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Longtime Defense Attorney Mickey Haller Is Recruited To Change Stripes And Prosecute The High Profile Retrial Of A Brutal Child Murder AfterYears In Prison, Convicted Killer Jason Jessup Has Been Exonerated By New DNA Evidence Haller Is Convinced Jessup Is Guilty, And He Takes The Case On The Condition That He Gets To Choose His Investigator, LAPD Detective Harry BoschTogether, Bosch And Haller Set Off On A Case Fraught With Political And Personal Danger Opposing Them Is Jessup, Now Out On Bail, A Defense Attorney Who Excels At Manipulating The Media, And A Runaway Eyewitness Reluctant To Testify After So Many YearsWith The Odds And The Evidence Against Them, Bosch And Haller Must Nail A Sadistic Killer Once And For All If Bosch Is Sure Of Anything, It Is That Jason Jessup Plans To Kill Again

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    This is the third entry in Michael Connelly s Mickey Haller series, after The Lincoln Lawyer and The Brass Verdict The Reversal, though is almost as much of a Harry Bosch novel as it is a Mickey Haller.As the book opens, Haller gets an unusual offer from the L.A County District Attorney who wants Haller to join the team as an independent prosecutor for the purpose of retrying a convicted child killer who has been granted a new trial after a successful appeal Haller agrees to the proposition with several stipulations He will operate completely independently of the D.A s office he can pick his own second chair from the D.A s staff, and he can select his own investigator from the L.A.P.D.When the D.A agrees, Haller selects as his second, his first ex wife, Maggie McPherson, AKA Maggie McFierce As his investigator, Mickey selects his half brother, Harry Bosch This makes for a very interesting cast of characters and it s fun watching the three of them work together The story is told, basically, in alternating chapters, one from Haller s first person POV and the next from Bosch s third person POV.The accused killer, a creep named Jason Jessup, had been convicted twenty four years earlier New DNA evidence has raised doubts about his guilt and he has now been freed from prison Most people, Jessup included, assume that the state will not attempt to re try him after all this time, and Jessup is looking forward to a big payday upon his release.Jessup is in for a big surprise and so is the reader, as Connelly repeatedly refuses to do the expected and produces a variety of twists and turns that will keep the reader turning the pages long into the night A bit of the tension leaks out of the book at the end with a conclusion that seems somewhat rushed and is a bit of an anti climax after the events that have led up to it Still, this is a very entertaining book and Connelly fans will not be disappointed.

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    The end ruined this for me It s as if the author was driving his car along on a pleasant Sunday outing, didn t watch where he was going, and drove off a cliff mid drive Stupid ending Up until then, I enjoyed the book as a midrange outing for this author I like it that Bosch and Mickey are awkwardly working their way to a relationship, and how they have many unconscious characteristics in common I liked the premise I have to admit, I got tired of the scenes of voir dire, although I liked how Mickey was hoist on his own petard I like the daughters of both men, and how Bosch struggles with being a father One gripe can t stand Maggie Shut her up or kill her off And being a government attorney myself, I am in a position to say that prosecutors don t hold defense attorneys in such disdain or spout this I am so virtuous and noble because I protect the common man from evil crap They tend to be flip sides of the same coin, and they recognize that in each other and often have camaraderie and even respect for each other One other thing this author doesn t quite capture although he comes close is that for the good trial attorney, the gamesmanship with the other side is exciting for them they love one upping each other, no matter what side of the bench they sit.I ll read anything this author writes I m stupidly loyal that way but next time I hope he has his head back in the game.

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    A SINGING TELEGRAM FROM ME TO MICHAEL CONNELLYNobody does it better,Makes me forget all the rest, Nobody does it half as good as you, Baby you re the bestEvery time I m disappointed by some other author in the genre, it just makes me appreciate Connelly s skills all the He leaves all the others in the dust I read the last 215 pages of this one all in a night Stayed up till 2 00 a.m No one else can make me focus like that.This book is a Mickey Haller Harry Bosch hybrid It takes place several months after the events in Nine Dragons If you are a fan of the Harry Bosch series and you hate spoilers, do not read The Reversal until you ve read Nine Dragons This has been a public service announcement.

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    I somehow cannot get to like Mickey Haller and I really do not enjoy court scenes so I probably should have left this book out of my reading of the Harry Bosch series On the other hand there is always the worry that I might miss a bit of Harry so read it I did.And I did enjoy the Harry Bosch chapters and the parts where he interacted with Mickey and Maggie I also learned about the progress Harry is making with his daughter which I would have missed if I had jumped past this book He showed himself again to be an excellent detective, working on his own to ferret out the whereabouts of a long lost witness All good.On the other hand I found the court scenes tedious and dull That s just me reviewers who enjoy this kind of thing report that it was really good Reviewers who like Mickey Haller report that he was good too It is a wide and wonderful world and we all like different things.However I think many of us agree that the ending was very sudden, rushed and left hanging wide open I am still giving it three stars for Harry.

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    A tale of Haller and Bosch together again, handled with the usual consummate professionalism we expect from Connelly the only difference being that defense lawyer Haller is working as a special prosecutor this time Still nothing special, though.

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    EXCERPT Jason Jessup was a convicted child killer who had spent nearly twenty four years in prison until a month earlier when the California Supreme Court reversed his conviction and sent the case back to Los Angeles County for either retrial or a dismissal of the charges The reversal came after a two decade long legal battle staged primarily from Jessup s cell and with his own pen Authoring appeals, motions, complaints and whatever legal challenges he could research, the self styled lawyer made no headway with state and federal courts but did finally win the attention of an organization of lawyers known as the Genetic Justice Project They took over his cause and his case and eventually won an order for genetic testing of semen found on the dress of the child Jessup had been convicted of strangling.Jessup had been convicted before DNA analysis was used in criminal trials The analysis performed these many years later determined that the semen found on the dress had not come from Jessup but from another unknown individual Though the courts had repeatedly upheld Jessup s conviction, this new information tipped the scales in Jessup s favor The state s Supreme Court cited the DNA findings and other inconsistencies in the evidence and trial record and reversed the case.This was pretty much the extent of my knowledge of the Jessup case, and it was largely information gathered from newspaper stories and courthouse scuttlebutt While I had not read the court s complete order, I had read parts of it in the Los Angeles Times and knew it was a blistering decision that echoed many of Jessup s long held claims of innocence as well as police and prosecutorial misconduct in the case As a defense attorney, I can t say I wasn t pleased to see the DA s office raked over the media coals with the ruling Call it underdog schadenfreude It didn t really matter that it wasn t my case or that the current regime in the DA s office had nothing to do with the case back in 1986, there are so few victories from the defense side of the bar, that there is always a sense of communal joy in the success of others and the defeat of the establishment.The Supreme Court s ruling was announced the week before, starting a 60 day clock during which the DA would have to retry or discharge Jessup It seemed that not a day had gone by since the ruling that Jessup was not in the news He gave multiple interviews by phone and in person at San Quentin, proclaiming his innocence and pot shotting the police and prosecutors who put him there In his plight, he had garnered the support of several Hollywood celebrities and athletes and had already launched a civil claim against both the city and county seeking millions of dollars in damages for the many long years during which he was falsely incarcerated In this day of non stop media cycles, he had a never ending forum and was using it to elevate himself to folk hero status When he finally walked out of prison, he too would be a celebrity.Knowing as little as I did about the case in the details, I was of the impression that he was an innocent man who had been subjected to a quarter century of torture and that he deserved whatever he could get for it I did, however, know enough about the case to understand that with the DNA evidence cutting Jessup s way, the case was a loser and the idea of retrying Jessup seemed to be an exercise in political masochism unlikely to come from the brain trust of Williams and Ridell.Unless .THE BLURB Longtime defense attorney Mickey Haller is recruited to change stripes and prosecute the high profile retrial of a brutal child murder After 24 years in prison, convicted killer Jason Jessup has been exonerated by new DNA evidence Haller is convinced Jessup is guilty, and he takes the case on the condition that he gets to choose his investigator, LAPD Detective Harry Bosch.Together, Bosch and Haller set off on a case fraught with political and personal danger Opposing them is Jessup, now out on bail, a defense attorney who excels at manipulating the media, and a runaway eyewitness reluctant to testify after so many years.With the odds and the evidence against them, Bosch and Haller must nail a sadistic killer once and for all If Bosch is sure of anything, it is that Jason Jessup plans to kill again.MY THOUGHTS The Reversal by Michael Connelly is an intense read I have never been a great fan of the courtroom drama, which this largely is, but I am starting to think that I would read a shopping list if Connelly has written it Featuring both Mickey Haller and Harry Bosch, The Reversal is neither a straight courtroom drama, nor a detective story, but a clever and compelling combination of the two The tension increases throughout the book, relieved only by glimpses into the family lives of the two main characters, and sometimes not even then I have previously read 1 in the Mickey Haller series, the Lincoln Lawyer, and rated it 3 This is just so much better, a good solid 4 read I listened to the audiobook of The Reversal by Michael Connelly, narrated by Peter Giles, via OverDrive All opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own personal opinions Please refer to my Goodreads.com profile page or the about page on sandysbookaday.wordpress.com for an explanation of my rating system This review and others are also published on my blog sandysbookaday.wordpress.com

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    Mickey Heller finds himself in the weird position of prosecutor when the 24 year old murder conviction of Jason Jessup is reversed after the DNA results point to someone else The DA wants an independent counsel and Mickey s tagged He agrees but with two conditions Maggie McPherson is his second chair and Harry Bosch is assigned as investigator This was headed to a 5 star rating until I reached the end Everything about this case was interesting and compelling, including the dynamics of Mickey, Harry and Maggie working as a team It was every bit as delicious as it sounds The courtroom antics had lots of flavor and Harry s investigation just added lots spice Enough with the food references Peter Giles was masterful in narration performance, effectively giving separate and distinctive voice to not only Mickey, Harry and Maggie but all the other major players He was excellent It was a really, really good story only flawed by an ending that didn t live up to the foreplay Still, I couldn t stop listening 4.5 stars

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    Objection Although I haven t read much of Connelly, I ve loved almost everything I have read and so I consider myself a fan This was my first interaction with Mickey Haller, and I wasn t enthusiastic about it, but I had it with me at the airport and decided it was going to be better than nothing.Straight away, Red Heaven found the alternating between 1st and 3rd person incredibly annoying The book never settled into a consistent tone as a result.I also noticed that for a 400 page novel, the characterization of Haller and Bosch was minimal, and much of the focus way too much, was on the trial.Red also noticed that several alluring plot points were raised and then pretty much discarded Was the stepfather involved in the murder Was the killer a serial killer who buried his victims The blurb on the back borders on deception as much is promised with Jessup out on bail, but hardly anything happens.I found the circumstances of the crime fairly interesting, but there was so much that could and should have been done I needed a satisfying twist Instead I got an ending that came jarringly out of nowhere, moving the plot in 90 degree angle and bringing the book to a screeching halt.Red hated the ending of this book After investing time reading 350 pages he got an ending that basically rendered those 350 pages irrelevant It was a shocking way to treat the reader and the lack of meaningful resolution, the lack of paying off on any of the vaguely interesting plot points really sucks The book is shallow and superficial and a pale imitation of his best work.

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    This is listed as the third book in the Mickey Haller series but Harry Bosch plays a prominent role in the story The story opens with Mickey meeting L.A District Attorney Gabriel Williams for lunch Mickey is a defense lawyer He is The Lincoln Lawyer Williams has an unusual offer He wants Mickey to cross the aisle and be the prosecutor in the retrial of a convicted lowlife child killer Jason Jessup was convicted twenty four years ago of kidnapping and killing 12 year old Melissa Landy and discarding her body in a dumpster The California Supreme Court reversed the conviction based on new DNA evidence Now the Los Angeles District Attorney must either retry or dismiss They plan to retry Jessup Mickey agrees to take the lead for the prosecution on several conditions 1 he will be completely independent, 2 he will choose his second for the prosecution, and 3 he will choose his own investigator.For his second on the prosecution team he chooses his ex wife Maggie McFierce McPherson For his investigator he chooses his stepbrother Harry Bosch It makes for an interesting cast of characters and it was fun watching them work together The chapters alternate One chapter is told from Mickey s first person POV The next chapter is told from Harry s third person POV.Jessup does not think he will be retried after twenty four years and is looking forward to a big payday between a lawsuit, book deals, maybe a movie, etc He is enjoying his new found freedom surfing, eating at fast food restaurants, barhopping and the media is there to capture it all But he and his media savvy lawyer are in for a big surprise Michael Connelly keeps the reader guessing I found the ending a little disappointing It seemed as though the author wanted to wrap this story up and just end it Overall though it was still an enjoyable story and I like reading how Harry and Mickey interact and how the relationship between them develops And whether justice will prevail for Melissa Landy It always bothered Bosch when he saw justice and the law being manipulated by smart lawyers His part in the process was pure He started at a crime scene and followed the evidence to a killer

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    New York Best Seller List Oct 24, 2010 1 Mickey Haller The Lincoln Lawyer crosses his attorney defense line goes to The Reversal on a prosecution side.Jason Jessup, in jail 24 years, convicted for a 12 year old girl murder Released, due to the new Genetic Justice Process reviewing past murder cases Jessup had other convictions Run from LAPD surveillance or wait for The Reversal trial Prosecution Mickey Haller, Harry Bosch LAPD investigator Maggie McPherson deputy D.A., Mickey s ex wife Defense Clive Royce.Melissa Laundry 12 year old girl killed body found in a dumpster Sarah Ann Gleason unstable older sister testifies Melissa taken by Jessup Enough DNA for tests on Jessup Jessup dug at safe house under a beach s pier, why not just escape when released YouTube Micheal Connelly Book interview