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An Awkward Misfit In An Accomplished, Boston Family, Isadora Peabody Yearns To Escape Her Social Isolation And Sneaks Aboard The Silver Swan, Bound For Rio, Leaving It All BehindRyan Calhoun, Too, Had A Good Family Name But He D Purposely Walked Away From Everything It Afforded Him Driven By His Quest To Right An Old Wrong, The Fiery, Temperamental Sea Captain Barely Registers The Meek, Young Woman Who Comes Aboard His ShipTo The Swan S Motley Crew, The Tides Of Attraction Clearly Flow Between The Two Teaching Her The Charms Of A Lady, They Hope To Build The Confidence She Needs To Attract Not Only Their Lonely Captain S Attention, But His Heart, As Well For Everyone Knows The Greatest Charms Are Not Those Of The Formal Lady, But Rather The Possibilities Of A New World Built On Love The classic ugly duckling story of course she has to lose weight to be beautiful Of course she has to lose her glasses to be beautiful Of course she has to smoke weed by a waterfall to be wait What This is a reissue of a 1999 release What a wonderful story about love and transformation Susan Wiggs has penned in The Charm School It combines the lure of Pygmalion with the fairy tale of The Ugly Duckling and even throws in a dash of anti slavery activism And it all comes together beautifully in a story that validates hopes and dreams of love and freedom.Isadora is the ugly duckling In her family of slim, pale blondes, she s a full figured, tall brunette and in 1850s Boston high society she was the fish out of water Too well educated, unwilling to merely smile and keep silent, Dora spent her teen years folding in on herself like an old accordion Humiliation and embarrassment finally drive her to escape the only way she can she decides to hire herself out as a linguist on a family friend s trading ship.Ryan, on the other hand, is beautiful, sexy, and full of charm He grew up the privileged son of a southern plantation owner It wasn t until his childhood friend, Journey, was forced to live apart from his wife and children that Ryan came face to face with the true ugliness of slavery In that moment, his life changed His purpose became to free Journey and his family, whatever the cost Now he s only one voyage away from his goal.Although not a fan of American pre Civil War novels, I did enjoy this well written novel Ms Wiggs skillfully included many sailing and historical facts that I found very interesting She balanced the seriousness of her subjects with bouts of humor the hero and heroine first make love while under the influence of marijuana I m pretty sure I can honestly say it s the first time I ve seen pot used as a plot device The author s writing is vivid and descriptive I easily imagined myself caged with the heroine in Boston and learning freedom onboard the ship and exploring Rio de Janeiro The passion between the lead characters was believable and paced realistically While I may never become a rabid fan of novels from this era, Susan Wiggs The Charm School has certainly made me a fan of this author. Eu achei esse livro impec vel Isadora n o se encaixa na fam lia linda e perfeita que possui Inteligente e vers til, logo que surge a oportunidade de se afastar e tentar ser ela mesma sem se preocupar em agradar a todos o tempo todo, ela agarra a Ela parte como membro do navio Cisne Prateado, que possui como capit o Ryan, um homem que possui ideias abolicionistas e tamb m carrega uma bagagem familiar complicada Entre o caminho de Boston at o Rio de Janeiro Isadora descobrir que ser ela mesma o que a embeleza, enquanto que Ryan encontrar na sua companheira de viagem o seu mais valioso tesouro.Em The Charm School a autora estabeleceu uma rela o com a famosa hist ria do patinho feio, fazendo uma reflex o sobre as cobran as da sociedade e a eterna luta dos indiv duos, que cedem e submetem se aos padr es impostos para que sejam aceitos.Um fato interessante que o livro aborda a escravid o atrav s de personagens secund rios e de uma forma respeitosa e muito realista Foi imposs vel n o lembrar das recentes not cias sobre o livro brasileiro que usar esse fato hist rico t o triste como enfeite para conduzir um enredo de maneira irrespons vel Agora resta eu aprender a diferen a entre romance hist rico e romance de poca, n o sei como definir hahaha Isadora Peabody is a shy, pasty duckling who can t get no man Ryan Calhoun is a brassy redheaded Captain who is a bad man They end up on a sea voyage and Isadora gets hot and Ryan also gets hot and then they get hot together before the devastating realization of feelings 1 Uninspired ugly duckling story Isadora wears glasses and is plump and is pale and has allergies and is educated omg Then she goes on a Voyage of Discovery and no longer needs glasses And loses weight And gets tan And, somehow, loses her allergies entirely And gets BOLD to better hide her education I don t care for it I don t like the message that women who are any or all of the things that Isadora is at the start of the book are somehow unworthy or undeserving of love And while I don t think the real message of this book is that to be truly confident you have to change everything about you, that isexactly what happens to the heroine Which is underlined and made worse by the very After School Special tone the book takes in its fourth and final act, when Isadora triumphantly returns to Boston society and takes them by storm Suddenly it s piles of paragraphs going on and on about how hollow her popularity was and how foolish she was for wanting it in the first place Which OK, sure I bet there is some important messaging there about being true to yourself or whatever but it s mired in this sensation that popular people are all fools for their place in society IDK 2 Ryan is kind of a shell of a hero He is bad Because he s.selfish And he can t offer love because he has other promises to fulfill But because he won t talk about any of this with Isadora, it s a much bigger problem then it needs to be ALSO I cannot go on without addressing the relationship between Ryan and Journey Ryan is Virginian they plant seeds in the ground and the child of a plantation owner Journey was his personal slave until the age of 18 or so when Ryan went to Harvard and freed Journey once across the Mason Dixon line This is complicated by the fact that Journey has a wife and children still living in slavery in Virginia that he can now no longer see visit etc because there s a very real chance he would be re enslaved, or worse Complicating things EVEN MORE is the weird gross fetishization of Ryan s feelings towards and for Journey and Journey s estranged family The text sometimes veers into strange highlighting of how Journey s experiences impact Ryan without ever actually giving Journey the voice or agency to own those experiences It bothered me, and it also bothered me because both Ryan and Isadora are portrayed as being in the right even though I m not sure they really were.3 The romance is basic 4 They do have sex while HIGH AF ON MARIJUANA THO FIRST TIME FOR EVERYTHING 5 Even with my myriad of complaints, this was engaging and fundamentally well written Absolutely there are problematic beats which I did not enjoy, but I never got the urge to fling the book into the ocean dramatically, GOB style. During the early 1850 s, a motley crew of men managed a ship captained by Virginian Ryan Calhoun They have returned to Boston in record time for their employer, Able Easterbrook, to earn a sizable amount of money Before heading to Brazil on another mission, Ryan met the withdrawn and frumpy Isadora Dudley Peabody Aware of her prestigious family, he sensed there wasto Miss Peabody than meets the eye He was kind to her.Preparing for the voyage, he found out that Isadora had been hired on by Mr Easterbrook as his translator Angry with her he already told her she couldn t go he intended on making her regret the upcoming trip Except things never worked out as he planned.They verbally spar and snap at each other Then they make a pact to ignore one another In the meantime, Isadora finds herself in her element She enjoyed the crew members teaching her new ideas She found herself fond of the sea She was unafraid to do manual work Everything seemed to backfire on Ryan And the worst thing was that he missed her attention She was changing before his eyes and he wanted her.Covering the span of months, this light romance blends the opposites attract theme with a serious secondary story concerning slavery At times a little choppy, I didn t envy the author trying to fuse the somber subject of enslavement and the funny moments of the romance itself But I enjoyed Ms Wiggs style of writing, enough to consider looking for other stories by this author. 2.5 starsWas the quintessential romance. with the usual formulas put to good use1 Ugly duckling turning into a beautiful Swan2 This change brought about by a man3 This man being the proverbial Rake4 Not only a rake, but also a handsome, blacksheep of the family who have women swooning over sort of rake5 Initial antipathy between the two opposites6 The principles of opposites attack being put to good use7 The realization at the end8 A catastrophe which prompted that realization.Not so common formula1 strife between the sophisticated Southerner and uncouth Northerners2 Slaves and their abuse misuseThing I liked1 Descriptive sea voyage2 There was no much nasty description of physical anatomy and sound effects when they finally did it Thankfully the reader was spared yucky details.3 Last but never the least the beginning of each chapter was dedicated with a poem or a ditty one which I found the most appealing was towards the end of the book IThe Owl and the Pussy cat went to sea In a beautiful pea green boat,They took some honey, and plenty of money, Wrapped up in a five pound note.The Owl looked up to the stars above, And sang to a small guitar, O lovely Pussy O Pussy, my love, What a beautiful Pussy you are, You are, You are What a beautiful Pussy you are IIPussy said to the Owl, You elegant fowl How charmingly sweet you sing O let us be married too long we have tarried But what shall we do for a ring They sailed away, for a year and a day, To the land where the Bong Tree growsAnd there in a wood a Piggy wig stood With a ring at the end of his nose, His nose, His nose, With a ring at the end of his nose.III Dear Pig, are you willing to sell for one shilling Your ring Said the Piggy, I will So they took it away, and were married next day By the Turkey who lives on the hill.They dined on mince, and slices of quince, Which they ate with a runcible spoon And hand in hand, on the edge of the sand, They danced by the light of the moon, The moon, The moon,They danced by the light of the moon.https www.youtube.com watch v Ttjr4Plot Ugly duckling of a prominent Northern family meets the blacksheep of a Southern family, who is a sea ship captain by choice She embarks on the voyage as part of the crew her job being the translator between the English only Southerner and the Latin and SPanish foreign sea port traders Finally they reach Rio Spent a few weeks there Come back to Boston Things happen towards the end of the return journey and thereafter. What a corker of a tale Set in Boston 1850 s, the open sea and Brazil.Isadora Peabody, an intelligent, uptight, recessive spinster ugly duckling in a gilded Beacon Hill Boston family escapes the constraints of her life and blossoms at sea on a voyage she finagles with the shipper, another eminent Bostonian.The ship s captain is a southerner with secret plans involving his childhood companion and freed slave, Journey He s talked his way into captaining a ship to Brazil with a cargo of ice and a return trip laden with other valuables all to finance purchasing Journey s wife and children from slavery He s a charming scoundrel who s annoyed she s been foisted on him, along with his own mother for the southbound trip she s as tightly wound up as her busk and horrified by his easy sleasy ways right off the bat But he and the crew and the sun and the salt air all have their effects on her At the same time, she sheds her inhibitions about herself, embraces the wonders she experiences every day on board and slowly but surely comes into her own befriending all the crew and needling the captain The teasing antagonism cum attraction is well played and their conversations delightful Bith have their reasons for resisting the pull of the other but succumb anyway Great chemistry.If the author s photo didn t show a nice, landlocked woman, I d have sworn she was a lifelong sailor, or she came across as such to my landlubber s ears The descriptions of the bark, the activities of the crew, sailing protocols, the dangers and challenges faced all felt real, accurate and urgent I was swept up in the story at every level The characters were wonderful, wonderful, wonderful Everyone leapt off the page, the tittering snots at a Beacon Hill engagement party for Isadora s younger sister, the ship s owner, the crew, the captain and his mother and her sister in Rio It was an enchanting two days of reading, and I even felt a bit seasick during the storm, the descriptions were so vivid and the tension so palpable.Loved this Very involving from start to finish. I adored this book I liked the whole Ugly Duckling premise He wasn t too much of a rogue and the scenes that put him in that light were bearable If anyone has any other Ugly Duckling suggestions please let me know I got this one from the library but I think I will make it a keeper soon I m cautiouslyCAUTIOUSLYgiving this book 2.5 3 stars, which is really bifurcated between 3.5 4 for the writing, atmosphere, setting, and plot and 2 for the romance.3.5 4 The author does a nice job of weaving magical descriptions of exotic Rio and earthy shipboard life I learned a lot of nautical terminology after searching Google while reading The characters were pretty well drawn, even though I didn t necessarily like them if that makes sense Isadora s life in Boston was miserable, and her awkwardness and self pity were hard to read The transformation on board the ship is surprising and pretty gratifying to witness It takes a while to get there, though, as they don t leave Boston until 30% into the book There is a subplot that involves slavery, too, which was interesting and revealing American historicals are not my usual reading fare Basically, in terms of substance, I think this book does an admirable job of setting the stage and drawing the reader into the story.2 That said, in terms of the romance, I wish there had beeninteraction between Isadora and Ryan We get a lot of glossing over prose through which weeks of shipboard life elapse I also didn t agree with the way the physical aspect of this book played out First, I was screaming on the inside not in a good way when they docked in Rio and Ryan did what he did, even after we learn of his recognizing an attraction of sorts to Isadora view spoiler He docks in Rio and avails himself of the services of a dockside whore And then lets Isadora know And this becomes a point of discussion a couple of times smacks forehead hide spoiler