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Fiction This preuel to ECOTOPIA is a multi stranded novel that dramatizes the rise and triumph of a powerful American movement to preserve the earth as a safe habitable environment Its heroine is a brash and brilliant high school student who invents a better photovoltaic cell People who also appear in ECOTOPIA first join the story in this epic vision of the birth of a new nation

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    Ok whaaaaaaaaaaat This book did not need to exist Seriously Ecotopia was great and beautiful and lovely and I'm still sad I can't live there But this book which is supposed to discuss how Ecotopia is founded was completely unnecessary We already had a pretty good idea from Ecotopia how the world got founded This tries to be a detailed blueprint of that telling but what it really lands as is a uhhhpeople don't work that way eye roller Or talk that way Dialogue has never been Callenbach's strong point I can't get over how cheesy not in a good way and cringe y this book is Or the ridiculous and unrealistic plot devices And the amount of time dedicated to the sexual life of an 18 year old girl? Well 15 or 16 when it started Creepy creepy CREEPY Some of the expositions on why the world was falling apart were interesting But that's about it Callenbach did no service to his vision with this novel Go read Ecotopia and stay far away from this one Two stars only because I still wish this was a place for real

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    This is actually of a favorite read and of a political template than the original seuel EcotopiaThe events leading up to secession of CAORWA with foundations for the political party which ring oddly similar to events in California recently federal vs regionalGreat unschooling themes with a narrative mostly told as a coming of age story for a teenage girl scientific prodigy growing up in Bolinas and discovering a way to take down Big Oil

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    whew This one was jam packed with minutiae of the main characters' lives of which there were about a dozen or so? which was a very time consuming process of getting the overall message of ecologically minded living It was like reading a day in the life of your average Santa Cruzan As a proponent of even the revolutionary conservation ideas described as taking root in Bolinas would sound exciting to me but there wasn't much no fictional intrigueconflict than the process of getting a patent for the mysterious photo cell and it took FOREVER nearly 250 pages out of 326 for the big reveal of the forces increasing its performance After that the plot started to veer towards some heavier conflicts I guess can try 'Ecotopia' the story for which this was a preuel because the conflicts which are very real and present in our current lives under this administration weren't even close to being resolved in the end I'm very sad to know this was written in 1981 and we're still dealing with the same subsidies and lobby groups for industries actively destroying the planet

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    I wish we lived in EcotopiaIt's important that books like this exist You won't find many books that attempt to write a utopia that not only could exist but that doesn't end in ruin Yes it's idealistic yes it's got a late 70's hippie tinge at times but having an ecologically biologically based society over a profit driven and hierarchical one just makes sense It's not that radical of an idea really Society at large just has too many myths of power and profit and progress to overcome I'm from the Pacific Northwest it's not Ecotopia not yet it'd take a lot of work to get thereLike making a nature's bill of rights raising the minimum wage to 15 promoting local sustainable agriculture that everyone can afford demilitarizing gas tax advanced solar power technology getting rid of corporation's rights as persons under the law passing laws for employee owned business getting universal education healthcare and welfare providing jobs that don't just benefit profit but provide a meaningful way to engage in making a better society or at the very least don't add to its degradation addressing racism sexism classism taxing the rich fairly until they join the rest of everyone in the middle and the poor rises to the middle providing low income housing banning chemical pollutants decommissioning all nuclear power stopping logging and relying on other industrial materials than lumber getting rid of factory farming promoting community building and interaction between neighbourhoods making cities smaller redesigning the suburbs having a free non advertisingcorporate biased press and likely having the PNW succeed nonviolently from the US to do all of this or at the very least having full states' rights in Oregon Washington and Northern California at a county and municipality level there to enact laws that are contrary to the Federal government as well as making opt outs on having tax money finance the military budget or any other corporate scheme We must demand the impossible if we are to be realistic enough as the Ecotopians insist to have a chance of surviving And to have our dignity as intelligent social beings who working together could come to such a world even if it occurs slowly laboriously and with great concentrated effort on the behalf of many many groups and individuals seeking groups For we wish to belong than anything and this American alienation and ennui this age of uncertainty and anxiety I think comes for the most part from not belonging to these visionary common sense ideas which seem so impossible to surmount

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    This book is an interesting mix of foresight and hindsight reading this almost 30 years after it was written Having been born after it was written I don't have a good sense of how much of this is true and how much was speculation Things certainly aren't as grim as they predicted yet But it could get that way just as it could get better in ways they predicted as well I doubt that the northwest will secede from the rest of the nation but if it does I'm glad I live here The nicest part was that the book really didn't seem all that dated besides the fact that the internet is a HUGE technology jump that would have totally changed this novel judging by how it was used in the last electionI thought it was amusing that they reference the other Ecotopia book in this one as part of the plot I haven't read it yet but it's next on the list Should be interestingThe only thing that annoyed me was that there's a part where the Ecotopians float down the Willamette river from Eugene to Portland and they supposedly go mere feet from the golden dome of the state capitol in Salem First there's a gold MAN not a dome and second the closest stream is on Willamette U's campus which is at least a city block away not a few feet I suppose other people from the towns around here will have their own corrections to make and perhaps things were different in ye olde Salem towne way back in the 80's

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    Ecotopia is the name of that country The US didn't want to dependant of ecotopia so they did everything such as millitary way to Ecotopia but they faild After 20 years William Western visited to Ecotopia by frist american This is book's story is like his experience while he is staying in Ecotopia After his work in Ecotopia he decided to not go back to America but stay and keep his friendship and love Also he said that we should try to immitate that mind of Ecotopia for our future I would recommend this book If anyone who had worried about century before they would really like this book While i read this book i felt like run away from alot of mechanical thingsI really like this book and i would recommend this book

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    Despite being as cringeworthy and vague as it is profound prescient and timely this book is a gem I don't know if there is a word for mourning something that you never had but as our planet continues to plumit towards destruction that's what I felt reading this book As someone who spent their entire life living in Santa Cruz Eugene and Portland and recently moved away from it all perhaps I am just a little homesick for the hippie idealism I grew up with It's the belief that love and community will heal all the world's problems and all you need to do is make sure that everyone is just like you and shares 100% of your beliefs Therefore the proto Ecotopia is a Utopia in the strictest sense in that it is no real place but a heterogenous facsimile of every pre Silicon Valley Berkeleyan and PNW Cascadian's revolutionary wet dream There are clandestine community yoga meetings with the president building walls in the middle of the road so people can't drive their cars floating the Willamette from Eugene to Portland in protest and extremely thoughtful acts of ecoterrorism All the leaders are strong women solar power is cheap love is free and everyone just sort of goes along with it all But it's easy to see that it's all a fantasy if not the outright birthplace of many a hippie stereotypes although I think that might be the Oregon Country Fair The only sources of conflict in the book seems to be between the righteous Ecotopians and the awful evil Americans otherwise internal disagreements are few and far between As a young person working in sustainable technology my heart ached with how much I wanted this largely unencumbered path to ecological salvation and unity to be made real So for fulfilling that fantasy this book is unparalleled but in providing a realistic framework it falls short and that's okDespite Callenbach not being able to foresee our Hi Tech future and the role of the internet in disseminating misinformation he does get some things right Ecotopia has a UBI and randomly selected representatives two concepts gaining steam in modern progressive politics We went to war for oil in the Middle East and wealth ineuality has only gone up in the current US as it did in the fictional dystopian US He didn't get it all right as we have largely phased out toxic pesticides and nuclear but we do remain hopelessly addicted to oil and carsFor it's socially shortsighted flaws I'll let you decide if Lou's story is mild pedophilia or innocent hippie bullshit it's a well thought out if not overly earnest vision for an alternate future we would be lucky to have lived Hell I'll take any optimism for our planet's future I can get right now even if it comes from a past that never was

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    Inspiring Better than the previously written seuel because it feels much 'real' and possibleThe most surprising part is how relevant most of the concerns written about here still are to the modern environmental movement despite its datedness The only major part missing is global warming the science of which was only barely starting to become public around the publish dateAn important book to read for those concerned about where our planet is heading

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    This book has flaws and faults sure and it's definitely a produce of the era it was written but the message at the heart of it is still incredibly relevant Let's talk about the two most obvious issues first 1 The prose is certainly not narrative friendly I could probably only name a few of the many people mentioned and give defining details about even less The writing is dense and information packed; it talks about science and politics and situations and the people are simply another tool with which to convey those subjects 2 The entire premise and resolve are idealistic and unrealistic in present times It's obvious to a modern reader why things would never happen the way they do in the book but when the book was written we hadn't yet had uite so many real life examples of just how far the government and armed forces much less the large corporations are willing to go to maintain control of a domestic situation The first issue is one that I run into to varying degrees with certain types of books from that era It's a problem for some readers but for others it's not as much of an issue It's a matter of personal taste really I don't mind so much; sometimes I'm in the mood for it and sometimes I'm not and take a break from it It's easy to do with a book like this especially with Ecotopia Emerging where the author is exploring how something like Ecotopia might happen rather than a story about individual people There are individual peoples' stories contained within but the book itself is a story about Ecotopia's birth as a whole and the people are simply a narrative device to that endThe second issue isn't really an issue if one simply remembers when the book was written and thinks of it in terms of historical perspective and an exploration of optimism and ideology Now on to the heart of the bookThe country hasn't exactly gone the route predicted as our future in Ecotopia Emerging but in some ways it feels like we've just managed to get there by a insidious and less visible route The problems the book talks about are still problems; we're still not a sustainable healthy environmentally responsible harmful chemical free nation Even when I was a little kid I felt pretty bleak thinking about the long term future because it seemed like everything was heading in a pretty bad direction I still wish we could take ideas presented in books like this and turn some of them into reality and some of the other ideas we've already discoveredinvented new and better options that sadly aren't always being used yet either I enjoy reading books like this because they remind me that I'm not alone in thinking there's a better way to run things and that lots of people have had lots of good ideas and explored them in fiction Remembering that can help me hope that someday they won't just be fiction any even if it hasn't happened yet Ecotopia Emerging isn't ground breaking or riveting It's not an impressive or defining work of fiction It's not even an example of particularly good writing But none of that is terribly important compared to the ideas and hope it contains Yes it can come off as preachy or agenda pushing but it's an agenda that with translation into current times would actually make the world pretty damn awesome so I don't exactly have a problem with that If you can get past the issues of the writing and the society in which it was written at the center of it is a dream that I hope we can all share some day where true sustainability and a healthy environment are important than business and wealth for the few at the expense of the many and of the future of everyone

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    Thoughtful imaginative seuel to Ecotopia by Ernest Callenbach this book offers a nicely woven story on how to change your world Ecotopia written in the 70s amidst a political storm of environmental change is as Callenbach confesses in Emerging a uick pop book written by an activist author Emerging on the other hand pieces together events laid out in the original It shows how the residents of the Northern West Coast got mad about current politics and how they constructively dealt with it beginning by confronting the master narrative we hear and abide everyday and changing it A definite read for anyone hoping for a better future