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A MESSAGE IS INTERCEPTED A SINISTER PLAN LAUNCHED TWO THIEVES STAND IN THE WAYEx Mercenary Hadrian Blackwater Sets Course On A High Seas Adventure To Find The Lost Heir Of Novron His Only Hope Lies In Confronting The Ruthless And Cunning Merrick Marius Fearing Hadrian Is Not Up To The Challenge, Royce Melborn Joins His Ex Partner For One Last Mission Their Journey Finds Them Adrift Amid Treachery And Betrayals Forcing Hadrian To Face A Past He Had Hoped To Never See Again

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    This series gets better and better I need stars to spread 5 is not enough

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    Ovo je jedna od onih knjiga kojoj je stvarno potrebno onih pola zvjezdice , jer se zadnjih pola sata ve mu im koju bi ocjenu dao Mnogo, mnogo bolji dio od pro log , pri a ide u onom shit just got serious smjeru i koja vas doslovno tjera da uzmete sljede i nastavak , da saznam sta ce se desiti Na po etku pri e kada se ONO desilo , iskreno nisam ni pomislio da to Sullivan ozbiljno misli Na kraju sam ipak ostao okiranRoyce i Hardian su opet u punoj snazi ovdje , harmonija i komedija su na nivou i ni sekund nije bilo dosadno I Arista mi sve vise prirasta srcu , pa me ba zanima ta e sa njom biti.Mnogo sam se zabavio s ovim dijelom i iako je bio du e od mjesec ipo na mom elfu, itao sam je samo dva do tri dana zbog ispitnih obaveza Sino sam doslaovno progutao vi e od 80% knjige onako da odmorim Prava ocjena je 4,5 , ali po to to ne mo e, dajem joj 4 , kao i really liked it Nije mi jo za It was amazing , jer upravo to o ekujem od finalnih knjiga , pa si jo uvam tu ocjenu.Sullivane , bolje ti je da ne uprska

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    4.5 Stars

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    Wow, I love how this series takes off to greater heights with each and every instalment so far We get to see of the world of Elan as our favourite duo travels to southern regions of Delgos and Calis on a ship for which the book is named after.I typically do not enjoy naval settings and sailing jargons often just fly right over my head However, as Hadrian and Royce are both portrayed as sailing noobs, the reader gets the benefit of some form of education such that it s a lot easier for me to breeze through these sections of the book We got to see Hadrian s shadier past when we reached Calis, where he had once gained fame with his fighting skills I have to say that since Book 1, I was literally dying to see Hadrian use the 2 handed sword on this back which we later learnt is called a spadone, a knight s weapon I am still swooning over the notion that he carries 3 swords and the covers of these books didn t help because they are awesome There is a really amazing secondary character introduced in this book, which I won t elaborate too much about save for this quote from said character My father used to say, A knight draws his sword for three reasons to defend himself, to defend the weak, and to defend his lord, but he always added, Never defend yourself against the truth, never defend the weakness in others, and never defend a lord without honor RESPECT The other set of POV came from the female characters, Arista, Modina and Amilia I have to say that I liked every single one of them which is very rare all strong characters in their own right, yet never overly so A sense of vulnerability or insecurity still pervades and this makes them believable Modina is getting back on her feet and Arista, oh my, this princess has truly come to her own As the plot progresses and the world expands, the overall tone also gets darker While there are still some pockets of humour, there are deaths and brutality, and of course, the omnipresent theme in most fantasy books, betrayal In conclusion, thoroughly enjoyable and addictive, and needless to say, I ve started on the next book already.

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    I m so happy that I enjoyed this way than book 3 Also, I can finally say that I am starting to like Arista.

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    Another fun entry in the Riyria Revelations Series At book four or book two if you only count the Omnibuses the world building is still expanding We go outside Averyn as Locke and Jean Royce and Hadrian pretend to be sailors and hit the open water Royce s nemesis, Merrick Marius, is working for the Imperials and it s up to our two thieves to find out what he s up to and stop him So there will be pirates, there will be ship to ship battles and there will be goblinsGoblins Wha Well this is sword and sorcery after all and Sullivan doesn t shy away from the stock standard races of gnarly Goblin, Dwarves and pointy ear Elves But this book the goblins get showcased It kinda made me want to dust of my LOTR DVD set with a plate of manflesh on the side and maybe some sour ale to wash it down.The characters continue to develop as well and there s than a hint of past jobs Royce and Hadrian have carried out in the places they end up Hadrian also has a notorious past that is remembered in some corners of the world Arista s magical skill continues to level up as well as she continues the search for the Heir of Novron There s a lot going on now than when we first started the series I would really like to see Mordena s character develop Even though the puppet Empress features a lot in the book she s still coming out of her shell Again, Tim Gerard Reynolds does an excellent job with the audio narration He s very easy to listen to I give him 4.5 stars The book itself I m giving4 stars

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    This reread took me a long time I finally finished it on the audiobook, which was great Now I want to try and get my hands on the final installment of the series in that format Tim Gerard Reynolds is probably my favorite narrator I ve listened to where high fantasy is concerned Royce and Hadrian continue to be one of my favorite duos of all time Their bromance is brilliant and it makes me happy to read about them Arista can be very annoying, but she has her moments of likability too The ending of this is good and frustrating and sad and a lot of emotions all rolled into one I m excited to finish out my reread of the series, though I m not entirely sure when that will happen

    Ghosts did not get hungry, at least not for food

    There were points in this fourth installment in the Riyria Revelations that had me liking it less than the other books thus far However, there were so many amazing character moments that I really can t say this is my least favorite of the series I just love these characters so much Particularly Royce, but I think I make that pretty clear on a regular basis This novel picks up right where Nyphron Rising left off, without the time jumps that happen between the other books And everything is amped up a notch as the New Empire fights to take control Rocye and Hadrian find themselves aboard the Emerald Storm, sailing the seas as they try to determine the plans of a new adversary A lot of the time on the ship felt a little off to me, lacking the usual shine of the rest of the stories, but as the journey progressed I found myself really drawn into this new adventure We were given glimpses into Royce and Hadrian s pasts, got to see these two play off each other again which was something I missed for a portion of the previous novel , and there were some amazing moments with them as individuals that made me love them even These were subtle things, but they made the characters that much real There are a lot of characters introduced this time around that I m really curious about There are definitely a lot of questions broached here that I am looking forward to seeing answered

    It s what you do with life that gives it worth

    As Royce and Hadrian are out at sea, we also follow Arista as she tries to find the Heir of Novron Her character has probably grown on me the most out of all of them She was rather frustrating through the first two books, but she has really grown and started to shine since then Now she puts herself at risk to find the heir and save her kingdom from destruction at the hands of those she used to call friend We also get to see of Modina and Amilia While I like these two, I still can t say that I really love their characters all that much Modina breaks my heart and fascinates me, though, so that s something And their story is important to the overall plot of the series With how things ended, I really wonder what these two will be up to next And Nimbus, the tutor assistant, really has me intrigued Who is he

    Life becomes precious when you have less of it to spare

    This installment is definitely darker in tone than the previous installments and ends on a sad note There are some deaths in here that really broke my heart and then the very end just pushed it over the edge I don t know what Royce and Hadrian will do next and I m worried about going into the last volume and finding out what happens to these two I want them to be happy, they both deserve it But these things rarely end up working out the way they should I will be moving on to the final volume books five and six very soon I highly recommend this series to anyone who loves great characters and subtly built plots The friendship between Royce and Hadrian is one of the best I ve ever read.

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    Not quite as good as the previous books I found Royce and Hadrian s part in the story took a long time to come to fruition and the section when they were on board ship did not keep my attention completely However it all worked out in the end

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    I am deeply in love now I admit that it s boring as hell from beginning up to the last quarter of the book But last chapters made up to it fantastically The ending was predictable, once again, but executed awesomely Setting off to the next book.

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    E ovo je ve druga pri a Fokusirano, brzo i zabavno, uz mo da malkice antiklimaks na kraju, ali svakako dobar pokazatelj da e poslednje dve knjige biti dovoljno vredne da iskupe slabije delove serijala A ovo je ipak laka zabava 4