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From A Zoella Book ClubAuthor Real, Compulsive And Intense Cat Clarke Is The Queen Of Emotional Suspense For Fans Of Paula Hawkins, Gillian Flynn, Megan Abbott And Jandy NelsonSeventeen Year Old Grace Wakes Up In A White Room, With Table, Pens And Paper And No Clue How She Got There As Grace Starts Writing, Pouring Her Tangled Life Onto The Page, She Is Forced To Remember Everything She S Tried To Forget Falling Hopelessly In Love With Nat, And The Unravelling Of Her Friendship With Her Best Mate Sal But There S Something Missing As Hard As She S Trying To Remember, Is There Something She Just Can T See Grace Must Face The Most Important Question Of AllWhy Is She Here A Compulsive Thriller Of Dangerous Secrets, Intense Friendships And Electrifying Attraction

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    Okay I admit I was freaking confused after I read this book Really, REALLY confused If you are confused too, I have some answers written below Why I read this book 1 Because of the cover. Blah You know me xD 2 I found this plot, somehow, interesting, months ago 3 My friend gave this book for me to read THANK YOU Lets be honest now, shall we I didn t love this book awkward silence Yes, I didn t, I just didn t.After reading so many teen books about real problems, I wasn t so sad about this book, or whatever What I didn t like about this 1 The narrator I didn t like Grace at all She just handled every situation poorly I feel that, authors who are writing this type of books should make the heroine s character strong, confident, something which would inspire us Her father died Everyone dies You just can t be all sad and tell yourself that you are the only one miserable in this life My sister s friend s mother died during the board exams they had some months ago And you know what Half of the school didn t even know that She was that strong She acted maturely and yes, shes just 16 Then her mother was being all shitty and all, like Grace said Yeah If Nat would have died, what would have been your reaction girl It wasn t even like her mother was ignoring her and all She always told her to tell her anything she was angry or confused about One thing for you Grace go read the book, Forbidden and then you will worship your mother, I guarantee you You will 2 The story SEX BOYS BFF CUTS SEX BOYS ALCOHOL CUTS SEX BOYS BREAKUP CUTSHooray I told than half of the book s story to you I just don t get it Why does cutting yourself makes you feel better Not that I am trying be rude or something, but seriously, you can tell your stuffs to your parents, friends or to your beloved boyfriend This book reminded me alot of Willow by Julia Hoban Get new ideas The Sex scenes and drinking beers were OVERLOADED Little bit is okay, no one minds, but this This was unbearable Personally, I think this book should have been lasted about 200 50 pages But unnecessary things took too many pages 3 The writing style First I was like, WTF is up with the writing style Then slowly, slowly it got bearable The author made this book too distracting and confusing Shes here, then shes there, then shes suddenly nowhere and poor readers are confused like hell 4 The Plot was so freaking predictable Don t tell me you really thought nothing about what happened to Nat and Sal Don t tell me you never thought the prison was weird Just don t freaking tell me you never thought that you somehow knew how the story will end till Sal and Nat The only things I fucking loved 1 The end.2 DEVON D3 The end I will rate this book 3 5 stars and I really want to know about Grace future after all Not like I care, but because of the ending way way And I won t stop you from reading this book You have this book in the library, read it Don t waste your money on it, thats all SPOILER SIDE Now for the readers who already read this book, let me answer some of the questions you might be having.1 She isn t kidnapped She didn t suicide What happened to her Ans Nope Shes in a coma, in a hospital and she didn t commit suicide She went to a coma through serious cutting After Nat Sal thing of course 2 Ethan was her imaginary bf friend helper whatever right Then what about him on the swings Ans Grace was mental You know,seeing things It was something like MPD Ethan and the white room shes been kept in would be her self consciousness Her mind can t work out what happened and she goes over her past till she gets to the current and she realizes whats happened Ethan was made by her 3 What happened to Devon Ans Remember that person in the end Playing music and saying he ll come back everyday, that was him Devon He loved her D p.s DEVON I LOVE YOU XDIf you have any questions, or just want to discuss, just comment Hope it helped recent readers

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    This book Ugh Where do I start First off, I very strongly dislike Grace, the narrator I didn t really like her at the beginning she whined too much for my taste , and it got worse as the story went on I just don t understand how anyone could think she s a likeable character I know teenagers can be mean and fickle, and I can forgive some selfishness and defensiveness, but this goes way beyond that She s condescending, rash and tries to balance her insecurities by making other people feel uncomfortable It got to the point where Grace was going on about her unworthiness and how she didn t deserve such a perfect boyfriend, and all the while I kept thinking no No, you don t Her voice has a certain bite to it that I could have liked if she was less petulant and if the angst wasn t so overdone But sadly, I pretty much hated her guts half way through, and no amount of wit would have topped that.Secondly, this book deals with sensitive matters and I don t feel like the author handled them well at all Grace s suicidal thoughts are recounted right from the start, without giving us any context That, added to her whining, makes her look weak since the empathy factor is absent from the reader s perspective Instead of being heart broken for her, I was left scratching my head and being frustrated at the lack of information I was given Further, the cutting matter wasn t broached carefully enough I just found something lacking in her writing, especially on the emotional front.Speaking of her writing the constant switches between flashbacks and present, while enjoyable in the beginning, got extremely aggravating after a while She wrote a scene, set up a big revelation and then bam Back to the present I know it s nothing new, but there are better ways to keep the readers on their toes without resorting to using annoying pseudo cliff hangers Her prose is also very clumsy It doesn t flow naturally at all, in that every detail that s given seems deliberate The obviousness of it all keeps you thinking, and possibly hoping, that the author is being deliberately misleading Unfortunately, you re wrong I figured out the mystery after exactly 16 pages Yup So while the reader is supposed to want to turn the pages faster to get a clue of what s going on, I was left feeling irritated at the simplicity of the plot and just wanting to skip to the end to see if I was right The only bright spots in this story were Grace s interactions with Sal and Nat But again, Sal s mysterious behaviour is as subtle as a sledgehammer.Finally, I d like to address the ending While predictable, the twist was still gut wrenching and, for maybe the first time, I felt truly sorry for Grace And while this could have been a good thing, considering the writer chose to put it at the end of the book, it just feels like a huge unresolved issue and made me feel frustrated, angry and depressed after closing the book And NOT in a good way I honestly just want to forget I ever read it.

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    Sad Confusing Heartbreaking Shocking Emotional Perfect It has lot of swearing, drinking, self harming and sex including teen pregnancy and abortion.The story is told from a first person point of view from Grace She is in self destruct mode She has so many emotions that she just doesn t know how to deal with and this shows in the way she acts In many ways she comes across as a normal teen she seems friendly and outgoing and is doing well at school, but this is just a front that she puts on Underneath it all she is messed up she uses alcohol to escape from reality, sleeps with boys she has just met and resorts to cutting as a way to feel in control of her life I could hear Grace s voice so clearly There was humour, happiness and love, fear, confusion and sadness such bone crushing sadness that it made my eyes fill with tears It was frank, open, brutally honest and tender Cat Clarke is an author to look out for I know I ll be on the lookout for all of her future books.Overall, one of the most amazing, unpredictable, incredible, beautiful books.

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    When Grace wakes up locked in a plain white room she has no idea how she got there Held captive by the mysterious Ethan the only distraction she has is some pens and paper so she starts writing her story As she writes about her friendship with Sal and falling in love with her boyfriend Nat we begin to unravel the mystery of how she ended up in the white room.Entangled is a captivating and powerful debut and one that will take the reader on a roller coaster of emotions from laughter to tears and everything in between When I sat down to read I was only intending to read a couple of chapters but I became so caught up in Grace s tale that I finished the entire book in one sitting This is a dark and uncomfortable read at times but that just makes it even compelling and it does manage to leave you feeling hopeful by the end I really admire the fact that Cat Clarke made me laugh out loud despite the difficult topics covered.I ve seen several reviewers say that they didn t find Grace very likable in the beginning but I have to say I didn t have the same problem with her I didn t like some of the things she was doing or her attitude at times but her character really spoke to me on a personal level and in some ways she reminded me a lot of myself as a teenager Grace is in self destruct mode, she has so many emotions that she just doesn t know how to deal with and this shows in the way she acts In many ways she comes across as a normal teen she seems friendly and outgoing and is doing well at school but this is just a front that she puts on Underneath it all she is messed up she uses alcohol to escape from reality, sleeps with boys she has just met and resorts to cutting as a way to feel in control of her life Her reasons might be different to mine and her behaviours differ to some degree but at her age I was in a very similar destructive pattern Grace s voice was so real real to me and made for painful reading as I watched her make similar mistakes to me I just wanted to reach into the book and be the voice of experience to tell her that things can and will get better This particular quote has stayed with me for days since reading the story and for me it captures the essence of Grace perfectly It s when I m alone that the doubt sets in It s been that way for years As long as there are people around, I can pretend everything s OK But I need that audience to pretend for, otherwise it doesn t work Alone, I m not that easy to fool Page 214It is hard to go into too much detail about the rest of the story without giving spoilers, I really do think that this is one of those books that the less you know about before going in the better the reading experience will be I will say that although I thought I d figured out the twist at the end well I had several theories anyway and was sure one of them would be correct Cat Clarke still managed to surprise me Entangled is a gripping and powerful read and one that I would thoroughly recommend, I know this is a story that will stay with me and one that I m looking forward to reading again now I know how it ends.

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    TBR Reduce Challenge 21 2011 Stefanie As much as I wanted to like Entangled I had the hardest time connecting with Grace and even though I wanted to sympathize with her endless issues I couldn t bring myself to care for her.I also didn t like the way this was written At first I thought it was a neat way to tell a story and I did like the memory flashbacks, but there was a lot of hard issues in this book that wasn t handled very well and it felt flat The concept is intriguing in a madding mysterious way, but the way it was delivered was basically confusing and frustrating and by the end of the book, I still felt lost.Nope, not a me book.

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    What an infuriating book And I mean that in the best possible way Does that make any sense Let me explain.Grace wakes up to find her herself in a white room with white everything and three reams of paper and lots of pens waiting for her on the desk She s pretty sure how she got there she just doesn t know where she is or why she s there Grace wonders why her kidnapper, Ethan, who looks familiar to her although she can t place how she might know him is being so nice to her Not sure what else to do, Grace writes about her best friend Sal and boyfriend Nat Through her writing Grace looks back and uncovers truths that ultimately led her to her current predicament.So, Entangled is one of those books where the cover copy really doesn t explain the book at all and in this case I was happy about that because I was expecting a different story than the one I read And to be honest, I really much rather prefer the story I read to the story I was expecting.Grace is a train wreck of a girl She s clever, beautiful, impulsive, sad, madly in love with her boyfriend Nat, occasionally happy, and not sure about her relationship with her mom I liked her from the first page or on day three of her ordeal because that s where the book starts, and found her journey to be fascinating Starting on day three, made me wonder what happened those first two days and why Grace didn t tell us about them.I found the initial setting of the white room to be a genius choice because it forced Grace to fill the space with her story But, at the same time, the room felt like a blank slate, a chance to start over a way for Grace to identify and fix what wasn t working in her life before As Grace writes, the reader is introduced to Sal and Nat, her best friend and boyfriend respectively Through her relationships with them, the reader learns a lot about Grace and how she deals with life Grace s voice felt real and I never doubted for a second that she was an actual teen dealing with problems many teens face.About than relationships, Entangled deals with some tough subjects depression, suicide, cutting, and teen pregnancy are all touched upon by Grace as she writes At times, it was a hard book to read But, it was also one of those books that worms its way into your head so that it s all you can think about for days, even after you ve finished reading It was a book that made me laugh and cry, okay I cried than I laughed and the last 20 pages or so tore me to pieces, but I had to make it through so that I could find out how Grace s story ended.Entangled was a dark, engrossing read It was a book I couldn t put down and when I got to the last page, I wanted to know what happened next It was a fabulous debut all around I can t wait to see what s next for Cat Clarke.

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    wow ok i loved this book,it s so original and you actually have to think about it the plot it has a psychological twist,and i loved the fact that it made up a world of herself and her life in her head with Ethan, and the idea of how she realised it all by writing it down,wich was why she was there,to finally understand herself.OK,so this is bassically what happensGrace is at the point were she s planning on killing herself and at that very moment she meets mysterious Ethan.A strange boy who takes Grace of to a strange place were she s held against her will.Shes taking good care of,locked in a completely sterile room with nothing but paper and pens.She starts to write down about her life,her best friend Sal,the gorgeous Nat and starts to unfold the secret s of why shes here and who she is Ethan gives nothing away After a while Grace starts telling the story of why shes here, and she then realises that she can do it ok heres why it all happened.Grace s life is ok,normal as you could say But that all changes when her best friend Sal gets pregnant and wont tell her anything,they slowly grow further and further apart and then Grace meets Nat A super hot guy who she falls inlove with, hes the answer to all her problems He finds out about how she hurts herself and helps her,and grace is feeling amazing.But then everything goes wrong, Nat is super protective over Sal,wich puzzles Grace but she ignores it Sal and Nat have a weird bond, never saying much to eachother but it seemed like they knew eachother too well.Nat says he loves Grace, and he finds out about Sal getting pregnant before He starts acting strange and thats when his younger brother comes into the picture, Devon He has a weird kind of affection for Grace Grace finds Sal in bed with Nat,wich was set up by Devon to insure that she finds out shes completely heartbroken and results in planning to kill herself in spite.She writes this all down, realising it all as she goes Ethans slowly fading away,encuraging her to carry on.she awakes, shes in the hospital,paralised.she cant talk,move,or make any kind of sign of life The people around her begin to talk to her thinking that she cant hear, and finds out that Sal had met Nat at easter break while Grace was away they were at a party, they end up really liking eachother but then are forced to hide it as nat goes out with grace Turns out Sal slept with a guy at the party,got pregnant and was the same guy who Nat beat up at the concert trying to get back at him for being so sleazy to Sal.Sal s wegded inbetween all this, desprettly trying to tell grace but she knows she cant.By the end of the book grace knows this and has partly forgiven them after hearing the whole story.Incase your wondering,the sterile room with Ethan was in her head helping her figure it all out while she was in hospital,wich is why ethan kept edging her on It ends on a cliffhanger of Grace fighting to wake up, wich is what i thought really good.overall,i thought the book was amazingly thought out like i said before, it takes a while to understand wich is what i love To be honest i loved Nat throughout the book,but to be he seems like abit of a asswhole and in some ways Sal is a seriously shitty bestfriend I liked grace,she was funny,strong and i felt i could really relate to her.sooo PROS beautiful cover good charecters,thought out personalities amazing twist and cliffhanger a nice version of forbidden love writen well really well thought out it covered the teenage language well,wich i liked because not many books do.CONS Grace seemed abit of a slut at times, i mean she was always bassically gagging for sex with Nat. eeek Took a while to get what was going on so bassically i loved this book Li HIGHLY recomend this book to anyone,its soo original,realist,beautiful and deffinately not that cheesy lovey dovey all the time crap.

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    Oh, where to even begin with this book Let s start with how there is no remotely likeable character in this except for two side character whose appearances are extremely limited Devon and Sophie Let s continue with how the main character especially Grace is grating at the best of times Let s then move on to how big, sensitive topics teenage pregnancy, depression, self mutilation, neglect, suicide are treated as plot devices that have no impact expect to further the personal drama of the central characters And let s end with how the big mysteries of the book are glaringly obvious long, very long, before they are revealed in the book I bought the book because I thought the prospect sounded like it could be exciting, with Grace waking up in a white room, imprisoned with a kidnapper who takes good care of her, but with nothing to do all day but write down her story Except the author clearly had no idea how to use this device to narrate her story Instead of a gripping, emotional tale I got poorly constructed teenage drama, and let s not even mention how we are supposed to believe we are reading what Grace wrote down when it reads like her own inner narrative at the time things happened Which would have worked much better than the whole we read what she wrote down thing when you can t suspend disbelief for than half a dozen pages The story could have been beautiful and heartbreaking if it had been told differently Cutting isn t treated as a real problem, but is once again just something a bored teenager with no real problems does to show how sensitive and emotional and troubled she is Even when she really isn t Pregnancy Well, yeah, happens, but other than being a plot device to set up best friends and boyfriends acting shitty nothing comes of it anyway Depression is apparently no real medical condition, it s just what happens when you fight with your best friend and your boyfriend is unhappy with you I could go on, but I won t This book isn t deep, mysterious, emotional, touching It s just the typical teenage drama you can tune in to every night on every channel, with no originality or emotional impact whatsoever.

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    SundayYAthon Review to come.

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    OH FINALLY I can t even explain how satisfied I m right now In last couple of weeks I ve read mostly average book but this one is everything but average Right now all feelings are mixed inside of me, this books simply left me speechless From the beginning I had some feeling that one thing will happen view spoiler some kind of relationship between Nat and Sal hide spoiler