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Unrivaled in its breadth and visual impact this uniue guide sets out to illustrate describe and explain the incredible range of creatures that make up the animal kingdom Exceptional Coverage This authoritative volume starts with a clear introduction to the animal world examining the reasons for the apparently infinite variety of animal forms and major evolutionary developments Animal anatomy life cycles and the principles of classification are also explored This is followed by a superbly illustrated survey of world habitats showing how they have adapted to each environment and the threats that face both wildlife and plants today The main part of the book an up to date and comprehensive animal catalog looks in detail at each major group and provides fascinating profiles of over 2000 individual species Visually Breathtaking Spectacular photographic portraits bring a vast array of animals vividly to life with special features on well known and important animals such as the Galapagos tortoise Each species profile is supported by maps and symbols showing distribution and habitat as well as key information on size population and conservation status forming an invaluable reference database Outstanding Reference Clear comprehensive and thought provoking the Smithsonian Animal is essential reading for wildlife enthusiasts of all ages and levels of experience

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    As a nature writer I own a large collection of natural history encyclopedias When I wrote Cool Creatures Hot Planet Exploring the Seven Continents and wanted the natural history of a particular animal I encountered in the wild I would comb through multiple wildlife guides Two things stood out1 More often than not I could find what I was looking for in Animal The Definitive Visual Guide the previous version of this book2 I was amazed how often various natural history guides disagreed on the size and weight of species Since I had the advantage of actually observing the animals in the wild I could judge which guide was most accurate In most cases I sided with Animal The Definitive Visual GuideSo while I will continue to have multiple natural history encyclopedias at my side for future writing projects if I had to choose just one Animal The Definitive Visual Guide would be the bookMarty Essen author of Cool Creatures Hot Planet Exploring the Seven Continents

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    Like many big DK books this is spectacular and in fact is better uality than most others It also being a DK book is very easy find remaindered and very good value if you doIt's not exhaustive whenever I go to look something up it always seems to be missing the particular species I want and the description of each animal is very brief However given the size and scope of the book omissions and brevity are understandable and forgivableMy four year old loves it

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    If you are someone who absolutely loves animals than this is definitely the book for you It is brilliantly written with as many facts as you could ever need on every animal I have learnt so much while reading this I have also discovered so many animals that I had never even heard of It is the perfect dip in an dip out book The perfect book for any age

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    I credit this book with truly growing my love of animals My friend’s dad owned it and every time I went to her house I would pour over this book memorizing animals facts It’s a beautiful truly educational book showcasing the joy of animal creation

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    Incredibly educational book for adults children Great facts and introduction to eg habitats climates fresh water polar regions desert An amazing tool for understanding the natural world opening our eyes to things we don't see Shows the fine balance of ecosystemsthe natural world and the importance of our stewardship of it Visually and informationally stimulating book for all ages

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    I gave this to AJ last year for Valentine's Day and we've shared many happy hours paging through the enormous volume marveling at the beautiful pictures and the astonishing descriptions of the creatures contained thereinKind of enormous book but so worth reading Get it in hardcover that's the best If and when I own a coffee table this book will be on itWe like playing 'guess which animal' in which one of us reads the description of the animal until the other can guess it AJ currently holds the record of three seconds by guessing Venomous monotreme was a platypus Did you know echidnas are monotremes too? Off subject but did you know my brother in law Dan has seen capybaras? Like on a road in front of him? they may look cute and adorable in the Definitive Visual Guide to the World's Wildlife but talk about Rodents of Unusual Size I wouldn't want to meet one of those yellow toothed super sized guinea pigs in a dark alley let alone central america

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    It's a great coffee table book It'll probably always be on my currently reading shelf because it's so fun to pull out and flip to a random page Plus it's huge so it'll take awhile to get through every bit of information that's packed in

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    One of my favorite books An education

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    obviously I haven't read this cover to coverbut it will remain in use as my definitive animal information guide for a long time

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    A book that I grew up with This book gave me a complete understanding of animals their classifications Different genuses ecology and many other things It introduced me to animals and that I will never forget My general knowledge would have never been the same without this book