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Adequate story Not as amusing or swashbuckling as I thought it would be but not dull either The main characters all fell just a little bit short of the mark where I would have cared much about them or their problems But the cadre of secondary characters was sweet And the adoptive you get to pick your own family, love and affection was real and prevalent throughout the book The tie everything in a bow close off the past grand wrap up off the coast of England where none of that would have ever, ever, happened as no foreign ship would be dumb enough to be that close , was way too convenient andannoyingly unbelievable than fulfilling But say what, it was one of theengaging scenes under the Pirate column.To tie off I must note my strong disapproval of the way the marriage itself was handled and the beach sex scene I kept thinking the author would pull back from full on crossing the line with the consummation But nope That tractor rolled right on over it. This is going to be a long ranting review I listened to the audiobook which I quite enjoyed up until 50% Lynsay Sands writes comical stories with lots of sex Her highlander series I really enjoyed in audio I could never read one of her books because she tends to beon the telling side of storytelling for long pauses into between actions for backstory It gets to be very wordy and would bore me to death if I had to actually read it Now, the problems I had with this weren t the wordiness of it because I can plainly ignore that problems because I was listening to it The issues I had with this book is the characters This is very much a feminist book It isn t so in your face as a lot of historical romances nowadays and it does it does show a lot of problems I have with fourth wave feminism The heroine all most of her life has lived as a boy and pirate She has completely no interest in marriage, romance, relationships, or English society My issues with her lies in her characterization and character development It is done so horribly Ugh I just can t get over it She s pirate The story keeps telling us she s tough and is pirate She s suppose to be a leader yet she is never one Henry, her right hand man has always lead her and helped when she pretended to be boy with the crew She shows no qualities of being a leader She thinks acting like a pirate slouching and drinking and cursing gives her respect with the men but it does not As soon as the hero shows up they turn to him and she thinks it s because he s a man No, he shows power and control He isn t impulsive and actually thinks and calculates He even manipulates the heroine and knows how to control her without ever raising his voice or doing anything rash The entire story, the heroine is so fixated on having control, power, and independence Every chance she gets she s like ah ha, I m in the top position now, I m in control, etc Relationships aren t about power and control That would be so exhausting The author keeps trying to tell the readers how good of a pirate captain she is but she does nothing but be selfish and doesn t think of others She shows no good qualities of being a good leader There is the scene in the end where the hero lets her take control and be the captain of the ship because she hasexperience I didn t mind this, but the entire scene made the hero look like a sissy and a dumb guy I m sure it was suppose to be a comical moment but it wasn t All the character development happens because another character spells it out for the heroine Other characters tell her what she is feeling and why she is feeling this way and perhaps it s time to change All the romance doesn t happen in a good way either Both characters confess feelings and force decisions and feelings using sex and during sex so all the confessions made never feel genuine I think my main issue is just the portrayal of a romantic relationship in this There was no good message about the give and take in relationships No, it was all about control and power The heroine was obsessed with being in control It was unhealthy and annoying If the hero was a beta hero I think it wouldn t have been so annoying but the fighting for control and the heroine always obsessed with being the one with the power to order people about got on my last nerves and didn t make me believe these two could ever be happy together.The heroine tells the crew to hang him without hesitation at one point and she basically rapes the hero and forces him to marry him And he still loves the heroine and is never mad at her He understands her I read a lot of old school romances with rape and forced seduction so i don t mind this but at least in those romances I believe in their happily ever after in the end. Originally reviewed at don t know what it is with me and Lynsay Sands historical romances, but Lady Pirate was my second opportunity to read a historical romance by this author, and I have to sayI am in awe.It s no secret well maybe it is to you that I hold a special place in my heart for pirate stories I would like to thank Bella Jewel, first and foremost, for providing me a modern day pirate series Criminals of the Ocean that has warmed my heart, and has fulfilled every guideline I have in place for a perfect read What s even great is that I can now thank Lynsay Sands for providing me a favorite pirate story from one of my favorite genres.Lady Pirate met my expectations andEven when Valoree our heroine and sea captain would irk my nerves with her stubbornness and naivet , in hindsight, I wouldn t have changed a thing about her or how her actions influenced certain things to happen Every conflict, misunderstanding, and laughable moment evenly played a part in Valoree and Daniel s rocky, hilarious, and steamy romance Every piece, no matter my likability of it, worked toward the wonderful end result of Lady Pirate.Would I recommend Lady Pirate Ah, heck yeah I would recommend Lady Pirate to any of those die hard historical romance lovers especially fans of the Kathleen E Woodiwiss and Johanna Lidnsey variety I would recommend Lady Pirate to those who love their heroine to have a spine and who fully understands what loyalty means I would recommend Lady Pirate to those who love their heroes to possess an inner strength that doesn t bow to the whims of the society they live in, but is their own man And lastly, I would recommend Lady Pirate to those who want to read an all around great story that s sure to leave you smiling in the end. Omg This book was so damn funny, so damn wonderful, just so damn everything good I freaking love Lynsay Sands and every damn book that I ve read of hers After the deaths of her parents and guardian Valoree was raised aboard her brother s pirate ship In order to protect her, she was disguised as a boy the entire time, with only one crew member knowing her secret Her brother s plan was to acquire enough money to restore the estate he s inherited, then retire from the sea He had promised his crew that they would have a place with him Just as Jeremy had reached his goal, he was captured and tortured by another pirate, and the money stolen Valoree took over as captain, determined to avenge her brother and to replace the riches and follow her brother s plan, all the while keeping her secret from the crew That plan hits a bump in the road, however, when she discovers that to inherit, she must be married to a nobleman and either have a child or be pregnant by the time she s twenty five years old only nine months away She s ready to give it up and return to the sea, but her crew convinces her to give it a try.Daniel is in a similar predicament He has inherited the title and the lands, but not the money needed to maintain them Instead, his grandmother s will states that he must be married and have a child before he can claim the money she has left him He s not happy about having his hand forced, and his mother s efforts to help are making his life miserable.Daniel and Valoree meet briefly at the lawyer s office on the day they each find out about the wills requirements Daniel is intrigued by Valoree, who is unlike any woman he s ever met and ponders the idea of them joining forces to gain their inheritances Valoree is determined to find a husband that she can control, retaining her independence To do so, she must enter society and check out the prospects There are some pretty funny scenes of the help she gets from her loyal but clueless crew members Her entry into society does not go smoothly, and in each of her attempts, Daniel is there to rescue her He becomesintrigued each time and feels an unexpected attraction to her Valoree also feels the pull but feels that Daniel would not be the compliant husband that she seeks Her attempt to find said husband results in an influx of worthless fortune hunters and her interview process is pretty funny Daniel has determined that he wants Valoree for his own and inserts himself into her life whenever he can He also takes advantage of their attraction to press his point Valoree still resists, until her crew takes it upon themselves to force the issue The abductions are carried out, but a secret involving Daniel ends up putting them at odds There are some interesting maneuverings as roles are reversed, and Valoree presses for the marriage and Daniel resists Valoree s solution is unique but effective, and they end up tying the knot.But not everything goes smoothly Valoree s fears are realized when it seems that Daniel has taken over everything in her life She is left with nothing to do and her resentment builds It takes Daniel s mother s arrival to open his eyes to what he has been doing I loved Valoree s reactions to the various instructors and Daniel s cluelessness Daniel has finally realized that he is in love with her, and his actions were an attempt to take care of her Unfortunately, Valoree saw them as an attempt to control her I loved seeing him confess his feelings Though he wanted to hear that she felt the same, I loved seeing the patience that he had as he waited for her to be able to see it It took Valoree a while to realize why she was resisting admitting her feelings and I enjoyed the self examination that had her finally facing the truth.There was a little bit of suspense mystery running through the book There were several accidents that happened, putting Valoree s life in danger The truth behind the attacks came as a surprise as it was not at all what I expected The final confrontation was good, and I thoroughly enjoyed the punishment that was rendered.The only thing left was the revenge on the pirate responsible for Jeremy s death That was wrapped up pretty neatly by the end It was fun seeing how the relationship between Valoree and Daniel drove their way of dealing with the threat.As much as I liked Daniel and Valoree, I think I liked the secondary characters evenValoree s pirate crew were hilarious and heartwarming I loved how much they obviously loved and respected her and the lengths they were willing to go to for her From the pink livery to their votes on what was best for her, she was always their top priority. Gotta tell you I enjoyed this book Of course I listened to it on audio so I didn t have to deal with weird spelling names Valoree It was funny and sweet Great characters, especially Back From the Dead Red Good book, fun read. So, I didn t like this one quite as much as An English Bride in Scotland, but it was still fun, if not a bit long winded for all the loose ends that needed tying up.Speaking of being tied up, the sex scenes aren t intensely graphic as they are often wont to be in this type of story, but they still manage to be steamy I enjoyed the romantic pairing in this novel, most especially because their situations were so similaras were their personalities I m definitely going to continue perusing Lynsay Sands backlist, though I can t promise I ll venture into her vampire stories. I don t even like romance books I was out with some friends and picked this up as a joke because it so clearly screamed stereotypical trashy romance novel yknow like the ones you see pent up wives middle aged women reading in media and I just couldn t resist the hilariously expressive cover I steeled myself for a corny, cliche romantic and steamy lmfao experiment that I could retell to friends for some laughs To be honest For most of the story, I straight up wasn t mad at it It was silly and corny and melodramatic in the way that I assumed all cliche, mass market romance novels had to be and, while it did retain this air of casual eye rolling sexism, it wasn t anything I hadn t expected and actually exceeded my expectations on some fronts The prose wasn t anything to write home about but it was palatable I even found myself warming up to the inevitable romance between Val and Daniel It definitely wasn t ground breaking nor would I say I was invested by any measure, but it felt randomly genuine and Daniel s feelings towards Val were surprisinglysweet He treated her well and was obviously intrigued by her and she was similarly interested in him Their ballroom dancing scene was actually sort of nice in the dialogue department and their romance as it began was not as painfully boring to read as I first assumed Halfway through I legitimately resigned myself to giving this book 3 stars for being exactly what I thought it would be but OK because of that But just when I thought i d stumbled across a moderately tolerable Trashy Romance Novel with only mild hints of sexism and misogyny the second half of the book happened Not going to go into too much detail because it s not worth my time but basically Valoree gives up being a captain several times because men tell her to and generally goes against her own wishes to please others She s robbed of her agency as a person multiple times and this isn t even the worst part I thought this book would be free of rape y undertones that I know are so prevalent in romance novels That was sadly not the case Even though rape sexual assault is addressed as being a terrible thing to do to a woman key word being the book does a complete 180 on itself and has Val basically halfway sexually assault rape Daniel If it sounds like i m exaggerating i m not She literally even says she s going to do a little raping and pillaging while Daniel is tied up and unwilling below her Not to mention, this is after she forcibly marries him to her while he s too inebriated to refuse and after she tries to have sex with him while he s passed out and too drunk to give consent Of course, Daniel eventually becomes fully willing in the act despite having been understandably furious which isa result of the need for another sex scene in the book than anything realistic I was pretty much appalled at this sudden drastic change from sweet, bland romance to gross unhealthy but painted as healthy relationship Oh Lady Pirate, what could have been. Full review at Smart Bitches, Trashy BooksTW discussion of rape and sexual assault I ve felt like I ve had a vitamin deficiency for the past few months, and I finally realized what I needed to correct it I needed crazysauce I needed banana crackers.Valoree the names is the captain of a pirate ship, the Valor get it She and her brother were the children of some peer or another, and discovered when Valoree was about 8 or so that their guardian had bled their inheritance dry Nothing left to do but acquire a ship and a letter of marque and go a pirating to get enough money to restore the estate As one does.Fast forward a few years and Val has spent most of her life pretending to be the cabin boy, and then her brother gets murdered in the course of their pirating and she takes over as captain and then the crew finds out that she s a women and everyone is surprisingly fine with that Then they find out that according to her father s will, if she wants to inherit the estate, she needs to marry and be pregnant with a potential heir by the time she s 25 At the time she s finds this out, she s got 9 months.Luckily, at the same time with the same solicitor, Daniel, the Peer of Something, also needs to marry and beget an heir in order to inherit his grandmother s many many many thousands of pounds.The pirate crew all vote that Valoree should try to get hitched, which she says she s uncool with, but they voted and pirate ships are a democracy which is accurate, actually and so they rent a house and acquire an old woman who needs an occupation to pose as Val s aunt and the pirates all play at being servants while they all acquire invites to various soirees so Val can meet a dude to marry.Val thinks she needs a weak dude because she s all used to independence, and Daniel s like, all strong and alpha and shit, so even though they a can solve each other s problems b can t keep their fucking hands off of each other, including dry humping in the garden, and c can t stop thinking about each other at ALL, she rejects him several times.Eventually the pirate crew is like FUCK ALL OF THIS and kidnap them both, and somewhere along the line Val threatens to have Daniel hanged for Reasons so that sets things back a bit, and then the book hits a point where I just can t any.Daniel doesn t want to deal with Val because she tried to hang him, and she NEEDS to get married and get knocked up, so she has the crew go ashore and acquire a minister and has them get Daniel SO DRUNK he marries her and signs the contract without knowing what he was doing That s all bad enough, but she also tries to fuck him while he s unconscious NOPE and when that doesn t work, she has him brought ashore, lays him out, and waits for him to wake up so she could make his dick work and fuck him that way.Okay, no Yes, sure, he s mad but ultimately into it BUT NO Just because it s female on male rape does not make it okay And she married and tried to fuck him while he was too drunk to know what was happening NO NO NO Nothing about that is okay, and yes, I finished the book but only out of spite.Up until the whole rape business, I was enjoying myself Sands was not taking things seriously and was letting the wacky flag fly with this crew of pirates who just want their captain to be happy, even in spite of herself And as the crew and Valoree try to navigate society, wackiness ensues, including using cake batter and raspberries as makeup Like, some of the details weren t right, but that only detracted somewhat.But then we get to this whole rape thing and that just killed it dead I know this was originally published in 2001, and we were still in the transition out of the Old School rapiness But we were transitioning out, and equating the rape with the comedy and thinking it s funny because it s female on male just is a NO This made me SO MAD This was a reissue, and there had to have been the option of reworking it It wouldn t have even needed a huge massive re write.I needed some crazysauce I got some crazysauce to put on my banana crackers, but MAN I could have done without the rapiness Redheadedgirl Valoree No Longer Has To Masquerade As Her Murdered Brother And Scourge The Oceans As Captain Red She No Longer Has To Command His Pirate Band In A Quest To Regain His Birthright She Has Been Named Heir To Ainsley Castle But No Executor Would Ever Hand Over The Estate To An Unmarried Pirate Wench And Her Infamous Crew No Matter To Whom She D Been Born And The Will Distinctly States That In Order To Inherit, Valoree Must Be Married To A Noblemanand PregnantUpon Learning That, The Virgin Captain Is Ready To Return To The Seas But Her Crew Has Other Ideas And For Those Rascally Cusses She Would Do Anything If They Could Find A Way To Put On Her A Sweet Face That Would Fool The Ton, She Would Handle The Rest, Even With A Drunken Prostitute As An Aunt And Her Merry Cutthroat Crew As Servants But To Herself She Swears One Thing She Will Only Marry A Man Who Fires Her Blood, A Man Who Is Not Afraid Of ALady Pirate