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I was rooting around a sale bin in a second hand bookstore looky looky what I found I ve been following this series for years but somehow missed this one Made my day This is an old one there s only about a kabillion reviews already so I won t bother, I m sure it s all been said But it reminded me of one of the things I love about reading..when you come across a series that for whatever reason, you become attached to read just for the pure pleasure of spending time with that character Here s hoping Rebus continues to stroll the streets of Edinburgh for years to come. Best E Book, The Black Book Author Ian Rankin This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book The Black Book, Essay By Ian Rankin Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You This is the fifth novel in the Inspector John Rebus series and after the somewhat dry subject matter dealt with in Strip Jack, this is a return to form in terms of providing both action and plenty of the trademark Rebus wit Significantly, it is at this juncture in the series that Ian Rankin first began to visualise his Rebus novels as a series, transition location wise from a fictional Edinburgh to the city authentic and introduced the perfect foil for Rebus in DC Siobhan Clarke The Black Book features Rebus centre stage and without the complications of a girlfriend, meaning that it offers one of the sharpest portrayals of his early years Whilst this fifth outing isn t as tightly plotted as it could be, feeling like an amalgam of different threads that have been cobbled together somewhat, Rankin does manage to pull it into coherent shape along the way Relatively directionless when it sets out with a joint surveillance operation with Trading Standards into one of the lieutenants of the Big Ger empire on the go, Rebus does seem to go looking for other irons in the fire, perhaps reflecting his lack of interest in cutting down one of the lesser figures in the Cafferty empire I have commented before on the lack of specific focus assigned to Rebus, and whilst I accept some dramatic licence, it seems unrealistic that even at the level of Inspector he can almost pick and choose his investigative pursuits Maybe this was prior to the strict justification of resources and increased bureaucracy of the force, but it all adds to the loose canon persona of Rebus that Rankin hones.The fictional police station of Great London Road was razed to the ground in the fourth novel and The Black Book is the first to mark the move to St Leonard s Square Although Rebus should be resident with girlfriend, Dr Patience Aitken at Oxford Terrace, booted out thanks to one disagreement too many, he is kipping on the sofa of the flat he rents to students in Arden Street, Marchmont As he contemplates the black comedy of his life, it swiftly worsens with the arrival of his brother, Michael, back from London after a three years sojourn at Her Majesty s Pleasure and the news that his dependable DS, Brian Holmes, has received a blunt instrument to the back of the head Found in the car park of his regular nightly haunt, The Heartbreak Cafe, ex girlfriend Nell suspects that the black book of cryptic notes, a mix of rumour and hearsay that Holmes kept on his person could provide the answer to the mystery of his unprovoked assault Nell suspects he had worries on his mind and as Rebus waits with bated breath for the recovery of an unconscious Holmes, he focuses on the fire which destroyed the Central Hotel five years previously that is extensively covered in Holmes black book and something significant than the surveillance operation that of placing Big Ger at the scene.Added to this Rebus also handles a stabbing in a butchers with the victim unwilling to corroborate any details and the arrival of a convicted sex offender in the locality Keeping a close eye on the surveillance operation results, albeit without putting in too much legwork, Rebus stokes these ongoing enquiries all with an eye on the bigger prize of Big Ger With Holmes in hospital, the officer who works alongside Rebus is female DC Clarke As a graduate with a flat bought for her by wealthy parents, DC Siobhan Clarke respects Rebus but is exasperated by his reluctance to adhere to the rules and confident enough to hold her own against her boss Notoriously secretive and narrow minded when he fixated on a case, Clarke is smart enough to put up with Rebus s sometimes frustrating methodology and occasionally humour him, knowing that working alongside him could teach her a few tricks about the low life in the city Notably Clarke and Rebus seem to strike up a relaxed rapport as they bang heads cross referencing the case notes on Big Ger and the Central Hotel blaze and critically Rebus treats his underlings like equals, valuing their input Morris Gerald Cafferty Big Ger is Edinburgh s premier gangster with a reputation that rules the city with a foreboding threat of terror In the same respects that Rebus is a dinosaur in the changing landscape of policing, Big Ger represents the old guard of gangster, with a marked respect for each other and has in common with Rebus than either will admit to Both men seem to enjoy jousting against each other whenever they meet, and the result is often a barrage of wit Big Ger has a magnetic aura that adds to his towering reputation that not even John Rebus is immune to, with the reflected glory that being worthy of his company implying that you are someone to be reckoned with Despite his desire to see Big Ger go down for a decent stretch, Rebus is as flawed as the next man on the street, and occasionally fooled by the many faces of Cafferty.Written in the wake of Rankin s spell in the US of A the puns are worse than ever with Rebus having particular amusement at the expense of the menu at The Heartbreak Cafe King Shrimp Creole, Love Me Tenderloin, Blue Suede Choux, In The Gateaux , but as usual the nicknames of his colleagues and wrong uns across Edinburgh than make up for it, from Chief Superintendent Farmer Watson, Chief Inspector Fart Lauderdale and, best of all, adversary DI Little Weed Flower Although in The Black Book, Rankin has delivered an assemblage of plots requiring a few too many bit part players, he once again seems to rouse Rebus into the close in order to pull this into coherent order The result relies strongly on a few too many convenient coincidences but leaves Rebus once again coming through by the skin of his teeth and sets up his enduring adversary with the clever scum that is Cafferty. Not sure what happened, this started out well But then either I lost the plot, or storyline went off on a strange tangent I usually enjoy Rebus books, but not this one Let s hope the next one is back up to standard. The Black Book by Ian Rankin.The main theme or focus for Rebus is the burning down of the Central Hotel 5 years ago A body, or what was left of a body, was found in the smoldering ashes That body also had a bullet lodged in it s head Rebus is bound and determined to find answers to this unsolved murder That s when his problems begin No one wants him to find any answers to that murder including the police Well that s ok since nobody stops Rebus for long The key to solving this mystery is a black book that was in the possession of Brian Holmes Brian Holmes was Rebus s other right hand man after Siophan Clarke Holmes had met with an accident after leaving Rebus s company at the Heart Break Cafe His head was bashed with something hard that left him concussed and hospitalized Just who was waiting for Holmes outside and why Rebus had his suspicions While visiting Brian in the hospital Nell Brian s former steady told him about the black Book and where Brian kept it Rebus had no doubt that big Ger Cafferty was behind most if not all of this down to the burning of the Central Hotel and the murder of the body found there Was Cafferty trying to make a statement to stay away from this investigation by attacking Brian and if so who was next The list of characters is off the charts and each personality added to this story The author s love of Scotland especially Aberdeen comes through in Rebus s life and his haunts. I ve read a number of Rebus books over the years and always enjoyed them Rebus is a great character and Rankin is a great writer These days I m picking up odd ones from charity shops from the early days and I ve not read a bad one yet This features Ger Cafferty as a character for the first time properly as well as one or two others who get to stick around for quite some time It s a decent crime read I guess I was surprised to find just how well this early one stacked up against both Rankin s later books and work from other current authors For me this one stood the test of time far better than many books I ve read from other authors written in the intervening period. I have read several of the Rebus series now and plan to work my way progressively through all of them This one was particularly good in that Rebus seems to be mostly in control of things, his boss is supporting him and his love life is at a standstill So much time is spent on actual police work and solving crimes, always a good thing I think in a crime novel I found this particular book a great way to spend time on a long plane flight and I look forward to reading the next one soon. 3.5Expected better from Rankin in this one It wasn t as noir as the previous booksI ll read the 6th book in the series and see if it s any better It s my least fav Rebus so far So hatte Inspektor Rebus sich das nicht vorgestellt Zun chst steht sein Bruder vor seiner T r und braucht einen Schlafplatz, dann wirft ihn seine Freundin aus der Wohnung und nun muss er mit seinem Bruder, in seine eigene Bleibe, die er aber an Studenten untervermietet hat Zu allem bel wird sein Kollege zusammengeschlagen und liegt im Koma Gern w rde Rebus der Spur aus dessen kleinen schwarzen Notizbuch nachgehen, aber er und sein Team wurden abkommandiert, um Beweise gegen einen der gro en Gangster von Edinburgh zu sammeln Rebus w re aber nicht Rebus, wenn er nicht dennoch heimlich vor sich hin ermitteln w rde Dabei sticht er manchmal mehr, manchmal weniger beabsichtigt in ein Wespennest und l ngst vergraben geglaubte Leichen kommen ans Tageslicht.Beim Lesen des f nften Falls f r Inspektor Rebus bin ich vor Spannung nicht gerade aus den Latschen gekippt und dennoch hat es mich gepackt Als schwierig empfand ich mir die zahlreichen handelnden Personen zu eigen zu machen und mich an deren Beziehungen untereinander zu erinnern Letztendlich schafft es der gewiefte Ermittler gleich drei F lle in einem zu l sen Er sorgt daf r, dass ein bekannter Kindersch nder seine gerechte Strafe bekommt, l st einen Mordfall der f nf Jahre zur ckliegt und kann durch gekonntes Schlussfolgern eruieren, wer seinen Kollegen auf dem Parkplatz eins ber die M tze zog In dieser Story trifft man alte Bekannte aus vorhergehenden B nden wieder Das Wiedersehen ist aber nicht so gro , dass man als Quereinsteiger der Geschichte nicht folgen kann Meine Lieblingsfigur ist Rebus Kollegin Siobhan Sie ist intelligent, pfiffig und ich glaube ein bisschen verknallt in Rebus Das ist reine Spekulation Wer wei vielleicht erf llen sich meine W nsche ja in den n chsten B nden und Inspektor Rebus findet eine Frau, die besser zu ihm passt, als die rztin Sehr skurril ist das Cafebesitzerp rchen, insbesondere der Koch, welcher eine Vorliebe f r Elvis und Alkohol hat Ian Rankins Schreibstil ist eher n chtern und unaufgeregt Mir stockte nicht der Atem, aber zum Ende hin fieberte ich doch der Aufl sung entgegen Er behandelt viele Themen Kindesmissbrauch, konomische Verbrechen, t tlicher Angriff gegen einen Polizisten und nat rlich Mord Alles was ein Krimileserherz sich w nscht So langsam ist mir der kauzige Inspektor Rebus ans Herz gewachsen und auch die v llig eigene Erz hlweise des Autors Mit Sicherheit werde ich ihn ein sechstes Mal bei seinen Ermittlungen begleiten. Ian Rankin s The Black Book is the 5th of his Inspector John Rebus series set in Edinburgh this is the first of his novels I ve read Although in his early thirties when he wrote this tale, Rankin shapes Rebus with a world weary cast, delivering a startlingly interior view of his middle aged detective Rebus isn t a 20s something swashbuckler nor has his passion died instead, it smoulders, burning red hot when correctly fanned, flicking encrusted ash skyward contemptuously In this outing, Rebus has to deal with his girl friend who s had enough of him, his returning brother an ex con with no where else to stay except with John, a flat full of late teenage university students on their own for the first time and sharing his flat he s been forced to return to And that s just his personal life On the job, he becomes engulfed by a five year old murder, pursuing the investigation on his own time and literally, too, as he is suspended at one point from the force , which leads to a gay bar Elvis themed restaurant and ongoing encounters with ghosts from the arson of the Central Hotel where the body was found with links to organised crime in the present day As the story threads come together, Rebus s personal and professional life become entirely entangled as a key piece of evidence to the old murder lands in his hands And that s just the start of his troubles Rankin shifts between a third person narrative focussed on Rebus to the other characters as they uncover their own motives in the moment and on to richly detailed commentary about life and surroundings in the chief setting of Edinburgh Dialects pop up the Edinburgh lilt can be heard vividly and local words are sprinkled into dialogue as a chef adds secret sauce to a favourite dish Somehow, Rankin manages the verbal sleight of hand to conjure this Scottish setting in a way that seems entirely familiar, like ones own home town but wait, that s not true is it And his winning character, Rebus, worms his way off the page like the best of the hard boiled detectives, utterly convincing and sympathetic but no one s ideal of the perfect husband for your daughter No wonder the series is occasionally dubbed Tartan Noir I read the Kindle edition so I can t say it was a page turner I can say I enjoyed, and enjoyed savouring, every e inked turn of phrase as it flashed by, reading much further into the night on multiple occasions than is good for me Highly recommended.