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Like Lots Of Eighteen Year Olds, The Boy At The Center Of Crum Doesn T Know Where He S Going, But He Knows He Is Leaving This Novel, Named After A Real Life, Gritty Little Coal Town On The West Virginia Kentucky Border, Offers A Sometimes Shocking, Often Outrageous, Always Irreverent Look At This Young Man S Attempt To Escape His HomeIn Crum, The Boys Fight, Swear, Chase And Sometimes Catch Girls, And Have Unflattering Things To Say About Their Neighbors Across The River In Kentucky The Adults Are Cramped And Clueless, Hemmed In By The Mountains That Loom Over This Tiny Suffocating Town And To Boys Flush With The Hormones Of Youth, This Situation Is Full Of Wonder, Dejection, And Even PossibilityLee Maynard, A Native Of Crum In Wayne County, West Virginia, Spins This Tale Of A Young Man Whose Rebellion Against The People And The Place Of His Childhood Allows Him To Reject The Comfort And Familiarity Of His Home In Search Of His Place In A Larger World This Novel Stirred Deep Feelings In West Virginia, As Readers Reacted In Different Ways To The Poetry And Reality Of Maynard S Creation Since Its Highly Successful First Publication, This Novel Has Become An Underground Classic, With Used Copies Now Scarce And Costly Maynard Adds A Brief Epilogue To This New Edition, And West Virginia Writer Meredith Sue Willis Provides An Introduction Crum Shot To Number Eight On The Doubleday Best Seller List Within Its First Month Of Publication, Despite Its Ban In West Virginia He Has Since Published A Sequel To Crum Entitled Screaming With The Cannibals

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    Shocking, kind of horrifying, and achingly honest This is one of the all time FUNNIEST books I have ever read One day, when I am so old I don t care any, I m going to write a book about my own Appalachian home town The townsfolk will most assuredly run me out on a rail, but I promise it will be an accurate portrayal of what it is REALLY like, navigating a sea of buffoonery.Strictly for adults, most certainly Lots of crude, sexual humor But if you are not easily offended, I challenge you to read it and not laugh out loud I have visited this town myself, and I can tell youthe people there are STILL mad An awesome, unforgettable book You are not allowed to call any of us hillbillies unless you ve read it.

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    I loved it I can see why it was so controversial, but it is very well written Maynard s characters and metaphors make the book feel like a film In fact, most of the characters seem so exaggerated that they seem like film characters In fact, this would be a great film, although my home state of West Virginia would probably hate that.

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    Warning Book contains explicit dialogueI d heard such good things about Crum that I really wanted to read the book, especially since it s about a WV boy and a WV town Now that I m finished, I can honestly say that most teenage boys will like it for sure There are exploding outhouses, fights with KY boys, and lots of talk about sex That is probably the biggest caveat I have in recommending the book to students Author Lee Maynard leaves nothing to the imagination in describing the boys fantasies and experiences, using graphic language to demonstrate there is little love involved.Still, I enjoy the depiction of a good ol boy realizing that there is to the world than his tiny town, his tiny shed, and his backwards friendships These characters and their adventures could happen in real life The author did grow up in the town of Crum, but announces in his disclaimer that it is a work of fiction All in all, I enjoyed the book enough to pick up others by the same author if I see them, but not to run out looking.

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    Crum is one twisted little novel Actually, it s less a novel than a collection of vignettes about the non fictional coal mining ghost town of Crum, WV, and the author s presumably fictional experiences growing up After a long and tedious chapter of setup, Maynard takes off He wears his Jean Shepherd influence on his sleeve a bit much in places, but there are far worse authors in this vein by whom to be influenced As such, Crum tends to read like In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash with a bubbling cauldron of Freudian influence and a little A Man Called Horse for good measure The whole thing is front to back delicious.

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    Many stories are good, but I found the writing does not flow as one would hope In particular it often seem like a set of short stories that do not fit together, in spite of being a collection of stories with the same people in chronological order Many characters were so undeveloped I had a hard time remembering who they were Which is a pity because some of the stories were funny, and one or two scenes even moving.

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    My father grew up in a West Virginia coal town not unlike Crum He loved this book and gave me the strong impression that if the events therein did not happen to Lee Maynard, it at least felt like they had happened to my Dad When I read the book, I tore through it in one night and laughed almost the entire time.

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    One of the funniest, nastiest, little books I ve ever read or listened to the audiobook features music by Pops Walker, and is great Set in Crum, WV, Lee Maynard tells it like it is through characters so vivid you ll think you know them

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    Like Rick Bragg s book its All Over But the Shoutin , this book beautifully describes the hard scrabble life of a child growing up in remote, rural part of the country Not a life to envy, but one that has deep roots and needs to be understood.

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    Hilarious Dark, sarcastic humor Step into the world of really small town Appalachia It s as bad as you think It made me think about loyalty, hometown and friendship on a larger level, but mostly I just laughed and was glad I wasn t from Crum.

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    Okay, okay, the feminist in me ought to criticize this book but, truth, I flat out loved every fabulus moment of it.