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Is Death The End Or Only The Beginning Ethan Wate Has Spent Most Of His Life Longing To Escape The Stiflingly Small Southern Town Of Gatlin He Never Thought He Would Meet The Girl Of His Dreams, Lena Duchannes, Who Unveiled A Secretive, Powerful, And Cursed Side Of Gatlin, Hidden In Plain Sight And He Never Could Have Expected That He Would Be Forced To Leave Behind Everyone And Everything He Cares About So When Ethan Awakes After The Chilling Events Of The Eighteenth Moon, He Has Only One Goal To Find A Way To Return To Lena And The Ones He LovesBack In Gatlin, Lena Is Making Her Own Bargains For Ethan S Return, Vowing To Do Whatever It Takes Even If That Means Trusting Old Enemies Or Risking The Lives Of The Family And Friends Ethan Left To ProtectWorlds Apart, Ethan And Lena Must Once Again Work Together To Rewrite Their Fate, In This Stunning Finale To The Beautiful Creatures Series

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    3.5 starsThis one was better than the last Mostly cause Ethan is dead After three books, I thought, surely Ethan and Lena would run out of ways to confess their love It didn t matter if we were dead or alive We could never be kept apart. Apparently not Because, now that Ethan is dead, we have a whole new angle Pining Even when I didn t know anything else about where I was or what I was supposed to be doing You were my Wayward, even then Everything always brought me back to you Everything. Mutual Pining. I love her beyond the universe and back I love her from this world to the next. Sigh Just shootme now.Okay, so if you manage to wade through all this lovey dovey he is my moon she is my stars stuff.the plot was actually a bit decent better than the last two at least.Ethan sacrificed himself at the end of book 3 and is now in the underworld Which is a lot like the real world only with lots of arbitrary and convenient rules to keep the plot plodding along Lena is mourning yet another death until she plucks up the courage to do something radical Like bring her boyfriend back from the dead After all, when has that idea ever gone wrong From then on, Lena and her friends spend all their time following arbitrary and convenient rules to bring back her dead boyfriend.As usual, the only reason I m continuing this with this series is because the authors can write absolutely amazing side characters.Wellside character I abso freaking lutely adore Link He has such a hilarious personality that it really makes this series shine As I followed him along the sharp black stones, I could hear Link s voice in my head Bad move, man He s gonna kill you, stuff you, and add you to his collection of idiots who followed him back to his creepy cave Audiobook CommentsRead jointly by Kevin T Collins and Khristine Hvam As usual, I enjoyed the narration by Kevin Collins and all the character he gives to the folks of Gatlin County.For the first time, we have the story written from the perspective Lena We have a new narrator Khristine Hvam for Lena s parts However, what really threw me off was that the new narrator did all the accents differently Some of them were so different that I really had to pay attention keep track of who was who.YouTube Blog Instagram Twitter Snapchat miranda.reads Happy Reading

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    OH MY GOD I AM SO SORRY.I realised I had been putting off this review because writing it would have meant the end of of this The love, the heart break, the passion, the frustration, the components that truly make this a beautiful series.And all I have to say is DAMMIT XAVIER, where were you all the rest of the series oI wasn t too sure about the book being from Lena s POV so much, as I kind of missed Ethan He was a little wry, and I thought it dragged on a little bit, which is the only reason I gave it 4 stars out of five blasphemy, I know _ , but otherwise this was the perfect ending to a much loved series Kami Garcia, I salute you, and I eagerly await any books you wish to write _____________________________________________________________________This is going to sound really weird, but the cover of this book is always going to remind me of Hurricane Sandy, because of the closeness of both, and because of the way the stairs Y kno Like a hurricane, with the eye of the storm in the middle The stillness in the middle of the storm Who knows, maybe that s where we start In the center, where all is not what it seemsI don t know, okay I ve been revising so frickin hard for my GCSE Maths exams that I haven t been able to read the book It s just sitting there, on the bookshelf, waiting to be picked up Waiting to release it s secrets and sacrifices to me, as soon as I have a chance to PICK THE DAMN BOOK UP you have no idea how much this is driving me around the bend.Oh and did I mention how much I hate Maths Today, my dear friends, is the Day 23 10 12 The Day we all fall down these Gothic stairs, arriving finally to the end of Beautiful Creatures.Thanks to all who read my pre review rant about this book, and liked it All 80 of you for now PReview to come OMG OMFG Oh my Oh, oh my It s green It s it s bright green And there s a staircase There s a flippin staircase It s winding down, down, downA green winding staircase Whoa, mama Just took a look at the new name Beautiful Redemption Wow Exhales loudly like a crowd cheering AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Towards the end of Beautiful Chaos, I was sobbing in my pillow, clutching the book like a damn lifeline When it ended why, WHY did it END , I was sob screaming, banging my head on the wall, and half mumbling incoherent threatening things to the authors about the unbelievably STUPID cliff hanger And all that was going through my head for the next week was view spoiler Shit, authors, you lay a ONE hand on my Ethan in the next book, you re both DEAD DEAD Well, not really, cuz I can t be bothered to pay tons of money to go all the way to USA, and lug an axe with me, but I ll figure something out PPlus, they probably won t kill him off I mean, that ll take away the whole point of a YA book No love interest means no panting, no smoochy woochy scenes that fill in, like, maybe half the book, and basically a minimal story that doesn t get good reviews or has any prospects of being converted into a film by producers that may or may not think that all we teens care about is watching another teen s angst on the big screen.But stillETHAN hide spoiler

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    What was that bullshit ending Ugh Ok, so I read this purely so I could complete the series I wasn t expecting much, as these books have been getting and ridiculous with their plot holes and characterisations as they have gone on So having now completed the Caster Chronicles I can finally say I am done, I am glad for it and I will probably never return to this series.SPOILERS AHEAD So, Ethan is dead Honestly how many times can a character be killed off and resurrected in a book series This book is split into three parts, 1 and 3 are from Ethan s perspective, where he does whatever he possibly can and bargains with anyone and everyone in the otherworld to try and make his way back to Lena.Part 2, you guessed it, is from Lena s perspective Ethan has succeeded in leaving notes for Lena and their friends, to assist him in his return, which includes finding things for him, such as the infamous book of moons.All the villains from the previous books show up Saraphine, Abraham, Angelus All the characters can talk about is how the world is going to end, or they just pine over one another that s it Lena was annoying, Ethan was annoying I like Link particularly as everyone underestimates him, and then he just murders Abraham with a pair of garden shears that was the best part for me.And the worst of the worst, the ending In order to bring back Ethan, Amma has to die No No Nope nopity nope Absolutely not She is my favourite character why on earth is Ethan so special that this was allowed He chose to throw himself off of the water tower This isn t the kind of series where something like killing off the only positive role model in Ethan s life is an acceptable plot choice They did it for shock factor, no no less and I am not here for that.2 stars and I am glad to be over this series.

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    FINAL RATING 3.90 STARS CATCHALL Wow My first thought after finishing this was, what a stunning finale to the Caster Chronicles I feel like I ve been reading these books for years They re so fantastic and gorgeous This series just wow I mean, wow I m speechless really Was this book perfect Of course not But I loved every moment of it nonetheless It made my heart ache in a good way I ve become so connected to these characters, to this universe, that I have really found a home in it no matter how clich that sounds Beautiful Redemption was gorgeous and breathtaking and most certainly went out with a bang THE HERO ETHANEthan is, of course, our hero He s changed so much from the first book He used to dream of escaping Gatlin Now the only thing he wants is to get back to it Before he met Lena, he was just a typical boy Now, he s a strong young man I loved seeing him change, and he continues to change in this novel He is forced to mature still If he wants to return to Lena, he must stay strong Ethan definitely has some issues We all do, of course He can be impulsive, but he s also sentimental in a good way He has feelings and a heart, and though that doesn t always make life easy for him, it also helps him in ways than one THE HEROINE LENABecause Lena narrates a part of the story for the first time, we get to know her intimately than ever before She s a lot like Ethan, which isn t surprising, since half the time they seem to be the same person Even so, she s also starkly independent and very strong even on her own She ll do absolutely anything to get Ethan back, even if it seems completely insane Insane doesn t matter to her he does She does think about her magic an awful lot, but at least she knows when not to use it, and I guess that makes sense THE FRIENDS LINKLink is fantastic Easily my favorite character in the entire series He has the most amazing an awesome personality Sure, he s a bit arrogant, but that s just part of what makes him so darn lovable He thinks of things that no one else would ever think of, and by sheer luck and a strange conglomeration of circumstances, his plans somehow always seems to work He also says the most random and weird things, which of course just make my entire life.RIDLEYRidley is Lena s cousin, but I didn t feel like making a separate header, so whatever She s a very, very interesting character She s Dark by nature That much has always been clear But it s also very clear that she cares for Lena, and she cares for Link She seems constantly at odds with what to do with herself even though she usually tries in the end to do the right thing I love how she changes throughout the books especially.XAVIERXavier is an entirely new character that we meet in this book There are several, but Xavier is by far my favorite and in my opinion the most important When we first meet him, we re not supposed to be sure what to make of him He is many things in ways than one and a complete enigma Eventually, though, I really came to love him He s a shockingly complex character and I really wish that we could have gotten to know about him THE PLOT And now for the most lengthy part of my review Let s discuss the plot There is so much good that I have to say here Of course, there s also a bit of bad But clearly I loved this novel, so I imagine I have mostly good things to say.Well, there was definitely excitement to this plot Somehow, even without making everything move at a million miles an hours, the action in this book in still heart poundingly intense When I m reading this book I m desperate to keep reading so that I can find out what s next There s a certain level of anticipation that s achieved here and that can count me among its prisoners.It seems like no matter how much we find out, no matter how much information to gather, there is always that we don t know This added still suspense to the novel I was reading to find out not only what was next, but to find out I loved the way the information was slowly spilled to us, revealed to us smoothly, in milky transitions I loved finding out , tying everything together just a little .Still, this book had less good v evil Not totally, but in general, there was focus on Ethan s journey to return to Lena and Lena aiding him than there was with Caster corruption and such, and I was sorry for that It ended up leaving some things too open ended for my taste, which naturally I was sad about.Also, some things were just way too convenient Like, some things just worked out way too nicely It was completely unrealistic and made no sense and just kind of ticked me off It all felt very rushed and contrived and just didn t seem very genuine I wasn t buying it.Even so, overall, like I said, fantastic I really, truly did love this It brought both joy and sadness to my heart, drug me onto an emotional roller coaster and decided not to let me go There are some intensely emotional moments to balance the action and the info, and some of them were definitely tearjerkers THE ROMANCE Ethan and Lena have such a sweet, soft kind of chemistry It sparks, but it s also obviously not going to fade anytime soon Maybe never You can feel the love between them When they re together Even when they re apart, which they mostly are in this book But at the same time, while it s clearly the most important thing to each of them, it doesn t really ever seem to control them or dominate them It s a large part of their lives and who they are, yes, but it does not define them They love being together and hate being apart, and when apart all they want is to find their way back to one another, but they still stay strong THE WRITING I ve always loved Kami and Margaret s writing Their descriptions, especially, are lovely Absolutely lovely I love the way they describe the worlds their characters inhabit, and the gorgeous places around them, so vividly and completely It s like I can picture myself really there And I practically can What my main problem here has always been is that Ethan s voice isn t very masculine He sounds so feminine a lot of the time It s gotten a little better, but that first impression is hard to erase However, unlike the the other Caster Chronicle books, we also get Lena s point of view in this installment Not only is her voice gorgeous, but it was nice to have that change Even if her voice sounds suspiciously like Ethan s That may be the point THE ENDING My sappy and sentimental heart has a thing for sentimental endings, and so by default I do too And this ending just made my heart so so so happy There was so much sweetness to it And of course, it was desperately romantic But there s to it than that There were sacrifices that had be made There are always sacrifices, serious, permanent ones And I love that this ending embraced that too There s happiness, but there s also heartache because endings are never perfect WRAPUP I certainly had my ups and downs with this series It wasn t perfect, and I was often frustrated by it Even so, over all of that there was an overarching enjoyment that made me unable to keep from loving these books They re achingly real, and I recommend them with all my heart If you love magic, especially, you ll probably love these I myself will definitely be reading future works by both Kami and Margaret And maybe if we re lucky, they ll even work together again someday.FINE.Find of my reviews on Sparkles and Lightning

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    3.5 StarsBeautiful Redemption is an odd book to judge.It s so much different than the other three books in the series in this one, there s a very clear goal in mind The book is one overstretched, boring journey however, what this book accomplishes with the long journey is the increase and build of tension The end kind of just exploded in my face I read the whole thing in one sitting, and while in certain parts I wanted to sleep, it was a fun journey mostly.The only thing that REALLY bugged me about this book was one particular death scene view spoiler You thought I d actually tell you hide spoiler

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    There is such a thing as sloppy writing, and this book, even the whole series, could easily be shown to aspiring writers as an example of such writing Also, editors could take a note or two on how not to edit I ve seen booklets with thought out structures and better edited plot elements.I have no doubt that the authors are a pair of imaginative, creative and wonderful women, but I wouldn t go as far as saying that writing is their thing If it is, they hide it pretty well The amount of plot holes in the book is higher than in all my bookshelf taken together I guess there are several possible explanations for this e.g., they had no idea what they were doing they had crappy note taking system they understood everything so well that they couldn t imagine that some other people might not understand , but in the end it all boils down to the editor, who should have tied the authors to a couple of chairs and made them write a decent book This one seemed to be read once By a cat probably.However, what strikes me most, is the lack of belief I realised I had in Ethan and Lena s love Somewhere in the middle of the fourth book I know, I m really quick when it comes to perceiving things , I suddenly realised that they have absolutely no chemistry at all I was moved by and ready to believe Ethan s sort of crush on Liv than his unwavering, supposedly undying adoration for the love of his life And the reason for this is mainly that Lena is as interesting and deep as a wooden board The authors clearly wanted to create some buzz in the world of supernatural young adult novels by making the main heroine the gifted, awesome one, while the boy can barely tie his shoestrings by himself, but it really doesn t work out if the supposedly awesome character does not have any qualities worth mentioning apart from her quirky magic skills So, to sum up Lena sucks What also sucks is the fact that her narrative and Ethan s narrative have the same exact voice, but that s not Lena s fault, of course.So what I m saying in the end is that I applaud the effort the authors put in this book, because I truly believe that writing a book is a difficult, time consuming and exhausting job, no matter what the end result looks like At the same time, if you can t create likeable, clever characters, but end up making them look stupid because of your lack of writing skills, don t write the book Or write the book, but don t publish it Or get a better editor To be honest, though, no one forced me to read it, so I can t really complain too much, but at the same time I would like all authors and editors put a little effort into their work You know, it s just common courtesy towards readers.

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    UPDATE 7 19 12The cover of this book has green letters Green FREAKING GREEN, which is my favorite color And a staircase winding down, down, down And they gave us the title, Beautiful Redemption Redemption The action of saving or being saved from sin, error, or evil God s plans for the redemption of his world Hmm, maybe Ethan s the one getting saved I hope Now, I have some new predictions for you guys I recently reread Beautiful Chaos my eyes were totally mistified by the ending and I ve come up with some new predictions Here are fifteen prophecies that I believe must come true in Beautiful Redemtpion.1 Lena will break down She ll become almost Bella Swan like and be gone when everyone needs her, but some vision from Ethan will finally get her ready and she ll Bind the New Order and bring her Mortal boyfriend back That s got to happen If Ethan was going to die, the authors would ve ended the series at three books which would have made me bomb their houses No, I m kidding But I would ve been pretty mad Plus, look at the summary It s almost telling us Ethan s coming back.2 Amma will die This is one of my oldest predictions, and it still stands because I believe it to be true Amma made her deal with the bokor in Beautiful Chaos, and Abraham banished him I think the deal is going to be trading her soul for Ethan s or something like that, and she dies Her death will be painful, but it won t be unexpected.3 John Breed and Liv Durand will get together Their romance was hinted at in Beautiful Chaos, but they didn t actually get together yet remember Liv denied that they were dating I d actually love to see Jiv or Lohn happen They re pretty cute together.4 Ethan s mom will come back, or reveal that she was never actually dead A similar thing happened in The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod, and it was completely unexpected I think the authors would do it It d certainly be an excellent plot twist.5 Ridley will finally choose once and for all which side she s on For the past three books she s been back and forth We can see that she really loves Link, but she s not showing it because of the part of her that s Dark However, when she became Mortal, she was shown true love and Light on Link s part and their relationship is SOOOO cute Also, I think what Macon said Everyone has Light and Darkness was a hint at a possible plot turn.6 There ll be one final, spectacular Claiming Moon This is almost confirmed by the sudden Nineteen Moons at the end of Beautiful Chaos The only question is, will it be John s Nineteenth Moon Or some new character 7 Abraham will have a hand in trying to stop Lena from Binding the World Order Of course he will He s the main antagonist, the reason for so much of Ethan and Lena s struggles And he was mysteriously sane in Beautiful Chaos, so I think he has some epic end of the world tricks up his sleeve for the next book Let s hope they re not too epic, cause I don t want the authors killing off anyone else, even though I m certain that s going to happen.8 It ll be from Lena s point of view I can imagine the authors continuing with Ethan s point of view, but it wouldn t really be very entertaining I mean, what else can he do but watch from the Otherworld If he s dead, all he can do is watch It would be interesting if they did a Vampire Diaries type thing where Ethan s a ghost and Lena s the only one who can see him, but I don t know Lena s POV would be best though Or maybe even both That d be awesome, and from the looks of the summary, I m seeing both their stories.9 There s going to be an earth shattering, jaw dropping secret that NO ONE saw coming That kind of thing has been happening a lot in YA, sudden plot twists that no one saw coming, so I can imagine something forbidden happening Only what 10 Ethan s father will finally come out of his depression stupor This will only happen if his mother comes back That d be pretty nice His dad s a clueless character, but I think with the right incentive he d be cool.11 Marian will either die or Liv will have to give up something to save her This wasn t on my original list, but when I reread the book I noticed the depth of the Far Keep subplot, and I realized that Marian might be dying in the next installment That d be terribly sad I love Marian s character, but hey Doesn t look like there s any way to save the Caster Librarian12 There will be something underground, explaining the winding staircase on the cover Or maybe that s just a metaphor for Ethan s journey into the Otherworld, or to find Lena Too early to tell.13 There will be an Ethan s dad Ethan s mom Macon love triangle if she does come back I mean, come on Mrs Wate was the reason Macon chose Light or at least part of the reason so you know he still has feelings for her It would be kind of awkward for Lena and Ethan, though 14 The bokor will have a bigger huge role I mean, come on This one s gotta happen Amma s little deal with him was deadly, I m assuming, so maybe he ll be on the villain card with Abraham in the book.15 There will be a bittersweet ending At the moment, I can see many characters dying, the Nineteenth Moon being action packed, Abraham causing some trouble, and Lena and Ethan having that powerful reunion I think the book will end on a bittersweet note, but I don t know how much of which will come across.So, there you have it Those are my predictions for Beautiful Chaos Now, hurry up October Please So we can see if they come true Note Guys, have you heard that they just recently finished filming the Beautiful Creatures movie It s coming out February 13, 2013 Who s going to see it I hope they make movies out of all the books, including this one

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    21st of October 1 day after reading Beautiful Chaos The book doesn t even have a name yet, but I just can t wait till October 2012 to read it hope Ethan is alright And it s so sad to think after that one, whatever its name, there won t be any other story with our Ethan, Lena, Liv, Amma, Link, Macon and co14th of February almost 4 months after reading BC WE HAVE ITS TITLE I m actually much excited now But I m wondering what does Beautiful Redemption s plot will look like, and I m quite nervous to see whose redemption the book is gonna be about Oh god, curiosity makes waiting much harder 6th of March 5 months after reading BC COVER RELEASED Haha, I knew it was gonna be green for once I love it And it s a good omen for what ll happen, isn t it 10th of October 14 days before the release The book is out here in precisely two weeks Oh my god Seven days and it s gonna be the end of this series I ve been adoring since its release in France How am I going to survive without Ethan, Lena and co 23rd of October 5 minutes after having finished it Wow Or, like Amma would have said it, W.O.W three vertical, symbolizing atonishement with a hint of gratitude Because that s how I feel, at this very moment I just loved this book so much five stars aren t enough Ten thousand stars wouldn t be enough This book was magical, in the real sense of the term, I was hooked and only managed to let it down after five hours of non stop reading I even read it while going down my stairs, that s to say.The ending was just the perfect one Every single word in this book was perfect I don t always feel that way, I most of the time find little things that could have been changed, improvements to do on an artistic plan, even and mostly in my favourite books But not in this one In all points, this was the perfect ending to the four years of my life I have spent loving these books, running blogs about them, posting on networks, meeting the authors this book is like the final gift Kami and Margie did to us readers, and I feel oh so grateful for that I wouldn t change a thing in it, and even if I could, I wouldn t, because the perfect imperfections are making this book one of my favourite ever I just feel so overwhelmed by emotions right now, I don t really think I can think clear, and even if it was the case, and even if I often revise my opinion for days after the reading, I don t think how my opinion of this book could ever change.On a technical matter, view spoiler I loved that both Lena and Ethan got to tell us the story, from each side of the universe ours and the other It was not a suprise, of course, this book was not a surprise on a surprise on a surprise, but it didn t made it less interesting and captivating and amazing I felt Ethan s will to live, Lena s sorrow and her will to bring Ethan back where he belonged I felt every single page of this book, and I really do wish I could forget about it to start it over and over.I almost cried of happiness when Lena finally unreveals her name, which is beautiful, as well as when Link finally told us about that mysterious mischief Amma caught him doing This is what I mean when I said Kami and Margie were giving us here a final gift, because they didn t have to tell us all this, but they did.I also had the feeling that la boucle tait boucl e as we say in France, it was like by his final chapter, Ethan was sort of closing his own story, and the reference to the stupid and the stuck , which is the very first line of the first chapter of the first book brought tears to my eyes, because it meant that it was over, but in the most beautiful way, no excessively happy and not excessively sad, and here the authors managed to find the perfect tone to close this wonderful story.The end brought mixed feelings to me, I was both happy and sad, because of the blissful yet sad tone of these last chapters, but maybe also because it was the end of this book series I loved ever since I read it, and that will remain in my heart forever hide spoiler

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    This was totally unexpected I had a very general idea as to where this story was going, I even gave a little prediction in my review of Beautiful Chaos But man was I wrong This book just blew me away It was so different different is what caught me in Beautiful Creatures, so I guess that s what did it this time around as well.I love how it all played out, how every thing tied so neatly into this final installment of the Caster Chronicles I believe this will be a series I read and re read over and over again.The magic in this books is than just the casts it s the relationships, the characters and the ever unpredictable plot.Kami and Margaret outdid themselves

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    To be honest I was a bit disappointed with the last installment in this series I liked the other books but this one sort of failed to deliver The authors used multiple points of view in this book switching off between Ethan and Lena I think perhaps if they had switched perspectives frequently instead of having large portions of the novel be from one pov or the other it would have added of a dynamic feel As it was the book felt stagnant and the plot was inevitable and predictable I didn t enjoy the new characters that were introduced and the ending felt anticlimactic I wish certain plot points had been further elucidated such as what happens in the Far Keep and to the Keepers after Ethan s adventure there Additionally the physiological changes Ethan and Lena experience were not explained For anyone who has read all the prior books I would say go ahead and finish the series but don t get your hopes up too high.