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In this Wine Lover's short two of your favorite characters get to take center stage Simon Malveaux and Nikki and Derek's beloved Rhodesian Ridgeback Ollie While dog sitting Simon decides to take Ollie out on a little shopping spree but when Ollie goes missing it's Simon's turn to put on the Miss Marple hat and play detective If he doesn't find Ollie in time he knows he'll be a dead man at Nikki's handsThis short story takes place in between Corked by Cabernet and A Toast to MurderMichele Scott is the author of numerous bestselling mysteries including MURDER UNCORKED and MURDER BY THE GLASS She also writes betselling thrillers under the pen name AK Alexander Her thrillers DADDY'S HOME and MOMMY MAY I? have both been on the top ten bestselling Kindle books in The UK for over two months with DADDY'S HOME reaching number oneMs Scott lives in San Diego CA with her super cool husband and her eually cool three kids three dogs a kitty cat and eight horses

10 thoughts on “Dog Gone Dog

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    Mediocre at best This was a free short story that had been on my kindle for years which I read one evening when I had a few minutes and wanted something that I could finish uickly Really wasn't worth the few minutes spent

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    Good Character DevelopedI found myself likening the characters and wanting to read This is a totally fun read that is perfect for occupying time when waiting for a flight or appointment

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    Great in between short story and it was a free ebook too

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    This was a fun uick read Interesting having the story told from Simon's point of view

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    Finished this short story last night cute story which was fairly predictable but I enjoyed it The characters are familiar to me as I have read all the books in the series It was a uick read and provided a bit insight into Simon and Marco and of course Ollie was the true center of the story

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    When I got this free e book I didn't realize that this was a short story and not a book Simon and Marco are lovers Simon's brother and his fiance have a Rhodesian Ridgeback named Ollie They leave the dog with Simon and Marco for the weekend while they go away Nikki the fiance is described as a modern day Sherlock Holmes so I was expected the mystery to come up in the plot Before I knew it the story was over and not much had happened The characters weren't well fleshed out and the plot fell flat on its face I was so disappointed The best part of the story for me was Ollie the 100 pound Ridgeback because we have had three Ridgebacks and we love them It was such a weak story line that even Ollie couldn't save it for me In fact I was surprised that this was ever published

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    Free short storySimon and Marco are lovers Nikki is Simon's brother's sueeze Nikki and bro go away on vacation and leave Ollie the big dog with Simon and MarcoSlightly funny Just slightly

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    I've been following this series since it's beginning It's fun and simple and I like the characters This short was nothing special but if you already know the characters it's uite fun

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    A very very short read Not uite sure how to describe it Just glad it was a freebie

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    Cute story of what not to do with your dog alongGetting to know Simon better and having fun relate to Ollie the dog Fun read without the heavy situations that Nikki encounter