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She Was His Deffiant CaptiveWith Her Flame Gold Hair And Azure Eyes, Skye Kinsdale Was A Prize Beyond Compare Betrothed To A Lord She D Never Met, She Set Sail For America Sworn To Reject Him On Sight Until The Infamous Pirate Silver Hawk Seized Her Ship And Banished All Other Men From Her Life Burning With Rage And Passion, She Was Determined To Destroy The Arrogant Buccaneer, To Be Free At Any CostHe Was Her KeeperAnd Her SlaveThe Black Prince Of The Seas, He Was Feared By Pirate And Privateer Alike Silver Hawk Vowed He Would Have The Vixen, Make Her Crave His Savage Embrace She Was His By Law Of The Sea The Man Who Commanded A Caribbean Kingdom Swore He Would Teach His Wild Temptress To Love, To Surrender To The Lawless Thrill OfA Pirates Pleasure

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    Comparada con la anterior de la serie, esta es una maravilla, aunque no es un novel n, sobre todo porque es muuuuuuuy larga o, al menos, a m me lo ha parecido Aqu nos encontramos con unos descendientes de los protagonistas del primer libro, pero no hijos o nietos, ya que pasan casi cien a os entre un libro y otro as nos evitamos ver c mo estiran la pata XD Un lord y un pirata de tres patas en la poca de Barbanegra y una damisela de esas tipo Claire Fraser de Outlander, de las que est n todo el libro dando por Cullen y haciendo justo lo que les dicen que no hagan El libro me ha parecido bastante entretenido, la verdad, y eso que soy fan de las aventuras de piratas El problema, como os he comentado antes, es que es excesivamente largo y Heather Graham utiliza el manido recurso de te quiero pero te odio y damos dos pasitos p alante, Mar a, y un pasito p atr s demasiadas veces, lo que a m ya me estaba poniendo un poco al borde de leer en diagonal Vemos casi todo el libro desde la perspectiva de la protagonista porque hay un secreto secretoso cuyo truco se ve desde el principio que el maromo sabe y ella, no Pero claro, eso hace que pasemos demasiado tiempo con ella y, si bien al principio te gusta porque es una mujer con dos ovarios, seg n avanza el libro te acaba cansando porque su cabeza es un nido de demasiados pensamientos de los que est s deseando escapar esto lo solucionaba yo metiendo tajos por doquier l, totalmente maravilloso, y con la paciencia de un santo Heather Graham aqu decide dejar el bodice rippismo de lado, per en ciertos momentos lo bordea cosas de piratas, chicas, que una vez en su poder tienes que hacer lo que ellos te ordenan Y, a pesar de haber disfrutado poco con el primer libro de la saga, me alegro de haberlo le do ya que aqu se hacen referencias a los protagonistas y podemos ver c mo ha florecido el sue o que Jamie y Jassy comenzaron a crear En fin, que el libro es entretenido pero le lastra la extensi n y la cantidad de pistos que mete Por cierto, no he visto en la vida una protagonista que salga volando m s veces que esta, qu barbaridad.

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    2.5 This book is the classic example of an 80 s romance novel with plenty of over the top action and cheesy romance dialogue I can see why there are big fans of this book as the story is not meant to be taken seriously It was a fun rompt story that never let up from the action My only big complaint was the heroine, as she got on my nerves She fought, complained and put herself in danger non stop She pulls so many stupid decisions, all in the name of keeping the story action packed, but it was too much This story would have been much better if only the heroine showed a bit of common sence There was a point where the hero slaps her down, something I should be appalled by, but oddly found myself cheering him on How messed up is that How the great Pirate hero falls for her was a mystery to me I don t think 80 style romances are for me.

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    I don t ever give 1 star ratings,because I always feel bad about it.I m feeling bad even right now,but I really didn t like this book.

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    I love a good trashy Pirate romance I really do Why I guess women love a bad boy So I gladly delved into this one knowing it s considered a classic from the 1980 s Question Why are romance novels from the 80s so much enjoyable than the sterilized PC versions we have today Are we expected to believe that men never forced themselves on women throughout history Or that women were encouraged to yammer on about their opinions and needs with an attentive audience Long diatribe short, I find the old bodice rippers entertaining Just my take.Back to the novel This one was good I loved the Lord Cameron Silver Hawk character s Skye got on my nerves at certain points with her constant criticisms and interference Best thing about the novel It s set in the American colonies Thank you Jesus I was getting very weary of the same ol England Ireland Scotland setting Plenty of juicy stuff happened here in the States, especially at this time in history.The sex scenes are a little bit watered down that I m used to Maybe I m just too used to modern day erotica style.

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    Powerful Pirate Love Story Well Told This was my first Heather Graham and it introduced me to a wonderful trilogy The North American Women that is a part of the Cameron Saga see list below It is the 2nd in the trilogy and I recommend reading them in order which I have now done This second one is set in 18th century America Virginia and the Caribbean, and it captivated me from page one I never lost interest and neither will you.Set in 1718, it s the story of Lady Skye Kinsdale whose father has ordered her home to Virginia to marry a man he s promised her to from birth a man she s never met She s coming home aboard her father s ship from England where she has been at a finishing school Before she leaves England her father has her wed by proxy to the man, Lord Roc Cameron, but she knows nothing of it When her ship has nearly arrived, it is seized by pirate One Eyed Jack, a ruthless killer But before he can have her, another pirate, the Silver Hawk, retakes both vessels and holds Skye captive Skye, who was trained to use a sword by the finest swordsman in Europe, can hold her own against the pirates, and does The Silver Hawk Hawk admires her courageand her golden haired beauty But Hawk confuses Skye On the one hand he is ruthless, rough and domineering and on the other he is gentle and honorable and holds her through her nightmares she fears darkness Unaware she s been wed to Lord Cameron, Skye finds herself attracted to the pirate scum her words And so the adventure beginsand it is a real adventure A keeper The plot is intricate and has a major twist you might not see coming I could not put it down and stayed up very late to read it Once it was finished, I had to read it again immediately You won t regret buying this book Having now read the others in the series, I can say they are equally good Heather Graham s writing is superb The story pulls you in and does not let you go There are no slow spots as the action and characters become so real The sexual tension permeates the book and is very believable.Here s the North American Women trilogy 1st three in the Cameron saga Sweet Savage EdenA Pirate s PleasureLove Not a Rebel

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    I enjoyed this one just ok I guess It took me FOREVER to get through it though There were some interesting and unexpected change of events come page 271 I was thinking something along the lines of bastard brother, but boy was I wrong I m usually pretty good at calling that kind of thing, but Graham really did shock me, and for that she get s an extra star for this rating See, I m fair The romance was cool to light medium heat, and I didn t like Skye very much, she was a winer I did like Captian Hawk though, his was a great character Just a question to ponderWhy is it do you think authors have such a hard time when it comes to the women in their stories For me they usually but not always seem to be lacking at least something compared to the men.

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    My first romance novel It was bought as a gag gift and read aloud with two roommates and occasionally with one slightly uncomfortable male friend Oh pirates

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    My first trashy romance novel I will never forget you

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    What an entrancing pirate romance with a twist It absolutely held my attention from start to finish And I anticipated the twist from the beginning I m guessing the reader was supposed to know all along The heroine, Skye, had been attending school in England She had been betrothed from an early age to a wealthy neighboring country gentleman Upon her return to face her fate, she is kidnapped by pirates Then another pirate rescues her and her father s ship The rescuer is one of our heroes, the Silver Hawk As the story progresses, we learn he is her fiance s cousin They both inherited the family trait, silver eyes Much happens during the course of the story which ends up resulting in Skye falling in love with her pirate She would have stayed with him, I think, if it weren t for her father She loves and misses him Her fiance, Lord Cameron, seeks her out to rescue her It gets complicated because her father had also set out to rescue her and ended up kidnapped as well.By the end of the story, all is resolved in a dramatic and tension filled way Skye was definitely over the top at times And yet I found myself understanding her motives and actions She was, of course, high spirited and fiery What else would you expect A wonderfully romantic HEA wraps it all up.

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    I m not entirely certain as to how I should be rating this book I really liked the plot line I LOVED Hawk and Roc I enjoyed the twists and turns the story took as you though one thing only to have it disproved and then in a great turn about have what you thought be true, that was awesome Sadly I really could have done with out Skye Yes, she had a strong sprite, and it was awesome to have her fight with a sword and be good at it But DAMNED if she didn t remind me of Scarlett O Hara And I m not sorry to say that I HATE, HATE, HATE Scarlett O Hara Skye just seem s to rebel for no reason other than to be contrary, if you told her that the sky was blue she would argue that it was purple She acts like a spoiled rotten brat and for some unknown reason Roc fall s in love with her, yeah I totally don t see it I might try to read another one of these books but as of right now reviews shall be read before consumption of said book and if there is even a hint of another girl like Skye then said book shall never be read.