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Kula Baker Never Expected To Find Herself On The Streets Of San Francisco, Alone But For A Letter Of Introduction Though She Has Come To The City To Save Her Father From A Cruel Fate, Kula Soon Finds Herself Swept Up In A World Of Art And Elegance A World She Hardly Dared Dream Of Back In Montana, Where She Was No Than The Daughter Of An Outlaw And Then There Is The Handsome David Wong, Whose Smiling Eyes And Soft Spoken Manner Have An Uncanny Way Of Breaking Through Kula S Carefully Crafted Reserve Yet When Disaster Strikes And The Wreckage Threatens All She Holds Dear, Kula Realizes That Only By Unlocking Her Heart Can She Begin To Carve A New Future For Herself

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    Kula Baker was raised near Yellowstone by her father, an outlaw She never knew her mother, who was forced to return home when Kula was a baby and later died Now that Kula is older, her father does not think it is safe for her to live with him, and he wants her to have a better life So he arranges for Kula to move to the city of Bozeman, Montana, to work as a servant to a kind woman named Mrs Gale But Kula wants than that She wants to find a rich man to marry, one who will treat her well and raise her social status Just when Kula is starting to adjust to life in the city, her father comes to find her He has been falsely accused of murder, and Kula watches as he is arrested His last words to her are to go to San Francisco and find a box, the contents of which could save him Kula sets out for San Francisco, desperate to save her father s life As she searches for the box, she meets many people, including two young men to whom Kula is attracted, and she is not sure who she can trust One of those young men, Will Henderson, is rich and handsome and is everything Kula has always wanted in a husband There is also David Wong, who is exactly the opposite He is Chinese, an outsider, and he is not rich But Kula can t seem to forget him Kula also faces danger as she encounters many villains in San Francisco, some of whom are after the same box she is, and others who would exploit the helpless for their own gain, while discovering that what she always thought she wanted might not actually be what her heart truly wants From the start, Forgiven drew me in I felt sympathy for Kula, who lived a hard life and dreamed of something As she journeys to San Francisco, the book is full of romance, adventure, and a very complicated mystery There is quite a bit of history which is both interesting and sad, as Kula learns of child slavery and experiences the San Francisco Earthquake in April 1906 Although this book is a companion novel to Janet Fox s previous novel, Faithful, the story in this book stands alone and it is not neccesary to have read the first book to enjoy Forgiven, although I would recommend it, as I really enjoyed Faithful too I highly recommend this book to readers who love young adult historical fiction.Disclosure review copy provided by publisher.

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    Forgiven is the perfect companion book to Faithful, it follows the story of Kula, a secondary character from Faithful with an extraordinary story Kula s journey takes her from the beautiful rugged wildness of Bozeman, MT to the enchanting, and sometimes dangerous high society of San Francisco, CA In Faithful I had some reservations about Kula, but with Forgiven I felt like I was really able to understand her She s had a rough life and now that her Pa is going to be hanged for a murder he didn t commit, Kula travels to CA to find a box her father sent her to retrieve Along this dangerous journey Kula will unravel a past full of secrets and deception and in the process she ll learn to let go, find herself and fall in love She s also had her fair share of prejudices from having to work at a young age in Faithful as a maid It s Kula s feisty determination that I loved the most about her It s what makes her a strong character in a twisty world she s just beginning to understand What I find intriguing about Janet s writing is not only does she have in depth, complex characters who s stories are all woven together, but she brings her settings to life She has a talent for not only giving a vivid picture of what San Francisco looks like in the early 1900 s, but how society behaves, including the darker part of the city with it s human trafficking, racism She introduces that world via her characters David Wong, one of the love interests for Kula, and the Chinese s girls who have been trafficked Being deemed an outsider because of her darker complexion Kula herself is a beautiful character and is able to understand what David Wong and the young Chinese girls she meets are feeling There are so many layers to Forgiven s story and I really liked how many of the character s are all interconnected I liked that I was able to piece together each character s connection to her story with her I felt the story moved flawlessly and while it s a little darker than Faithful s, I felt of an emotional connection to it and of an adventurous one Faithful Forgiven has a rich history that not only includes child slavery trafficking, but the April 1906 earthquake There s plenty of adventure, mystery and romance in this story Though Kula is a character found in Faithful, you don t need to read Faithful to follow Forgiven s story, but I highly recommend picking up both books.

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    It s incredible, and personal, heartfelt and true It has weight and power and love and beauty and Forgiveness between its pages Forgiven is spectacular Long Review TK

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    If there is one thing that always draws me to book it is a beautiful cover, and that was just the case with Janet Fox s Forgiven Thankfully, Forgiven contained much than just a stunning cover, as it was a lush and fabulously built historical fiction read as well.For Kula Baker, life has always provided quite the thrill and excitement thanks to her father s chosen lifestyle However, those characteristics are heighted to an extreme one chilly and dark night in May of 1904 Kula is left alone at her father s camp only to have a man with snake eyes attack her, and in the process leave everything in her life in complete chaos Because of this, Kula s father decides that this life, the one of stealing and thrill riding, is not the one for Kula any longer, which is how she eventually ends up in San Francisco in 1900s, looking for a way to free not only her father from an increasingly freighting faith but herself as well On the way, she will find love, faith, and forgiveness However, what happens when everything is thrown to the wolves once again Will Kula learn how to forgive and let herself be, or will everything be left in utter shambles Only time and pages can tell in this fantastic sopho attempt.Kula s story intertwined me from the very first page from the very last for a variety of reasons For one, Kula was a girl who was incredibly strong and brave, even if those traits often got her in trouble She was someone who anyone would want to have on their side However, what I loved most about her story was the way that she wasn t looking for love exactly, but instead forgiveness and acceptances, because no matter the time period or the circumstances, these are things any person, young or old, are always on the search for in life The secondary characters in this were interesting as well I loved the addition of David and Will, because not only where they completely different individuals, but they continually brought interesting turns, twists, and levels of heart to the story.Another aspect I enjoyed about Forgiven was the setting Ms Fox did a fantastic job of bringing the 1900s San Francisco to life with her vivid descriptions In addition, I loved how she brought to knowledge little things about that time period that I did not know, such as circumstances involving China town to the incredibly hard topic of human trafficking.Even though I did enjoy this one, I did have a few problems with it For instance, I felt that some characters were lacking necessary development Further, I am a bit torn over the ending, because while I did love how realistic it was, there was a certain aspect to it I did not find exactly necessary.Nevertheless, Forgiven is well worth a read Lush, informative, memorable, it is sure to captive many readers.Grade B

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    Prelim Review Much like Faithful, the companion novel to this in which we are first introduced to Kula and herunique ideas about life and behavior, I was drawn in by the story and the characters Though I had some disagreements with Kula in Faithful I found that I understood her better and her motivations in that book thanks to this one.Full review to be posted at Poisoned Rationality

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    Given that I like the first book very much, I thought I pick up this one and see how it went.Plot This story follows Kula who is thrown in some troubles of the past Her dad is accused of murder and there is not much time to save him He gives her clues to follow and it leads her to a path she didn t think she be on I liked this plot It is filled with much drama and action Kula s life has been hard as well She is struggling with so much To see her come into her own, was done well.Love Kula has done nothing but what others had told her It good to see her make her own designs and of course follow her own heart I think the guy who steals her heart knows her better than she knows herself.Ending The ending is bittersweet Kula is getting what she dreamed of but at a cost I was hoping for of a happy ending but when you live in times like these, I can see why it was the way it was.Overall, this is great companion story The emotions that came from Kula and her thoughts matched perfectly And of course the time period and the wonderfully writing only kept me deeper in the story Forgiven is awesome

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    Kula Baker has grown up in the mountains of Montana with her outlaw father When someone puts her life at risk, her father sends her away to safety When he is accused of a murder he didn t commit, Kula goes to San Francisco to find a box that holds secrets that she believes will free him Once she arrives, she finds herself in a spiral of mystery and deceit, not knowing who to trust or how to believe, and also finding her heart drawn to two very different men As she makes mistakes and adapts to her new surroundings, she also finds herself passionate about a new cause the sex trafficking of young girls from China When the great San Francisco earthquake hits, all hell breaks loose and Kula and those around her struggle to survive as well as continue to save the lives of the young girls I liked that this book dealt with various different issues, especially ones that aren t brought up in historical fiction very often, such as sex trafficking The characters were well written especially the villains and while Kula could seem ignorant and naive at times I often thought she acted like a 13 14 year old than a 16 17 year old , it was easy to identify with her struggles and triumphs.

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    Forgiven is about a girl from Montana, her name is Kula love that name , she is Maggie s half sister Maggie from Fatithful , and she is a spitfire and a treasure Set in San Francisco 1906 at a time when the local government is corrupt, the Chinese population is important to the community and are severely oppressed Also the earthquake and fires played a major role in the end.She goes to San Francisco to find a box for her dad, he s been thrown in jail for a murder he didn t commit Only when she gets there a man named Wilkie is out to hurt her and stop her from saving her dad Kula meets a man named David Wong, his sweet and kind manner brings down the walls of defence she s erected, because of his race she sees that he can t give her what she is looking for in a husband She is hoping to meet a man with station and wealth so that she doesn t have to live in service any When all is said and done she is stronger and fierce than ever.The reason I didn t give Forgiven 5 stars is because it s a tragedy, but it still found it s way to my favorites shelf This story is very bittersweet so have tissues on hand when reading this, and the only thing I like bittersweet is my chocolate.

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    The great thing abut Janet Fox s historical fictions is that they cover events or places that I don t generally read about I hadn t read anything about Yosemite Park before Faithful and I certainly hadn t read anything about the great earthquake of 1906 in San Francisco It s a nice change from the average stories set in the Victorian era or what have you.I really liked the way this portrayed the different places in good ole S.F Between Chinatown and the upscale neighborhoods, it had a little of everything And the things Kula sees while she s thereI have such a hard time coming to terms with the fact that stuff like that actually happened and still does.The one thing I have some issue with is Kula s realization as to how to love It s like, Well, I sort of like him, but this other guy makes my heart do funny things And then after something happens, she s just like, Oh, I love him She s known him for like, 2 weeksAlso, Kula talks about her self in the third person, which this reviewer finds to be very weird.

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    Definitely had its moments, and it s very strong at times Personally, I got bogged down about half way through This is a book that strangely manages to feel 1000 pages long in actuality, it s not even 300 pages long Kula and the reader , have an almost impossible time getting the crucial details straight so we can go about finding the damn box and saving Pa from hanging I guess it s supposed to be a suspenseful mystery, but it just felt like we were forced to be clueless and naive and not clever enough to make any accurate connections She also threw in the kitchen sink along with the historical setting of the early 1900s, San Francisco s seamy Barbary Coast, Chinese girls being sold into slavery, race relations, romance, and a VERY complicated family drama Oh, oops, the devastation of the Great San Francisco Earthquake of 1906 is in the mix too.