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This Action Packed Swashbuckling Adventure Is A Classic Tale Of Romance, Revenge, And Breathtaking Exploits On The High Seas The Time IsAnd The US Navy Is Attacking And Destroying Pirate Strongholds On North Africa S Infamous Barbary Coast Courtney Farrow, Daughter Of One Of The Most Feared And Successful Corsairs, Is Captured By Lt Adrian Ballantine, Proud, Handsome, And Determined To Tame Her Spirit Constantly Battling Their Attraction, They Must Become Reluctant Allies In Order To Discover Who Is Selling Secrets To The Corsairs, And Who Has Sold Out The Farrow Stronghold Says Publishers Weekly Packed With Well Drawn Characters, Fiery Sea Battles This Book Is A Good Read Best Swashbuckler Of The Year, Romantic TimesMultiple Award Winning USA Today Bestselling Author

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    3 Didn t Feel The Love Stars So I went and searched my paperbacks and found this baby and decided to read it lol Damn what a long ass book Lots of action Not very steamy I hate to say that I didn t feel the love between Courtney and Adrian I also felt the ending was rushed I wanted

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    The intensity explodes off the block w guns blazing MC nevah takes her foot off the pedal As w all of her top notch classics, MC shows her wide range by penning her best tale of high octane derring do w Barbary coast as the backdrop Gritty, gruesome there s no sugarcoating in portraying the harsh life in high seas The sweeping, 531 page, luv hate romance is overflowing w fully formed characters, surreal battles, tempestuous clashes of wills between H h who show tru endurance resilience by overcoming adversaries full on w a nevah give up, nevah surrender attitude yeah the same corny line from Galaxy Quest haha , lush luv scenes, a plot that s thicker than the choppy waters, a dash of espionage, sadistic treacherous villains nutty villainess, supposedly Xpired peeps miraculously rising from their graves, audacious escape, 1 terror after anotha w revenge its core The sheer of casualties alone is a neon light indicator that this gorefest is not meant for the twitchy heart I would give it a 10 rating if I could, but I gotta say that I could spot 1 of the moles from horizons away Just when U think HEA is tantalizingly close for the long suffering H h, she throws anotha suspenseful wrench to pull em apart, U feel sucka punched again W her signature vivid imagery, the story plays out like a 3 D cinema Frolicking fun from start to finish The hero has bigger balls than any pirates in romancelandia paired w a nut kicking pun intended heroine in britches, U got yourself an explosive match The ending to this big ball of fire may be a bit too abrupt for my taste but I felt so exhausted mentally that it didn t matter anyway The moles are exposed, H h finally get their bittersweet reunion amidst bloodshed Needless to say my ultimate fav pirate romance is still 1 of my most prized possessions Beware of possibly big turn offs Hero initially smacks heroine a bit, not knowing the lad is a lass when going mano a mano Slutty Villainess gives fire in the gaping hole a new meaning in unleashes her wickedness on her numerous conquests w the heady zest of a sex machine I coulda done w out the descriptive exploits tho Spare no details flogging, throat slashing various cracked to smithereens scenes

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    LOVED IT, Marsha Canham sure know s how to write one heck of a adventure All of her pirate stories are the best I ve been wanting to read this book for years and I m so darn happy that Marsha s book s are being re released in ebook and that I finally had a chance to read it.I have heard a rumor that Marsha will soon be releasing a new book I certainly hope so because she is one of my favorite author s If you have never tried a Marsha Canham book, I highly recommend you give one a try.

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    Re Read 1 16 14Recently, I had a like on my original review, which had me pulling up the book I remember I loved this book, loved it as in told everyone I knew to read it But that was several years ago, and I had just fallen back into my obsession with reading So I wondered if maybe I was naive in my ratings and standards, having read so few at the time So I read the sample on BN One chapter in, my opinion was validated I purchased the ebook had the paperback originally , and literally disappeared into the story This is just one of the best reads I have yet to come across It plays like a timeless classic of high seas adventure and intrigue It s absolutely not fluff, but a epic romance of the purest form Romance not only of two people, but of time, long ago, a way of living long gone, and of the most basic and true heroics Characters larger than life and so audacious they held me spellbound like a child Writing that projects the story across the wide screen of my mind in high def What an amazing writer I also realize that rare authors like this are what raised my standards I can count on one hand the number of books I have re read Yep, true love for me then and now 1st ReviewThis is the third book I have read from Marsha Canham and it will not be the last She tells a story so articulately and descriptive I was lost in the motion picture it played in my head Wind and the Sea was no exception Wonderful characters that were deep and tangible, a story that was an amazing roller coaster ride Generally I stick with romance novels, and this has great romance to be sure, the adventure is forefront and so compelling I defy anyone to not enjoy this book Marsha Canham is now one of my favorite authors, up there with Diana Gabldon I would whole hearted recommend this book.

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    This ebook edition has been edited by the author The rape scene has been modified but left in per the author Wow what a great romance I just love Marsha Canham and her pirate books are the Best The tension and sparing between Courtney and Adrian is explosive.and what a treat when they finally give in to their desires This book is a Fun Sexy Adventure from beginning to end

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    This is such a fabulous book It is action packed and A LOT happens, but it s written in such a way that you are not left confused or overwhelmed, or having to flip back pages to remember what happened in the last chapter I mean, as much as I d like to, I can t spend all day reading books from cover to cover in one sitting There is also a lot of descriptive detail e.g details on ships such as rigging, firing cannons, and the Mediterranean politics of the time , but it s well integrated with real clarity The historical background is also very accurate, which I really appreciate There was a real feeling of pirates, Americans, British and French all sailing around the Mediterranean chasing after each other, and there was clearly no need to embellish or make up pseudo history to suit the plot.The hero and heroine are also great, great characters They are what I would probably describe as difficult people Hard to get along with, hard to like really, but awe inspiringly good at what they do Their backgrounds are solid, and rich, but credible They really suited each other.The only minor thing which irritated me a little was that after they meet up again, they become all lovey dovey and kind with each other Now, I accept that he s probably going to stop smacking her, and she ll probably stop trying to kill him, but I just couldn t really see their relationship as being that docile I can visualise them having big, heated arguments, and them steamy reconciliations, but not a contented relationship really.As for the secondary characters, they are all rounded in their own right, and although the evil ones are really evil, there is a huge amount of ambiguity about most of the characters in the book Are they really as bad as they appear Or are they less good than they appear Yes, there is blood and gore than HRs generally seem to have now s the pity IMO , but apart from the God awful cover will you check out that terrifying blusher on the poor heroine , there is really nothing cheesy about it It s incredibly convincing, after all, pirates were incredibly vicious, and the navies of the times were also pretty horrendous.So, solid 5 stars, fabulous read, will definitely check out her other recent ebook re releases.

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    My copy of The Wind and the Sea is the most expensive second hand paperback book I have ever owned Bought this out of print book for USD 100 including shipping I had to have it And I got it and 15 years ago, I read this book back to back in one night A couple of days ago, I purchased it for my Kindle as my copy is tattered and boxed up somewhere with my other keepers and re read this again Oh the swashbuckling adventures on the high seas This book should be made into a movie Hollywood is ready for some old fashioned swashbuckling adventure like in the old days when Errol Flynn would command the genre and the silver screen As was the case 15 years ago, I couldn t put it down, I was reading this in the plane, in the taxi, when I was out of meetings, I could care less when the plane landed home all I wanted to know was how Court and Adrian were doing I wanted to be a pirate Ar Ar I want to swing my imaginary scabbard into the air and sail away to an adventure somewhere in the Mediterranean Oh Miz Canham thank you for writing this WONDERFUL book Thank you for taking me back to Gibraltar and soon I will be going to Marrakech and will be thinking of the Barbary Corsairs when there. ARRRRRRRRRRRRR

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    It has been a LONG time since I have read a pirate adventure such as The Wind and the Sea The adventure, passion, danger, and betrayal that swirled throughout the pages gave this reader a sense of what life on the high seas must have been like during the nineteenth century Ms Canham uses great depictions to describe the battle scenes, making me feel as if I were reading a true historical account instead of a historical romance Then you have a truly vicious vixen that goes out of her way to use her body to try and destroy the one person she loathes the most Courtney Beautifully written, The Wind and the Sea is a swashbuckling tale that calls to the pirate in all of us.DanielleReviewer for Coffee Time Romance MoreFull Review

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    This surpasses the majority If you haven t read Marsha Canham and love historical romance, then let me have the pleasure of introducing this exceptionally accomplished writer Gritty piracy off the Barbary Coast staring blazing characters takes us for an adventure of epic movie proportions until the very last word A rare treat in stand alone books from the first explosive words, it sweeps us along with gale forced winds and holds no broadsides SUPERB

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    Great High Seas Romance No one weaves a high seas romance better than Marsha Canham and this is a great one Originally published in 1986, it is set in 1804 along the Barbary Coast It s is a story of great emotions of courage, hatred, passion, jealousy, betrayal and revenge Courtney Farrow s parents marriage had been a love match until the guillotine took her mother Her father, Duncan Farrow, a handsome red haired Irishman, became a famous Barbary Coast pirate taking his revenge on French ships and raising the daughter his beloved wife gave him raising her like a son Courtney can fight as well as a boy even dressing the part and cutting her hair short Duncan Farrow became good at his game, amassing a huge fortune he secreted away in America for Courtney But then he was betrayed, and an American warship came after his ships and his men Among the spoils the American officer claimed was Court, who at 19, still passed for a boy, even with her large green eyes and auburn hair Tall, sandy haired American 1st Lieutenant Adrian Ballantine believes Court s father is a murderer and he believes Court is a lad so he takes her as his cabin boy He is her enemy and the hatred is strong between them until he discovers she is a woman Add passion to hatred and you get an explosive mix Meanwhile, Court vows to find the traitor who betrayed her father and have her revenge.I loved the length of this tale, a good long romance, but even then, I didn t want it to end So, it s another great romance for all who love adventure on the high seas and who want a change from the usual fare and from an author who knows how to do it well