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After The Spanish Galleon Attacked The English Merchant Ship, Varian St Clare Was Shocked To Learn That The Captain Of The Privateer Who Saved Him Was Juliet Dante, Daughter Of Legendary Pirate Wolf Varian Had Been Sent By The King To Tell Juliet S Father About A New Peace Treaty Between Spain And England Juliet Agrees To Bring Varian To Her Father But Only As Her Hostage But As The Attraction Between Juliet And Varian Builds, And As Intrigue Swirls, The Danger Of The High Seas Will Match The Danger Of Surrendering To Desire

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    Recommened by my friend LauraThank you Laura I don t know why I didn t read this book before I loved everything here But most of all the highly unusual heroine Juliet, in spite of having such a girly name, is anything but She drinks, she takes lovers, she dresses like a man, she speaks like a man and she s a privateer captain And very much successful and respected by her crew, not only because of her famous father, but because she s truly capable She leads her man, she fights with them WOW Truly, WOW Varian is almost overshadowed by Juliet Almost, but not totally, since he s very sure about his masculinity that he doesn t need to beat his chest and act like an ass He s highly intelligent and ready to listen.At first they clash and it was a pleasure to read how shocked Varian was when confronted with Juliet s behavior I appreciated the love story, but I just adored the pirate politics and fighting parts The two were masterfully mixed and I didn t feel the least bored The dialogue is highly entertaining What comes from Juliet s mouth is something that could come from the mouth of the worst rake of Romancelandia I just loved it The whole book is one huge adventure I think I ll be reading the rest of the series too I only hope they re as good as this one

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    le doy 2.5 estrellitas Es una novela desarrollada en el siglo XVII en el Caribe Es muy diferente a las novelas rom nticas que vengo leyendo ltimamente No me defraud pero no tiene el romance propio de las novelas de J Lindsey o Lisa Kleypas Aqui nuestra hero na, Juliet es una mujer que de delicada NO tiene nada Todo lo contrario es una capitana del Iron Rose y es de armas tomar, valiente y nada de inocente Proviene de familia pirata y tiene una gran destreza en el manejo de la espada.Debo reconocer que por momentos se me hizo pesada la historia sobre todo porque la autora ha investigado mucho y nos describe al detalle cada cosa de los barcos, de las guerras en el mar Felicito a la autora porque me ha ense ado cosas sobre el nav o que yo desconoc a Al tomarse su tiempo y contarnos stos, los cap tulos son bastantes extensos, pero en los siguientes la autora nos complace con di logos cargados con algo de humor e iron a Aqu el personaje masculino es Varian, duque ingles, refinado y pomposo, todo lo opuesto a Juliet pero sin embargo me fue sorprendiendo con su personalidad a medida que iba avanzando en la lectura del libro Y mejor as porque yo mientras le a me preguntaba C mo har la autora para dar un final a sto Julie es m s fuerte y brava que Varian, aqu las cosas no encajan pero por suerte nada es lo que parece.Es una historia que recomiendo a quienes aman las novelas de pirata por su originalidad.

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    It s official I do not like pirate stories This is well written with some beautiful descriptions The sex was good And there s a very strong female heroine Hero is undeveloped, but he s fine If action adventure romance is your thing have at it you ll likely enjoy this book.For me, when there s this much peripheral stuff going on it distracts from the romance That s not too bad when I m interested in the matter which causes the distraction But pirates, much like rakes, bore me to tears Perhaps I saw Pirates of the Caribbean one too many times or something This is a personal rating for me, and the nuts and bolts of the writing on display here don t deserve two stars, really However, I skimmed towards the end once the romance was resolved because I didn t care about the outstanding high jinx on the high seas If Ms Canham had been writing about enclosure, or the corn laws, or the chancery division, I d likely have been right with her til the end Perhaps I m just boring.

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    Maybe I should give this one a higher rating but, truth be told, it was just too formulaic for me to praise it too highly I loved the fact that the heroine was a pirate captain, I loved that the hero wasn t an overbearing alpha male, and the amount of action was, again, commendable I was, however, confused about a rather glaring inconsistency that marks the author as perhaps a bit lackadaisical the character of Lucifer is speaking in this sequel Perhaps I m remembering wrong, but I could have sworn that Simon told Beau in the first book that Spaniards cut out Lucifer s tongue.which would make him speaking rather an impossibility, would it not Anyway, my biggest complaint would be that the heroine, Juliet, is a bit too standoffish for my taste It s really hard to find stories where the heroine is strong without being a prickly, humorless, oversensitive bitch Women can be strong without obviously trying to act like men I wish authors would portray women who are strong in their own rights without having to resort to theatrical displays of hubris.

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    Super read LOVE Marsha Canham and her brilliant skills as an author If you like high seas adventure with some really HOT smoldering romance then you HAVE TO READ the Dante Pirates Seriesthere s only two books Read

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    Juliet Dante, daughter of the notorious Simon Dante, comes to the rescue of an English envoy ship about to be blown to smithereens by the Spanish On board is the twelfth duke of Harrow, Varian St Clare, who saves Juliet s life and then gets knocked unconscious by a blastOnly to wake up on board of Juliet s ship, the Iron Rose and bound for the secret island where the pirate wolf reignsI liked this one The story flew nicely, the tempo was spot on, increasing with each and every chapter, the action sequences were gripping, the sea battles intense especially the heart wrenching last one , and it was nice seeing old friends again and learning of their life beyond their story.The only major problem this book had were the two leads There was a glaring imbalance of power between the two from the beginning He was injured and then spent chapter upon chapter coming across as a weak, spoiled English aristocrat, while she, unlike her mother, spent the majority of the book in full bitch mode.I like my heroines strong and spunky, yet Juliet s bravado and obstinacy truly grated on my nerves There s a difference between a strong, self assured and resilient woman and a pig headed, obstinate, unbending bitch.I didn t like her, and I especially didn t like the imbalance of power between the two in their romance , as the hero was forced to do all the work, while she kicked and spat almost the entire way.I wished there was an apology scene or some grovelling thrown into the mix in the end.Granted, I didn t care much about the two protagonists or the romance aspect of the story, but the rest than made up for it I m also looking forward to Juliet s brother s stories.P.S Something else pricked me in this story the glaring continuity error of Lucifer, the hulking black, scimitar and loincloth loving behemoth Simon Dante rescued all those years ago In Across a Moonlit Sea Lucifer communicated through sign language and grunts, since, according to Simon, the Spanish had cut out his tongue In this book, the man spoke without problems Which one is it Was the tongue thing a lie Or is the speaking part in this book a mistake

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    This was my very first Marsha Canham book, and it hooked me so thoroughly, I spent the next two weeks finding the prequel to this one, Across a Moonlit Sea and every other book of hers I could find by nosing through used bookstores shopping ebay she has a fairly long out of print list I hadn t read romances in years before I picked this one up, and my first thought was that romance heroines had drastically changed in the intervening yearsJuliet Dante is a pirate and the captain of her own ship you guessed it , the Iron Rose She also happens to be very good at it I love strong, determined heroines who are driven to excel at whatever it is they do Trouble is, they usually have a difficult time when it comes to finding men who are their equals, much less surrendering any small measure of their will to those honored few when they do find them This usually leads to the time honored and often dreaded game of push pull between the protagonists something that never fails to bore and irritate if not done well I m happy to report that in this case, it was skillfully done, and not the least bit irritating.Varian St Clare is Juliet Dante s equal in every way He s every bit as skilled with a sword, just as strong willed, and equally determined when it comes to getting what he wants No surprise, he decides early on that he wants Juliet I found a great deal to like about Varian He s all man, but open to his emotions than your average romance hero Juliet shouldn t appeal to him beyond a brief romp between the sheets she s just not the type of girl a guy like him brings home to the stately family manor, and drapes in expensive jewelry and silk ballgowns she s a pirate Varian realizes she s Miss Inappropriate, but he also realizes much faster than the average hero that he s in love, and he goes after the object of his affection with enough tenacity determination to make even the coldest heart skip a beat.Juliet is a little pragmatic She wants him too, but she s not kidding herself that marriage is the logical outcome for a relationship between two people as different as she and Varian He has a tough time convincing her, but the journey to their HEA is nine tenths of the fun Great attention has been paid to historical detail in this novel, the secondary characters are strongly written without being intrusive, and the love scenes are signature Marsha Canham H O T It s a keeper, and one of my top ten most highly recommended historical romances.Sensuality Rating R

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    If I could I would rate this 3.75, but only in the context of comparison to Marsha Canham s other books I have read As a whole I would leave it at 4 Again, she writes such life into her books that you are transported on to the wood deck of a great ship in the middle of a rolling sea and you feel like wiping the salt mist from your eyes to watch story unfold around you That said, this was not my favorite book of MC s I was surprised with the rating and my findings The story was really good and if she ever finished the third in this series I would absolutely read it The thing that brought this down for me was Juliet was a bit too much and Varian wasn t enough He did not take my breath away as Simon Dante in the first book, and he never seemed to win over Juliet, like he accepted her being the stronger of the pair I am all for a strong willed, fiery, uncompromising female lead, but I need that alpha in my males Time and time again she bested him, and I never really felt him take control But that s me, would I recommend the book Yes Would I recommend it over any of the others from MC No Overall, it is a very good book, but I have come to expect these amazing men that have your knees buckling at the thought of them and Varian just didn t get there I still think Marsha Canham is a phenomenal author and and going to still pursue every book she has written.

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    3.5 stars A fun and thrilling story I enjoyed very much.

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    My review copied from .This is my first book by Marsha Canham I must say I was quite surprised to look up on that there weren t any sequels to this book for our heroine Juliet Dante s two brothers Jonas and Gabriel She seemed to set it up quite well and they were great characters I concur with the review of Darmish This book has a fairly different setting, but combined with the time period makes this a unique novel The characters are well drawn The description is vivid I loved the dialogue, especially the crude sayings by the pirates sailors This novel has quite a few different circumstances like the heroine Juliet beating the hero Varian physically and with a sword, Juliet s mother having lost an arm, etc.With all that said I did have a few negatives As manly as Varian is described physically did the author really have to have him dress in purple velvet and with rosettes on his shoes Did he have to be in full court regalia at sea This first description made him seem like a pansy, however, I will say that he redeemed himself later in the book with him working side by side with the pirates and wearing the island clothes As much as I understand the style of the time period to my modern mind this just makes him seem effeminate As an aside did she have to make him the man who stopped Guy Fawkes from blowing up parliament As another review stated I think I would have liked Varian to get the better of Juliet in at least one of there verbal or physical sparring She just seemed too good at everything Sword fighting, sailing, leading her men, physical fighting, and wittiness.Another thing, the author seemed to bombard broadside pun intended us with sailing and ship terminology I understand since 3 4th of this book takes place on a ship she had to include some info I know the basics bow, stern, mast, quarterdeck, helm, but when she mentioned such things as shrouds, lanyard, culverins, and pataches she started to loose me Especially since there is no glossary of terms The last thing that bugged me this seemed like only half the story When I finished the last page I thought that s it where s the rest With Varian being a duke surely he has responsibilities and duties back in England Can he even live permanently somewhere outside England without at least going back occasionally What about his betrothed to be What about his mother What about his mother meeting Juliet It just cut off without resolving how they re going to live Are they going to live in Simon and Beau s house or build one of their own on Pigeon Cay So many questions.