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The Phantom S Lead Mare Is Injured, And Samantha Wants To Help Her But She Can T Call The Vet What If He Won T Let The Mare Return To The Wild So Sam Starts Treating The Mare S Injuries In Secret But The Horse Seems Awfully Calm For A Mustang, And She Matches The Description Of A Missing Mare From California Is Sam Helping A Mustang, Or Has She Accidentally Stolen Someone S Horse

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    Gambling, blackmail, and horse thieves, oh my This one is a little different from the other Phantom Stallion books It s much longer, for one thing, and follows several different storylines that are all connected to form a good old fashioned Wild West mystery drama For once Linc Slocum isn t the main villain, which is a nice change of pace, and some oft overlooked secondary characters also get a chance at the spotlight, including Mrs Allen and Sheriff Ballard The ending does seem a bit abrupt compared to the fast paced action scenes woven throughout this particular volume, but as usual, it s a satisfying ending that brings everything nicely to a close.

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    About Sam short for Samantha fins a wild mustang from the phantom s heard and rearing her injures in secret because if she turns her into a vet Sam fears they might not return to the wild Sam doesn t know if it is wild because it matches a missing horse in California, so she isn t sure if she is stealing someones horse.

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    See the first book in the series for a full review.

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    Definitely one of my favourites So suspenseful and dramatic Very different to the other ones, but in a good way.

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    Good to pass time Can be interesting exciting but def for horse freaks

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    I just finish Phantom Stallion 22 Wild Honey Its a really good book

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    A great series for the young horse lover I read the whole series as a kid and each book keeps you interested and racing for the next

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    this is one of my favorites when they phantoms lead mare is injured a girl named samantha wants to help she eventuly finds out about the palamino mare when she goes to a desensatizing clinic