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Be Sure To Read This Summer S Highly Anticipated Companion To Angels Watching Over Me And Lifted Up By AngelsUntil Angels Close My EyesWhen Neil, Leah S Warm And Loving Step Father, Reveals That His Cancer Is No Longer In Remission, Leah Finds Comfort In A Visit To Amish Country To See Her True Love, Ethan When Ethan Chooses To Leave His Life On The Farm, He Moves In With Leah And Her Family But Once Ethan Arrives, They Realize That His Amish Values Are Quite Different From Those Of Leah S Complex English World Will Their Love Help, Or Hurt, Leah As She Faces The Complex Hurdles That Await Her From The Paperback Edition So let me start by telling you why I rekindled with this trilogy.Back in middle school I was addicted to Lurlene McDaniel books, it made me see things differently Her books didn t always ha happy endings She told a truthful story I read the first book of this trilogy and it left me with a smile on my face I didn t get a chance to finish the second and first So right now I m attempting to read as many books as I can over break since I won t have a chance when school starts up So I thought why not read something short and inspirational So I downloaded the first one, I read it, I smiled I read the second one, I cried.So here we are on the third book Rebekah s dead, Neil has cancer, and Leah and Ethan are being pushed further apart because of their worlds It s obvious the two are in love but an Amish, and an English together Not happening The love Leah and Ethan shared for each other was something only most dream of Leah grows closer to Neil, and he grows iller She begins to learn about her father, while Ethan tracks down his brother Eli.When Neil goes to the hospital for the last time all things begin to go downhill Leah and Ethan s relationship is strained, she s worried about her cancer returning, and her mom is an emotional wreck While in the hospital Neil talks to Leah and I start crying like a baby, because his death is near When Neil dies I cry Aleah cries , really I think everyone is crying at this point Yea, so then Ethan decides he must go back to his Amish family, where he belongs, and the dams break and everyone is crying once again Leah takes Ethan home and even though he promises he will never love anyone than her, their relationship is over.Leah realizes the only person she needs is her mother, and all that crap.But yea, the point is this book is wonderful and has even brought a heartless person like me to tears. I will honestly say that this novel used to be one of my favorites however, now I have matured in my reading I will say that it has obviously been written for teenagers An excellent novel, wonderful story line, and it does not have the typical fairy tale ending. I liked the second one better but this one was okay I liked seeing Ethan in the English world you have no idea how much I wanted to say muggle world lol I really hated that Leah seemed so selfish She wanted Ethan to stay with her when he just wanted to go back home Really, he owed her nothing They just had a fling and it wasn t true love and she acted like he was betraying her because he wanted to go home I m like you re 17, you ll get over it It definitely sucked that Neil died I felt bad for Leah on that front just because she didn t have a dad until Neil came along Anyway, not my favorite book but still okay just the same. Until Angels Close My Eyes by Lurlene McDaniel is the sequel to Lifted Up by Angels and the last book of the trilogy Unlike the two prequels, Until Angels Close My Eyes ended in a sad and depressing way of Leah s the protagonist beloved stepfather, Neil s death by his returned cancerous cells Leah, who once experienced having caner but was mysteriously healed , starts to worry about whether her cancer would come back just has Neil s did Having enough to deal with, Ethan wants to find his older brother who left him when he was young I thought the ending of this book was a little sad yet preposterous because Ethan and Leah overcame most of the problems that they faced but decided to follow their religions which lead to a break up However, the epilogue where the little girl, Cindy gave Leah the little white feather was very symbolic of how much she had to face since her trip to the hospital Therefore, even though the ending is sad, it was a good way to end the book. Once againit s been ages since I ve read this book but it s still one of my favorites of all time The entire series is wonderful and it was about time I reviewed it Even after almost a decade since I last read this book, I still remember it with great clarity, having read it so many times back when I was a pre teen.Funnily enough, this was actually the first book of the series that I read I was in about the sixth grade and at our local mall in the bookstore and my great grandpa bought me a book, whichever one I wanted, and I picked this one out I didn t know it was a trilogy So after I finished it and found out there were , I went back to read the first two, then reread this one.This book is actually my favorite of the trilogy Whereas Leah got a taste of Ethan s world in the last book, the tables have been turned and he now gets a taste of hers than he did in the first book, seeing as that one took place in a hospital for its entirety Even to this day, I almost still can t accept the ending of this series, but I understand why it was done Again, Lurlene writes tearjerkers This is definitely one of them.I will definitely be reading this again in the future, but of course I have to get through the other books I m reading first And once again, if you read this tissues, tissues, and tissues Just have an entire box ready Until Angels Close My Eyes is about a young girl who s mother remarries a guy by the name of Niel She really likes him ,and thinks of him as her own father The only problem is, he has cancer, but he never told her and her mom knew about it She decides to revisit this guy who is Amish, and she met him over the summer When she gets there they were both really happy to see each other and they spend most of their time together catching up When she s suppose to leave he asks her if she can help him find his brother who got disowned I really liked this story because it was different from the rest of the stories I red, and it was very interesting to read a little bit about the Amish life I would recommend this book to anyone from middle school to high school because it s an easy book to read and it s not that long. This book is about a girl who almost died of cancer And then her Amish boyfriend s little sister died And then her boyfriend leaves home And then she finds out her dad has cancer And then her boyfriend finds his long lost brother living just fine without him And then her dad dies And then she realizes that even though she doesn t like her mom, they re family End of book This book was not only depressing, it was also sappy and over the top Even though it dealt with some teen issues that are important, I think I would much rather recommend a Sarah Dessen novel to the teen girls I know than this one in order to read and think about some of these issues. This story is about a young girl who s mom remarried and she never really cared for her step father until, she found out he had cancer and she realized he was the second most important person to her, next to her mom The book teaches you that you really don t know till its gone I know that is a cliche saying but that s the best way to put this book I enjoyed it very much and I think that other student my age would enjoy it too I don t think that Mrs Gallie would enjoy it I think its for younger people, teenagers It d kind of like a chick flick in a book. This book was about Leah and her stepfather, Neil and he has cancer before and no longer in remission Besides Neil was having health problems that were occurring in the family, Ethan had been invited over by Leah to help find his long lost elder brother Ethan was struggling between the Amish and the English value.What I learned from this book was that traditions and family values is very important to one s lives and it is hard to forget about it Like Ethan, he can t hold back his tradition and customs in his family and so do I I can t forget my family and etc.