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Many times I ve been told I should write a book I assume that the people who suggest this are thinking much along these lines She teaches English so must know something about books She knows a lot about a handful of authors She loves literature and has an understanding of its mechanics She manages to write pretty decent academic prose Yet I ve always suspected these simple factors wouldn t be quite enough to write a really good novel And if I ever need to offer proof as to why my literary endeavors could very well suck, I m going to suggest that those people try reading So Shelly.Because, basically, I fear that if I decided to write a book it would come out sounding a lot like this one I d be super tempted to take some authors I loved, bastardize the truly amazing events of their lives by offering them moronic contemporary equivalencies, and then present the whole mess in stilted prose suited to the most basic college freshman argumentative English essay I had high hopes for this book Hopes that the writer would tackle these problems of authorship skillfully than I could would I had hoped, even, to try teaching this book in future courses to give my students a nifty new look into my beloved Romantics And I might still consider assigning this book to a future classroom of my students In the eventuality that I truly hate them Hopefully, I ll continue to be slightly self aware than this misguided author and avoid inflicting a novel that is So Shitty on future generations. My Cover Thoughts When this book arrived in the mail I was intrigued because it shows a girl in a long white dress walking off a boat dock The dock is rickety and looks like it is about to fall apart and the girl is going to fall through it The girl looks like she is walking right into the water After looking at the cover I knew I needed to read this book because I needed to know wether or not she walked into that water and drowned My Thoughts Review From the very beginning I knew I was not going to be able to put this book down The opening line goes like this Most of us like to believe that we are born to do great things, maybe even to be famous Truth is, we aren t and we won t This book is about three people who have a huge impact on one another s lives Shelly grows up with Gordon who is her neighbour and best friend She loves him so much that it hurts because he does not reciprocate her love Gordon is a self centred spoiled boy who gets whatever he wants, whenever he wants, wherever he wants He has no boundaries and is given everything to him by his mother Then you have Keats who has jumped up in a grade because he is smart but he is also awkward so he shies away from people But when you bring the three of them together you get a great story about finding true love and true friendships This book made me laugh and cry Shelly loved Gordon but he loved himself so he did some not so nice things to other people But the one constant in his life was Shelly She loved him in spite of what he did or how he acted Gordon on the other hand slept with a lot of women drank alcohol and only thought about what would benefit him Keats comes along and becomes friends with Shelly because they have the same passion for writing Keats and Shelly start their own school newsletter and write about their passions and other stories for the school With their passion for writing ignited they get the school paper published and on line While all this is going on at school Shelly is feeling depressed because Gordon will not give her the time of day and he is busy setting out a name for himself So Shelly is feeling lonely and a little awkward at school because every time she tries to have some type of happiness Gordon ruins it by telling her he loves her so she will back away from the other person She finally has had enough and decides to be friends with Keats because Gordon doesn t deem him a threat As the story goes on Shelly has her ups and downs and she finally decides she is going to up the ante by doing something drastic which Gordon calls So Shelly moments This book has so many ups and downs that I can not tell you because I will spoil the book It is a must read I promise you, you will not be disappointed Ty has done an excellent job of spinning the old with the new This book leaves you breathless and wanting from the characters I have read a lot of books but this one captured my heart and soul Ty weeded a story so good you did not want to put this book down Who can resist true love and true hatred all at the same time by the same person Memorable Quotes Page 319 Shelly says to Keats He Gordon ignores me because he loves me Advice This is a must read I am going to buy this book and keep it on my favourite book shelf. Until Now, High School Junior, John Keats, Has Only Tiptoed Near The Edges Of The Vortex That Is Schoolmate And Literary Prodigy, Gordon Byron That Is, Until Their Mutual Friend, Shelly, Drowns In A Sailing AccidentAfter Stealing Shelly S Ashes From Her Wake At Trinity Catholic High School, The Boys Set A Course For The Small Lake Erie Island Where Shelly S Body Had Washed Ashore And To Where She Wished To Be Returned It Would Be One Last So Shelly Romantic Quest At Least That S What They Think As They Navigate Around The Obstacles And Resist Temptations During Their Odyssey, Keats And Gordon Glue Together The Shattered Pieces Of Shelly S And Their Own Pasts While Attempting To Make Sense Of Her Tragic And Premature End So Shelly revolves around the lives of three character based off long dead poetic greats Anticipating how John Keats, Lord Byron, and Percy Shelly might live and interact if they were teens living in modern day Shelly is dead, and Keats and Gordon have swiped her ashes from her memorial service Armed with an urn, a boom box, and an REM CD they set out to spread Shelly s ashes in a location she chose before her passing Along the way Gordon and Keats get to know each other better, and take us down memory lane via flashbacks of their lives with a living and breathing Shelly.I wanted to love this one I really did I think the premise of the novel is brilliant, but I found the characters seriously lacking I couldn t relate to or sympathize with them Even Keats who I should have felt sorry for didn t leave an impression Gordon is horribly selfish and self centered Shelly s obsession with the narcissistic Gordon was pathetic Keats was just there, and didn t appear to serve a purpose beyond that of narrator The plot moved slower than I would have liked, and honestly I spent most of this book in a state of depression Avoid this one if you re looking for happy because this is a dark and deep read I do appreciate the idea behind the novel, but unfortunately it didn t win me over History buffs and poetry fans might enjoy this one than I did I encourage you to read the author s notes at the end of the novel before reading They are very informative if you aren t familiar with the background of these poets.I also have to slap a content warning on this one It contains colorful language, references to drugs, sex, incest, and other heavy topics that some younger teens might not be ready for Cover notes The cover is absolutely stunning, and the reason this book garnered my attention in the first place. When I first saw the cover for So Shelly, I knew I wanted to read it even without knowing anything about it Yes, I m that superficial when it comes to gorgeous book covers Sue me PIt wasn t until I stumbled upon an interview with author Ty Roth on Teens Read and Write that I actually took the time to read what the novel was about and realize the connection to literary legends, Percy and Mary Shelley, Lord Byron, and John Keats You can t deny that a book like So Shelly leaves a lasting impression, but as I try to piece together why, I m find myself unable to pinpoint a single answer Resisting the urge to spew metaphorical bullshit, I will say that the morbid much concept of bringing historical figures into modern day contemporary fiction was not only genius but absolutely mesmerizing Like all mortals, John Keats is dying, and like most, because he believes his time will end sooner rather than later, he is desperate to leave a lasting impression So begins his retelling of tales that his friend Shelly shared with him before her own untimely death And as her life often did, many of her stories revolve around her childhood friend, the unrequited love of her life, George Gordon Byron Powered by humorous musings and homogeneous ties to history, romanticism, and death, I thought the book started off much stronger than it ended While reading, I frequently noted many quotes and passages I simply adored Though I did reach a point where I noticed my interest wavering a bit, at about the middle, and it never really picked back up I can t help but blame Gordon, at least partly.Self conscious as he was about his clubfoot, Gordon did everything possible to prove he was just was worthy as normal boys He easily excelled in anything he tried, much to the dismay of his friends and family What others struggled to master, Gordon naturally shined at What I found myself most astonished to realize was that Gordon really is the type of flawed character you can t help but initially succumb to because of his charms only to feel completely repelled by once to get to know him better Yet, even when his untoward side was revealed, you realize his disposition to be self centered is not malicious, it is simply who he is, and somehow he manages to make that quality enviable while simultaneously causing you to marvel at the pureness to his simple philosophies Shelly was a much spirited character The girl you secretly admire because she doesn t care to follow social norms Marching to her own beat, Shelly was an idealist, a hopeless romantic, and an independent thinker She impressed upon me that the world could do a lot worse than produce of her kind And because I never got the sense from her that she d want to chose death over life for any reason, her end surprised and saddened me John, though very intelligent, didn t really inspire much thought on his character I wouldn t say he lacked motivation to do anything other than to tell another person s story, but absent was the conviction needed to make him remarkable Though the Afterward by Roth warns that you should not read So Shelly as a historical accurate account of the lives of the Shelleys, Byron and Keats, you can t help but notice the parallels, and I found it all quite enchanting Though So Shelly is marketed as a YA novel, I d have to say that I d only recommend it to mature audiences because of the frequent references to sexual situations and crude language So Shelly was than a haunting, entrancing tale of love and loss It was a quiet yet thought provoking exploration of self a novel I will undoubtedly share with many to offer a different kind of reflection on life and living.I m really looking forward to reading by debut author Ty Roth. Want to see bookish things from me Check out my YouTube Channel Stars This book is a loose retelling of three dead poets lives if they were teens in modern day society Shelly has died and her final wish was for Keats and Gordon to spread her ashes on a beach while playing her REM CD from her old boom box While travelling to the beach, Keats and Gordon get to know each other and reminisce on the times spent with Shelly I found all the characters to be lack lustre and a bit boring to me Gordon was extremely self centred and Shelly s obsession with him was a bit pathetic The book started off great and I thought I was really going to enjoy it Unfortunately no real plot developed and what did come of the story was very slow. One of the tragic books I ve read in a while.Tragic because of its storyline Nooo Tragic because this book could have been a heck of a lot better than it really was, and the author proved it to me.It s forward or prologue or whatever was lovely Beautiful and insightful and genuine It gives us false hope that this book will be excellent.So Shelly is supposed to be about dead poets reimagined as teenagers in the twenty first century I haven t actually heard of any of these poets, but I m not known for my knowledge of literature and poetry, especially when the writers are dead Shelly is dead, and it leaves Keats and Gordon with a quest to go scatter her ashes or something that s what I gathered from it Judging from the premise and the prologue, this book had the full potential to be original, insightful and beautiful Excellent Unfortunately, it goes downhill very quickly.Contrary to what the title, cover and summary may lead you to believe, this book is really about Gordon It begins with a history of his sexual exploits, and proceeds to give you a full view of his life story Shelly comes in second to him for most of the book This is disappointing I didn t like Gordon He was too much of a player and thought too much of himself Do I have a natural disliking for egotistical players No Jack Sparrow and Tony Stark Iron Man are two of my favorite fictional characters ever admittedly, they re movie characters But I like pre CoFA Jace Wayland Sometimes the massive ego is part of the charm.But Gordon just didn t have charm His self absorbedness was genuine there was nothing hiding behind the ego So he didn t have the charisma to boost an entire book mainly dedicated to him.As for the other characters The narrator, John Keats is vague we don t know much about him, really And I actually did like Shelly, sorta She was interesting, at least She was all tough and made of steel, but that was only the outer shell She did actually manage to have a sort of depth to her, as well as a vulnerability Her unrequited love for Gordon made her tragic.It was also sweet, how the narrator seemed to be half in love with her He never said it or if he did, I skimmed over it might have happened , but you could feel it Honestly, this was a good love triangle, or fake love triangle It was actually tragic, unlike the whole Bella Edward Jacob thing or, specifically, all the ones based off of it , because it was all genuine, and all unrequitted Unfortunately, Shelly is dead We don t ever encounter her, except through memories, so we don t ever really mourn her, just sort of wish she were here so we d stop having to deal with Gordon s monologue John Green wrote a book called Looking for Alaska you ve probably heard of it It was a lot like this one, except in the beginning, Alaska s not dead We get a chance to actually get to know her as a live person, which makes us connected to her as a character It makes both her and her death seem real.That s another issue Shelly s death never felt real After I read If I Stay, I complained that the narrator didn t feel her situation deeply enough the whole thing felt like nostalgia fest than an actual to be or not to be situation She wasn t reacting enough I felt that here Most of So Shelly is spent reminiscing the past, but when they re in the present, I don t feel that they re really mourning Shelly They don t seem sad But then, for the last ten pages it s beautiful again Which makes me sad, because that means the whole rest of the book could have been a whole lot better than it was One thing I disliked it for waaay too much sex Sorta described, and of the gross variation, not the romantic There s incest, rape, abortion, pregnancy Just, didn t need to know.Perhaps a bit like the character of Shelly herself could have been great, but went wrong somewhere along the way and destroyed itself. I honestly went into this anticipating to either 1 hate it, 2 enjoy it for the schlocky high school AU cheese its premise is and while it is as schlocky and trashy as anyone can anticipate out of a privileged high school YA novel, what makes So Shelly incredible as a book is its self awareness and its criticisms of the genre it models and of the persons it has appropriated to fit its respective roles Ty Roth clearly knows his Romantics beyond the superficial read throughs of their works and the wikipedia blurbs of their biographies There s some deep, probing considerations, a lot of what ifs and a lot of bold conjectures about the Romantics and their environment I could see my own academic theories in practice, masquerading as plot fodder for a Francesca Lia Block esque narrative climax Super intense super invigorating I m wholly impressed.As for the reviewers actively complaining about how Roth has supposedly defaced the names of poets and authors literally infamous for fucking the system and defying the norm while wrestling with the conflicts and comforts of their privileged stations well, I m pretty sure that actually states it As for the reviewers actively complaining about the explicit content and how they wouldn t recommend this book to teens the lack of faith they have in young readers is completely disturbing, and the insult to their intelligence and their ability to recognize how the characters suffer because of their lifestyles is even atrocious. You know, I m not sure what scares me most that this novel is a spot on representation of teenagers today or that it might actually influence them In what can only be called an insult to young adults the world over, Mr Roth delivers a literary travesty In fact, the author manages in one fell swoop to disgrace the names of three beloved poets, murder any all depth and seriousness to issues facing teens today, and create a cast of characters that are so vapid, annoying, unrealistic, and utterly repugnant they made me appreciate the Twilight series And that, friends, is only the beginning The dialog appears to be taken almost word for word from episodes of Beverly Hills 90210 and Dawson s Creek and before you ask, no, it s not an homage The plot what little that exist started as a good idea, but completely derailed into a shallow reconstruction of history for an under appreciated school outcast The writing, while skilled and at times beautiful in construction, is completely devoid of feeling and movement It s as if the writer is relaying a story that has been told so many times even he s bored with it Finally, in what you can only laugh at for fear of crying, Mr Roth s sloppy mistreatment of 80 s pop culture references is an egregious example of why this trend needs to end. It s hard to review SO SHELLY without using expletives Because it s that effing good But I m going to try Yes, it s a reimagining of the lives of the major romantic poets, Byron, Keats and a mishmash of Shelleys Sometimes when reading it something happens and you think, ooh I wonder if that s historically accurate It s fascinating, and the author explains the majority in an equally interesting afterword But that s not the thing about this book Don t care about the romantic poets Doesn t matter This book is beautiful It s tragic, melancholy, hole in your soul stuff So intensely atmospheric, and the great lake hovers constantly in the background Looking to discuss setting as character Check out Lake Erie in So Shelly Love, death, obsession and flawed people are the order of the day, wrapped up in a layered, literary package It took me forever to finish this book, because Keats dragged me along with my heels dug in all the way You see the end from the beginning and I just didn t want to get there.