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When Star Wars debuted in 1977 it revolutionized mainstream American filmmaking transporting fans to new galaxies and introducing them to countless now classic characters aliens planets and starships In the decades since the Star Wars Saga has become a phenomenon impacting cultures across the globe Just as George Lucas drew upon the work of N C Wyeth and Norman Rockwell for his own visual inspiration he has now invited than 100 well known and promising artists to draw upon the entire Star Wars galaxy for inspiration Star Wars Visions collects these magnificent artworks for the first time Featuring pieces by renowned artists such as Amano Allan R Banks Harley Brown Gary Carter James Christensen Michael Coleman Kinuko Craft Jim Dietz Phillipe Druillet Donato Giancola Ann Hanson H R Giger Daniel Greene Ron Kleeman Arantzazu Martinez Syd Mead Moebius Paul Oxborough Alex Ross Anthony J Ryder Dolfi Stoki William Stout Dan Thompson Julie Bell and Boris Vallejo Scott Waddell and Jamie Wyeth Star Wars Visions is a breakthrough tribute to the worldwide inspiration that is Star WarsPraise for Star Wars Art Visions Star Wars Art Visions acknowledges what fans have felt all along They don't want to be mere spectators but involved in the storytelling too   Los Angeles Times

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    Okay here is how the last week has been for me travelling with work and they paid for it great visiting Warsaw amazing return flight thought storm Callum Hell coming down with Sinus cold nightmare finding a whole stack of books I ordered awesomeSo forgive me if you will see a whole load of books being uploaded in a short period of time as I was either too busy to catch up or too ill to bother But I am trying to catch upSo here is the first This was a book I had known about for some time as its basically a collection of artwork by various famous artists some directly others not at all connected to the franchise who were influenced by the StarWars films and the universe they were set it Some are highly stylised and contain only the most tenuous links others look like they are lost scenes which were edited out at the last moment What I love about this book is that they are mostly faithful to the films and yet are totally unexpected and different For me it fills in the gaps and make the whole universe richer and fuller after all is it just me or have you ever wondered what happened between the films I know that some books have tried to fill in the gaps most famously the Aftermath trilogySo another great book to add to rather worryingly large collection of Starwars artwork books but hey am not counting

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    More pictures at parkablogscomThis isn't the concept art book I imagined or was expecting This isn't a concept art book at allStar Wars Art Visions is of a fan art book except the 'fans' here are some of the best illustrators around Think Moebius Alex Ross Syd Mead Julie Bell and Boris Vallejo HR Giger Peter de Seve and James Christensen There are 93 guest artists in all WowGeorge Lucas has invited all these fine artists to create art for Star Wars in their own style and interpretation You'll see art from all sorts of styles ranging from impressionist to manga to Picasso punk? collage and The book itself is huge and the prints are large You can see the details of the brush strokes and all And most of the paintings are created traditionallyThe subjects are pretty cool especially the different ones like Kermit the Frog fishing with Yoda from Peter de Seve or the manga Leia which looks like she's from an alternate universe or gasp a nude AaylaThis is a great collection of uality art Easily recommended to any Star Wars fan

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    Gorgeous book with amazing Star Wars inspired art ranging from classic oil portraiture to collage and mixed media Some really interesting and creative looks at a galaxy far far away My favorite pieces were a moving image of Vader dreaming of Padme and a realistic and detailed version of the battle of HothFour stars instead of five because of the naked twi'leks four by my count and other assorted scantily clad ladies As a female fan I'm so tired of that aspect of SW fandom

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    I love how all the Abrams Star Wars editions are so extremely beautiful The colors the uality of the paper in this particular case the art selection made by George Lucas 💕✨ Now I need the rest of the collection because it's totally worth it 👌

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    My rating is 35 out of 5 starsThe artwork in this was a little bit hit and miss for me There were some that I thought were really cleverly done with nods to the stories of the characters depicted or having multiple scenes in a painting that looked focused on one at first glance My favourite artworks were Regrets by Masey Easy being Green It's Not by Peter de Seve Now My Enemy by Robert Bailey

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    For every Oh that's pretty cool and inventive work there are two From which high schooler's notebook did they tear this? works Some show great imagination; others aspire only to duplicate a film still on the canvas And then there are the sexy Twi'leksdid I just say that? If nothing else the book would be good on your coffee table as it offers a diverse collection of SW universe interpretations Lucas had better be flattered that so much has been made over his creation

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    A great number of very talented artists contributed to this collection I loved seeing their various takes on the Star Wars universe I could however wish that Aayla Secura had gotten ONE appearance in which she wasn't lounging around naked or mostly naked

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    I've read this before his making of the original trilogy books are the better

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    I read or skimmed through this book years ago There were very interesting pieces of art in this book

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    Solid collection of a variety of SW art pieces but nothing thematically tying them together