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Rodney Garrison Lost His Wife And Unborn Child To A Car Accident Caused By An Innocent But Distracted Driver On Her Phone An Intelligent And Calculating Man, Rodney Sets Out To Avenge His Wife S Death, Taking One Victim After Another In The Most Unusual Fashion On The Freeways Of Southern California

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    A wonderful thriller, this books starts out fast and keeps up the pace There are many threads, but I found them all fascinating I trusted that they would all come together, and they did BIG TIME It s a book about death, and hatredbut it s also a book about love, friendship, and teamwork The final chapters will have you up all night reading

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    When Rodney Garrison s wife and unborn child die in a road accident caused by a driver distracted by her cell phone, he becomes unhinged and begins targeting other drivers who are using their phones, ramming them off the road with his vehicle.The transformation of Rodney Garrison from distraught husband to crazed serial killer is well done and believable Rather than a typical FBI Police profile and track serial killer storyline, the author involves four process servers guys who deliver legal papers for attorneys in the hunt The back stories and banter surrounding these friends adds depth to the novel Additionally, the police team responsible for the case is made up of believable and interesting characters, and, for once, they aren t portrayed as dumb cops.Well drawn characters make for a good story, and Roadkill has them in spades.The writing is crisp and the editing thorough Except for one chapter near the middle of the book where the author s opinions on race and prejudice leak through in the guise of an over long dialogue between two of the friends, Roadkill is a fast paced read that kept me engaged throughout.Disclaimer This review was originally written for Books and Pals book blog I may have received a free review copy.