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The Second Inspector Rebus Novel From Britain S No Crime Writer DAILY MIRRORA Junkie Lies Dead In An Edinburgh Squat, Spreadeagled, Cross Like On The Floor, Between Two Burned Down Candles, A Five Pointed Star Daubed On The Wall Above Just Another Dead Addict Until John Rebus Begins To Chip Away At The Indifference, Treachery, Deceit And Sleaze That Lurks Behind The Facade Of The Edinburgh Familiar To TouristsOnly Rebus Seems To Care About A Death Which Looks Like A Murder Every Day, About A Seductive Danger He Can Almost Taste, Appealing To The Darkest Corners Of His Mind

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    I ve a habit of stumbling into a series and reading subsequent books those that preceded it and those that followed in random order And that s what I ve done here My only outstanding books are a handful I m not quite sure how many as I m not absolutely certain which ones I ve read and which I haven t at the start of the series So having recently read book one, and really enjoyed it, it was now the turn of book two.A friend of mine, a long time resident of Edinburgh, used to tell me that the city has this posh and calm appearance but what lurks just below the surface, invisible to the occasional visitor, is a darker, murkier place And this is what John Rebus discovers here He s recently been promoted to Inspector and, in truth, he seems rather drunk with the power of it The main plot line concerns a dead drug addict, found in a squat Rebus just has a feel about the scene of death and decides to sniff around a bit than would normally seem necessary in a case seemingly as cut and dried as this There s also a new Superintendent to deal with and he s co opted John onto a small team looking at the wider issue of the city s growing drug problems.The story is interesting and well told as Rebus gradually unearths a few loose ends and tugs away at these strands until the bigger picture starts to appear But the real beauty, the true quality of the writing, is in the character development and the superb dialogue Here Rankin has created one of the enduring heroes of crime fiction, and what s really pleasing is that even in this very early book the series has reached 20 episodes and is still going the quality is already abundantly clear There were scenes here that had me laughing aloud which also included dialogue as caustic and cutting as you ll find anywhere in literature The full spectrum from light to absolute darkness is here.I ll continue to make my way slowly like the best meals, I don t want to gobble it all up too fast through the outstanding books Do yourself a favour if you like crime fiction but have somehow missed out on the delights of Rebus, put it right ASAP You won t regret it.

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    In this second book in the Inspector John Rebus series, the Edinburgh police detective investigates a murder that has reverberations among the city s power elite The book can be read as a standalone A young junkie named Ronnie McGrath is found dead in an Edinburgh squat positioned like Christ on the cross with candles beside him and what looks like satanic symbols on the wall Ronnie s girlfriend, Tracy, tells Detective Inspector John Rebus that Ronnie was distraught before he died, and repeatedly cried hide, hide At first it looks like Ronnie overdosed, but Rebus learns that Ronnie s dope was tainted with rat poison.Because Rebus is involved in a drug case his boss, Superintendent Watson, invites the detective to lunch with a few Edinburgh bigwigs who are involved with an anti drug campaign Rebus seems to be of interest to these rich, successful men, who invite him to a classy party and give him an honorary membership in a gambling club.Meanwhile, Tracy reports that she s being followed, and Rebus notices that he s being followed as well It s clear that someone is interested in Rebus s investigation, and he has to find out why To assist with his inquiries, Rebus reaches out to Sergeant Brian Holmes the cop least likely to complain about Rebus s numerous demands It turns out that Ronnie was a threat to some people Tracy knows than she s telling and Edinburgh s upper crust citizens have dark secrets Some side plots in the story involve illegal dog fights, a gay character, and Rebus s ex lover Gillian Templer who has a new radio DJ boyfriend Rebus pines for Gillian and wants her back.The book gets over convoluted and some plot points don t make sense Still, Rebus has good intuition and identifies the criminals in the end This is an early book in the Rebus series and he s kind of Rebus light That is though he s demanding Rebus isn t the difficult, pushy, irascible, alcoholic, boss hating man he becomes in later books This is a pretty good story, recommended to mystery readers especially Rebus fans You can follow my reviews at

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    This hardcover copy is signed by author Ian Rankin.

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    I have a big complaint about Ian Rankin s early Rebus novels, and it is a complaint that continues to taint my enjoyment of the series D.I John Rebus is too erudite He s impossibly well read, he knows and loves fine wine, and he s a big jazz fan he s way too cultured to be a D.I..So for that reason alone I find it impossible to enter the really liking territory with these books Yet I can t really attack Rankin for his early decisions because the guy diffuses the bomb in his forwards to Knots and Crosses and Hide and Seek He s his own biggest critic when it comes to the early characterization of Rebus, and he claims that he fixes the problems as the series continues I have to believe him until I see for myself, so my criticism is a waste of time.I can complain, however, about Rankin s borderline cheesy need to cleverly reference classic literature In this book alone he has characters named Holmes, Watson and Macbeth He has an illegal boxing club named after Edward Hyde and by coincidence, Robert Louis Stevenson s classic just happens to be the book Rebus picks out of a pile to read while in the middle of his investigation We know you re well read, Ian Enough already Even with all this nitpicky criticism, though, I really enjoyed Hide and Seek Rankin knows how to spin a mystery, even at the early stage of his career, and while he didn t really keep me guessing, he kept me reading And at the heart of that desire to continue is D.I Rebus He may be the biggest son of a bitch who s ever been the leading detective in a mystery series He is corrupt, self righteous, hypocritical, misogynistic, violent, egomaniacal, bullying, and delusional But he is smart, effective and predatory when the hunt is on It seems to me that he s the real deal Not a caricature, but a character of real depth and complexity Quite something when you consider that I ve only reached the second book in the series.

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    After reading the first book in the series, Knots and Crosses, I felt the ending was open ended and that I needed to read this second book The books are so dissimilar that I m a bit at a loss The John Rebus from the first book was suffering from memories of the war, and in this book there s very few mentions of the war and none of what haunted him It s almost as if this is a new character entirely.In reading some reviews, I now understand that the future John Rebus is, as one reviewer put it, surly, petulant, impulsive and distrusting I don t see that as full blown yet in this book, but there were some mean and hurtful comments, especially directed toward DC Brian Holmes I thought Ian Rankin had created a great character in John Rebus in the first book, and although different, the John Rebus in this book is just as interesting.In spite of all that, I really enjoyed this book It is well written, the story flows naturally, and it is very readable It is also on the short side at only 210 pages I look forward to the third book to see how Ian Rankin further develops John Rebus.

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    This book is entertaining enough, but not really dazzling It held my interest for much of the journey, but I was vaguely confused by some of the plot lines In particular the murder of Ronnie McGrath, junkie, being connected to another murder left me struggling to join the dots That one or of the rich gentlemen of Edinburgh s business classes would meet a sticky end was inevitable, almost too predictable for my liking Class relations are one of Rankin s on going themes Rebus himself seems to bridge both sides of the class divide he is obviously well educated and well read, with a love of fine music, yet he doggedly hangs onto elements from his modest social background Rebus s profligate drinking, and woeful attempts to limit his smoking habit are amusing at first, but become tedious He has massive disdain for authority, which is somehow echoed in his great disrespect for his own person and home.I envisage Rebus as a pit bull he s not pretty, he s not sociable, but he s very tenacious and won t let go of his quarry And he s not afraid to bite when provoked The benefit of reading the early instalments of the Rebus series is to get a good understanding of what makes this curmudgeonly detective tick As we say in Australia, Rebus has a chip on his shoulder as big as Ayers Rock The series has had a long life, and Rankin s depictions of the dark side of Edinburgh society make a valuable contribution to the literature I also think of Rebus as fairly similar to Harry Bosch, Michael Connelly s famous LA detective they share a lot of personal and professional traits The sad, lonely, brilliant yet flawed sleuth, whose uncompromising pursuit of the truth leads them into all sorts of trouble.

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    I think Rankin was still trying to develop the persona of John Rebus which is so strong in the later books in this long running series But that is the fun of reading the early books in a seriesseeing the protagonist change and get comfortable in his skin I think the problem I had which kept me from giving a higher rating I love the Rebus books was the story itself There was way too much going on around the overdose death of a local addict Rebus has a feeling about it that says it is murder Then the wild ride begins through dog fighting, gambling, sex clubs, rent boys and a few things of which I lost track There were characters in this short book than are found in War and Peace Certainly not my favorite of the Rebus adventures.

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    John Rebus is a man on the way up in the Edinburgh police He has been recently promoted to Detective Inspector from detective sergeant, of which he is justifiably proud He has authority and a new partner, Detective Sergeant Brian Holmes While Rebus is still in the honeymoon period of his promotion along with the accompanying benefits of increased authority, he can t resist investigating interesting deaths, even though murder is not suspected And even if there was murder, no one except Rebus cares enough to solve it when rent boys, prostitutes and junkies are the murder victims.A dead junkie is discovered on a living room floor in what we would call a drug den In any case, an anonymous tip leads the police to a boarded up home in a housing estate, an abandoned house that drug addicts have taken over The body also has old bruises all over But although the usual forensics formalities involved in gathering evidence are being followed, everyone can see it is the usual junkie story But there are a few anomaliesRebus decides to follow up with a tighter investigation, personally seeking leads and interviews with the junkies known to frequent the house, and asking that the police doctor look for contaminated heroin in the victim s body When the toxicology report comes back, it seems the junkie had injected pure rat poison Plus, why all of the mass of bruises covering the body And, he finds a tie clip of the kind only police officers wear on the floor of an upper story bedroom Later, as the evidence shows it is the same room the body was in before someone moved it downstairs to the living room, the thought a police officer might be involved further spurs Rebus to keep digging In the meantime, Superintendent Watson, Rebus boss, wants Rebus to take on the job of being the police liaison with public officials in running a new anti drugs campaign Rebus is not happy with this assignment, especially since it has fallen to him because of his drug addicted brother, now in prison However, it seems this assignment is going to lead to meeting the uppercrust of Edinburgh business, as well as membership in a restricted men s club Rebus is looking forward to climbing a little higher on the social scale of Edinburgh, a little Hopefully, knowing these important wealthy men won t conflict with his police work HopefullyThe Detective Inspector Rebus series is fun and entertaining

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    Hide and Seek by Ian Rankin.Inspector Rebus 2.A junkie is found dead of an overdose in a tenement Inspector Rebus finds a curiously drawn pentagram on the wall nearby and the body arranged with the arms outstretched as if crucified Soon it also becomes apparent the body of Ronnie, an amateur photographer, lived or used the upstairs as his fixing grounds and that he may have died upstairs with his body being brought downstairs and arranged in a ritualistic fashion And then Rebus glanced at the wall and noticed the words Hello Ronnie A packet of the pure stuff was next to the body but that s not what the examiner found in Ronnie s system at the autopsy Rebus is on my must read list as this fantastic tale proves him to be next to none.

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    As a lover of British crime thrillers, I try to read all the big names I would like to be able to say I have read most of the big ones, yet the reality is that I have read nowhere near as many as I would like to be able to claim I ve been trying to amend that, and my journey into Ian Rankin is an example of me trying to better myself when it comes to one of my favourite genres.For as long as I can remember, I ve been meaning to pick up an Inspector Rebus book It is such a well known name from the television series all the way through to references being made in other crime fiction points towards Stuart MacBride with the books catching my attention on many occasions Despite how often a Rebus book would grab my attention in book stores, I held off on buying for one important reason I ve been trying to read crime series in order It s fine to jump in here and there, but so much better if you follow the development of the characters throughout Thus, I waited until I was able to get my hands on the first Rebus book It turns out getting my hands on the first Rebus book came about through me getting my hands on the first nine plus an unrelated Ian Rankin book through a boxset needless to say, I was set and than willing to dive in.With so much behind my desire to read the books, and having heard so many great things, I went in with quite high expectations Unfortunately, I wasn t crazy about the first book, Knots and Crosses It was an okay read, but it did not blow my mind in the way I had been hoping it would Nevertheless, it did leave me interested in finding out Thus, as I own a fair few of the books, I decided to dive straight into the second book I may not have loved Knots and Crosses but there was enough to leave me with the belief Hide and Seek would be enjoyable.Although I did enjoy Hide and Seek than I enjoyed Knots and Crosses, it was still only a three star read Admittedly, a stronger three star rating, but not enough for me to consider giving a four star rating The first book had moments where I considered dropping my rating down to two stars, yet this second book remained a consistent three stars throughout.The reason I enjoyed this one than the first and the reason why it did not work itself to a higher rating can be pointed towards the same thing the character of Rebus I enjoyed this one as we already knew him as a character, his history was in place, and we knew what to expect from him I m not crazy about the series, however, because I don t particularly like Rebus as a character There is nothing about him that screams out at me, nothing that leaves me truly invested in his story He is okay as a means of telling a decent story, but if I m going to really enjoy a crime series I need to love a character.I am hopeful that the books will continue to improve, though Even if it is only by degrees, there is such potential for this series With how many fans there are, I cannot help but hope I become a fan in the end.