It s even worse at night They put their organs between your legs make you beg for mercy.BREN Eeeew DELLA Ha Now you ll never know that sex is actually a very good time DELLA S HUSBAND I want to plow your little sister.DELLA That s why I hate her with the unreasonable passion of a thousand fiery suns DELLA S HUSBAND But I m nothing but a meaningless cog for interpersonal conflict, see I have, like, three speaking lines In fact, I serve no purpose but Viking fodder.DELLA Huh DELLA S HUSBAND Viking fodder As in killed by vikings Like the ones attacking us right now.BRENNA We must defend ourselves AUNT LINNET But your father is dead We are defenseless BREN I m as good as any boy I know strategy footwork proper codes of conduct for battle all the cool stuff that is un womanly.DELLA I still think those vikings will rape us.BREN Then go sit in a corner be useless, just like all women who do womanly things for the good of patriarchal society I, meanwhile, will do what s needed to defend our home from these murdering asswipes LINNET Can t hear you, honey We re being raped.VIKINGS Yaaaaar BREN Omg, why are you beating me at swordfighting I m a quarter of your weight have a flimsy breakable sword my father gave me as a lark ANSELM THE VIKING Too bad I was never going to honor your engagement, otherwise you d make my son a fine bride.BREN I will never be tamed ANSELM I will give you to my son as a slave Women with spirit are funny dinner entertainment and I think you can heal his broken heart after his floozy fiancee ran off with a rich merchant BRENNA I ll give you the silent treatment as a sign of my indominable will.LINNET Please don t kill her for giving you attitude She s always been a spoiled brat.ANSELM Yowza, baby Wanna be my bedslave The wife won t mind.LINNET Sweet I have the protection of the clan leader now.DELLA Hey I want a clan leader too.ANSELM Don t worry, I have another son.BREN I ll sit alone pretend I can t understand your language That will give me the upper hand as I plot to dominate your heathen society with my awesomeness Visual interlude GARRICK Dad, who s this hottie slave you gave me ANSELM She s the girl whose father I tricked into believing I would have as my daughter in law GARRICK But I don t want a wife You know I had my heart broken once now I m convinced all women are conniving, evil bitchfaces.ANSELM Don t you remember that incredibly vague story about your being kidnapped by celtic peeps tortured for no reason I decided to have revenge upon other celtic peeps as payment for your mistreatment.GAR Um Logic gap HUGH Shut up, baby bro I want to plow that bitchy girl Dad brought home.BRENNA I will kill you all in hand to hand combat LINNET She just needs to be treated kindly She s actually quite fragile inside.BREN Give me a sword I ll prove myself, you Viking bastards I hate this Viking homestead I hate this Viking weather I hate the smell of your stinky Viking breath I hate the sound of your heathen Viking voices I hate the color of your sleazy Viking skies GARRICK She seems rathershrill.LINNET Nah, that s just because her father died last weekend.BREN I ll stomp my feet demand to be treated with privilege solely because my name is Brenna I m better than all of you losers who can t understand why I m not behaving like a cowardly woman I will never be tamed Visual interlude GAR Shut up finish making this rug.BREN I won t.GAR You will.BREN I won t Rugs are womanly labor, damn you I m so insulted that I ll stomp my feet put my arms akimbo pull your stuff from your trunks throw clothes all over the room GAR But you are a woman.BREN And what do you mean by giving me a decent bed to sleep in food to eat not beating me for my constant bitchy attitude GAR This is highly irregular behavior for a slave You don t have much common sense, do you BREN That s because I will never be tamed GAR Oh, right I m big dumb ineffectual, so I ll give you latitude than any self respecting Northman would allow.BREN Speaking of which, I refuse to drink milk.GAR Huh BREN Milk is for babies And children And women GAR I like milk.BREN Fuck you fuck milk I throw your milk in your face cry because you won t give me liquor.GAR I am oddly aroused by this tantrum Visual interlude GARRICK Now that you ve kept your arms akimbo for three days straight, it s time I raped you to show I m the master here BRENNA I refuse to let you try a forced seduction.GAR Why BREN Because my sister told me sex was hurty painful unpleasant I ve inexplicably believed her all knowing about this topic.GAR Sex is fun when you re both into it Not that I ve had any since my floozy ex ran off with a merchant I m so boo hoo broken heartedbut whatever I ll kill two birds with one stone break you in like a proper slave.BREN Oh, the irony I m not afraid of violence or anything masculine, but I m terrified of that which embodies my most feminine aspects GAR Aw, it ll be okay I won t hurt you.BREN I dunno GAR Lemme show you Visual interlude GARRICK Mmmmm.BRENNA Mmmmm.GAR Oooooooooooh BREN OoooooOOOOOOooh, that IS fun GAR See, I told you.BREN Actually, it kinda sucked.GAR Huh BREN I m a Strong Woman I will never be tamed I can t admit you were any good, because then you d be dominating me Instead I ll blow the smallest conversations out of proportion turn every interaction into a battle of the sexes, all of which is a set up for me to bend your weak will around my little finger.GAR Or is it Maybe I ll use your desire for me as a weapon against your emotional armor make you regret treating me like shit.BREN Nah, not really I just like your oh so manly organ.GAR Really BREN Yeah But from now on I can only relay that enjoyment second hand through conflicting parties Admitting it to your face would imply emotional growth acceptance that sometimes unpleasant beginnings can grow into pleasant contentment, if not outright happiness That s maturity, see And I can t touch that shit with a ten foot pole because I will never be tamed GAR I r confused BREN Them s the breaks, hon.GAR Screw this emotional stuff I ll just assault you without permission That ll learn you for abruptly deciding to weave rugs like a normal woman.BREN Ha, I only agreed to make your rug to throw you off the scent of my escape plan.GAR Curse my small brain BREN No worries I ll make a huge deal about erasing the tracks of my horse, but I m stupid enough to forget the dog as he s running along beside us You ll find me in, like, three days.GAR Awesome Let s be sure to make camp on top of a sleeping bear You can save my life, because I m an utter FAIL at Viking stuff like, y know, killing with spears arrows.BREN Sure thing, sport.GAR And we contrive it so you challenge for your freedom, but are still unwillingly attracted to your so called enemy That way you can be afraid to hurt me with your superior swordsmanship have a conflict of interest between your femine lust for my body your masculine desires for equality freedom in this evul patriarchal society Visual interlude BRENNA Cough, cough Sniffle, sniffle I r sick after running away being thrown in the punishment cell.GARRICK I couldn t show you special treatment, remember BREN But if you hadn t given me milk earlier I wouldn t have tried to escape Damn your milk your rug making your awesome manly male organ of pleasure GARRICK Here, take these expensive armbands gold emboidered gown to show how I m unwilling to share you BRENNA I ll just put my arms akimbo stomp my feet dare you to abuse me like a slave, so I can hold that over your head to make you feel emotions I m a shrew I m shrill I will never be tamed Visual interlude CEDRIC THE GROTTY KIDNAPPER VIKING Ah ha I ve been paid by a Mystery Woman to kidnap mistreat you BREN I just fainted from terror Thanks a lot Did I mention that I will never be tamed CEDRIC I don t give a shit.BREN Then why have you taken me CEDRIC I dunno I think it s some absurdly complicated plan for revenge that nobody cares about.BREN I see And you re naked becauseCEDRIC Because I m a grotty kidnapper I like to inflict pain on my victims Oh, yes I looooove pain I m such a sadist See, I ve got scars all over my body if there was such a thing as SM clubs, I d go every weekend to get my kink on BREN Your peen is enlarged Does that mean you raped me while I fainted CEDRIC Not yet I have an oh so convenient need for my victims to be awake while I rape them, otherwise I can t get it up But now that we re having this conversationBREN Yeah, I ll pass I m just gonna stab you get the hell out of here.CEDRIC You ll be wandering around for weeks in the snow, you know Just a warning BREN My lover will be searching for me.CEDRIC Nah, he ll hate you He hates me too It s some family feud thing.BREN You can t talk now, remember You re dead.CEDRIC Or am I BREN I can t hear you, grotty kidnapper Viking I m too busy wandering for weeks in the snow because Garrick his awesome manly male organ think I ve run away.GAR You ve hurt my feelings I won t forgive that See, I m of a woobie rake from the Regency than anything else I have yet to do anything remotely Viking like, so you can t really expect me to act like a badass claim you again, though part of me admires that you ve managed to survive for weeks in the unforgiving Nordic environment with nothing than a paperclip, a pencil, a stick of gum.BREN Have I mentioned that I m pregnant Visual interlude GAR Really You re going to have a baby BREN That is what pregnant means And now I ve inexplicably developed a terror that you ll leave my newborn babe on the hillside destroy it like the heathen Viking murderer you are GAR I wouldn t kill my baby.BREN You would And just to prove how much I want you to go away, I ll stomp my feet put my arms akimbo ride around hunting pelted animals while I m eight months huge with sprog LINNET Uh, that s probably not a good idea.BREN Why not LINNET Because you re pregnant.BREN I don t care I m strong independent stubborn I refuse to do womanly things I will never be tamed LINNET ButBREN There, see I m fine I ve attained new levels of maturity thanks to this baby in my belly Look what I can do Oops, I just fell off my horse.LINNET Oh noes, you re having your baby prematurely.BREN Dammit, how did that happen Don t let Garrick kill it while I m unconscious.CEDRIC Ah ha I have returned GARRICK No, see, I brought him as a peace offering Show me where you tried to kill him I ll believe you didn t run away on purpose.CEDRIC I haz scarz like woah You can t prove anything.BREN He s right GAR Then you re still a lying ho.CEDRIC Ha I ve shoved you down knocked your head on a table Now I ll take Brenna again try to cross the fjord.BREN You leave my baby alone CEDRIC I don t want your baby, biatch That woman wants your baby.BREN Omg, no Not that really suspicious housekeeper I knew earlier in the story GAR You mean the one that mysteriously disappeared midway through the first half of the book The one that has a bastard son by my father wants him to overthrow my brother as heir to the clan CEDRIC Yup, that d be her.BREN Get our baby, Garrick GAR Get out of the fjord, Brenna Visual interlude CEDRIC Get in this damn boat, slave BREN Get off my leg, Cedric GAR Leave off my woman, asshole CEDRIC Stop kicking my face, bitch BREN Quit trying to kidnap me, idiot GAR Stop distracting me from our baby, woman CEDRIC Where s the boat going without us, dammit BREN I will never be tamed, boys GAR And there goes the baby CEDRIC And there goes the boat BREN Into the woods GAR After them BREN Quick CEDRIC I m drowning now..Oops, too late.BREN Nevermind that poor drowning man We need our baby back We ve got two pages left, dammit, I demand to dominate you into a happy ending.GAR I have him The really mysterious housekeeper isn t an evil woman she s just insane BRENNA That s a relief Let s go snuggle now, Greedo I love you even if you re a Viking bastard.GARRICK I love you too, Jar Jar Kissy kissy, snuggle woo.Epilogue

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    2.5 STARSWhen I finished this book, I was feeling like I wasted a day of my life without learning something.A waste of time

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    This was my first romance novel ever And twenty four years later, it has a special place in my heart Okay, this is a bodice ripper It was written during the I like, I take era when heroes did rape heroines I am not defending that, I am just saying that is what was done I was twelve when I read it, and I didn t understand the mechanics of sex at all I couldn t figure out what went where yes I was that ignorant about sex I loved the adventure in this book Although Brenna does annoy some friends who have read this book, I liked her She was a warrior heroine, and I ve always liked warrior women She did what she could to protect her people If she sometimes acted irrationally, she was only eighteen years old, and saw some pretty traumatic events like her nurse getting an ax to the head The Vikings were pretty violent in their raids.I think this book awakened my interest in the Dark Ages and the Vikings I went on to read way too many Viking books until I got sick of the genre, and I rarely read them now But I do like to watch the programs that come on The History Channel about Vikings All thanks to this book I do believe that Johanna Lindsey did careful research In the years since, I have educated myself about the Vikings, and she was spot on about their practices in a lot of ways I can attribute my love of historical romance to this book I love historical romance because I love learning about days gone by, and one of the best ways to learn is with an interesting story to lead you down the path of learning.Garrick is a beautiful man physically, and he was a decent person, but I can t say I thought he was the best hero He was a bit of a golden boy type, very spoiled, although fairly good natured He forced himself on Brenna and then expected Brenna to declare undying loyalty to a man who had enslaved her and taken away her innocence by force Get a clue, dude Brenna did end up falling in love with him, and made a promise she had every intention of keeping, but was stolen away by men hired by Garrick s father s bitter ex mistress Of course, instead of giving her the benefit of the doubt, he believes she s run away again She treks halfway across Norway to get back to him, after surviving a violent near rape, half frozen, poorly clothed, half starved, and being pregnant the whole time, and he drops her like a hot pancake I was so glad when Brenna washed her hands of him And I was glad that Garrick had to earn her trust I do like a grovelling because he deserves it , repentant hero.This book has a really good secondary cast whose stories you care about The interesting thing is you get both sides of the story, from the invaders and the enslaved I thought it was really well done of Lindsey to present that balanced perspective I haven t read this book in years, but I have forgotten very little about it Although Lindsey newer books don t move me the same way they used to, she will always be one of my all time favorites because fundamentally, she really is a great storyteller This book is proof of that.So if you want to read a non PC, fairly accurate romantic tale of Vikings and the women they love, I suggest this book to you Hearts Aflame is about Garrick and Brenna s daughter Kristen, and Surrender My Love is about the super baby Selig who survived about every insult an unborn child can survive in his mother s womb and lived to tell about it They are both good, but my favorite is Fires of Winter.

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    Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestIf you peruse the bodice ripper lists on Goodreads, you will consistently see two names near the very top the list Kathleen E Woodiwiss and Johanna Lindsey These two authors might not be the best writers in the genre, but they are prime examples of the most lasting and the most successful I have a love hate relationship with Woodiwiss s books sometimes they re on on point, sometimes they miss the point but I d never actually read anything by Lindsey I intended to rectify that.FIRES OF WINTER is currently 1.99 on , as are some of the other first books in some of her other series, DEFY NOT THE HEART and WARRIOR S WOMAN I bought three of her books in three different genres Medieval, Regency, and futuristic romance to get a broad picture of her writing style Since I like historical bodice rippers, I thought I d start with FIRES OF WINTER.FIRES is a Medieval Viking romance The heroine, Brenna, is a Celt, pledged to a Viking by her father She s unenthusiastic about the marriage but is willing to go through with it for the sake of honor Brenna likes honor And swords no, that s not a sexual pun The second most important thing that you need to know about Brenna is that she eschews anything feminine When we first meet her, she s barging in to stop a rape, swinging her sword around while dressed in drag Unfortunately, she doesn t stop the rape before it happensbut oh, well She tried.You probably noticed I said that s the second most important thing about Brenna That s because the most important thing is that she s beautiful.Obviously Anyway, the Vikings come and immediately start killing, raping, and pillaging, because the marriage was a lie Not only do they not honor their agreements with the Celts who they regard as their enemies because they once kidnapped the leader of their son and held him captive , but the man who was pledged to Brenna Garrick hates women and refuses to marry ever again Why Because some Bitchy McMeaners dumped him for a merchant with a full purse he never got over it.Brenna is the only woman who escapes being raped during the Viking raid because her glowering puts off the Vikings They take her and the other Celtic women including Brenna s half sister, Cordella to the Viking home, and Brenna is informed that she is a slave She promptly throws the first of many temper tantrums, informing anyone who cares to listen that she doesn t do woman s work Nobody really punishes her for this She gets lectured a lot instead, and at one point she gets thrown into a punishment cell but the hero has second thoughts immediately afterward, so I m not sure that really countsSpeaking the hero, when Garrick comes back from his hunting trip, he s surprised to see Brenna in his bed Especially what with his complete disavowal of women But he s attracted to her, despite her stubbornness and his hatred , and eventually rapes her after growing exasperated with her constant insults and refusal to do any sort of labor Brenna is initially terrified because Cordella, who was jealous that her husband found Brenna way attractive than she, has been feeding Brenna lies about how painful sex is, and how the act of intercourse is on par with torture or death So after the first rape, Brenna actually thanks her rapist Because she s like, Oh, yay, that wasn t bad at all NOW TO TEACH THAT LYING COW A THING OR TWO ABOUT HOW I FEEL ABOUT LIES Priorities Brenna has them I think my biggest problem with this book is how the relationship between Garrick and Brenna plays out Brenna s character is incredibly annoying I could see how she could be a strong female character in another light, but the tantrums, crying, and inane arguments really made me dislike her, as did her insta love with the hero Garrick isn t much better Because he got his heart broken by a woman, once, he s decided that all women, with the exception of his mother who can do no wrong must pay I really hate the Madonna whore complex, and Garrick has the worst case of it I ve seen in ages.The way rape is portrayed in this book is also problematic I would consider what transpires between Brenna and Garrick rape, because most of the time, sex begins with her begging him or telling him not to Most people would probably call this forced seduction because Brenna usually decides by the end of it that she s game after all, but it s still difficult to stomach Especially since rape in this book is kind of divided into two categories there s the hero s version of rape, where it always turns out to be good in the end, and then there s villainous revenge rape, where the rape is done by a bad guy because he gets off on pain or wants to hurt someone else through her, etc etc.Even Garrick himself admits it s rape, because at one point, Brenna asks him why he won t free her Then he tells her that as a freewoman, she would have the right to refuse him as a lover, and he doesn t want to give that up Yeah, you read that right I won t free you, because then I won t be able to legally rape you any That just happened It s there in print.Another problem is that not much happens Maybe I could have mustered up some interest if this were crazysauce OTT goodness in the it s so bad it s good way, a la Betrice Small, but there are very few scenes with any action There s an escape attempt, a surprising twist with the Other Woman that I did not see coming which I appreciated , a couple fight scenes, and a birthing scene Most of the book, though, consists of Brenna and Garrick arguing with each other, Brenna throwing another tantrum, and then Garrick getting frustrated and either a threatening her with violence or rape, b storming off to rage hunt in the woods, or c telling other men not to touch her There are only so many times I can stand to see the heroine say, Nay nay This book danced all over that limit Brenna says Nay so many times, she s pretty much a horse The overuse of Nay and tis read like written tics than they contribute to the historical accuracy of this book.I can see why people might like FIRES OF WINTER it has a lot of tropes that people find titillating hero with issues, captive romance, Viking, strong heroine but this book wasn t for me at all Trying to brush off the hero s rapes and portraying him as a damaged good guy caused the narrative to give off some unpleasantly mixed signals Ditto Brenna s tomboyishness when juxtaposed with her completely irrational attraction to the man who treated her like dirt I would have liked this book if Garrick had been portrayed as the ruthless, unfeeling man he was Brenna was portrayed as slightly less childish But they weren t, so I didn t I do love that cover, though _ 1 star.

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    Johanna Lindsey novels are always such guilty pleasures There s so much wrong with them, but I take them for exactly what they are fiction There s just something about the way Lindsey writes, that takes me back into time with warrior heroes and strong, spitfire heroines I don t read them for relationship advice nor do I look to her heroes for qualities I want in a man I read them for the angst, love, and heartache I also love the realistic approaches she takes, and how rape was such an indifferent topic back then and she isn t scared to breach it So again, these bodice rippers are not for everyone The hero is almost irredeemable with his actions rape included than once , and he does hit the heroine once But Lindsey pairs her heroines with these terrible heroes so well They aren t doormats, but strong independent women who always put up a good fight And I love the way their relationship builds with conflict all the way through Brenna is a tomboy and the daughter of a lord She s great with a sword, and good at hunting And she has a pretty awful temper She s betrothed to a Viking, although she hates the whole idea When the vikings arrive, they pillage her village and kill someone she loves The betrothal was only a ruse for Garrick s father to get revenge on the people who held his son kidnapped Brenna is taken as captive and given to Garrick, who hates women He promised he wouldn t fall in love again after his first betrayed him The conflicting relationship between them was great and I loved every minute of it Another fantastic one by JL.Fan of bodice rippers, captive captor, almost irredeemable heroes, strong heroines, and great plots Then check this one out.

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    So I recently watched the incredibly awesome The 13th Warrior yet again, but for the first time since my dive into the old bodice rippers, and I saw the Norsemen heroes in a whole new light In other words, my pervy freak on for my male ancestors became highly relevant to my reading interests It got me thinking that I should probably come up with a personalized Viking BR hero yardstick.So I asked myself this Does the hero in this Viking BR make me want to be the lucky female thrall who gets ritually raped, strangled stabbed, then tossed onto his burning funeral ship Is he that blond hot morally deserving of such a worthy, sacrificial prize If the answer is yes or even maybe , then I suspect I have a winner.Admittedly this rhetorical question has quite a few rough edges But for the moment, I m going with it.So how did Johanna Lindsey s Garrick Haardrad stack up Well, I m sorry to say that he was a Viking fizzle He revved me up about as much as this Viking does One of these days I m going to have to realize that, in order to enjoy a Johanna Lindsey romance, I need to put on my durrrrrrr face to convince myself that her swiss cheese plots, her slapdash pacing, her schizophrenic bratty heroines, and her cardboard heroes are Teh Awsum.Maybe my expectations are too high for an author who is in the pantheon of the genre with her backlist never out of print I d kinda like her books to be seriously good Not asking for brilliance here Some three dimensional characterization isn t too much to ask Maybe I m irreversibly disappointed with my old high school self for thinking this was good writing.Like other early Lindsey heroines, Brenna was A Snotty Brat She wasn t strong, feisty, or even stubborn Her backbone was of the I will NOT drink milk , You can t make me do women s work and How dare you not admire my superiority in everything hissy fit variety.She has supposedly killed men in her indulged career as tomboy guardian of her Welsh estate, and is apparently expert in weaponry than anyone around including Vikings , but she s forever getting weapons slapped out of her hand, picked up and toted around under an arm, turning nauseous at the sight of blood, doesn t even think to cover her dog s tracks when she makes a break for it, and faints dead away on a few occasions, even without the aid of a blow to the head She can reportedly use a crossbow and wield a sword, but has zero muscle mass when it would come in handy.Warrior chick Um yeah, not so much.While Brenna got on my tits with her obnoxious, spiteful behavior and her screaming temper tantrums Seriously, this girl is a warrior She hasn t an ounce of discipline or patience for anything Garrick wasn t as lame, but he was pretty underwhelming.His tale of woe being jilted by a greedy chick, therefore making him hate and distrust all women and use them only for his pleasure is a page out of the Lord Rakey Needzhealinboobieshurst playbook The last thing I expected when I picked up a romance with Vikings is that I d get an archetype from the Regency sausage factory.Does Garrick do anything Viking He wears swanky silks, has a posh house, and is of a traveling salesman than a warrior He pouts, is pissy, and while he does make some token gestures of rape and bossiness, it didn t come with a multi dimensional personality So in the end I didn t give a rat s ass about him.Brenna really tended to drag him down to her squalling infant level, but he didn t have far to fall Their battle of wills was prolonged and boring, with no charisma to offset my aggravation It was like watching two brats in high chairs throw pudding cups at each other.So no, Garrick Haardrad, despite all my initial hopes, will not enter the Yes, Oh Yes Val hall a Fame alongside Buliwyf the Badassand Herger the Awesomesauce.The only good parts of the book were the glimpses into the home life of the Viking settlement The other captive women had realistic attitudes, the ones who had been whisked away from their homes and, over the course of years, have become reconciled if not entirely contented with their lives But these even keeled women always got disrupted and harangued by Brenna the Drama Llama So for the long suffering Heloise, Janie, and the stable master Erin, I give a huge thumbs up and an extra star for making this book bearable Garrick s dad Anselm and the shepherd puppeh Dog also provided some much needed Oh look, something good moments.I m not done with Lindsey But when I next pick up a book of hers, I m going to remind myself what frame of mind I need to be in to enjoy it.

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    Ni siquiera voy a perder m s tiempo haciendo esta rese a del que perd leyendo el libro.IncoherenteIncomprensibleIntolerableNo lo recomiendo Fin

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    MAJOR SPOILERS I m becoming quite the spoiler these days So when this book started I was seriously thinking I was expecting an arranged marriage and then vikings attacked and ransacked Brenna s village and took her and several other women hostage What continued for quite some pages was rape, rape, rape, and wait for it Rape But of course Brenna acted so crazy and was so admired by the chieftain that no one touched her Now I ve read plenty of books with rape, but I was just sitting there thinking, Is everyone supposed to live happily ever after after all this Brenna is still being given to Garrick, as a slave now instead of a wife, but after his father killed or enslaved basically everyone she knew, I was wondering how she would fall in love with him But hey It s romance land Anything can happen So Garrick finally decides to grace everyone with his presence and boy oh boy Not only is he a grade A douche, but some girl has broken his heart and has him thinking every woman is a conniving gold digger Just great What proceeds is Brenna and Garrick s fight for dominance It was quite tiresome at times Even when Garrick would relent on one thing, Brenna would totally put her foot in her mouth and ruin it There were many times I wanted to strangle her Then Garrick just hadddddd to use the word slave at every turn and piss her off or once again decide no woman can be trusted Ughh Then they finally had sex It was alright even if it was over with too quickly So I m like, Let the romance beginnnn but nope Almost everytime after that Brenna would refuse she couldn t willingly give herself to someone who wasn t her husband , but she secretly wanted him to use his force on her I mean, hey whatever gets your motor running But goodness, it s ok to just say get over here and drop em A girl s got needs too But eventually they kind of soften towards one another and Garrick dresses her with gifts and brings her to his father s feast There she realizes she loves Garrick She tells him in the heat of the moment later of course she had refused to have sex with him this time too and he tells her he has no love to give back She runs back to Garrick s house and is kidnapped by 2 men from a neighboring clan they were paid by someone unknown at this point She s counting on Garrick to come to her rescue, but he assumes she ran away and bans people from even saying her name She eventually escapes by killing one of her captors and goes on a dangerous journey back to Garrick Just to get back there and have everyone hear her story of what happened and say I felt so bad for her She went through hell and used love as her motivation to get back home and then Garrick turns his back on her, calls her a liar, and gives her to his father You anger and disappoint me Garrick But something good came out of the whole episode Garrick s father freed Brenna Butttttt she s pregnant and once old grandpa knows this, she wasn t going home until she s had his grandkid Garrick s been brooding on his ship while all this was going on and comes home to rescue Brenna after an assassination attempt and in labor She wakes up in Garrick s house in time to push out the baby She has their son, Selig, and it appears as if Garricks doesn t see him much after the first time and I was back to hating him But then you find out he s been sneaking to see Selig when Brenna wasn t around and was avoiding Brenna so he wouldn t upset her He had realized he couldn t live without her But there s still the little issue of Garrick not believing she was kidnapped Brenna won t reconcile unless he believes her and so is determined to sail back home When she s all packed up to go, Garrick comes and confesses his love and vows to trust her from now on And has a little surprise One of her kidnappers Of course the kidnapper acts like he doesn t even know Brenna and Garrick is disappointed until Brenna mentions a scar on the kidnapper only Garrick and the kidnapper know about Said kidnapper hits Garrick on the head knocking him out and kidnapping Brennaagain It s revealed that one of Garrick s servant, Yarmille, is behind everything Brenna escapes and is reunited with Garrick to find out he left Selig with good old trusty Yarmille But, quite anti climactic y, she just left him in the woods and they found him Now that Brenna is a freewoman and all, she and Garrick get married and cut.So not a great beginning, but it had mostly won me over by the end The characters sometimes got on my nerves, but I was still reaching for this book every chance I got so

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    Old school romance I swear, Fires of Winter still has the juice even though it was written 30 years ago O_OIt ll immediately hook you and not let go if you can get passed two of the most stubborn, headstrong protags you ll ever meet in romance Setting up a big misunderstanding plot line with a heavy hand, you know exactly how this story is going to go within 10 pages But Lindsey s viking tale really doesn t get started until the H h meet long about 70 or 80 pages in Independent Celtic beauty, Lady Brenna is an oddity to be sure, walking around in men s trousers and trained to war like any son of a chieftain But she s none the less willing to submit to her father s wishes of being married off to a Viking to make peace because she loves him so However the Vikings entered the deal under false pretenses, and on the day of her father s death, they strike with a fury, killing and taking captive all those Brenna love Garrick Haardrad has no idea the plans his father has made of striking the hated Celts And he has no idea that he s been gifted with a new slave a lovely dark haired maiden who instantly fires him up on numerous levels It isn t long though till he realizes this slave would need taming and that he might enjoy the effort.Despite her anger at her circumstances part of Brenna instantly wishes things were different between Garrick and she that they would have indeed been introduced to be man and wife but his hated father ruined all that with his cruel raid and the gorgeous Viking s determination to think of her nothing but his property rankles even So she resolves to never submit.Indeed, if circumstances were different, Garrick and Brenna would have made a happy match, but fate it would seem had other plans well, fate helped along by selfish and self serving people all around them It will take nothing but true love to burn through all the hatred and misconstrued circumstances they find themselves in if they have the courage to learn to trust.Like I said, this book is old school brutish men, taking what they want with the big misunderstanding running the majority of the plot What makes this one a bit different is the strong willed heroine although almost too willful for my tastes If they had just been honest with each other from the beginning they would have saved themselves a lot of heart ache But then where s the fun in that P Srsly, I wanted to bang their heads together for believing everyone else around them but each other but at least they made me feel I hate when characters are so boring you could care less what happens to them Listen, these kinds of books aren t for everyone, but Lindsey was once a master in her day, and this book and series is one of the reasons why I read Fires of Winter eons ago and still remembered much of it even before my recent reread That s saying a hang of a lot since I cant remember some of the plots and characters of books I read only weeks ago Her novels once had a certain kind of thrill, and sad to say, it s been long gone from her recent releases If you want to know what made this genre what it is today read one of her oldies She definitely had the magic If you need a rec for one other than this, because it isnt necessarily one of her best imo just ask, I ve read them all 4.5 out of 5 Interesting note on the old Joanna Lindsey cover art she didnt like that women were always the ones that were half naked on romance novel covers so she insisted it be reversed on hers bucking industry standards She won God bless ya woman Oh and ever heard of Fabio Pretty much because of her books P

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    A real bodice ripper Loved it