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You got to love the I love you, I hate You Bodice Rippers of the past. Add some Pirate love to the mix and you have a recipe for a fun and sometimes ridiculous read This is one of the better Pirate loving books I have read It was my first Virginia Henley book and I loved it. This is my favorite, so far, of Henley s early books, tho I did think the hero was a little serious spoiler alert view spoiler It was explained sorta but if he but if he managed to be kind and understanding as Rory, why did he immediately revert to this nasty, vindictive a hole when he was acting as himself ESPECIALLY since he knew this behavior was why his lady wanted no part of him hide spoiler BEST BOOK EVER I ve read hundreds and 5 stars isn t enough to rate this one.Lots of romance, lots of heartache, a full plot that keeps you craving forBut what I liked the most about this story was that it did not go From the climatic conflict to blissful happiness in the span of 2 chapters Instead the ending is very well rounded.Thank you Virginia Henley I ve read a few of these reviews and I haven t come across this fact yet Ruark Rory rapes Summer REPEATEDLY Sometimes by force, sometimes by deception, but there are very few sex scenes in this book between them that are enthusiastically consensual Add to that all the lying, deceit, and physical and emotional abuse, and I m not really sure how anyone can think the main guy is not a complete shithead Summer is completely irredeemable too, totally irrational and illogical in every way, and cruel to people she looks down on which is just about everyone Not to mention that she s written like a total Mary Sue, immediately able to grasp the intricacies of high society and charm literally every man in the room in less than one evening after living like a near feral scavenger for years Summer sucks, Ruark sucks and may actually be insane, considering that he pretends to be two people , they deserve each other.Atrocious writing Heaps of exposition just thrown in out of nowhere, but none of it actually advances the plot Lots of she knew that he felt X instead of actually describing what happened When Ruark tries to sound like a tough guy, he ends up spouting catchphrases you can buy on a keychain Heaven doesn t want me and hell is afraid I ll take over That stopped being funny, let alone tough sounding, when I was 10 If I had a nickel for every time a character drawled that he or she was particularly partial to something, I d have 20 easily Historical inaccuracies left and right, from the clothes to the food to the people to the fact that the characters drink water and tea in an era when the water supplies were too contaminated to be potable and when coffee, not tea, was the national drink.I bought this book when I was in college so I could laugh at it I did initially, but now that I m pushing 30 I find it a lot less entertaining and a lotoffensive and ineptly written.2 stars for being insane enough to include a scene where Charles II and Barbara Castlemaine do poppers No, I m not kidding How do you come up with this stuff DNFHOW CAN ANYONE READ THIS CRAP THOUGH THIS ISNT MY FIRST HENLEY BOOK, MAN DO I WANT TO MURDER BOTH CHARACTERS FIRST OF ALL, I ENJOY BODICE RIPPER TROUPES BUT THIS WAS JUST TERRIBLE OUR HERO is just overly temperamental bordering on bipolar and too hot headed and impulsive Quick with harsh words too He s often sporting for a fight or having sexthat pretty much sums him, apart from some unexpected gestures that suggests his love Posh What a load of chicken poop OUR HEROINE is a total fucking slut Her exotic shine lost me the moment she fucked her husband s brother So much for being in love with her husband when she gets seduced by the younger brother HELLO MEANS SHE WASNT TRUE TO HER FEELINGS Not to mention, she s often snarky and bitchy, so no endearing When she was preggers, she didn t even know who the dad was Damn I felt sorry for her Ruark even if he was an asshole OVERALL this book is absolutely terrible I don t know why it s even a romance Is it promoting rape, adultery and just being plain selfish and a bitch son of a bitch I usually love a good angst in my stories involving cheaters or betrayals but this one just didn t cut it IT MADE ME WANT TO RIP THE PAGES TO SHRED AND MY BLOOD BOILS. There is just something about these old Virginia Henley romances that I love You feel like you have read a whole series by the time you have finished one book They just don t write books last this any and that makes me sad.Like most heroines in these type of books, our leading lady in this story is a survivor Lady Summer St Catherine Cat is forced into a life of theft and smuggling to put food on the table for her and her younger brother, Viscount Spencer St Catherine Spider Children of a wretched father who has gambled and mortgaged their property and ancestral estate, the pair have become a bit wild to survive So when the father dies, Cat takes on her greatest undertaking yet, learning to be a lady so she can land a rich husband or protector When she finds him, it all goes according to plan until it doesn t.Ruark is tall dark and broody and a bit schizophrenic I can t say much about his character without giving away spoilers, but I loved his dual natured personality even though sometimes I really didn t understand him.This book was filled with the dramatic and catty court intrigue that I love so much It takes place during the Restoration Period during the reign of Charles II Our characters are intimates of the King, so we get a lot of the history of the monarch, not to mention London society We go thru plague, the Great Fire of London, and the war with the Dutch There was so much action and activity going on that I couldn t stop turning pages When you pair that with the emotional roller coaster of our love story, you will be put through the ringer with this book in a good way.Full review posted at Bambi Unbridled Just finished this little gem and I have to say I liked it I had never read Virginia Henley before but I m glad I discovered her This is the classic love hate love hate taken to the extreme The emotions were all over the place But in a hilariously entertaining way Henley is a very good writer and I especially loved the research she put into the Court of Charless II and the history, clothing, etc Maybe I m dense but I did not see the twist with Ruark s identity coming Kinda felt cheated with this twist, because I found myself loving Rorythan Ruark And woo boy the sex scenes were numerous and very graphic The heroine gets smacked across the face a few times when she acts hysterical which is humorous, in my opinion at least I mean this is fiction after all.The Pirate and the Pagan is a fun old bodice ripper sure to keep your entertained. Enthralling Story of Love and Deception a Pirate Romance to treasure a Keeper Winner of the Romantic Times Award for Best English Historical Romance in 1990, this is a wonderfully complex tale of deception and love set in 17th century England in the Restoration period when Charles II ruled England Lady Summer St Catherine is an innocent, but not very lady like, young woman raised on the Cornish coast with her younger brother, Spencer nicknamed Spider With their mother dead and their father a wastrel, who spends all their money and all his time in London, they are left quite alone and cannot afford food, much less a servant When Summer and Spider stumble into a smuggling opportunity, they take advantage of it in order to survive Soon after, their father dies and Summer goes to London to stay with their aunt a wonderful character It is there Summer learns her father has mortgaged away their beloved home, Roseland Her aunt, who is teaching her to be a lady, convinces her the way out of her troubles is to marry a wealthy man Summer takes on the role of a lady and sets her cap for the neighboring Cornish lord, Ruark Helford, a friend of the king She manages to win Ruark s affections, both of them falling in love Ruark has no idea his new bride is a smuggler and when she confesses, his violent temper destroys their relationship But Ruark s younger brother, Rory, a pirate, will come to Summer s rescue providing her all the love she can no longer have from Ruark Henley weaves an intriguing story of love and deception in an interesting time in the history of England She includes many rich historical details of the court of Charles II, including some infamous characters, and lots of steamy love scenes Summer is a clever, courageous heroine who must deal with Ruark s over the top temper and does I loved this book Henley is a master of historic romance Few romance writers today bring such rich and accurate historical detail to their historical novels This is a well told pirate tale I highly recommend it. Wild As A Pagan Goddess, Lady Summer Galloped Her Stallion Along The Cornish Coast She Had Dabbled In The Smuggler S Game To Save Her Family Estate, But A Wealthy Marriage Would Better Serve Her Purpose Now Lord Ruark Helford Seemed The Answer To Her Reckless Prayers But As His Hot, Hungry Kisses Drew Her Toward Deception And Irresistible Acts Of Love, She Had To Hesitate Would This Arrogant, Handsome Lord Be Her Ticket To Heaven Or Hell