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Welcome To The Lost Souls Coffee Shop, Located Somewhere Near The Canada US Border Where Storytellers Come To Tell Their Tales Few Know How To Get There And Fewer Are Invited Join Stranger, Origin, Bit, Byte Bitch Along With Others As They Recount Their Favorite Stories

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    This was a short book, but it was packed full of story telling A man arrives at the Lost Souls Coffee House that he was sure was only an urban legend, but he was drawn to search for it because of a very strange dream The price required to leave the shop is a story There are several mini stories, all very good, that contain a moral They all tie together at the end with the hero s dream Fortunately, I have read all of Douglas Adams books, as there are many refernces to them and him I m not sure this book would mean much to anyone who hadn t.

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    If you have ever had a moment where.well just read this book and it will be described for you perfectly Even if you don t know who Douglas Adams is you will still recognize those moments Who am I Where am I and why am I here Am I here

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    Intriguing, leaves you Intriguing, leaves you wondering about everything that is, or is not are there such places who decides whom gets to visit such places

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    If Philosophy and Literature had a baby, and asked Social Sciences to be the nanny, I imagine the result would be this book Allegory, metaphor and I cannot say that I understood it completely.