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Twenty Five Years Ago, Rufus Harms Was Convicted Of A Murder He Believes He Committed But When His Memory Is Jogged By A Letter From The Army, He Has A Shocking Realization He S Not Guilty From Prison, Rufus Secretly Files An Appeal With The Supreme Court, Unaware That The Real Killers Are Onto Him But The Long Time Convict Knows He S Running Out Of Time When His Lawyer And The Supreme Court Clerk The First Person To See Rufus S Appeal Are Murdered Escaping With His Brother S Help, Rufus Must Now Elude Capture Long Enough To Expose A Shocking Cover Up And Save His Own Life I do like a good thriller, especially with twists and turns The first few pages of this book are so well written, that I found it promising Reading further I was wondering if it was necessary to introduce so many characters in the beginning Now I think it wasn t Some of them could appear later, and the first part of the book could be better paced.Baldacci kept the secret hidden until the crisis, which was supposed to give suspense Actually I found it out at the half of the book, so the final bang was not so loud for me But I liked the twist at the end, when the suspected bad guy turned out to be a good one, and vice versa.While I was curious what happen next, the book was too long and sometimes too slow for my taste The characters were OK, even there were an interesting family connection between the Fiske brothers and the parents.If you have some free time to kill, it s an OK read. David B has created a page turner in his novel SIMPLE TRUTH A black man, Rufus, was attacked while in the Army and given a syringe of PCP The attackers, we do not find out actually who they are until the last 20 pages, hope to kill him Why because he spends the Vietnam Era in the Army land side They being macho think he deserves to die, for not seeing combat He does not die but blacks out He spends the rest of his life in an Army Prison The book starts at the epoch when he asks for an appeal to the highest court in the land The Supreme Court Justices and clerks become imeshed in this appeal for justice Guess who the five men who perputrated the crime are One man is in the FBI, another in the police force, another.well the plot gets deeper and most interesting because these men hold high offices and are investigating the murders of the men who are actually trying to help Rufus The story gets so intense at times you have to put the book down to catch your breath. I ve read or stopped reading bad books before, this one however is car crash literature For believablity sake alone I would urge anyone I cared about not to bother with this I am 2 3 of the way through and want to toss this across the room If it were a movie I would have been gone long before now.Baldacci sets the scene and develops interesting characters as well as adequately describing their personal worldview The something happens and the characters start doing things that create plot twists but no sane person able to walk and chew gum at the same time would believe.A Supreme Court Clerk Michael proposes to another Supreme Court Clerk Sara even though they aren t dating In fact apart from work they don t see each other Sara turns him down because there is no spark There is however someone she does think about and that just happens to be Michael s brother, John who she has never officially met but seen twice in court.Well as luck would have it Michael is murdered after he gets personally involved in an appeal that has been filed with the Supreme Court Michael s brother John also a lawyer but once a cop decides to investigate the case and of course he and Sarah see what I mean about ridiculous To make it worse she is removed from her job at the Supreme Court, a position she worked all her adult life to attain and seemingly doesn t care because she and John had sex the night beforeAdd a handy but implausible Army conspiracy, an innocent patsy who has spent 25 years in the stockade for a crime he didn t commit and of course the Army can t have John and Sarah uncovering their whole sinister plan as well as one orSupreme Court Justices that are a tad shady, oh and a perhaps crooked US Senator..Throw in an apparently corrupt FBI agent who has the ability to frame John for his brother s death after the fact, I m sure Mr Baldacci hopes we didn t see that snafu Baldacci can weave an interesting tale, and writes well, but at places in this story the plot is so thin its hardly there at all.I give this 1 star because I couldn t give it half a star In my view a terrible TERRIBLE book. This story takes place in and around Washington DC It centers around an old man who has spent the last 25 years of his life in a military prison for murder He files an appeal I won t tell you why , and a star clerk for the Supreme Court gets involved There are lots of twists and lots of suspense There s murder, cover up, romance, and everything else that David Baldacci is great at If you ve read anything else by him and liked it, you ll love this one. The narration did not work for me Maybe better writing could have developed the plot into arealistic scenario I muttered ah come on too many times. Not the best of Badacci s novels, this murder mystery which takes place in and around the US Supreme Court has a rather convoluted plot Michael Fisk, a gifted young lawyer and US Supreme Court clerk, is murdered in what is made to look like a robbery His estranged brother John, a criminal defense lawyer and former cop, decides he will aid the police in solving the crime From this point forward the story involves politicians, convicts, CIA agents, FBI agents, police, Supreme Court security officers, Supreme Court justices and many others leading to a not very climactic end I was disappointed, as the conspiracy unfolded, that the cause of the initial and subsequent murders did not carry the weight of the ensuing carnage In that regard the story seemed out of balance for me and the plot felt forced Otherwise, the book is entertaining and the characters are interesting and relatable.Here, the principals are Rufus Harms, a slow witted black giant who, after decades in a military prison, realizes that, for reasons revealed only at the novel s end, he is morally innocent of the murder for which he s doing time John Fiske, a cop turned lawyer who s drawn into Harms s quest for justice after his younger brother, a Supreme Court clerk interested in Harms s case, is murdered and Sara Evans, another Supreme Court clerk who joins forces and beds with Fiske Plenty of cinema ready action ensues as Harms, aided by his Vietnam vet brother, escapes from prison and Fiske and Sara try to get to him before the conspirators who put Harms behind bars do The novel s resolution is predictable, however This isn t Baldacci s most original book, but it s his most generously textured, distinguished by thoughtful delvings into family psychodramatics of both the Fiske and Harms clans , a nicely rendered romance between two tentative lovers and, adding a welcome and strong backdrop of authenticity to the turns of events, vivid detailing of the Supreme Court. An interesting comparison with Catherine Coulter s BLOW OUT which is also about dirty deeds at and around the US Supreme Court Baldacci, manages, however, to go a step beyond the guilty pleasure principle That means the author spends considerablytime on the workings and machinations of the court which may frustrate readers who are daunted by detail , but also on the wider implications of the court s decisions and justice for all which may put off readers strictly there for escapism The plot is plenty complicated enough, with a stable of characters that requires some readerly concentration to keep them in line e.g., which Supreme Court justice is which andthan enough plot twists and turns and some reliance on the principle that, ultimately, the good will be bad and the bad will be good Though written in the days of the Rehnquist Court, shortly before its most controversial decision Busch v Gore , it remains particularly timely in these politically distracted times, when the Court, its make up, its decisions not to mention justice for all loom so large and are worth thinking about SIMPLE TRUTH offers a painless way to do so, even unintentionally. We are all entitled to a fair trial Rufus Harms has spent 25 years in the US Army s Fort Jackson Military Prison, Virgina.Michael Fiske, is a unprecedented 3rd year senior clerk to a United States Supreme Court, most clerks take 1 year before going to private law practice.Rufus sends a appeal letter to show he was following instructions drugged in a Army s Vietnam War experiment 25 years ago when accused of a young dead girl Ruth Ann Mosley 10 Minority races not entitled to justice Michael receives the letter, goes to investigate gets killed Josh Harms helps his brother escape John Fiske, Michael s brother, lawyer x cop, were never close but he goes to investigate with Sara Evans also at the Supreme Court They expose Rufus was forced to enter a Army experiment of PCP to make the murder Lysergic acid diethylamide known as acid psychedelic drug known for its psychological effects, which may include altered awareness of one s surroundings, perceptions, and feelings as well as sensations and images that seem real though they are not During their investigation, John is accused of his brother s murder when they find he is the 500,000 beneficiary to a life insurance policy instead of their parents Colonel Frank Rayfield Warden of Fort Jackson Military Prison, 25 years ago, was a Captain in the experiments , Vic Tremaine 2nd in command at the prison, was a Sergeant , Leo Dellasandro Supreme Court Police Chief, was a Corporal , Richard Perkins Marshall of Supreme Court Sen Jordan Knight are all involved with the experiment it s coverups.John Fiske, Sara Evans, Rufus Harms, police detective Chandler FBI Det McKenna chase the 5 suspects to solve the crime The end is interesting, as those in the past, 25 years ago, with the Vietnam crime, now cover it up How does Justice Elizabeth Knight, 1 of 9 Supreme Court Justices, help solve the crime And the end is nice, Rufus Harms John Fiske can say goodbye together to their dead brothers, Josh Harms Micheal Fiske.Typical chase murders in a thriller book like this continue throughout the book Second read as I had no review entered in my first read I ve read one other novel by David Baldacci, Divine Justice, one of the Camel Club novels This was a much better book Browsing reviews of this book by other readers I get the impression that there are elements of this novel that are common to some of his other books as well I can understand why that might well be annoying to readers who have read lots of an author s novels But as someone who is dealing with just this one novel, I m going to talk mostly just about this book.I liked it an awful lot, muchthan I liked the other novel This book, dealing with the Supreme Court and the justice system in general, had a muchsubstantive feel to it than the other novel.This had the feel of a book that the author cared passionately about I don t know for sure, but I suspect that Baldacci is concerned about the Supreme Court, its reputation, the tenor of its rulings, and the way the court works vis a vis the cases it takes up, the de facto negotiation among factions within the court, etc.I m not going to talk very much about the plot of the novel, simply because there are already so very many reviews in Goodreads that do that I ll just say that what makes this, to my mind at least, a book far superior to Divine Justice is a combination of well drawn characters and a plot that is at once personal in its effect on the most important characters and also has big picture range, exploring the aspects of the high court s function as discussed above Also, it doesn t stint when it comes to secondary characters There is a nice balance in the way characters are treated in this novel, with almost all of the minor characters coming alive on the page I won t say it s easy, but it is far easier for a writer to make the protagonist and a couple of other key characters seem fairly real But in this novel, Baldacci goes well beyond that first tier of characters to create a cast of characters that feels like a bunch of people we might actually know The one character who I felt was not quite made whole was, unfortunately, the young woman, a clerk at the high court, who was involved with another clerkuntil shortly before that other clerk is murdered She is not badly drawn, but she is, to my mind, the least seriously considered character who really matters here She s a little too good She is flawed, but in a way that it s hard to criticize She s looking for Mr Rightand it turns out that the damaged brother of her former lover, who she has never really met before the book opens, is that man She s seen him in action in court, and on the basis of that experience, she has fallen in love with himor is predisposed to do so I say that because she expresses that thought before she formally meets him in the novel Obviously, people do fall in love at first sight sometimes But having her fall in love from afar with her lover s brother is a pretty twisted bit of psychodrama And I didn t feel Baldacci really gave the problematic dynamics of that as much attention as it deserved But otherwise, I thought this was a very well done, tightly suspenseful and well choreographed thriller It had me worried for the people he wanted me to be worried about, till almost the very end The end was a little predictable, but I didn t think it was nearly as predictable as some readers seem to have felt The suspense was there for me up until very close to the end The fact that the some of what happened at the end was not a big surprise was not nearly serious enough to diminish my enjoyment of the novelGenerally, very well done, Baldacci