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Hugging the Chimps is the fascinating story of a woman who ventures to Burundi in Central Africa to fulfill her life long dream to live with chimpanzees and experience first hand what they are really like In the midst of a brutal civil war that devastates the country and claims thelives of two fellow workers at the Jane Goodall Institute she provides tender loving care to a large group of orphaned chimpanzees who have been rescued from poachers and pet traders Life with the chimpanzees is not all joy The frisky youngsters frequently attack and bite fellow apes and caretakers A baby chimp is stillborn A powerful escaped male launches a near fatal assault on one of the keepers Other first hand accounts include trips to bleak refugee camps visits to an orphanage for children from Rwanda and a weekend spent tracking wild chimpanzees through the forest As the author gets to know her charges intimately her life long fascination with chimpanzees turns into true love of the creatures who have than 98% of their genes in common with man This is an inspiring and informative story that will delight all readers especially those who love animals and tales of travel and adventure

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