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Paleontologist Robert T Bakker tells the amazing story of a day in the life of a pack of Deinonychus aka“raptor” dinosaurs Readers follow the creatures as they single out kill and devour an injured tenontosaur; climb up into a tree; fall asleep; and are themselves stalked by a giant predator Includes an explanation of how scientists study rocks and minerals; fossil roots claws teeth and bones; and modern predators to understand raptor behavior

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    Raptor Pack by Dr Robert T Bakker gives an excellent introduction to the subject of dinosaurs to children in grades 2 4 Designed for children who want to take the plunge into chapter books but still like colorful pictures this book introduces both the subject of paleontology and that of the dinosaurs whose fossilized bones paleontologists dig up and study The story begins 120 million years ago in what is now Montana and describes the lives and actions of several types of dinosaurs giant sauropods too big for raptors to attack and in mnay cases covered with armor too formidable for a predator to penetrate; tenontosaurs moose sized herbivorous dinosaurs the favorite prey of the raptors; a massive acrocanthasaur a giant carnivore big enough to swallow a raotor whole; and the raptors themselves kick boxing animals with deadly claws on their hind feet and mouths full of wickedly sharp teeth Like the herbivores the raptors are social creatures and are better providers for their young than the herbivores are for their own children Covered with fine feathers resembling a coat of fur the raptors are among the most intelligent of the dinosaurs of their time they have to be for they have to avoid predators bigger than they are and bring down prey capable of fighting back and injuring or killing them We know they were like this because paleontologists have dug up and studied their bones and the bones of their prey Paleontologists have mapped the places where they lived locating the muntains lakes and rivers in their environment They have found the fossilized roots of plants that grew in that environment at that time enabling them to figure out what the landscape looked like And of course they cab observe living predators such as lions leopards and hyenas to see how they live Deinonychus the raptor that is the main subject of this book formed packs a group of one species of animal that hunted together And like birds cousins to the3 dinosaurs was likely an excellent parent bringing its young food and protecting them from predators and other dangers In many ways these raptors resembled modern eagles though of course they couldn't fly They likely had had brightly colored coat patterns and being social they probably had courting and other rituals similar to those which modern birds displayBeautifully illustrated by Michael Skrepnick this book would make a perfect gift for a young reader introducing him to the wonders of the ancient world and the similarities between modern mammals and birds and ancient dinosaurs

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    Raptor Pack by Dr Robert T Bakker is all about dinosaurs different kinds fossils and how they went extinct The book is transitional reading the reader can tell this because the sentence is complex the pages contain between 3 and 7 sentences the vocabulary is larger and descriptive and dialogue is used throughout the story The book is a nonfiction story as well thus the vocabulary is complex such as Deinonychus Another big clue that it is a transitional reading book is the book is divided up into chapters I personally enjoyed this book and would like to incorporate it into my future classroom I enjoyed the humorous and colorful illustrations that went along with the nonfiction story as well The illustrations are not a crucial part of the story but add to it The book is also engaging because the main character is a paleontologist As a teacher I could use the book as an independent read or a read aloud in 2nd or 3rd grade I could use this book as a read aloud while teaching a lesson plan in social studies or geography when discussing dinosaurs and fossils I would also recommend this book to children that are transitional reader interested in geography or social studies

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    We checked this one put from the library It was on recommendation of the Wayfarers Ancients Curricula I'm always curious which way a book on prehistoric times will tell it and this was a Christian author I love the way he presents the science Starting with I'm going to tell you a story and tell you why we think it's true And ending with the influence that if you follow the science breadcrumbs you can methodically prove the past This is a good influential one to show kids the possibility of a scientific adventure of a professional field I wish the would make this one available as a Kindle copy

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    First a story about a day in the life of dinosaurs Fantasy right? Then all the science that makes the story plausable Like a detective working backwards towards his conclusion Dr Bakker shows how scientists unravel a world of creatures we never met but have come to know so well