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Jacues Jojo Simon and Marcel were looking for buried treasure when they explored a cave in the south of France in 1940 But the treasure inside was not what they expected and in fact far valuable the walls were covered with stunning prehistoric paintings and engravings preserved within the sealed cave for over 17000 years This is the true story of the boys who discovered the cave of Lascaux bringing to the modern world powerful examples of the very beginning of art

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    35 stars

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    The cave paintings of southern France fascinate me While this title gives the basic facts that four or five young men found the caves in 1940 and eventually archaeologists examined them the book doesn't uite capture one's curiosity to learn and that is what these types of titles need to do stir curiosity in the young to exploresearch for further information The two pages of additional information are perhaps better than the text The actual text of the book did not flow well for me

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    Atmospheric illustrations capture the awe and wonder of discovering the ancient cave art of Lascaux McCully's book tells the story of how a group of boys found their way in to the cave in France in WWII The concluding pages tell the denser fact based history of the fictionalized picture book As a fan of picture books and a former taker of archaeology classes I ate this one up despite the simplistic narrative Still it helps you understand the magic of being there at the beginning

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    A somewhat awkward translation of a true story to a picture book But while the text could be better the pictures and storyline the discovery of a cave in France filled with amazingly preserved prehistoric paintings held my kids' and my interest The Author's Note at the end with information about the cave's history is as interesting as the book itself

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    Good primer on the caves of Lascaux

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    An informative and accurate true story about the history of the cave paintings at Lascaux

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    A nice Picture book about the Lascaux Cave good illustrations A good introduction for children to this marvelous cave

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    Jacues Marsal was intrigued with the prehistoric bones and tools that his teacher showed him When he got to see the cave paintings at Font de Gaume he was amazed So when he and three other boys discover a cave they want to explore it Following a tunnel into the earth on their hands and knees they found an enormous cave On the cave walls were paintings that looked like they had just been painted They explored the cave for several days finding paintings even down a deep shaft Jacues insisted that they show the paintings to his teacher who at first thought they were playing a trick on him But when he saw the paintings and an expert confirmed them they all knew that they had found a treasure on the walls of the cave McCully tells the tale with plenty of details allowing readers to understand the time period and the length of time the boys explored the cave These details make the history come alive The boys are depicted as real boys who play war explore caves without any euipment and are tempted to keep the cave a secret They are human rather than heroes McCully’s afterword offers some of the history of Lascaux explaining what happened after the book ended McCully’s illustrations done in ink and watercolor have a great contrast between daylight and the caves In daylight the colors are light and vibrant The underground illustrations have an effective darkness around them conveying the thickness of the earth around the caves McCully moves successfully between her finely detailed illustrations and the primitive paintings on the cave itself The contrast between the two styles makes sure that readers know that these are depictions of the cave paintingsA book that should delight readers who enjoy history and adventures Use this as a great introduction to the caves themselves and expect to have lots of reuests for images from the caves themselves Appropriate for ages 6 9

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    While the book focuses on the boys who discovered the caves than the paintings themselves I wouldn't be surprised if this book inspired in many readers an interest in ancient art and cave paintings Somehow McCully manages to capture the feel of the paintings not only the appearance and texture but also how they must have appeared to boys searching for buried treasure The mood of the illustrations changes between the above ground scenes and the cave scenes bringing the reader into the story The story of the discoveries also overlaps with World War II a detail I'd never known about as several of the boys were only in the area due to German occupation of other areas of France An author's note explains what happened to the cave and the boys after the discovery

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    McCully tells the fascinating story of the 1940 discovery of the cave paintings of Lascaux Village boys looking for adventure and treasure in World War II France venture into a tunnel that leads them to cave walls covered with hundreds of paintings and engravings sealed for about 17000 years in the cave McCully narrates her fictionalized recreation of this piece of archeological history simply and elouently using her signature paintings to support the drama and excitement of the story Her renditions of the cave art lend mystery and a sense of awe to the discovery these boys made The author's note completes the story and aids readers in understanding a bit about cave art A bibliography is included and end papers illustrate the scope and breadth of the Lascaux Caves